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  1. Nice job Bruce! KM
  2. Bruce, I replied to your other post here - Link Kevin
  3. Bruce, I played around with this and I'm not sure the VW Loft Tool is actually capable of making it (I stand to be corrected by @Benson Shawwho is the VW NURBS master). I also tried the same shapes in Rhino for comparison. Rhino has so many more options when creating the same shape using the Sweep1 or Loft commands. I've attached my results. I've personally never had much luck with the VW Loft using a single rail curve and multiple profiles. I know there's a wishlist item for improving the Loft Tool, perhaps this thread should be included with that submission. A drawer pull like this is a pretty common piece of hardware to draw. Kevin Drawer Pull KM.vwx
  4. I would love to see multiple sheets at once for layout and editing while still retaining individual sheet characteristics (sheet numbers, sheet titles). Its almost like we need a groups or sets display pane. I know lots of people including myself would like a way to organize sheets. Kevin
  5. I would like VW to temporarily turn on "Show Direction" for items like NURBS curves in contextually appropriate situations. An appropriate situation would be when editing the path of an EAP or when the Loft command is run. Kevin (See this thread for an example of a situation where contextual cues would have helped - Link)
  6. I think this is why programs like Rhino have different templates for different situations (image below). Even C4D has this type of adjustment. It will become more and more of an issue as more users use VW for digital manufacturing. When I work on events, the tolerance can be 1" or more. When I work on jewellery, I'm working to tolerances of 0.1 of a mm or even less. 3D printing requires these kinds of tolerances. Kevin
  7. This would make a great knowledge base article..... From within VW I would add multiple extrudes (ones with simple geometry are ok) and sweeps if the segment angle is quite high. Ties into the wish for an effective Simplify Poly command. Even VW sometimes creates these type of shapes when adding/subtracting surfaces or using the Extract tool. Kevin
  8. Apparently JimW heard..... I would wish for at least basic word processing features - tabs (left, right, centre, and decimal), lists (bullet, number), indents, ability to include images in text flow, etc. KM
  9. Interesting, I don't think you can. The help specifically talks about "left-aligned tabs" - text&rhhlterm=tab text&rhsyns= . I had no idea it wasn't possible. Kevin
  10. Alan, It may be like any other instance of creation, where it takes on the current font settings (under the Font Menu) if you haven't specifically defined it. Kevin
  11. Out of curiosity, are you trying to print from a sheet layer or a design layer? From the discussion, it sounds like its a sheet layer. Being able to print using a marquee from a sheet layer only would be a good wish and simpler to implement because it doesn't have the scale issues @JimWmentions. There's often times where I would like to print out one detail off a larger sheet for reference. As others have mentioned, making a temporary sheet and copy/pasting viewports is the current workaround. Kevin
  12. This is a very reasonable wish.... setting the defaults of the drawing label should be more straightforward than is is, including class. And there should be a way to set the default class of any PIO Tool that creates an object like the drawing label. Currently only some are controllable using the Plugin Manager. These types of settings should be consistent and easy to find. Kevin (Super weird forum interaction. I posted this response yesterday but it didn't take. @Jim Smithwhat can be edited with the Plugin Manager is inconsistent and doesn't work for everything.)
  13. I would check to see if the font has inadvertently been mapped to Arial in VW during one of the times where you started up without it. Go to Vectorworks>Preferences>Display>Edit Font Mappings. If your font is on the list you'll need to delete the mapping. Afterwards it should display properly. Kevin PS. Maybe add your system information to your forum signature. Not sure if you're Mac or PC and it affects where you find the preferences.....
  14. Interesting. Is your shell to the correct side of the surface? That would change the radius. There's a checkbox in the OIP where you can switch between inside and outside. Kevin
  15. Hi Len, If you'd like it to radiate there's an easy fix. Extract the front wall surface from the resulting intersection using the Extract Tool and then Shell the resulting NURBS surface using the Shell tool. There are a couple of other approaches but they're a similar number of steps. The Intersect Solids approach give you very direct control over the shape and the contour. Kevin