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  1. The challenge of course is that all of the other things to dock it with are wider. Its almost always going to want to have a horizontal orientation.... Kevin
  2. It's not that smart yet...... at least from what I've tried so far. Kevin
  3. I think part of what's confusing is that the shortcut was removed as part of the transition. I'm so used to using Command Shift G so I fixed it in my workspace..... Kevin
  4. Interesting that the rulers now disappear when you move into a 3d view.... KM
  5. Really like the way the snapping palette has been integrated into the bottom mode bar...... KM
  6. I can confirm VW2022 is indeed live on Service Select. Its downloaded and installing now 🙂 Kevin
  7. I logged into Service Select and noticed that VW2022 serial numbers are up. I'm now downloading what appears to be VW2022 SP0 according to the download filename..... Kevin
  8. Are you working in top/plan or a 3d view? How complex is the seat symbol? I often add a simplified footprint to a symbol in its own class, so I can turn all the other parts of a symbol off when doing operations like you describe. Also, you can turn off pre-selection highlighting which can help a lot. Handles, selection highlighting etc. have not been moved over to the VGM yet so they are bottlenecks. Finally, I would try another method instead of the Move by Points tools. Maybe try grabbing at a known point, option drag a copy, tab into the data bar and manually enter the new x and y coordinates. I'm not sure if the Move by Points tool has been updated to take advantage of modern code...... Kevin
  9. I tested in a clean file and the behaviour is as expected. It must be an issue with my current file..... DWG imports can cause some strange anomalies. Kevin
  10. I've been doing some reworking of a file that originated in Autocad that has a lot of lines instead of surfaces. I'm using the paint bucket mode of the Polygon Tool to do this and I've noticed that objects it creates take on the class of the boundary shapes instead of the current active class. This causes difficulty in separating the old and new objects to cull out the old ones. I would consider this behaviour a bug and wondered what other's think..... Kevin
  11. Ask Tentnology directly. They have a decent model. Kevin
  12. Make sure you go into the Energy Saver control panel on your laptop and disable automatic graphics switching. You want it to always use the NVIDIA graphics card for Vectorworks. Kevin
  13. Is the object flat on the ground plane or does it change elevation? If those diagonals are in fact geometry lines, its not a very clean EAP. There may be a cleaner way to achieve the same geometry but Its hard to know without a file and some information about how the object sits in elevation. Kevin
  14. Is this the only time you've had this misalignment happen? I followed your steps but the callouts behaved as expected. The only thing I can think of is that its related to your font or the callout somehow became corrupt. Kevin
  15. Hello, I would like to be able to visualize extruded objects in relation to their extruded value using Data Visualization. It needs to work in all orientations, not just extrudes growing out of the ground plane. All the current functions are limited by x, y or z bounding. See this thread for details - Thanks, Kevin
  16. @markdd thanks for your reply. Unfortunately none of the functions seem to work for my scenario, where the extrudes are plant on details distributed on a facetted wall 🙂. I really need access to the "extrude" variable of an extrude. I came up with a workaround using classes with Data Visualization for now, but in all honesty, its actually more complicated than the manual solution of colouring the extrudes manually by class. I was hoping for something that would update automatically as I adjusted the depths of the various elements through the design process. Kevin
  17. Hello all, This is my first time using Data Visualization. I would like to colour code a pattern of extrudes of various depths. Is there an easy way to create the criteria for this? Thanks, Kevin
  18. The bug submit form is still as frustrating as ever. Today I went to submit a bug and since my Operating System (Mac OS X 10.15) isn't in the dropdown I left it unselected. Bug submit kicked back the form and reset it so I had to re-enter my whole bug submission again ☹️ Why is it so hard to make a good bug submission form? Or to even keep the current one up to date? Kevin PS. Its things like this that really really make me miss JimW. He was a customer service superhero!
  19. It's definitely more sensitive that it was in the past, but I use this feature all the time. Its easy enough to hit delete and re-place a point when it happens and you don't want it. Kevin
  20. Generate 2d from 3d Component option should really be available in the 3d component contextual menu too. Switching components is a extra unnecessary step. You're almost always going to initially generate a 2d component automatically from a symbol that only has a 3d component and so when you go to edit the symbol by double clicking you'll always end up in the 3d component first. Off to wishlist this! Kevin From this thread -
  21. This option really should be available in the 3d component. Switching components is a extra unnecessary step. You're almost always going to initially generate a 2d component automatically from a symbol that only has a 3d component and so when you go to edit the symbol by double clicking you'll always end up in the 3d component first. Off to wishlist this! Kevin
  22. Bumping this wish. There still isn't an easy way to update viewports by sheet layer which is a real shortcoming. (Even the viewport pane in the Organization palette can't be organized by sheet!) Kevin
  23. If you just need an uneven surface I would suggest using the Subdivision tool. Create a subdivision square primitive. Split the edges a couple of times and push/pull your points vertically using the grabber tool. Simple and available in all versions of VW. Kevin Contoured Ground.vwx
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