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  1. Yup yup, the higher you set the number of undos, the slower things can go. Especially when you're working on complex multi-level container objects like Solid Additions or groups within groups within groups.
  2. I know I heard discussion of how to make history based model objects much healthier than the older ones, but I never got to see the guts of what came out in 2020. I know they did have that top of mind in development talks. I always converted to generic solids as well before exporting for a 3D print, but that was needed less and less in the later versions. Since I don't use modeling software in my daily work now I haven't seen what 2020 can do in person. I'd have loved to be able to keep each history aspect for powerful editing later and I wanna see about trying out 2020 myself at some point! Maybe I'll take a college class and get a student license. 👨‍🎓
  3. SEAN IM SORRY! I still lurk indeed! But I was by no means the best. The guys in tech support were miles ahead of where I had been when I was a tech, we built a lot of systems for sharing knowledge and discussion in my time there, they've got you. I was just possibly the noisiest member of support, lol.
  4. For over a decade at Vectorworks I wished for and dreamed of a Dark mode and it came out just months after I left!! *Shakes fist at the cruel sky*
  5. There are a few things that have to be set up right to see Gobos in renderings, I'm pretty sure its covered here:
  6. What other formats will they accept than DXF? STL may work depending on the kind of shape and type of machining they're doing.
  7. I don't think it's truly more accurate, it just feels that way to me. The scrolling is the part about the Magic mice that I love, it's the perfect surface for it. I just became addicted to a physical clicky wheel long ago and like mice with a high arch in the palm.
  8. Export PDf was added to Fundamentals I think in 2018? It wasn't present in 2012 Fund I'm pretty sure. On Windows 10, I'm fairly certain you can just go to File > Print and then it should usually offer Microsoft Print to PDF as a printer choice. You might need Adobe Reader installed to see this, but I always have it so I'm not sure if that's the case. But thats just OS level, and nothing to do with Vectorworks itself. If it worked on Windows 7 but you don't see the same thing on 10, then it means you may have had a third party PDF utility installed and you might need to go get it again for your new machine.
  9. Been using a nice MX Master (the older one not the 2s) I got on an amazon sale, it is lovely. The scroll wheel defaults to a nice clickiness, but it has kind of an electric clutch that lets it switch over to smooth scrolling when flung rapidly, and then reverts back to being notched and accurate when you scroll slowly. No extra buttons for those who like the extra mouse shortcuts, but the accuracy, feel and that wheel feature have me sold on it.
  10. If thats the case, the next time you look into a computer upgrade, you may want to invest in more RAM. Chrome is my favorite browser but it hogs a LOT of memory.
  11. The stand price left me speechless. Not even height or rocker arm style adjustment.
  12. You can mix resolutions, its very common. In some OSes you have to have both of them have the same scaling of the UI, but resolutions can be separate without issue. When it comes to Vectorworks, IF you mix resolutions, then your experience will be poor, as Vectorworks will have to pick the scaling of one monitor or the other which would make it look a mess on the other. I almost always have dual monitors at minimum in my workflow, but I use Vectorworks on a single display. Oh yeah. If you have the graphics power to handle it, its great. Much more room for the UI, the OS elements can be made smaller while still remaining clear. However, I do not wear glasses and have great vision. I have heard from many people with vision concerns that they didnt benefit as much from 4k because they couldnt tolerate the letters being as small as it was possible to make them.
  13. So the Fundamentals guide had a bit of that: https://www.vectorworks.net/training/2016/getting-started-guides/fundamentals But these days for that kind of oganic shape, I'd recommend the Subdivision tool, it should be able to easily whip out a pool shape: Its changed a bit since then, but still close.
  14. Vectorworks isn't allowed to, sadly. Cloud processes require creating a virtualized instance of the OS, and macOS does not allow that, even on it's own hardware. 😞 All Cloud Services instances are Windows because of this. That will hopefully change someday but last I heard it was up to Apple.


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