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  1. Thanks Jim - I didn't realise SP1 was out already - I'll give it a try and post if we get the issue again.
  2. Hi All, Having a bit of trouble with Vectorworks 2018 in our office. We're intermittently getting a problem whereby vwx 2018 gets stuck on first opening at 'Checking Activation'. It seems to take a very long time generally, but sometimes will get stuck and the program will fail to open entirely. This has occurred on several systems, most notably one of the office brand new IMac's, so I'm convinced hardware isn't the problem. It could of course be related to some sort of network configuration issue our end, but this is not a problem anybody has had in the office running 2017. Any ideas?
  3. Hi All, Seem to have a problem with scrolling on certain palette when using Windows systems. I've noticed this on: PC running Windows 7 (vwx 2017 sp3, sp4, and 2018) Laptop running Windows 10 (vwx 2017 sp3, sp4, [not tested 2018]) Also tested with multiple brands of mice. I've uploaded a short video as I don't know how to describe the palette clearly. You can see that the scroll works fine on some palettes, but fails to work on the one shown at the end.
  4. Was this problem ever resolved? I've started using a database for notes in a project as a sort of office 'test run' and run into the same problems. I must admit I'm extremely surprised that bulk edits cannot be accomplished, I sort of thought that was the whole point of this tool!
  5. Great will look forwards to seeing it expand - it'd be great to see this turn into a fully fledged one stop shop for various types of resources
  6. Ah I see - Thanks Jim W. I think I have fundamentally misunderstood the word 'plugins' in the title - I was looking for plugins more along the lines of the 'smartpaste' plugin, whereas the 'Marionette' resource there has a slightly different focus. Having said this I do need to get my head around the whole 'marionettes' thing so will have a proper look through!
  7. Hi All, So I was looking for the exact resource being discussed in this thread - i.e. depository for plugins etc.. But I feel like must of missed something here, is there a link to the actual resource? I can't find it! Perhaps I am being dense, anyone able to enlighten me on this?? I've had a look through announcements etc also but didn't see anything..
  8. cberg - Good idea, should help us out for the time being at least (although as you pointed out not ideal)
  9. Thanks Pat - Glad that I wasn't doing something wrong my end at least!
  10. Running SP4 - so looks like this issue's still not resolved (for me at least!). Its actually causing a lot of problems for us right now, if anyone has a workaround please let me know.
  11. Hi All, We're having a pretty serious problem with the space label tool right now, and I'm not sure if this is just affecting us or widespread. Basically, we set up multiple space label tags (in order to be read at difference scales - some show more or less information than others). For some reason the 'allow multiple space labels' box in advanced settings seems to keeps unticking itself. See vid below.. Any ideas?? Thanks, A
  12. Hi again Pat (& All), We've been hit by what I think was a known bug which is now fixed in SP4 (fingers crossed) whereby all of our multiple space labels were turned off and disappeared. I just tried to run the script you posted above Pat, but couldn't get it working.. Which either means I'm doing something wrong or possibly that SP4 has changed something which no longer allows the script to function. Any idea what may be causing this? I'm loath to go through and select all of the 60 odd spaces we have and re-apply multiple space labels AGAIN! Thanks, A
  13. Thanks people! Can't find anything which helps me out yet but hopefully a few issues will be 'accidentally' picked up as you say JimW
  14. Hi All, Just had a prompt from vwx that 2017 sp4 is now available for download! But can't find any kind of info on whats included in the new update - anybody got any info on this??
  15. Hi All, I've started working on a new project, and am currently sorting out labels for my space objects which will form the rooms. In a previous project, I used some of the 'User Defined Fields' (#1-10) found in the 'Space Settings' box (Select Space object --> Settings --> 'Additional Data' tab), in order to create specific fields relevant to that project, which could be used in the name labels and in schedules etc. I ended up naming and using 'User Defined Field' 1, 2, 3 and 10 in this project. I had assumed that this information was stored in the file, and therefore when I started a new project, I could define new 'User Defined Field's relevelant to the new project. So I was surprised to see these same fields filled in as previous project. Why is it done like this - Is there a good reason? This is likely to be problematic - Say someone else needs to work on my drawing files, i.e. a consultant, and they have different user defined fields set up. Surely this is confusing? Would it not work far better to have the names you give these files stored in the file you are working in?? Does anyone have a good way of dealing with this issue..? Thanks! A