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  1. Kevin McAllister

    Stairs with no section fill in Clip Cube Viewports

    I think these are known issues. See this thread where I've linked - @Jim Wilson may be able to comment further. My understanding is that eventually all of the PIOs will be fixed so that the geometry sections properly. Kevin
  2. Kevin McAllister

    Best way to create roof by NURBS curves or Curved Lines

    Benson, these examples are amazing as always! Kevin
  3. One rendered in OpenGL, one in Hidden Line. If I extrude from the front (necessary for certain shapes) the texture version (OpenGL) and the hatch version (Hidden Line) don't share the same alignment. Is this a bug or a limitation? Not sure how you work around this one.... Kevin BRICKS.vwx
  4. Kevin McAllister

    Snap to Intersection

    Too many bells and whistles. Every view should be like top/plan view in terms of snapping and feel. Screen Aligned mode is the worst case example of everything wrong with the interface. Kevin
  5. Kevin McAllister

    Creating 3D shapes from 2D shape

    I would start by extruding a heart and filleting the edges using the Fillet Edge tool. Note that you will have more success by having the heart coming to a point for the initial geometry. Soften it after using a fillet. Here's an example file. Ungroup the fillets to see the various steps and the starting point. While both examples look the same in the end, the steps for each are slightly different. Kevin Heart.vwx
  6. Kevin McAllister

    All classes turning off by themselves when editing in Groups

    A good thought but I've remapped V to the legacy Zoom Out tool which I've added to my workspace. Kevin
  7. Has anyone see a situation where all classes except the class of the selected object (not the active class) turn themselves off while editing in a group? This has happened to me at least twice recently. As soon as it happened I hit undo a couple of times thinking I'd somehow hit a keyboard shortcut to turn off all classes. However, when I exited the group, the class visibilities returned to what they should have been. Not reproducible yet but it feels like a bug. Kevin
  8. Kevin McAllister

    Vertical extrude of non-planar 2D Polygons

    In Vectorworks objects are always extruded perpendicular to the surface being extruded, not perpendicular to the layer/working plane. To achieve what you want, convert your original object to a NURBS curve, duplicate it, move the duplicate along the Z axis the desired extrusion depth and loft between the original and duplicate curves. An alternate Extrude command which works as you describe would be a good wishlist item. Kevin
  9. Kevin McAllister

    Intersection snapping not working

    😀 me too. (if things aren't behaving as expected this is one of the first things I check for...) Kevin
  10. Kevin McAllister

    Items staying behind when moving grouped Sheet Layer Viewports

    Thanks to everyone who tested this. I'm going to report the findings back to Tech Support. Hopefully they will log it as a bug. Kevin
  11. Kevin McAllister

    2019 Title block

    Custom fields need to be linked to text objects in the active title block or they don't show up in the Title Block Border Settings dialog. Kevin
  12. It looks like this was also solved in VW2019 😕 Kevin
  13. Kevin McAllister

    Mesh & NURBS surfaces section incorrectly

    It looks like the issue may have been fixed in VW2019. I opened your file, updated the viewport and the sections are correct 😕 Kevin
  14. Kevin McAllister

    Duplicate along path help

    You can also click the "Show Direction" checkbox and all lines/curves in a drawing will show direction arrows (both 2d and 3d NURBS curves). Uncheck it again to turn it off. Kevin
  15. Kevin McAllister

    Duplicate along path help

    Select the line you're using as your path. In the OIP click reverse direction. Kevin


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