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  1. These are very nice renderings. I think we should be taking tips from you Kevin
  2. The advantage to my method is that the cutout is a true rectangle in plan view whereas yours is a foreshortened rectangle. If LarryO is trying to match a cutout to the outline of a foundation, for example, this will make a difference. The Project Tool is a very useful tool. I would recommend spending some time with it. Here's an example file with the steps. This example cuts out a true circle in plan view. Edit: I added a second layer with an example where the NURBS surface isn't flat, but instead curves. Something you can't do with an extruded 2d object. Kevin Project Tool Example.vwx
  3. I would be cautious of extrusions with a extrusion depth of zero. They can often cause errors or become corrupt objects later on. I only know because I used to use them a fair amount If you need a 3d surface, my preference is for using a NURBS surface. Kevin
  4. I would recommend using a NURBS surface rather than a 3d polygon. If I'm understanding you correctly, here's how I would approach it - draw your 2d rectangle. convert it to NURBS (Command Option N to convert to NURBS, then Command Option K to convert it to a NURBS surface). position your surface in 3d space (eg. does it slope etc.) switch to top/plan. draw your cutout rectangle switch to the Project tool and choose the second mode (project and trim) click on the cutout rectangle (a 2d curve), then your NURBS surface and then click on the area to cut out. this will give you a cutout surface The cutout shape can be any 2d shape. The original NURBS surface could be drawn instead using the NURBS Curve tool. Set to a degree of 1 for a facetted shape (eg. rectangle). Kevin
  5. ^ this is great advice for working in 3d in VW! Kevin
  6. In my experience, VW doesn't really like messy geometry. Years ago when VW changed to the Parasolid engine, many of us expected 3d modelling in VW to significantly change (eg. move in the direction of industrial design software to create objects like your example). There have been improvements but everything still goes through the VW interface/math/front end which seems to be where the errors occur. The geometry in this file is particularly complex so I'm not surprised VW is failing. A good tool for seeing what's happening is the Extract Tool. If you set it to surface mode, when you mouse over the model you can see there are some disjointed surfaces on the ends where you're trying to add solids. When I tried extracting one of the ends as planar surfaces I ended up with two non-planar NURBS surfaces (blue) and two planar polygons (green). I'm sure this geometry is contributing to the error. I tend to stick to simple building blocks for exploration, adding details like fillets at the very end. I wish VW was more like some of the industrial design modellers at times though. Kevin
  7. Can you post an example of the type of object you're trying to make? Kevin
  8. At least you made me smile KM
  9. Big bug submit fail today resulting in a cleared form and me having to re-enter all of my bug submit information. All because I didn't select an OS from the dropdown because the dropdown doesn't include High Sierra, which I'm using. Very frustrating. Is this process ever going to improve??? Kevin
  10. Ha doesn't work if you've already wiped your preferences (I couldn't help but try ). As a side note, I've noticed VW2018 is cluttering the Application Support folder with other stuff. I was always impressed by how VW consolidated things into one folder in the past....... Kevin
  11. I would consider this a bug from a user perspective. Working on a Sheet Layer is different than working in the design layers and as such, you will almost always be working with smaller increments on a page. Kevin
  12. I've had some inconsistency with the margins. Sometimes the setting takes, other times it doesn't. My titleblocks are converted from VW2017 so this may be part of the problem. However I do think there is something going on with setting the margins. Kevin
  13. This is definitely an existing wish. I've seen it more than once on the forums and likely has broad support. Kevin
  14. Glad to hear you got it to work! I'm sure its related to the orthographic views aren't 3d views except in VW paradigm. VW always wants to snap into or out of the view plane (the screen aligned mode mess). Its why I still use 2d objects for guides..... Kevin
  15. This should still be possible with the Deform tool. What version of VW are you working in? KM