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  1. 4. What determines the centre of rotation for orbit? When I export from a non-perspective view I get very reliable rotation around the origin of the model. When I export in perspective I seem to get something else..... KM
  2. I have a small stand alone exhibit piece that I've been experimenting with in Web View. A couple of questions have come up and I was unable to find the answers in the current documentation or the linked video. how is the Web View background chosen? Or is there only the default sky background? I would love the equivalent to a dark void as a background even if the lighting is taken from something else. I suspect many of us here would use it if it was available as its more representative of a museum gallery or theatre when designing elements that float within an architectural space. Often we don't model the surrounding space. In this instance I had modelled a quick round wall surround and a floor surface but the round wall just gets in the way in web view. is there the ability to have an infinite floor? Its very odd to have the elements floating in space. Its also odd to have a floor that ends, which I have in my case since I only modelled what was needed for rendering. is there a way to set a radial boundary to the space? It would be great to set the maximum dolly out from the origin. So far I think this is a very cool feature I would love to be able to leverage it more for theatre/exhibit/sculpture projects (eg. non architectural). Kevin
  3. Bumping this. I'm having all sorts of stuff disappearing when grouping objects within groups in SP3. Usually the grouped items are more containers (solid additions, solid subtractions, groups) and in orthogonal or 3d views. Its not consistent and if you undo/redo sometimes it fine. Kevin
  4. I would love an infinite floor object. I was working on something today that needed one and almost added it to the Wishlist forum myself before seeing this thread pop up. Kevin
  5. I think relating them to the word "centre" is way more confusing. The crosses do not necessarily relate to the centre of irregular platforms. The standard also calls for the lines to be light, solid lines whereas usually "centre" is associated with dot/dash centrelines. KM
  6. I wish the forum title bar was static. When I click on notifications in the top right it takes me to a forum page. When I want to look at the next notification in the list I always have to scroll back up to find it. It also unbolds all the notifications when you click on one which isn't a great system. Kevin
  7. In plan, can the outline shape be divided up into arc segments? I would calculate the lengths, draw each segment flat in elevation with the undulating top, extrude the shapes and bend each one using the bend mode of the deform tool. I did a quick test and it looks like it would work. There may be a little experimenting needed as there's some stretch/shrink happening along the length with the bend. Kevin Undulating Wall.vwx
  8. When its displayed in monotone and I switch the OpenGL preference to colour, I can mouse over each piece of the Dragger individually and it will magically become colour.... Kevin
  9. I've been experimenting with the Subdivision tool and using the 3d Dragger. I was initially puzzled that my dragger was monotone and in the tutorials it was in colour. It seems that the 3d Dragger itself is affected by the OpenGL rendering settings, specifically by turning colour on and off. It seems very strange to have a tool affected by my render settings. Is this a bug? Thanks, Kevin
  10. I don't find the way the tool defines size very useful for creating real world objects. It should give you an option to define the size of the primitive and calculate the cage on its own. The cylinder is another anomaly as its not truly a cylinder. In plan its not actually circular. I found creating an extruded octagon and converting it provided much better results. Kevin
  11. This thread was very helpful for finding a workaround. Is the self intersection created considered a bug? It doesn't take much to get it to happen. Kevin
  12. Use the extract tool to get your curves. You can get the curves as either 2d (planar) or 3d curves (NURBS). If you extract them as NURBS curves, manually move them to the ground plane, extend them using the Extend NURBS menu item (it will allow you to extend the flow of the curve), connect the ends by drawing two straight NURBS curves, compose the group of curves and use the Surface from Curves menu command to make your surface. You can do a similar process using 2d curves but there's no easy way to extend them smoothly other than manually editing points. Kevin
  13. Nice scene. I'd be curious what a hidden line drawing of the same scene looks like...... My big problem with meshes in VW as they don't hold up in a drawing set. In my trade, the furniture/props/artifacts are just as important as the architecture and are usually included in hidden line drawings. Kevin
  14. Similar to my own experiences. Cameras are similarly downgraded. Nice demo Luis. Personally I'd like to see the basics fixed in VW first and the conduit between C4D continue to improve. I already own C4D and since I've paid for it I should be able to unlock more of its power in VW. Honestly the C4D interface for animation is so much better I can't see why NV would spend time on that. Kevin
  15. Its still an ongoing issue for me too. Kevin