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  1. This is likely an issue with your custom title block. Without having a file it would be hard to solve. It sounds like the title block is trying to centre itself in relation to auto-updating fields with long text boxes (probably the file name). This is some sort of graphics bug in VW2020. It happens to me all the time. It seems to be fixed in VW2021. Kevin
  2. I'm finding VW2021 very snappy. It feels a lot smoother to use and generally faster on my machine. I can imagine once VW supports Metal it will be even better. Kudos to the graphics development team! Kevin
  3. I noticed that too. Quite nice. Now I just wish that when you tabbed while the using tool for duplicating, the first field in the mode bar was the number of duplicates.... Kevin
  4. I thought I'd start a thread on hidden improvements that are cool - Did anyone notice that the "tabs" in the Navigation and OIP can now be reordered or torn off to become independent palettes!!!! This is so exciting! Its always the hidden stuff that's the best 😊 Kevin
  5. There are three solutions to your issue. Here's a file demonstrating them both. (A) is a replica of your issue using a Solid Section. (B) is a corrected version where I edited the Solid Section and ran the Add Solids command on the three rectangles. (C) is a corrected version where I edited the extruded rectangle and duplicated the rectangles within the original extrude. (D) is a version where I created the original object using a Solid Subtraction instead of a Solid Section. The Solid Section is being confused by the stacking order after you add your duplicates. I'm not sure if this is a limitation or a bug ( @JuanP do you know?). If I were creating this shape myself I would use a Solid Subtraction. Kevin Solid Subtraction vs Solid Section.vwx
  6. Is there anything surrounding your objects to reflect? Shiny surfaces need something to reflect or they can render as black.
  7. My guess would be that its related to stacking order since that's how the solids commands determine what the cutting object is when there are multiple objects. Maybe select the sectioning surface in the edit mode and choose Send to Front. If you post an example file we may be able to make other suggestions. Kevin
  8. The 3 cubes you added will not cut if its a Solid Addition. I would ungroup twice to get back to where you started and perform a solid section again. Kevin
  9. I wish the Extend NURBS command would be wrapped into the Push/Pull tool so I could extend and shrink NURBS curves and untrimmed NURBS surfaces more easily. Kevin
  10. Looks great. Is the Drawing Label tool updated under the umbrella of "Smart Markers"? Kevin
  11. From your image it looks like you're dimensioning in the design layers. Are you using Hidden Line or Dashed Hidden Line? What is your layer scale set to? I did some testing and found some anomalies when my design layer was set to something other than 1:1. Not sure if there's a design layer solution. You may have to create some viewports on a sheet layer and dimension there. Kevin
  12. @JuanP do you happen to know why these teaser posts don't show up in my unread forum posts? Are they originally hidden posts that you reveal? I'm not sure that many forum users are seeing them....... Kevin
  13. I'm pretty sure that STL files don't contain units. For most applications I think its assumed to be mm and software usually does the conversion during import/export. I use them a lot for 3d printing and I've never had any issues with scale from Vectorworks. Can you set the unit system of your other software temporarily to mm, do the import and then switch back? You could shrink everything before exporting from Vectorworks, but this may not be possible if your model uses architectural PIOs. There was a wishlist item to give more control the STL export function in VW, including scaling, but its never been implemented. Kevin
  14. Thanks. I can identify where the issue is in the geometry and provide two workarounds. I've attached the file. I still can't answer why this area is a problem. The first workaround is to reduce the number of points at the top of the back. It gets you a little bigger radius. The second workaround changes the top of the back to have corners and then fillets off the corners first before applying the other fillets. Kevin Fillet Tool V2020 KM.vwx
  15. 3d Fillet is definitely less robust than it was in earlier versions. I would guess changes were made to allow it to become part of an object's history. @JuanP is there someone from engineering who worked on this change and could speak to changes with the 3d Fillet tool? @MHBrown are you able to post an example extrude and what radius you're trying to achieve on it? I was fighting with it myself earlier in the week and applying smaller fillets to get the fillet to take, editing it's radius afterwards in the OIP. Kevin


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