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  1. ptoner

    WWDC happened - OpenGL gone

    Thats a relief! 🙂 Thanks Jim.
  2. ptoner

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    Thats exactly the issue i think. Not using the GPU for processing or at least sharing the load with the CPU. OpenGL being an outdated Render Engine also does not help. Metal 2 would create smaller file sizes and faster workflows. I can see why Apple are forcing this change onto Vectorworks, as currently they are struggling with OpenGL it seems. Yet no news if VW are actually going to move to Metal or not.
  3. As a large office, we also have been experiencing the above issues and more. Its really not acceptable. Also being on Apple machines, we have the impending removal of OpenGL, which VW does not seem to the addressing, constant SMB issues, that both Apple and Vectorworks needs to resolve. Apple also removing AFP support in their next major update. We have had issues like this for months, with no decent feedback/solutions. I doubt they will be listened too and in 2019.
  4. ptoner

    WWDC happened - OpenGL gone

    Any updates on this, as the clock is ticking.... Having Vectorworks not updating their software to run off metal 2 could be devastating for Vectorworks. They really needed to have already pressed the button on this and started developing the software, rather than holding out for Apple to possibly grant a reprieve.
  5. ptoner

    Class filtering

    Agreed, but what happened to the Products Uniclass list? It seems to be omitted in VW2018
  6. ptoner

    UNICLASS 2015

    It slows us all down... Without a search function and I dont understand why the "Product" PR Uniclass section has been ommitted in VW 2018, as actually labelling components in walls etc, in order to create a BIM library is a pain, as you have to manually input the correct uniclass class!
  7. ptoner

    Project Sharing Bugs

    Every morning they open the local workfile and continue working. We have never deleted the workfiles and created a new one. We always use the originally created workfile. This is the issue, when this happens the layers in the admin account and his workfile, and the others, do not show the layers as being checked out. So if they are not showing as being checked out, you cannot release anything. Hence why we have to delete all workfiles, and create a new master from the latest workfile that someone was workign on. Thanks for the link... still does not work as it should though.
  8. ptoner

    Project Sharing Bugs

    Spoke too soon, the first project that we commenced on, after a period of not using workgroups, and the dreaded not releasing of layers has happened again. Scrap master file and rebuild process from a workfile. Really getting quite pathetic this process and wasted time rebuilding.
  9. ptoner

    Project Sharing Bugs

    We now open the master and then save the workfile locally onto the desktop of the users machine. Also in Vectorworks setting we have 4 backups saved locally on each machine after 40 operations. The master file will always be updated on the server and backed up form there, as per or office policy. It does not hurt though to duplicate that master, every so often, in case of corruptions. The check out or read/write issues are now at an all time low. but we have been very reluctant to use Workgroups due to previous issues. We also have been using forced AFP for over a year now on all network transfers.
  10. ptoner

    Error loading Vision Library

    In fact it must have been the resetting prefs that caused it!
  11. ptoner

    Service Pack 4 for Vectorworks 2018 Released

    Its the resetting process that has caused my "Vision Library" issues.
  12. ptoner

    Error loading Vision Library

    Same here. Never had it before, on my own comp and had reset prefs etc already..... I am not going to fresh install 30+ machines in the office if this happens every installation.
  13. ptoner

    Service Pack 4 for Vectorworks 2018 Released

    Yeah, the Vision Library issue is a pain. Still happens on a bout 5-6 machines in our office also.
  14. ptoner

    Revit file import crashes vwx.

    Lost in translation. That's the exactly the issue. It's vectorworks problem, most likely down to the incomplete, translator that they have borrowed. There are many ways to import the file in 2018, I have extensively tried all the various configurations and none of them result in a usable model with all the data and meta data intact.
  15. ptoner

    Revit file import crashes vwx.

    I went through support for this already, they seem to think nothing is wrong. I also think the size of the Revit file is an issue sometimes, regardless if it has been saved in the default 3D view, like support told me it has to be in. Apparently if the Revit model is saved in 2D view it won't import. I am still finding issues even though our design partner on a project has done the above (3D views) as a Revit 2017 file, albeit as 207mb one. Just won't import. I think something broke in 2018 SP3. PS thanks for sharing the source SDK.