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  1. I would like to right click on any Sheet Layer Viewport and have the option to "Export Viewport as Image File". The resulting image would be based on the Sheet Layer's current DPI settings and the size of the Viewport. Simple and easy. Kevin
  2. Thanks Jim. This is great to hear. Kevin
  3. I think they only become the same if you have Unified View active. If Unified View is turned off then each layer will keep its separate background. (At least this was true in my testing.) Kevin
  4. I have asked this before - Some mysteries of the universe even @JimW isn't able to unravel.... Kevin
  5. Bumping this. Has come up again recently in another thread. KM
  6. This is a great question. It often creates layers at unexpected scales. I have template layers in my template file that I duplicate to avoid creating new layers with unexpected settings. Kevin
  7. Thanks Jim. I appreciate the explanation. I'm surprised VW needs to lock all these resources if it's open in the background and not doing anything but perhaps it doesn't know it's in the background and not doing anything It's not really a big issue for me as I try to be plugged in when using it. Kevin
  8. I stumbled onto this under the battery icon on my MacBook Pro today - I'd never noticed that OSX listed this before. It was interesting to me because VW was hidden and idle while I was working in another app. Are VW and CineRender really using significant resources any time they are open, even when they are in the background doing nothing? Kevin
  9. If I'm understanding correctly editing the group, using select all and then changing from screen plane to layer plane in the OIP should work to correct the problem. Kevin
  10. That's the default layer height and/or column height I think (8'). KM
  11. I think its regenerating as if its a beam instead of a column. If I'm understanding correctly, only structural members inserted in the Column insertion mode are bounded in height. Beams etc. are not and have the layer fields blanked out. KM
  12. Here are before - And after - All I did in between is exit the dialog, switch to the column mode, edit the preferences to switch to Member Type: Concrete and exit the preferences. Kevin
  13. Interesting, in the file I posted the other layers now show up in the drop-downs for Elevation Start and End Bounds. This wasn't happening before. Can you post a screen shot of what you changed the elevations to so it would work? I have tried every combination without success. The issue seems to be linked to when I'm in column mode and the column height box in the mode bar is greyed out like so - Ha ha well it is actually possible to draw a zero length structural member as there's one in my file Many thanks, Kevin
  14. I saw duplicates in my limited testing too. I'm not sure I could recreate it reliably though. Kevin