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  1. If all that's required is some holes in the NURBS surface, the Project tool is the right tool for the job. Kevin
  2. I have no idea how to file it as a bug since it's completely random..... Kevin
  3. Is anyone else having issues with Callout text sizes randomly changing in Annotations on Sheet Layers? It usually scales to some huge font size, taking over the page. At first I thought it was only callouts brought forward from older versions but now it seems to randomly happen to any callout. Kevin
  4. Hello, I would like the Generate 2D from 3D command for automatically generating the 2D portion of a hybrid symbol to have the option to ignore nested Hybrid Symbols. Since these nested Hybrid Symbols already have 2d geometry, it shouldn't always be replaced by generated material. Kevin
  5. Very useful tutorial! I tried various ways to get the number of points to match myself, but I didn't know this one. Your video also reminded me I could use the Rebuild NURBS command to get the number of points to match..... Kevin
  6. It's the Create Solid checkbox that creates a solid object, not the Closed checkbox. Your curves also need to be going in the same direction. Kevin
  7. Are you able to share the file from your example? Mark Doubleday's video on schematic views may be helpful to you - Kevin
  8. When you lofted the two curves, was the Create Solid checkbox active? If not, it will solve your issues. Kevin
  9. It looks like part of your object (a symbol within a symbol) was not designed to be rotated in 3d. The plan view of one of the elements is out of sync with its 3d view. Note that all of the various 2d views within a symbol are user generated. If it's a stage lighting setup there are specific methods to present instruments hung on booms. Kevin
  10. Updating from Mac OS 14.4.1 to Mac OS 14.5 solved the issue. Kevin
  11. Solved here too. The tool problem and the wall problem. Updating my Mac to 14.5 solved my tool problem. Update 5 seems to solve the wall issue. Kevin
  12. Hello, I just got notified and updated to Vectorworks 2024 Update 5. When I started up Vectorworks after the update none of the tools from the tool palettes work. I can select them, but they won't draw, navigate or work in the drawing (both new and existing). The menu commands work fine as do the contextual menus. Its like the tools system is down. What's the recommended troubleshooting for this? I've done a restart etc.. Do I need to do a reinstall? Are others having this issue? Kevin
  13. I get the same result here - an unjoined corner. It's the same corner that would be open if you converted the rectangle to a NURBS curve. Noting that Benson's signature says Update 4 and Tom's says Update 5. I'm using Update 4.1. Kevin Edit> I updated to Update 5 to test this and now none of my tools work, sigh 😔
  14. Actually if you change modes while the dragger is set to Re-position mode it happens for me too. Move it off reposition mode and it resets (graphic attached. reposition mode is the one with the arrow, move it to the other one). Definitely a bug. Kevin
  15. What OS and Vectorworks version are you using? It looks like a bug. I'm on a Mac (current versions of both) and don't see the same behaviour. The only difference I can see is you've dismissed the interactive scaling warning dialog (see attached). Kevin
  16. Longstanding wish - sheet layer viewports should be able to look at symbols as an option. @Matt Panzer it's come up again 😊. Vote here - Kevin
  17. I've done this sort of thing before with the deform tool. If you want to do a row of buildings, you'll probably need to do them individually. I used some common guidelines to do it, so I had a common origin and common target height. The guidelines were beyond the buildings. Kevin
  18. These are interesting. I played a bit with a set design in a theatre and AI Visualizations. The visualizer seems to think stage or theatre lighting means colours 😊 Kevin
  19. If you want to test for weirdly scaled text or arrowheads, you could temporarily change the layer scale in a copy of the file (always do testing in a copy not the original). Kevin
  20. It may well be related to this thread about a bug with symbol creation - I know that creating a hanging position makes a symbol so it would be logical it would be affected. Was the hanging position you created originally away from the origin? This bug was submitted and confirmed. I don't have a tracking number. Kevin
  21. So much good information here. I wonder if NV should make a tech tip on this! Or maybe one exists @JuanP? Kevin
  22. Oooooh, I just learned something. I needed it only ten minutes ago 😊 Kevin
  23. I'm not sure I entirely understand your setup. Originally it sounded like you were just having the issue in the design layers, but in your more recent replies you mention a sheet view too. Is it possible to share an example file? Things I would check - What's the state of the origin in the file? Are you using the internal origin only or is there a user origin as well? In my experience, moving the origin can cause a lot of weirdness. If you are using sheet layers, be aware the sheets can be moved. If they've been moved it can cause things to feel weird, especially when navigating between design layers and sheet layers. If you double click on the Page Move tool while on a sheet layer, it will reset the page position. Kevin
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