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  1. @JuanP is there any more information about the colour shift issue? This new thread is quoting my original issue. Many thanks, Kevin
  2. This does highlight a general issue with the By Class Attributes and Textures panel where some items need a "None" option. I remember having issues with unassigning textures using it in the past. I ended up making a nothing texture to assign. Kevin
  3. Markers using By Class have always been buggy. It most often shows up for me when I use Callouts. I haven't experienced markers on everything yet but now I know to expect it 🙃 Kevin
  4. I've submitted things and never heard back. I'm not sure how "Service Select" differs from "Bug Submit". I've had much better results from "Bug Submit" even though it doesn't cc you with your submission (another big oversight). Kevin
  5. Hello, So I used this library symbol as the basis to start from - Musical Instr Grand Piano 8' - and it turns out its not at all accurate even as a placeholder for the real world. There are no grand pianos that are over 4'-3" tall. Clearly someone took another asset and scaled it up to create this symbol. The libraries are only useful if they're accurate. The work I did base on this model before I realized how inaccurate it was is now going to have to be redone..... Not cool. Also, why can't I type piano into the content search on the Service Select portal and actually find pianos?!? Kevin
  6. Are your objects in symbols or embedded in multiple layers of groups? Are the elements that are appearing remnants of solid operations? I've seen a bit of this in a file I've been working in. I'm running the same service pack and OS. Restarting my machine seems to reset things. Kevin
  7. I just tried it using the Export VGX command and its much cleaner and faster. The textures seem correct as well. The only thing missing is a way to change the background. Its a bit weird to have a theatre set in a blue sky, green ground surround. With the old method I had customized it to a black to grey gradient. Thanks for your help! Kevin
  8. The old one (Export Web View). I wasn't aware of the new one. I'll give it a try. Kevin
  9. Hello, Is anyone else regularly using the Softgoods tool and Webview together? I spend almost two hours this morning trying to get Softgoods textures to display correctly in Webview. Initially all of my Softgoods objects displayed as bright pink, even the black masking. There's obviously some sort of bug here but I don't understand what's going on enough to report it. Ultimately I think it probably stems from the 3D Softgoods Options box which allows you to set texture and colour and seems to override the By Class texture and the object attributes. It likely doesn't help I use both Softgoods and Softgoods 2 and have brought many items forward from older versions. Kevin
  10. All these options would be great. And one camera tool only please with all the features...... KM
  11. Here's a possible solution using symbols to cut the wall. Note that the symbol is one stack of blocks and has a wall hole component of a single extrude to cut the wall. I think if you made it wider (eg. multiple blocks), it would start to do weird things. Symbols are technically designed to make a straight cut in a straight wall. Kevin Breezeway Wall.vwx
  12. There's no question that the forum has languished since JimW left. I do appreciate the VW staff that do visit and participate, but there is no active ownership of the forum like there was under JimW. Kevin
  13. Having done this many times I would recommend the following method - - figure out the length of your curved wall (if you draw a matching curve the OIP will show you the arc length for example). - draw a flat rectangle the correct length and height. - design your backdrop. - rasterize the design to make a bitmap (I often just take a cropped screen shot). - create a texture using the image you just created. - map the image onto the surface. You will need to use cylindrical mapping for an arc. If the curve switches directions, you may need to build it in two pieces. The new UV mapping in VW2022 may also be able to do this - not sure, I haven't played with it yet. Your painter will likely want to work from the flat version. You may need to add a radial grid equally spaced along the curve. If you really need to polylines/NURBS to bend to the surface for raised details, I would recommend using Flow Along Surface in Rhino. Kevin
  14. I knew there was some coding to prevent this. Thanks for the explanation and for submitting the issue! Much appreciated, Kevin
  15. This would make a great wishlist item. The drawing label object is coded to identify a viewports scale for the scale label. I would think it would be possible for it to use this information for drawing a scale bar too. Kevin
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