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  1. Kevin McAllister

    Push/Pull Tool Impossibly Slow

    There was another thread about this (and possibly a bug submission). The other thread is here - Kevin
  2. Kevin McAllister

    Subdivision Volume

    This thread highlights one of the shortcomings of the SubD Tool, the inability to easily control the dimensions of an object. Setting the dimensions of the cage are possible but not the object itself. Its sort of like the difference between using a bezier control point and a cubic spline point. It would be much better if there was a mode to move the object edges and have the cage adjust to match. Kevin
  3. Kevin McAllister

    Subdivision Volume

    Why don't you work with the NURBS surfaces? VW is much better equipped to work with them. If they have clean joins you could created a bottom cap and use Stitch and Trim (Model>3D Power Pack>Stitch and Trim Surfaces) to create a generic solid. From there you could use the Shell tool to generate your thickness forms. Kevin
  4. Kevin McAllister

    Subdivision Volume

    The easiest way would be to do it in a mesh editor rather than VW. VW doesn't have very good tools for working with meshes. Kevin
  5. Kevin McAllister

    Wall Projections

    Hello, I'm having some trouble with wall projections. I've never really used them before but they seemed like the right tool for the job. However they seem a little buggy. Two examples - 1) First a display issue. The hatches from the wall protrusions (in the green circles) sometimes jump into a pile at the origin. Is this a known bug? 2) How do you solve the corners so you don't have the extra line? Wall protrusions are pretty common in real life and there doesn't seem to be a nice clean way to draw as built architecture in VW. I really wish I could draw a poly "outline" of a wall and convert it to a wall-like object rather than trying to use a bunch of tools that are for designing new architecture. Kevin
  6. Kevin McAllister

    Looking for a Specseat Theatre Seat Modelled in 3d

    Thank you! I'll check these out. KM
  7. Kevin McAllister

    Looking for a Specseat Theatre Seat Modelled in 3d

    Hi Grethe, Its a folding chair with a flip up seat (much like the red chair in your images). Kevin
  8. Hello, Has anyone modelled a Specseat GS100 or any of their other Traditional series chairs in 3d? The VW libraries are very thin on theatre seating and don't contain any flip-up folding chair styles like you often find in flexible theatre spaces. Thanks, Kevin
  9. Kevin McAllister

    Tapered Object

    ^ I would start with the top and bottom profiles as suggested above. Convert to NURBS curves (Command Option N) and Loft using the first mode of the Loft Tool (no rail mode). Click on a corresponding point on each objects, hit enter and the Loft dialog will open. If you check "Create Solid" in the dialog you will get a capped solid object. (You may have to adjust the "alignment" of the profile objects (eg. each object has a start point and the start points need to align) using the dialog, especially if the profiles are different shapes. The NURBS curves also need to be going in the same direction. You can tell by clicking on a NURBS object and checking the "show direction" checkbox in the OIP.) Kevin
  10. ^ Like in Photoshop where you can organize your layers into groups using folders. Its been wish listed a few times, specifically for sheet layers, so you can organize groups of sheet layers (different sheet sizes or different types of sheets for example). Kevin
  11. ^ I think this would be better served by the Publish system than the layer system, but that doesn't mean there couldn't be a Publish tab in the Organization dialog. In fact, that might make a lot of sense and be more consistent than the current implementation. Kevin
  12. The management of sets is currently a bit of a disaster. If you rename a sheet in the current system, the publish dialog "loses" it. I'm not sure why, since managing them should be based on their unique IDs not their names. If we were given Layer Folders, which have been requested in the past, it might make all of this process easier. Publish could remember Layer folders instead of or in addition to individual sheets. If a sheet was added to the Layer Folder and that folder was present in a saved set, the sheet would be publishes when that set was published. Kevin
  13. Kevin McAllister

    Renders Turning Black Once Updated

    One thing I've noticed is once it happens in a file, rendering times increase for all future renders, even after restarting VW and reopening the file. In process renders then also exhibit "flashing" where the viewport continually redraws itself while its re-rendering. Kevin
  14. Today was all about fighting against existing bugs - Page edges still snap when all snaps are turned off. Pages are objects and their snaps should be disabled when all snaps are off in the snapping palette. NURBS surfaces still don't scale reliably in symbols. Viewports render to black. Sigh, I really hope the focus is on fixing these issues. Kevin
  15. Kevin McAllister

    2018 bug in "Round Wall" tool

    I have segmentation issues with round walls in the past (see here if you're interested). Some of it seems to depend on their radii and if they've been modified (changing the top edge or adding openings). It also depends on the render mode. Sometimes its possible to correct it by editing the 3d Conversion Resolution of your sheet layer section viewport. With the viewport selected, click on the Advanced Properties button in the OIP. When the dialog opens click on the Display tab and adjust the 3d Conversion Resolution dropdown. This may be a bug. Are you able to post the file so someone can test it? Your signature shows you're using VW2016. I wasn't able to reproduce it in VW2018. I didn't know that cutting a section viewport with the clip cube generated different results than cutting a normal section. When I tried it I also got some weird door artifacts (#1 in the image below). The differing door swings may be a bug as well. Kevin