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  1. Thanks @Christiaan - I can see there are actually a bunch of potentially useful items in the full update list - the less glamorous information management /IFC stuff sounds potentially very useful. But will depend on how well they have been implemented in reality versus the blurb.
  2. Is there somewhere with an official list of all the new/changed features? Surprised how this has snuck out today, can't see our office bothering to upgrade for a good while based on what I've seen so far..
  3. @Mark Aceto it is very frustrating. I have to use a Mac since it is provided by our office, but a better solution if you are in control of your own hardware is to just buy a Windows PC.. At least part of the fault here lies with Apple.
  4. I like the introduction of the Display detail levels in 2019, but do miss the old 'on/off' switch for wall components to display in a viewport. I'd like to see this returned as a simple control because: 1. Less prone to error/less opaque (If I turn the detail level down to low, what else may turn off in my drawing without me noticing it..?) 2. More customisability. You may want to display a viewport without the wall details, but with other details showing.
  5. I was just wondering along very similar lines myself. Perhaps I missed it, but the change from 2018 - 2019 with 'Display detail levels' kind of seemed to sneak in. I like the detail levels, but would rather have the old toggle 'on/off' for wall details to display in viewports.
  6. @jblock This occurred again earlier and I remembered your previous comment about undocking the OIP. Which seems to possibly have worked? I'll do a bit more testing. But can you explain to me ~why~ this works?? Surely where the OIP is/how it is docked should have no impact on performance.. Is this a known bug?? Thanks, A
  7. Thanks @Nicolas Goutte that makes sense. Time for a bit of a file clearance then!
  8. Hi All, This is hopefully a very quick question with an obvious answer I'm overlooking.. Autosave options in Vectorworks are pretty straightforwards. I have it set to update every 15 minutes to 'a backup folder in the same place as the original file'. Great; it creates a folder called 'VW Backup' and I can see all the autosaved .vwx files in there. But what are the '.bak. files which seem to be littering the folder where the main .vwx files are saved? Do I need to keep these? Should I keep deleting them? I've never really understood what they are. Thanks!
  9. Pier - Thanks for your suggestion. What gives you the impression it would be corrupted preferences? Is this an issue you suffered from before?
  10. I haven't had the issue since first posting last month. Until now. I'm having a very similar feeling issue, this time selecting a piece of wall. Its quite a heavy file but smaller than most I am currently working on, and runs fine generally. I took a couple of videos (links below) to try and illustrate the issue. First video, all fine. Feels normal, responsive. Second video. Exact same file, taken about 2 minutes later. All I had done was select the piece of wall shown on screen. Vectorworks then took CPU usage up to about 103%, and became completely unresponsive for 5 minutes. (Note - in the video you can't see the spinning loading cursor, screen recorder doesn't record it. But it was spinning away the whole time). This is the same issue I was having with selecting/editing certain blocks of text in my previous post. This issue seems to arise quite erratically on certain bits of certain files.. Has happened a few times in this file this afternoon, very difficult to get work done like this. Vid 1 - Vid 2 -
  11. @Miguel Barrera Just stumbled across this and was exactly what I was after, works great thanks!
  12. Hi jblock, Currently object info palette is docked - Thanks I'll try undocking. Is having a docked OIP a known bug that could cause these issues then?
  13. Hi All, I've just taken the plunge to Mojave, and straight off the bat have run into a major issue. Editing text in sheet view is absolutely crippling my system. I'm working in the same file as I was prior to updating to Mojave, on the same system, on the same SP3.1 Vectorworks. The only change is the system update, and it is severely slower since the update. Is this a known issue? I can record some footage showing the slowdown if it helps. Thanks A
  14. Sorry to see you go Jim, you will be missed! Thanks for the help over the years.


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