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  1. I wondered about using a surface hatch with a Background Fill and pen set to 0 thickness. But it doesn't work.
  2. Noice drawings! What's that font you're using?
  3. I'd call it a watching brief. I've never run repair before. Ran it just now and it fixed 367 files!
  4. This does of course assume that Unshaded Polygon is in fact the most efficient way to render an elevation, or should be. But I'm not sure that's the case in reality. Certainly in the version I'm using now—27.0.2 (627588)—it actually grounds my file to halt, although this is presumably a bug.
  5. Yeap, I still haven't gone near Materials yet. And I usually like to get my hands dirty with new features.
  6. We need an Unshaded Polygon No Lines render mode (Hidden Line foreground can be use for lines). Or a Final Unshaded Polygon render mode (which would have Hidden Line built in for lines). I have a large model with many elevations so I need the most resource-efficient way to produce elevations, while very clearly delineating between materials using flat colour. There doesn't seem to be a way to do this. - Shaded Polygon No Lines doesn't work because it includes shading - Unshaded Polygon doesn't work because it renders all lines, which are unwanted - Final Shaded Polygon (which has Hidden Line built into it) doesn't work because it includes shading Renderworks (with everything off except colour + ambient light) is the closest I can get to what I need visually, because unlike Shaded (formerly OpenGL) and Shaded Polygon, RW just mixes in some black for any shading, without changing hue or saturation.
  7. But is it likely? Sounds like a cut and dry case of user error to me. If the model is correct then the builder is highly unlikely to take legal action on the basis that they screwed up a measurement.
  8. We tend to avoid adding the sheet title to our file names if we can help it. When using a manual filing system we prefer to identify groups of drawings by sub-folder name instead. See here: (when we do add the sheet title to a file name we just use spaces rather than underscores)
  9. Hi Smasl, our title blocks look like this: Each field code is separately linked to a title block record format: And this allows us to fill them out in the Title Block Border Settings:
  10. I use this all the time now without any problems. I've used it primarily to reorganise files, but I'm also regularly using it copy section viewports from a reference file (where Edit Section In-Place doesn't work) into my model file temporarily so that I can use Edit Section In-Place. Once I've made the edits to the model that I wanted to make I delete the viewport from the model file and refresh the reference file and update the viewport. One thing I had a problem with in the past was pasting viewports with grid lines. This was causing VW to crash in v2022. That bug has now been fixed but what I find instead is that the grid line layer is turned off when pasted.
  11. Once you've all got your Plug-in Object Style Options sorted out, please head over to here and upvote 👍🏼
  12. Pretty sure we're living in a simulation.
  13. Have you tried opening a PDF in Preview.app, with thumbnails visible, and then dropping a separate PDF file onto the thumbnail area from the Finder?
  14. Enough for it to come in handy when we do. A project I'm working on at the moment has multiple steps down the slope of a street and we have 12 sheets of sections. We had to urgently amend the structural slab level to substitute screedboard for bonded flooring and it was a blessing to be able to do this by amending the slab levels and making a few minor amendments to stair objects. The stair object is by no means a perfect tool to work with but it can still save time if you know its idiosyncrasies.
  15. Yeah, I was thinking if you had Levels involved they might behave differently in a DLVP vs layer import file, but you don't.
  16. Yes, I've experienced that problem, but I've also experienced it (and other issues like annotations turning 90 degrees) with some of the other options as well, including maybe even Acrobat. Although Acrobat seems to be the most robust of the lot. There's a real gap in the market on macOS since Bluebeam bailed out.
  17. 1. Subforum for forum Back in the day when Jim was around the forum took leaps and bounds, but since his exit there's been less active management, and things seem to be slipping through the net. See item 2 to 4 below as a sample. To help mitigate the loss of Jim, can we have a subforum for the forum so that we separate out topics about the forum from everything else? I think this would help us users and VW staff to actively maintain the forum a bit better. All of these posts could be moved to such a subforum: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/search/&tags=forum 2. Ability to mark trouble-shooting solutions In June there was forum update and I noticed this little tag for the first time (which isn't always visible for some reason). I'm not sure how long this has been around but it's the number of one's posts that have been marked as "solutions" (or "community answers") in the trouble-shooting sub-forum. But we seem to have lost the ability to mark posts as "solutions" many years ago. Certainly if I go to any of my trouble-shooting posts I'm unable to mark any of the answers as solutions. Can we have this ability back, to mark answers as solutions? https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/68627-ability-to-upvote-responses-to-my-own-trouble-shooting-posts/ Having the ability to upvote helpful answers (but which are not the solution) would also be useful. And can we also have a Solutions leaderboard widget: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/85002-solutions-leaderboard-widget/ 3. Events calendar subscription all-day events still not resolved This problem is still not resolved, where all-day events blot out the calendar: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/80308-correct-configuration-of-all-day-events-in-community-calendar/ 4. Datamanager subforum This seems like a good idea, but it's been lost in the VW Wishlist subforum, as my posts above have been, so would also benefit from have a subforum for the forum. https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/90440-vw-forum-needs-a-datamanager-subforum/
  18. All these things can make a difference, including project sharing. The simpler your setup the easier it will be to narrow down the problem. Imagine your viewports take overnight to render and each time you render you find a new problem. This is where I found myself many years ago on a deadline for a large project. That couple of weeks took a few days off my life! Sounds very plausible. Indeed.
  19. Of all the things in Vectorworks that have caused me problems over the years, WGR is at the top of the list, way out ahead of everything else. I try to avoid them if at all possible. Could your rafter problem be something to do with a wrong storey/level setup in one of the files? You could try Layer Import method but that has its own set of problems and limitations. But trying it might also help you identify fixable problems with your DLVP set up.
  20. So I don't see any reason to use any of these alternatives for Mac over the native Preview.app. What do they provide that Preview.app doesn't? It should also go without saying that Vectorworks is missing a trick here with their own Nomad app. It too can't dimension. It can measure (although I find it doesn't work on my Viewports for some reason) but it can't add these measurements as a dimension markup and it can't draw a manual dimension markup either. We can only sketch them free hand.
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