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  1. ptoner

    Error loading Vision Library

    In fact it must have been the resetting prefs that caused it!
  2. ptoner

    Service Pack 4 for Vectorworks 2018 Released

    Its the resetting process that has caused my "Vision Library" issues.
  3. ptoner

    Error loading Vision Library

    Same here. Never had it before, on my own comp and had reset prefs etc already..... I am not going to fresh install 30+ machines in the office if this happens every installation.
  4. ptoner

    Service Pack 4 for Vectorworks 2018 Released

    Yeah, the Vision Library issue is a pain. Still happens on a bout 5-6 machines in our office also.
  5. ptoner

    Revit file import crashes vwx.

    Lost in translation. That's the exactly the issue. It's vectorworks problem, most likely down to the incomplete, translator that they have borrowed. There are many ways to import the file in 2018, I have extensively tried all the various configurations and none of them result in a usable model with all the data and meta data intact.
  6. ptoner

    Revit file import crashes vwx.

    I went through support for this already, they seem to think nothing is wrong. I also think the size of the Revit file is an issue sometimes, regardless if it has been saved in the default 3D view, like support told me it has to be in. Apparently if the Revit model is saved in 2D view it won't import. I am still finding issues even though our design partner on a project has done the above (3D views) as a Revit 2017 file, albeit as 207mb one. Just won't import. I think something broke in 2018 SP3. PS thanks for sharing the source SDK.
  7. ptoner

    Revit file import crashes vwx.

    In 2017 it imports, but it's all without any of the classes, they are all placed into one class. Then of course it's a mesh import with zero vectorworks native objects. So it is really just for looking at. Not ideal for business transfer of information. Try doing it with team shared models on a BIM level 2 project and you end up without any of the vital data.
  8. Yes, its a nightmare trying to see if certain bugs have been fixed. Unless you copy into a doc and search.
  9. ptoner

    Import Revit File - Version Not supported

    This issue is still happening, even when our Architectural Partner sent us his .rvt file, its 202mb and that its saved as Revit 2017 and in a set 3D view. Even when they do import, elements and vectorworks objects are not correctly identified. Its so frustrating. This will mean that we basically need to remodel the shell ourselves when we carry out the fitout works. Simply not good enough IMO.
  10. ptoner

    Revit file import crashes vwx.

    Vectorworks is very disappointing in this area. I had a thread on the very same issue. Import and export times for .rvt and ifc are ridiculously long. And then dont do it right either, if at all! This is the collaborative area that VW needs to look seriously at, not gimmicky web based model viewers. IFC Issue Revit Issue
  11. ptoner


    Export and import times for ifc /revit are ludicrous and they have issues with not importing properly. I feel your pain Martin. Its simply not acceptable. Hard to work collaboratively with other packages when VWs is so problematic.
  12. ptoner

    Curtain wall tool - add frame mode

    Great stuff Martin, always a great confidence boost when you solve issues yourself!
  13. ptoner

    Import Revit File - Version Not supported

    That would be much appreciated. Thank you. Must inform the Originator that they need to save in this way.
  14. ptoner

    Import Revit File - Version Not supported

    I think this is the main issue, if the .rvt file is over a certain size, it says its unsupported. Mine is 157mb. Will do, thanks.
  15. ptoner

    Import Revit File - Version Not supported

    Clearly a VW 2018 Issue.


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