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  1. Kevin McAllister

    Never default to Screen Aligned Plane

    I'm not sure why there isn't a key shortcut to cycle through the options much like you tab through the data bar fields. There's only two options in a perfect world 😀. (I'm still against screen-aligned existing at all.) Kevin
  2. Kevin McAllister

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    This makes me chuckle a bit. Over the last two versions, downgrading this option has been the workaround suggested by Tech Support for bugs in the VGM. Now that workaround has become an issue..... Kevin
  3. Hello, In VW 2020 I'm have problems with the By Class settings turning themselves off in the Attributes palette. I usually work with all attributes set to By Class as my default. For whatever reason, I've had to reset things back to By Class many times since I started using VW2020. Has anyone else seen this issue? Thanks, Kevin
  4. Kevin McAllister

    Create and Rotate a line in polar coordinates. Primes

    Here's a quick network that will rotate a line. The bottom version uses a manually entered list of primes to generate a series of lines. @Marissa Farrell may be able to help with a node to generate prime numbers in a certain range. There's lots of info online about using Python code and/or Python libraries with functions to generate prime numbers. Kevin Rotate Line.vwx
  5. Kevin McAllister

    Extrude VW2019 vs. VW 2020

    Its specific to Lines. As far as I know it doesn't affect Polylines or Polygons. Kevin
  6. Kevin McAllister

    Create and Rotate a line in polar coordinates. Primes

    Hi Benson, I'm not a Marionette expert but I do know various "rotate" nodes do different things. I think I would try either the Transform2 node or the Rotate Line node for rotation - Kevin
  7. Kevin McAllister

    Extrude VW2019 vs. VW 2020

    The problem is related to this thread - Kevin
  8. Kevin McAllister

    What is this line, and how do I get rid of it?

    Those lines are usually controlled by the Ceiling>Main Class. It can be confirmed by making a Top/Plan viewport. Your example, however, is a section viewport with Display 2d Components turned on. In this configuration, toggling the Ceiling>Main class has no affect. It may be a limitation or a bug. Unchecking Display 2d Components makes the lines disappear but the end display is probably not what you want. @Matt Panzer is this expected behaviour? Should class control extend to components displayed using Display 2d Components in Section Viewports? Kevin
  9. Kevin McAllister

    Importing a PDF while using a black background setup

    A simple workaround would be to draw a white rectangle, place it behind the PDF and group them together. Kevin
  10. Kevin McAllister

    Strange Behavior From Loft Surface tool

    My apologies, I missed describing one step which I do automatically. I went into a side view and rotated the "circular" NURBS (Command L multiple times) so its directional arrow aligned with the others . I did this before scaling it. To turn on "show direction" click on one of the NURBS curves and select the "show direction" checkbox in the OIP. Kevin
  11. Kevin McAllister

    Strange Behavior From Loft Surface tool

    There seems to be a problem with the way VW interacts with the "circular" NURBS object (note that it is in fact a different type of object and has a radius field in the OIP). I was able to get it to work by switching to top/plan, selecting and grouping the circular NURBS, scaling the Y direction up from 0.75" to 0.755" (use the centre point as reference to keep it aligned), ungrouping and then lofting. Although there is a workaround I think its worth submitting this as a bug. The "circular" NURBS behaves differently with other operations as well. I normally troubleshoot loft issues like this by splitting the NURBS curves along their axis of symmetry but the Split Tool wouldn't work on the "circular" NURBS. Kevin
  12. Kevin McAllister

    Whole in organic solid

    How did you create the original object? Are you able to share the problem file? If your object is symmetrical (its a bit hard to tell in the screen shots) I would split it in half using the Split Tool, discard the bad half, mirror the remaining half and recombine the two pieces as a Solid Addition. Kevin
  13. Kevin McAllister

    v.2020 now available

    Is this with snapping for the PDF turned on or off? I've found that a lot of snaps/snapping point does this. I believe the snap/snap highlighting system is still single core and hasn't been migrated to the VGM yet. Turn off snaps to test. The selection system was recently moved over so I would assume the snap system is on the list to be upgraded. Maybe @JuanP knows more. Kevin
  14. Kevin McAllister

    Ability to map graphic to a swept path is gone in VW 2020

    Does the swept path have a Fill attribute or is it set to none? Can you post an example VW file? Kevin
  15. Kevin McAllister

    Scaffolding Problem

    The easiest solution is to convert copies of both objects to NURBS and use the Analysis Tool. Click on both NURBS objects with the Analysis Tool and it will generate 3d loci where they intersect. Kevin


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