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  1. 3ds files are usually used as an intermediary between VW and another program - either too or from. As mentioned above its a file format that will retain texture information and objects are brought in or exported as mesh/3d polygon objects. Note that while these objects are useable in VW it doesn't handle them efficiently so they will tend to slow down your file. As far as I know 3ds is technically a legacy file format though its widely used for transferring polygon mesh geometry between programs. Kevin
  2. Part of it is that VW handles polygons in its own objects differently (solids, NURBS, Subdivision objects). Often its controlled by the conversion resolution preferences (both 2d and 3d). Anything VW generates polygons for is more efficient. Anything you've set the number of polygons for by conversion seems to slow things down (imported meshes or objects converted to meshes are examples) if if the number of polygons is relatively small. I suspect it may be related to the math component of VW which is still single core. Kevin
  3. The first thing I'd try is selecting all of those viewports and toggling your Background render setting back to Wireframe and then back to Hidden Line. Your viewports should all show the outdated viewport border and need re-rending after doing this. This often seems to reset things. There's a chance your viewports are outdated (eg. showing in wireframe) and you have the outdated viewport border turned off. This option is found under File>Document Settings>Document Preferences on the Display pane. Its the checkbox for "Display out-of-date border". Kevin
  4. Hi Bruce, I think you're probably referring to the Drawing Label object that can appear automatically. In existing viewports you can just delete it from the annotations. When creating viewports using View>Create Viewport there's a checkbox to turn off/on the Drawing Label. I believe this dialog automatically uses the settings from the last viewport you created so once you turn it off it should stay off. Kevin
  5. Hi Sam, I'm not sure of the answer to that question. My thoughts about meshes are based on long term experience and from other threads in these forums. Its likely that a mesh converted to a generic solid is still not as efficient as rebuilding the geometry using solids or NURBS but I couldn't say for sure without some testing. Kevin
  6. Bumping this thread again.... clearly at least one element in VW2018 could have benefitted from an Open Beta program KM
  7. Submitted! I think maybe you know something I don't. As far as I'm aware there's currently no public tracking method for bug submissions Kevin
  8. I wish NV would update the system options on the Bug Submit page. I'm tired of submitting the wrong OS version because I can't choose the correct one. I end up manually noting which version I'm actually using in my submission. MacOSX 10.12.x has been out for almost a year and will be superseded in four days..... Thanks, Kevin
  9. Thanks Matt. I didn't submit it originally because you said it was a known issue (towards the top of the thread). I think I will submit it now. Its very specific - the sheet layer viewport needs to be in perspective, camera based and its only the foreground objects that have their highlighting offset - hidden line rendering, crops, things in annotations. Kevin
  10. Definitely a useful feature, but I still wouldn't recommend having a mesh in a symbol that's going to be used 400 times in a file. VW is just way to inefficient with meshes. Kevin
  11. This highlighting issue remains in VW2018. Do I need to refile it as a bug? Kevin
  12. I wish that the new Title Block Borders respected Text Styles rules. Text Styles are used for a reason and specific tools shouldn't "work around" them. Its super hard to keep track of all the options that work outside of existing features. Thanks, Kevin Two examples of where it doesn't - And -
  13. I think its an important question as to why some aspects of the new title block implementation don't respect Text Style options. We're already using Text Styles and adding yet another control is not a great approach. Kevin
  14. Thanks Patrick! Kevin
  15. I am unable to replicate it here. I may be a Windows only bug since both of you are Windows users. Please click on Bug Submit at the bottom of the screen and file the bug. Thanks, Kevin