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  1. Asemblance

    Curtain Walling and IFC Problem

    Update - The only way I can get this to work properly in IFC export (on attempt 11), is to use 'unstyled' curtain walling. Which is impractical for the project I am currently working on.
  2. Asemblance

    Window textures and geometry in IFC export

    Also having this problem
  3. Asemblance

    Curtain Walling and IFC Problem

    Having a problem with Curtain Wall objects exporting to IFC currently. Problem arose after exporting a curtain wall to IFC, then opening to view in Solibri. The glazed panels did not display with a transparency. After a maddening process of trial and error, I still can't seem to resolve this. It seems that no matter what curtain wall style options or class settings are used, either the glazed portions of curtain walling are not exported, or are exported with a solid fill. Somebody please tell me I'm missing something obvious! On another note, the curtain walling tool could really do with an overhaul. This should be a simple process.
  4. Asemblance

    IFC tagging: control of appearance (e.g. transparency)

    Also struggling a bit with transparencies in IFC export. Did you get to the bottom of this @Christiaan?
  5. Hi All, I am having some trouble with a section viewport created from a clip cube. I want to alter the location/size of the clip forming one of my section viewports. I can go into the viewport, see the clip cube and move it. However when I exit the modelspace back to the viewport, the section cut is not updated to match the updated clip cube. Is this working as expected? Do I have to delete this viewport and form a new one if I want to edit the position or size of the clip cube? Thanks, A
  6. Asemblance

    Structural Member Tool... Missing profiles

    This lack of UC's in the structural member tool is biting me yet again, so back for my bi-yearly complaint.. Please tell me this will be resolved in 2019!
  7. Asemblance

    IFC modelling with Vectorworks

    Thanks for your thoughts @RickR, I've also had problems with origins moving etc. However in this case the roof appears on the correct place in the model once referenced in. It just somehow moves in the export to IFC process!
  8. Asemblance

    IFC Disclaimer in Model

    Hi All, Does anybody know how to place disclaimer/copyright text inside an IFC model for exchange? I can't find any advice about this anywhere so far.. Apologies for the raft of questions I'm currently barraging the forums with. I'm actually surprised by how few threads there are regarding IFC - perhaps not many BIM users yet? Thanks, A
  9. Asemblance

    IFC modelling with Vectorworks

    Hi @RickR - Yes that was also my thought. As you can see from the screenshot above (where the roof was IFC tagged in the referenced file), this geometry does show up. But for some reason it is displaced. I can only assume this is something going on behind the scenes, mostly likely to do with layer levels or origins or some such?? It feels like it should work but I'm missing something.
  10. Asemblance

    IFC modelling with Vectorworks

    Hi @Jeffrey W Ouellette - We have a model containing the building, and a seperate model file containing a complex roof arrangement which is being referenced into the main building file. This is how we would prefer to structure the file for various reasons. Is it not possible to attach IFC data to referenced models then? P.S. - Screenshot below, the referenced roof does appear (outline block for the time being). But it floats approximately 14m above where it should be.
  11. Asemblance

    IFC modelling with Vectorworks

    Hi All, Great thread, thanks @taavilooke. Has anybody had any experience of adding IFC data to Referenced objects? i.e. Viewports in the model? Struggling to get this working at the moment, the referenced info in the viewport shows up but is displaced.
  12. Asemblance

    Service Pack 4 for Vectorworks 2018 Released

    Has anybody had any problems getting this update to install on Windows 10 systems? For some reason 2018 SP2 installed on my windows machine fine, but SP3 and SP4 wont install. Running setup the installer extracts to 99/100%, and then disappears and nothing happens.. Edit: Installing in safe mode worked second time around, resolved.
  13. Hi All, I'm trying to export an IFC model for a BIM project, and have run into some problems with grouped objects. Hopefully something I'm just not understanding properly.. When I view IFC data I've exported, any objects contained in a group seem to shift from their correct positions. Screenshots attached, of the same objects not grouped, then grouped (you can see how the row of 4 blue panels shift out of position). Have I missed something? Any tips?? Thanks, A
  14. Asemblance

    Creating 2D Plans from 3D Model

    Thanks for everyones responses so far. I've created a couple of screenshots to illustrate the type of issue I'm running into with each of the 2 methods I outlined.. As you can see, in this particular instance the conflict is between door swings from the level below which I don't want to see, and a mezzanine below in a double height space/void, which I do want to see.
  15. Asemblance

    Creating 2D Plans from 3D Model

    Hi @CipesDesign, Thanks for getting back. The main thing I'm trying to determine, is which of the 2 options I outlined above is best for creating 2D plans. What you have described would work for option 2 - for instance cutting a hole in the slab to show stairs below. I guess I'll need to take a couple of screenshots to illustrate what I'm asking..


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