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  1. @gfp38- I can confirm we use a Mac only environment in our office, so mixing windows and OSX machines doesn't appear to the cause of the issue (in our case anyway).
  2. We also suffered from this issue recently - a colleague told me about it just after updated to SP2. I was convinced it must be something we had done - some sort of reference screwup changing between new and old referencing styles or some such - but we never worked it out. After reading these posts, I'm inclined to say it must be the same issue. Can it really be true that this has been occurring since 2013 and is still not resolved??
  3. Finally have info on our server: Synology DS412+ 8TB 4 Bay NAS Server
  4. Wow Thanks Pat, that is far and away the clearest explanation of the way Vectorworks deals with this kind of library information that I have seen to date! I think from what you have said that it is time to bite the bullet and get the practice into using a Workgroup.. @JimWI don't know if its possible to get this explanation stickied somewhere? Sure others may find it useful too.
  5. Hi All, Having a bit of an issue with Section Markers at the moment. Basically I would like to create some custom Section Markers for the practice (none of the default ones are appropriate for our use right now). I kind of hoped this would be as simple as duplicating a section marker in the files resource library, and then selecting this from the drop down menu. However it only seems to display markers which are present in Vectorworks Libraries - Default - Section Markers. Here they are, in all their glory: Now, my question is (and this probably displays my fundamental lack of understanding in how resources are managed in vwx) - If I go into this 'Section Markers.vwx' file, and add more symbols to it (i.e. duplicate SectMkr-1 with a new name and edit), will this work? - Should I touch any of the 'default' files with resources in - or is this a bad idea? - Will it work? - Will it show up in my drop down boxes when using Section Markers? - Will it work on my colleagues system? Also I know people have spoken about Workgroups in relation to this sort of thing before. I don't really understand what they are properly, or how they work. If anyone can point me to a good thread explaining the use of them, and whether a Workgroup folder would be useful in this instance, please shout out! Thanks, A
  6. Great, looking forwards to seeing if this has solved some of our project file sharing woes!
  7. Thanks for the update @JimW- Good to hear there is progress being made on this! I'll find out our tech info re. NAS
  8. Thanks for the Response Tolu. I'm glad to hear the bug will be picked up in SP2, thanks! I have also discovered the same issue occurs when moving items forwards or backwards, but again only when dealing with polygons. I imagine this problem is linked in some way to the 'trim' problem highlighted in my video above. It is interesting to get your perspective on the speed problems with the file/our network. I don't know much about our setup, but can confirm that it is a NAS setup with some sort of RAID configuration. Whilst not 100% rock solid (we get occasional issues with it), in most instances it is very fast and responsive - when not dealing with project sharing files, saves to files stored on the server are completed almost instantaneously, or in 1-2 seconds. So I find it unlikely that this issue is purely down to communication speed with our server.. it seems likely there is something in particular about Project Sharing Files which is causing difficulty. I notice @JMRalso mentioned a NAS setup with RAID above, most likely the same issue.
  9. Hi @Tolu I've been able to find at least one of these instances which is easily replicated, which involves 'trimming' polygons (where both the object used to trim, and the object being trimmed, are both on a 'checked out' later). Recorded a quick screen grab - it also shows the 'project sharing file is in use' problem we get a lot (there was nobody else using the file at the time). I'm not sure of the details of our server, I'll find out a little more info.
  10. Thanks Nikolay The 'ActivateTBBs' file you sent over looks very useful - however I can't seem to get this to function on our project sharing files. I guess the Project Sharing file structure causes incompatibilities? It would surely make sense for something like the file you sent me to be integrated into the Vectorworks software. I'm sure everyone would find it easier to work with a check box list like that, rather than going through individual sheet files and ticking or unticking boxes..
  11. Hi Nikolay, Thanks for your response - I see now where the 'active viewport' checkbox is, thanks. It does seem this is not the best way the software could handle the issue though. For instance, it would make life much much easier/clerarer if this information could be included in the 'Organisation' Palette under 'Sheet Layers'. Or some other place that the whole set of drawings could be quickly reviewed (I'm imagining another column in the attached screenshot with tick boxes). As you can see from the screenshot we often end up with a lot of sheet layers in a single file, and sometimes issue one, some, many or all of them at each time. So to be able to quickly 'tick' all the sheets as active would make life much simpler. I'll put in a bug report about the Project File Sharing as you suggest.
  12. P.S. - Another query relating to both this and Project File Sharing - Why do I have to check out all sheet layers in order to add revision/issue data to a single sheet? Is this working as intended? It would be much better if this was not necessary!
  13. Hi All, Hoping this is a straightforwards issue somebody can help me with. Trying to add new 'Issue' numbers to some sheets. I go in through the 'Title Block Manager', open the 'Issue Data' tab, and hit 'Add'. Good so far. I want to apply this issue data to several sheets in the file, but not all sheets. The options in the drop down list are: This Sheet Only All Active Sheets All Sheets Selected Files I think where I am missing something, is I'm not sure what 'Active Sheets' are. How do I choose which sheets are active? P.S. A personal frustration with this - please don't default it to 'All Sheets'! I have frequently intended to add to a couple of sheets, but accidentally left the defualt 'All Sheets' after already doing a couple of sheets - then ended up having to start again.
  14. I've been posting left right and centre about project file sharing issues at the moment, as we've been having massive problems with them. On top of all the issues mentioned above, there is some strange behaviour in terms of '...Project File is in use by another user...' coming up frequently. This is to be expected from time to time, but the issues we are having: - '...Project File is in use by another user...' when no other users are on the file - When an entire layer is checked out, the WF doesn't need to communicate with the project file for the most part, so at least we can get on with some work without '...Project File is in use by another user...' coming up a few times with practically every change. - However, even when the entire layer is checked out, certain operations seem to still cause the WF to communicate with the PF, such as: - When editing a group - When changing the stacking order of any item - When editing a polygon Any idea why this is the case? Should this be the case?
  15. We are also having this problem in our office - Right now I am the only person working on the project sharing file, everyone else is out to lunch (and have closed the file). I'm still getting '...cannot be checked out now because the Project File is in use by another user...' - repeatedly in fact. Update: I've tried saving the Working File locally as suggested by @JMR- But still having the same problem