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  1. I really wish there were proper tools to design interactively in 3d. They would include: - the ability to move a 3d object by dragging without it turning into a meaningless bounding box. - a real 3d gumball (grabber) style tool with the ability to move / rotate and scale along the x,y,z or a combination there-of. Something that you can shift to different snap points on an object rather than just being fixed at the centre of the bounding box. Something that can orient to the object or orient to the world axes. The current methods of rotating objects in 3d are abysmal compared to other software. These tools are so necessary for modelling or placing things in an intuitive way in a 3d view. Kevin
  2. Kevin McAllister

    Gumball Style Manipulation

    There currently isn't a "gumball" style widget for these transformations in VW. It has been wish listed and there is one specific to the Subdivision object. Kevin
  3. I dislike it too. Its been a problem for a few versions but now its worse than ever. Related to this wishlist item where I specifically mention it - and this wishlist item - which has a lot of votes and there's been no improvement on. In fact its worse. I'm pretty sure no one at NV uses 2d objects as guidelines for drawing 3d object, which is where the problem shows up most. Unfortunately a lot of traditionally trained people use 2d object guidelines because it relates to a hand drawn workflow. I think @Matt Panzer is probably the person to ask about this. Kevin
  4. Kevin McAllister

    Viewport linking

    Incorporating some parent/child thinking into VW could be useful all sort of places..... Kevin
  5. Kevin McAllister

    making an odd shaped wall

    I'd be curious if the resulting wall has two overlapping points at the pointed end.... Kevin
  6. Kevin McAllister

    Viewport linking

    Maybe this is a viewport style...... so you could link some things but unlink or override others. I often create a series of camera viewports for example, where everything wants to be the same except I want to turn a different scene layer on in each. It can take a lot of time if something that is common to all of the viewports needs to be updated. Kevin
  7. Kevin McAllister

    making an odd shaped wall

    I was able to get this close - You can't quite make the end point. I'm not sure you'd want to overlap the points because it may start to misbehave. Start with a wall the correct length in plan, switch to a 3d view and double click on the wall. This will give you a tool to move or add points. Kevin
  8. Kevin McAllister

    Hidden Line Corner Drawing

    I think if you still wanted to use the square tubing as a guide I think the fastest conversion processes is to use the extract tool to extract an end face, push/pull to extrude to match existing geometry, delete old geometry. An alternate solution would be to select a tube, convert to NURBS, enter the group and Stitch and Trim. The result would be a generic solid. Someone might be able to write a quick script for this one. (You can select all of the tubes, convert them all to NURBS, enter the group and Stitch and Trim but it will give you a generic solid made up of the entire tube array. There is a wishlist item for separating generic solids made up of distinct shapes but currently there is no way to separate the mass.) Kevin
  9. Ungrouping any PIO in 3D should yield proper geometry - solids. It should not result in geometry that is unfriendly to VW. Here's an example where a user's problem should have been able to be solved by ungrouping a Stair - Unfortunately Stairs ungroup into meshes, probably the most user unfriendly object possible in VW. (Its also the reason stairs don't appear properly when using the clip cube or clip cube viewports, but that's another story.) Thanks, Kevin
  10. Kevin McAllister

    Best way to create plate with hole pattern

    If you need the 3d geometry I would suggest drawing a rectangle and an array of circles. Use Modify>Clip Surface to remove the circle from the rectangle and then extrude the perforated rectangle. In my experience doing the subtraction in 2d first is a little more efficient than doing later in 3d. Kevin
  11. Kevin McAllister

    Musical Symbols

    All very reasonable. From an outsider perspective it feels like there's a lot of pressure on your department and a never ending wishlist, especially after the creation of Service Select. I try to see modelling each new object as a challenge to use the VW tools in a new way. Modelling objects needs to be fun or I think I would do something else. That's partly why I suggested referencing physical objects as it gets you away from a computer for a bit. Maybe you do need to rent a drum kit ūüėä for workplace stress relief. Kevin
  12. Kevin McAllister

    Musical Symbols

    These are fantastic Scott. In a video I linked to about C4D recently (link here) the speaker talked about how important personal projects were to a designer's sanity. Sounds like you use them in the same way. Your work is very inspirational to see! Its sort of what this wishlist item was all about - I agree with Evan that your kits definitely have market value. Good for both rendering and for working drawing use. I'd also be curious to learn a little more about your texturing approach. Thanks for sharing! Kevin
  13. Kevin McAllister

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    Is a .VWXW file a project sharing file? And its a sheet layer viewport you're working on? Kevin
  14. Kevin McAllister

