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  1. Are there any hardware, system or software requirements for viewing Web View models via web browser listed somewhere? We sometimes get messages from clients saying they can't load a model, so it would be useful to explain what sort of hardware (and software version) they need to being using for a usable experience.
  2. I'm told the reason this functionality was removed is because of the way Workgroup Referencing and the Data Tag work. If an object is tagged with the Data Tag tool in a referenced layer and then the referenced layer is updated, it's unable to know which object was tagged, because all objects from referenced layer are deleted and recreated again. So they removed that functionality. That's quite interesting because I think it reinforces my suggested solution to the problem, which is to get rid of the antiquated workgroup references and replace them with something smarter.
  3. Apparently we're unable to tag walls in Workgroup Referenced files with the new Data Tag tool. I'm pretty sure a loss of functionality as I believe we used to be able to do this with the old ID Label tool. We'd need this functionality please. And my preferred way to bring this functionality back would be to get rid of Workgroup Referencing and replace it with something else:
  4. Thanks @KIvanov 🙏🏼 Messaged you with a link
  5. I think I've worked out how to do it, which is to select groups of wall instances of the same Style and pSet, go to the data tab in the OIP and click on Attach IFC, then search and select ifcWallStandardCase Problem is the tags configured as KIvanov suggested then go blank: #AnyIFCEntity#.#Pset_WallCommon#.#Reference#
  6. See bug report VB-167853 @Matt Panzer I've subsequently noticed you need to have the leader line checked to be able to move them.
  7. Awesome, wish I was coming!
  8. That should do the trick. If you want Stephan's particular shape you would do this.
  9. My girlfriend would sympathise. English not being her first language (although she speaks five) she likes to adorn it with her own words; so sometimes she asks me where the star key is. It took me a while to work out she was after a Phillips screwdriver. 😆
  10. Two equiangular triangles, one flipped then centred, then add surface does the trick, although I see Stephan's are not equiangular. Too make Stephan's star you could draw a square, convert to polygon, squeeze it into a diamond and then duplicate twice, rotating it 120º each time, then add surface.
  11. I've found a short term workaround, which is to move the Dropbox folder to Users > Shared on each computer. There are still one problem, which is more obvious now that I've fixed the first issue, and that when somebody opens their Working File and refreshes they then need to double-click on the Keynotes (or right-click and check out) before working with the Callouts in any way. Otherwise the Callouts will ignore the fact that they're linked to the Keynote and render the text directly in the Callout, despite Place As Keynote remaining checked.
  12. Is this still the case? I've tried putting a notes database in our workgroup folder as follows but it doesn't show up in the database dropdown menu of the Notes Manager or a Callout Workgroup Folder > Libraries > Defaults > Notes
  13. We're running into a nasty problem with the callouts and keynotes in that the 'relative path' setting for the database doesn't seem to be working. Couple this with Dropbox and Project Sharing and you have a recipe for disaster. Every time somebody opens their working file or tries to manipulate the notes they all go haywire and the user needs redefine where the database is again for every single note. The problem appears to be that it's effectively looking for the database in Users/Dropbox/Database.xml Instead of: Users/[username]/Dropbox/Database.xml Anyone else experiencing this? Any thoughts on how to workaround? I wondered about moving the Dropbox folder to the Users folder but I'd have to mess around in the Terminal to change the permissions on the Users folder to achieve that.
  14. It seems a bit remiss that we can't at least upvote posts in our own trouble-shooting threads. Even better would be if we could identify/tag posts that are the solution to our problem and then have that post pinned toward the top of the thread just under the original post.
  15. Holy balls, you're a genius! Works beautifully. Thank you man, what a lifesaver.
  16. Thanks Pat, I thought you might pop your head in here. The script didn't regenerate the tag text. It seems it's not enough to reset them but that they have to be re-attached to the object, which is presumably un-scriptable, unless there's a way to script the dragging of the end of the leader slightly.
  17. How do I actually do that? Do I set all the Wall Styles or all wall instances, or both? If I go to the IFC data in my Wall Styles it looks like they're already set to ifCWallStandardCase, but I'm not entirely sure what pSet is or how I change it.
  18. Odd. I seem to have fixed it by selecting a wall instance in my file, then clicking on the PredefinedType menu in the data tab of the OIP and selecting Standard. After that all walls are recognised by the tag. Edit: unfortunately the above little fix doesn't translate over to my layer import workgroup reference file.
  19. Well spotted, thanks Kostadin. It was just coincidental that I had the data tab open. Shall I submit a bug on this one? Thanks again Pat. I haven't managed to get Kostadin's altered tag to work in my file. Do I need to edit my Wall Styles as well? Strange thing is IfcWall is checked for my wall instances in the data tab of OIP but the Wall Styles themselves are using IfcWallStandardCase. When I try to edit a wall instance by unchecking ifcWall it tells me the default entity can't be removed. Either way altering my wall tag to use "#AnyIFCEntity#.#Pset_WallCommon#.#Reference#" still didn't recognise my walls. I don't actually understand where Kostadin's file is getting the EW-1 tags from either. Where is this data in the unstyled walls?
  20. Any idea what is triggering the tags to go blank @drelARCH. I wondering if editing the object Style does it. What kind of objects are you experiencing it (going blank) with? Windows? Or other objects too?
  21. The search field in the Notes Manager and the Edit Callout windows should search the entire note, not just the description. Database Filters (as shown in my first video) are a clumsy substitute for search. Just think about it for a second. If I have to create a filter for each note that I want to search for then all I'm doing is replacing one list with another. Search needs to be a live function and we need to be able to search the entire note, not just the description. This is especially the case when using codes as the description. Screen Recording 2020-01-24 at 09.57.19.mov Screen Recording 2020-01-24 at 10.00.38.mov
  22. I'm experiencing a bug where some of the Data Tags in my Section Viewports go blank. I've noticed if I drag the handle with the yellow exclamation mark slightly it will regenerate the text. Has anyone experienced this and figured out a way to regenerate the text to all Data Tags at once?
  23. Thanks Pat, I knew you'd probably have the answer to this one. Not an option because jambs need to be set to real-world parameters. I'm fine with that as we already use Workgroup folders to share resources, but putting in the file seems like a no brainer. That's also an interesting option, but probably better to go with the previous option. A script to find the parent of each window and return the width would be hugely appreciated, thanks Pat. It needs to look on the following design layers only: 4-Floor C1 3-Floor C1 2-Floor C1 1-Floor C1 G-Floor C1 3-Floor C2 2-Floor C2 1-Floor C2 G-Floor C2
  24. In a Window Schedule Report (or just a simple Worksheet) is it possible to call up the thickness of wall that each window is inserted into? I want to do this to help tenderers do take-offs for the various sill depths they need to allow for.
  25. I had this same level of detail issue. When reading your original post I knew what your problem was right away. This level of detail feature creates a layer of complexity that needs a bit of work in my opinion. In this case it's a bad default setting. Rather than set your viewport to high detail, alternatively you could edit your door style to uncheck this default option.


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