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  1. Asemblance

    Top/plan panning/zooming sluggish in VW2018

    Also suffering from this issue big time - I was blaming it on the lack of dedicated GPUs in our office machines, and basically harassed our business manager until I was furnised with a new Imac pro (which is specced well above Vectorworks requirements). However the problem of extremely slow pan/zoom/redraw time on sheet layers is still persisting, must say it makes working a real pain! It seems to exist even in relatively simple drawings, and gets pretty much unworkable on A1 sheet sizes and upwards.
  2. Asemblance

    Vectorworks 2018 Startup Issue (Activation)

    @JimW - just installed the service pack and can confirm slow startup appears to have gone, hurrah! Thanks to the team for sorting this one.
  3. Asemblance

    Service Pack 3 for Vectorworks 2018 released

    Great, thanks! Good to see a few project sharing items picked up in the list there. P.S. Worth mentioning that there was no alert for the service pack in our copies of Vwx (i.e. the little red bell bottom right), so only just noticed the update had been released! I had assumed the alert would flag up any new service packs - pretty sure it did SP2.
  4. Thanks for everyones responses - As @halfcouple suggests ideally this would be for title blocks to self regulate after any changes. Not sure if this is one for wishlist or bug report..
  5. Hi All, Quick question (I'm sure there is a simple answer to this!). I have updated a title block which is used on 30 or so sheets. All seems to be fine, except the field which displays the 'current revision number' does not refresh unless I go into that individual sheet and exit again which seems to prompt the title block information to refresh. Is there a button hidden somewhere to force a refresh on all the information in every title border in the file? Thanks! A
  6. Hi @Nikolay Zhelyazkov Fantastic, Thanks! Sorted our issue right out - We just weren't looking hard enough at the custom field options.. A
  7. Hi All, I am hoping that the ingenuity of this forums inhabitants can help me once again with some title block issues. We are using the automated title block coordination, and have made a custom title block which for the most part works very well. We are using 'Issue Numbers' (rather than 'Revision Numbers'), displayed twice on the title block. In one instance we want to show only the Latest issue number (this is essentially forming the sheets titles, which would be for instance AL(0)210.B1, the '.B1' being the current issue number). At the other instance we want to show All (or at least multiple) Issue numbers (this shows the various changes that have been made to the drawing over various past drawing issues). The attached screenshot shows it more clearly. Can anybody tell me how to achieve this?? Thanks! A
  8. Asemblance

    Project Sharing Bugs

    Hi @Tolu Thanks for attempting to help with this. But yes we have tried 'direct safe save', and using AFP (as suggested for Mac users). We've pretty much been through this process with Vectorworks select support and also on the forums previously, and the conclusion seems to be that it is a problem with the software (probably in conjunction with NAS servers)
  9. Asemblance

    Project Sharing Bugs

    @Tolu Unfortunately whether or not it can 'disassociate' this is in effect what it sometimes does in reality! I have discussed my issues with project file sharing before elsewhere on the Forum, essentially the answer seemed to be to do with connections to NAS servers. However looking at the above it may be that this is not the case if people are suffering on other types of servers also.
  10. Asemblance

    Project Sharing Bugs

    @ptonerWe have that problem frequently - often perseverance pays off (keep trying, after a few attempts it usually works). This is not always the case, as it seems sometimes the file disassociates (which can require recreating the entire vwxp file).
  11. Asemblance

    Geometry Stacking Order

    Hi All, I was just wondering if anybody knows of any 'advanced' Stacking Order tools? We have a complex 2D elevation of a multi-tiered auditorium I'm currently working on. Sometimes new geometry needs to be in a specific place in stacking order to display correctly, but there can be a huge number of them (lets say 5-50 'stacking' layers?). If I need something to stack at say, 25 out of 50, this is quite time consuming! This may end up being one for the wishlist, but I'm imagining a tool which allows you to move the stacking order of an object to match another object (i.e. just in front or just behind) Does anything like this currently exist? Thanks, A
  12. Asemblance

    2018 Boot - Offline is slow or non existent

    Also have this problem - as @Kevin McAllistermentioned above I believe it is a known problem (which I am really hoping will be fixed soon..). Causes a delay to getting on with it every morning!
  13. Asemblance

    Door Style Mark

    Thanks Matt.
  14. Asemblance

    Door Style Mark

    Hi All, To resurrect this slightly - Did 2018 introduce the Mark field we were hoping for? Or still using the workaround mentioned above..? Trying to put together a large door schedule for the first time and basically want to have a field which shows door 'style' for each door (I think this is what you are describing above). A