    Musical Symbols

    I'm sort of curious why NV wouldn't just rent a drum kit for reference while you're modelling it..... (sort of holds true for all sorts of library items). It would be way easier to take some real world measurement than work off a sales brochure. Kevin
  15. Sometimes when backup files are used to recover something I get this message - I wish Vectorworks would identify these objects in some way - eg. change their attributes to fluorescent green. I am often unable to identify which objects Vectorworks is referring to or find anything missing in the recovered file. Thank you, Kevin
  16. Kevin McAllister

    Highlight Objects That Couldn't be Regenerated

    Previously wish listed here - @Jim Wilson perhaps these could be combined. Thanks, Kevin
  17. I hardly ever move things from one layer to another by changing the layer in the OIP. I would be curious if cut/paste takes the same amount of time. I believe the part of VW that handles moving objects is still single core. You could probably speed things up a little by turning off pre-selection highlighting and snaps. I often handle moving large groups of objects by selecting the objects I want to move, duplicating the layer, deleting the objects, switching to the duplicate layer where the objects will also be highlighted, inverting the selection (Edit>Invert Selection) and deleting the other objects that aren't needed. Kevin
  18. Kevin McAllister

    How to rotate (I dont even know!)?

    The issue is with how the Space object calculates its own dimensions. It seems to use its bounding box. The Data Tag is just pulling the data provided by the Space object so it seems to be working as it should. Kevin Edit. @Neil Barman I would say this is a bug with the Space tool. Here's the test I did - Both shapes drawn with the plan rotated at 45 degrees should have the same dimensions and they don't. Kevin Space Tool Bug.vwx
  19. Kevin McAllister

    3D solid Import from AutoCAD

    I think there must be an error in the solids geometry (or its just something VW doesn't like). It is possible to stitch and trim parts of it but there are faces missing so that doesn't really help. The best suggestion (and probably the fastest) would be to remodel it. Its only a few extrusions and many of them could be made by extracting surfaces from the import and extruding them using the import as a snap reference. Unfortunately the stringer frames would need to be traced out because of the missing faces as would the treads. You could easily trace a single tread and duplicate the others using the Move by Points Tool, then extruding them as a group. You may want to submit the DWG to tech support for testing. It may help improve the DWG import module. Probably not the solution you were looking for, but likely the fastest. Kevin
  20. Kevin McAllister

    Why won't my background change to blacl

    Are you rendering in the Design Layers or on a Sheet Layer? Are you changing the Renderworks background or the editor background (in the Vectorworks Preferences)? It sort of sound like you're changing the editor background, perhaps using the Preferences>Display>Black Background setting. For rendering, you need to actually set the background using View>Set Renderworks Background. Are you able to post a screen shot? Kevin
  21. Kevin McAllister

    Sectional perspective

    Can you post a screen shot of what you're trying to do or the result you are getting? There are two ways to create sheet layer viewports from the clip cube. One is to right click on a highlighted face of the clip cube and choose Create Section Viewport. This creates a flat section view. The other is to activate the clip cube and then choose View>Create Viewport. This creates a 3d view with a section cut through it. Kevin
  22. Kevin McAllister

    Trapezoidal Staircase

    This is good to know. When ungrouping a Simple Stair it decomposes into extrudes, which is what I would expect from a PIO. It section and shows in the clip cube properly too. Great information. Funny that I had to add the Simple Stair to my workspace manually to be able to use it. Kevin
  23. Kevin McAllister

    Trapezoidal Staircase

    That's an interesting approach. I like that the stair can still be edited in the solid subtraction. In testing this method I found that it exposed the empty geometry of the Stair PIO. Did you model some custom geometry to account for that? Kevin Example stairs cut with a solid subtraction - stringer / solid / concrete - note the open sides and stringer that's hollow when cut. Clearly you would need to more to make them usable in real world situations.
  24. The Data Tag needs much more robust positioning features. It should be able to do all of these leader positions and more - Ideally the positioning system would be the same for the Data Tag, Callouts, Detail Markers and any other similar labeling situation in VW. (I know there's already a wish for Callouts to be able to do above and below without a shoulder and centred on the text. This would be needed for the Data Tag if it were used in a grid labelling system which was also talked about in another recent forum post.) Thanks, Kevin
  25. Kevin McAllister

    Data Tag - Positioning Tags

    I think this is directly related to my positioning wish here - I added detail about this thread to it. The Data Tag should have similar positioning option to a Callout. Kevin ( @Jim Wilson I leave it to you to decide if these should be combined)


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