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  1. Asemblance

    Mojave 2019 SP3.1 Text Editing Very Slow

    Hi jblock, Currently object info palette is docked - Thanks I'll try undocking. Is having a docked OIP a known bug that could cause these issues then?
  2. Hi All, I've just taken the plunge to Mojave, and straight off the bat have run into a major issue. Editing text in sheet view is absolutely crippling my system. I'm working in the same file as I was prior to updating to Mojave, on the same system, on the same SP3.1 Vectorworks. The only change is the system update, and it is severely slower since the update. Is this a known issue? I can record some footage showing the slowdown if it helps. Thanks A
  3. Asemblance

    Until Next Time

    Sorry to see you go Jim, you will be missed! Thanks for the help over the years.
  4. Asemblance

    Window Object Glazing Control

    Hi @timcrossley - Unfortunately not! Although I haven't actually checked since 2019 was released if this has provided any additional functionality which would help..
  5. Asemblance

    Curtain Walling and IFC Problem

    Thanks Mihail good to hear this is being resolved!
  6. Asemblance

    Unable to Install Updates 2019 on Windows 10

    @omarkadry - I do have administrator privileges, and have been running the updater with administrator privileges in regular mode. However in safe mode, the problem is not that the launcher wont start, but that I cannot connect to the internet in order to complete the update download.. I have circumnavigated this problem now, by rebooting in safe mode and physically connecting to the internet with an ethernet cable. I was then able to run the updater successfully. But it is worth mentioning that 1) I often don't have access to a physical wired connection, and 2) some laptops dont even have an ethernet port to connect with. So its not an ideal workaround!
  7. Asemblance

    Unable to Install Updates 2019 on Windows 10

    Thanks for your responses @Tim C., @omarkadry - I can't see a log in the location you mentioned. I think the problem is more that the updater is failing to launch/is being stopped by Windows from launching entirely. I will try the update again and see if the log appears.
  8. Hi All, I'm having some real problems installing the service packs for vwx 2019 on my Windows 10 laptop. I've had issued with previous vwx installs and updates on this laptop, but always got around them previously by downloading the update, rebooting into safe mode and installing from there. However with the new updater, I am unable to take this approach, as I can't run the updater to download the update.. And I can't run the updater in safe mode, as then I lose my ability to connect to the internet (even with 'safe mode with networking' selected). Does anybody else suffer from this problem? How can I get around it? I'm stuck on SP0. Thanks, A
  9. Hi All, Control over drawing issues and revisions has got better over the last few years with the Title Block Manager, particularly with 2019 making it less easy to accidentally add to 'all sheets', but there are still odd holes. In the instance shown in the below screenshot I would like to be able to remove/delete the highlighted 'T2' duplicate issue (which is not the last issue) without deleting all and re-adding them. I just want to click on the one in question, and click delete. Is there some reason this is technically difficult to achieve?? It seems like an obvious addition.. There are files we have where some of our staff accidentally issued 'all' before they got to grips with 2018 properly, which means we have a legacy issue of hundreds of these incorrect drawing issues which need removing.
  10. Asemblance

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Also finding this to be the case @zoomer - More hangups the longer I'm in a file in 2019, or with more than one drawing open (on High Sierra). Even doing simple tasks like switching between sheets, or going into or out of a viewport. Memory leak perhaps?
  11. Asemblance

    VWX 2019 Significantly Slower

    P.S. I remember since a while ago in vwx settings it was recommended that 'Good Performance and Compatibility' was somehow better for system speed than using 'Best Performance'. Is this still true?
  12. Asemblance

    VWX 2019 Significantly Slower

    We've been doing some testing on some live projects, with the hopes to move things onto 2019. However disappointingly, we're finding 2019 seems to be significantly slower, with a lot of 'hangups' in between actions. In particular I've been noticing this going through and editing sheets. Doing the same actions in identical files on vwx 2018 (Sp4) is smoother and faster. This is quite the opposite from what we were hoping for! Has anybody else found this?
  13. Asemblance

    Stair Tool - Pain Points

    All of the above. It would be great if somehow a 'follow me' type tool could be implemented for stairs. This would be especially great with any curved spaces. I'm imagining a polygon as the object the stair follows, with straight segments and curved segments wherever the user wants them. The tool would guide the staircase to essentially follow the drawn object, ensuring a minimum tread depth occurs, and widening treads where curves occur. Once its got the geometry of the curve/stepped wall/whatever correct in 2D plan, you can then worry about adjusting heights of treads and numbers of stairs etc. Once this is dealt with, some way to customise treads either as a group, or individually (with a 'reset' button incase we screw things up..).
  14. Asemblance

    Vectorworks 2019

    Hi All, Is there a definitive list of new tools introduced in Vwx 2019? Specifically tools with 'buttons' which should be in the default workspace? I know there is a checkbox on immigration of workspaces from 2018 to add new tools, but for some reason this doesn't seem to have worked for me. Rather than setting up all my shortcuts and other settings again, I'd rather just manually add the new tools in their appropriate locations.
  15. Asemblance

    Dwg Export incorrect scale 350%

    Hi All, Having a problem exporting from a vectorworks 2018 model file sheet layer, where the resulting dwg seems to be scaled to 350% (exactly). I'm hoping this is something obvious we've overlooked our end, any suggestions?? Thanks, A


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