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  1. I'd love some teasers on basic fixes. Scaled symbols are a big example..... are they reliable in 2018? I fight against them on almost every project. Kevin
  2. Maybe we'll get more information on this hint - KM
  3. Could we get a Renderworks Troubleshooting/FAQ Thread or Knowledgebase Article please? Here's an example of a problem and solution - Problem - Seemingly random artifacts in a rendered sheet layer viewport (custom Renderworks background / hidden line foreground). They don't appear in all viewports associated with this object even though they all have the same render settings (only the views are different). They also only seem to appear in true views (eg. front, back, side) not in perspective views. Solution - Turn up the quality of the Indirect Lighting in the custom Renderworks style. Not just a little, but way up to Very High. I'm sure the solution is mentioned in a video or something but it needs to be located somewhere fast and easily accessible. It also needs to be a very visual resource. Kevin
  4. I love that the Teaser Tuesdays thread was posted yesterday...... (perhaps only made public today) KM
  5. Benson, I'm pretty sure you're not missing anything...... I have the same issues all the time. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one leveraging the Align command to solve weird geometry layouts. +1000 for the wish list. Kevin
  6. These are all good wishlist items. Kevin
  7. Mostly for printing models of stage sets and some prototype stuff. 3d printing is a pretty fun technology. KM
  8. That's a tiny STL file. As Jim says it's all about the printer setup in this case. Those would take about 20 minutes and give a decent result on my Makerbot Replicator 2. One thing that helps STL file size is choosing binary file type when exporting, but that's for much larger files. Kevin
  9. Nice solution Bruce. Here's one other one that gets you very close. The steps are in the file. The key is the step where you create a small fillet in each inside corner before extruding. I've only gone as small as 1/32" in my right hand example but I suspect you could go smaller. Its just about changing the geometry at the corners so the 3d fillet behaves the way you would like. Kevin Fillet_This?_KM.vwx
  10. Good catch. I actually tried moving the objects manually off the ground plane and also placing them on the front view "layer" plane during my testing. It doesn't show up in those instances. KM
  11. The file specific problem is somehow related to the Layer plane setting. If the rectangle and the lines are changed to Screen Plane the problem disappears. Any new rectangle I draw in the file in Layer Plane exhibits the same issue. Anything else I try (circle, polyline, line) works fine. That seems super weird to me...... @Marissa Farrellis the bug you mentioned related specifically to rectangles and Layer Plane? KM
  12. I tried various things including what you're describing. Are you able to post a file containing an example group? Also, maybe add a signature to your forum profile that describes your setup (go the upper right, click on your username, choose Account Settings and choose signature from the list on the next webpage). Perhaps its a Mac or PC thing.... Kevin
  13. As rDesign said, you have one object intersecting another. I've attached an example image. Stacking order (Send to Front etc.) doesn't affect placement in 3d space. For us to help us further you'll need to include a wider screen shot since its hard to tell from a small detail how to help you. Kevin
  14. What is the geometry in the group? Is it a rectangle and two lines? Or is it a Plug In Object of some sort? When I perform the same steps with a group containing a rectangle and two lines it works as expected here. Kevin
  15. I wondered about that. There's also lots of cut and paste code online for password protecting a specific webpage or subdirectory of a website. Web View just generates a simple webpage and the supporting graphics files. You may even be able to add the code to that HTML file directly. Kevin