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  1. @Benson Shaw I knew you'd have a simple, clear approach! Kevin
  2. I tried to find another solution but I think you would have to custom build it out of NURBS pieces. I also tried it in Rhino where it became clear why it doesn't work. I think the fillet tool uses the idea of a "rolling ball". Here's an image illustrating what I mean. You can see how it would be difficult to resolve it at the one corner, which is why it comes to a point instead. There may be someone with a solution ( @Benson Shaw?). If its any consolation Rhino can't do it either. Kevin
  3. What do the path and the profile look like for your EAP? That might help us to figure out why your corners aren't clean. Kevin
  4. This is how VW has handled this for years. Not great and as you say sometimes it can cause a LOT of extra work. Kevin
  5. It sounds a lot like the graphic issues may be related to OpenGL..... which should all become moot when VW switches to Metal. KM
  6. My understanding is that the Floor Tool is considered deprecated (is that the correct word?) and is no longer being maintained or developed. I know a lot of users continue to use it but I believe the Slab Tool is considered its replacement. (All JimW era info so it could have changed.) Maybe @Matt Panzer might know more? Kevin
  7. Yes! I know this has been wished for before. I remember commenting on how the forum has better text control than Vectorworks 😄 Kevin
  8. VW has a lot of potential balls in play that could dramatically move performance forward with the next version. Shifting to Metal should help everyone on a Mac (existing machines and M1 emulation). Shifting to the new version of the C4D engine could be amazing for rendering on an M1 machine. I would imagine that a native M1 version of VW is not likely until VW2022.... but at least there are interim steps. Kevin
  9. ^ yes.... the VGM uses the graphics card so get the best one offered. KM
  10. This is an interesting development from Maxon - https://www.maxon.net/en/article/maxon-cinema-4d-immediately-available-for-m1-powered-macs?utm_campaign=C4DM1PoweredMacs&utm_source=facebook,linkedin,twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_content=1605216085&fbclid=IwAR2NgbpQeah4R_FpAJRU5rEqIxZpn1x6QOqmhQVyRCwuDKkC9KlUWCawcVE Cinema 4D is already updated to run on the M1. I learned this from a Facebook ad so they're already marketing this. It certainly bodes well for VW rendering. Kevin
  11. Love a beautiful, clean VW model! KM
  12. Use the Align Plane tool (its under the Set Working Plane tool in the 3d Modelling Toolset). Make sure the working plane is set to the ground plane. Select your object and then the Align Plane tool. Click on the origin of your surface, the x axis of your surface and the y axis of your surface. Your object will orient to the ground plane. Kevin
  13. ^ this is the likely culprit. What version of VW are you using? There was an issue where the default line type was set to continuous after a SP upgrade in the past (VW2020). Perhaps its happened again. Kevin
  14. ^ I think I would choose this option if its just one wall.... KM
  15. To add to @Benson Shaw's list - 2a. Turn on "Create planar surfaces in the preferences of the Extract tool. Highlight all of the surfaces you need and Extract them. This will create a group. Edit the group, select all of the objects and change their plane to Screen in the OIP. Arrange as required. Kevin


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