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  1. Quick way to identify a file's VW version

    It would be useful to have an easy way to find out the version. The only way I know of is to open a VW file in a text editor. I took a quick look in the function reference and I'm not even sure there's a function to query this information in a script. Kevin
  2. snap to 2 objects

    I love a geometry solution! KM
  3. Elevation Viewports

    ^This is definitely the easiest way.... you could also Loft it using single rail mode. It partly depends whether you want a single piece or not and how much design you do during your layout. KM
  4. Elevation Viewports

    Here's a step by step how I would build the geometry of a gothic arch. After going through all the steps I think I would recommend building it in Top/Plan view on its back, instead of in front view, and then switching to a side view and rotating it into the correct orientation. The user friendly nature of Top/Plan would make the process a little easier. The Sweep tool is one of those tools that prefers Top/Plan and working in Top/Plan would mitigate some of the alignment issues you're struggling with. Kevin Gothic Arch Example.vwx
  5. Paint bucket/lasso inside extrudes

    Definitely related to this wish - ^ I agree 100%. Kevin
  6. Engrave a ball?

    ^Yup. In Rhino the commands are "Flow along Curve" or "Flow along Surface". You have control over whether objects you are flowing maintain their scale or stretch. Kevin
  7. Engrave a ball?

    Here's a slightly more developed solution where the text is bent in two directions - The first bend is done in a side view - The second bend is the same as in my first solution. The resulting text is bowled and wraps around the sphere. Here's a closeup - I've attached my file again. It has both solutions on separate layers. There's some good ideas in @markdd's solution above. I think I were to approach it using the Project tool I would use the project and split mode to carve up a copy of the sphere. Once you had curved versions of each letter as a surface you could easily shell them using the Shell tool and then do a Solid Subtraction to create the engraving. Kevin Engraved_Text.vwx
  8. I agree completely. It should be fixed but there is a workaround in the mean time - use the Reshape tool instead of the Selection tool when editing section lines. Kevin
  9. Engrave a ball?

    Here's the steps of how I would do it - And a screen shot of using the Deform Tool to bend the extruded text around the sphere - I've also attached a file with all of the steps. If your text is very tall it might be possible to bend (bow) the text vertically before bending it around the sphere so it follows the contour of the sphere's surface. (I would use Flow Along Surface in Rhino if I needed something super accurate.) Kevin Engraved_Text.vwx
  10. Group in viewport shown as wireframe

    Thanks Jim! KM
  11. Group in viewport shown as wireframe

    I'm seeing the same thing when rendering in Hidden Line both on a design layer or in a sheet layer viewport. It seems to only affect true views (Front, Side, Back etc.) not 3d views. I think its a bug related to Hidden Line rendering. The workaround mentioned in another thread is to create a section viewport to look at the object from the front instead. Not really ideal since section viewports have to regenerate and then re-render. Here is a screen shot showing the different types of viewports and how they render - There are two other similar forum threads I know of - @JimW are you able to add this thread to a previous bug submission or should we bug submit it again? Kevin
  12. Bug Submit Page - Overview of Experience

    Bumping this. The bug submission process is still as cumbersome as ever (and I've used it a lot with VW2018). Also I still prefer when I get acknowledgement emails but they don't seem to be part of the process anymore Kevin
  13. I think it is probably a bug. It seems to affect polylines using cubic spline points. Here's what I am seeing in VW2018 - Its not an issue if you take the file back into VW2017 - Edit. I've bug submitted this. Kevin
  14. Refresh Viewport

    I think you would use UpdateVP. You can find information about it in the Developer's Function Reference here - http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:UpdateVP Kevin
  15. It shouldn't matter where on a sheet a drawing label appears, on the sheet itself or in the annotations of a sheet layer viewport or in a group or in a sheet layer viewport in a group, all of these options should work properly for drawing coordination. Kevin


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