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  1. Another reason for modernised WGRing: I invariably find bugs that make something look different in the WGR file than in the original model file. If that bug gets fixed, then next time I find something else. One example I've come across this week is the foliage tool. I have a particular hedge type that looks way denser in the WGR file than in the original model, which forces me to move my viewports back to the original model file.
  2. I think it shows, too, because advances in stability and other areas means that we're now seeing WGRing as one of our main bottlenecks. The ability to copy and paste viewports has also made us more willing to split files up and use WGRing because it's now a trivial task to reverse that decision and merge them again if we need to. But things that make it easier to switch to WGRing end up highlighting the limitations of using WGRing.
  3. Another reason for modernised WGRing: any adjustments to gridline bubbles are wiped out any time the reference is updated.
  4. One thing to bear in mind: Wall Closures don't work with WinDoor yet.
  5. I believe this feature was a pretty major engineering effort so the first step was to get the functionality built in and then we'll likely see it become the default in a later release once it's matured and they're confident there are no issues. The main issue for now is performance as I understand it; performance when using closures slows exponentially for a wall as more inserts with closures are added. (by the way, Wall Closures only works with native plug-in window and doors for now, not symbols nor WinDoor objects.) There're two things going on here I think. One is that they don't want to make this default behaviour yet, for the above reasons, and the other is simply backward compatibility with existing files.
  6. If you're updating an existing file to use the new Wall Closure feature in v2022 to wrap components instead of the Wall Detail feature, don't deactivate Wall Detail, just set it to 0. This way if you want to go back to using Wall Detail it will remember where you dragged the wrapped component to. If you deactivate and reactivate Wall Detail you'll need to re-drag all the wrapped components to where you had them.
  7. v2022 will include access to the WinDoor plugin which can do this, if you're intending to upgrade and can wait a week or so.
  8. I actually edited my original post just before you made this comment to change the nomenclature to 'elements external to structure' and 'elements internal to structure', rather than mentioning finishes. I think what you're doing now—using Classes to control visibility of insulation within the structure—is still the right way to do this, even if I got my wish.
  9. We've always placed our exterior walls and interior walls on different layers because this helps manage unit Space objects vs room Space objects and it also assists with project sharing, in that somebody can sign out the internal wall layer or external wall layer. (on one recent project I've elected to place them both on the same layer because of a bug with the interior elevations that calculates the elevations using one layer only) Putting the structural elements on a separate layer is something I've experimented with only recently, on a concrete frame building. I actually started off with the concrete frame as part of the wall styles and then separated them out so that I could easily isolate our frame and compare it with the engineer's model. I mostly did this by changing the concrete in my wall styles to an empty placeholder and then modelling the concrete columns and sheer walls on a separate layer. (we've always modelled our structural floors on a separate layer, more on that below) I've done this in some very limited situations where it was easier to do this than to use a single wall style with a structural placeholder. In a limited way because doing this wholesale would make editing wall positions very onerous. But this is essentially what this wish is about. Being able to control the joins of these elements independently instead of as a whole group, while also being able to move the elements as a whole group. So with roofs I've been fully working in this way despite the overhead of managing placement. On a recent model we have pitched ceilings with bits of flat ceiling near the apex. The way I've managed this so that our model sections are accurate is to separate out the following elements as separate walls styles and onto separate layers: 1. Roof tiles + roof battens 2. Rafters 3. Vapour control airtightness board to underside of rafters 4. Pitched ceiling lining with batten/service zone + flat ceiling linings This allows for better control of each of these elements when clipping them to the walls. The downside is that if I have to move the roofs I need to do so separately for each element I've separated. With regard to Slabs we've always separated out the following onto different layers: 1. Floor deck or screed 2. Structure 3. Any flat ceiling below
  10. I've changed the post to emphasise the actual outcome I want and made the possible solution secondary.
  11. For that we at least now have WinDoor! 🙂
  12. All I'll say is don't read anything into that 😉
  13. Nothing in events calendar though: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/calendar/1-community-calendar/2021/11/
  14. 1 November according to the registration email I just received.
  15. Another reason for modernised WGRing: wall tags don't work. The reason for this is that all objects in referenced layers are deleted and recreated again when updating a reference, so the data tag is unable to know which object was tagged. https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/68686-ability-to-tag-walls-in-workgroup-reference-files/
  16. You didn't miss anything. I came across this many moons ago and have just had the displeasure of finding it still exists. My workaround was to use the post settings for vertical bars and the bars setting for horizontal bars only. Then just model your posts separately either with extrudes or even use the Railing/Fence tool again. This time I've submitted a formal enhancement request. VE-102285
  17. https://www.ozcad.com.au/training/training-videos.php - don't know how long that link will last, as they're seem be moving things to vectorworks.net
  18. Materials define the attributes (with a lower case 'a') of an object. I think this wish, and certainly my related wish, veer more into the territory of how to manage and model the geometry of a building envelope. The more I model buildings in VW the more I want to be able to create and manage internal finishes, structure and external finishes as separate elements, but closely entwined.
  19. Yes, I have a similar wish, but coming at it from a different angle and including more emphasis on connections:
  20. How does it know which space to go with, given that there could be a space either side of the door?
  21. Is this the same system you're talking about @shorter
  22. We've been using Uniclass 2015 for our callout numbering (e.g. Pr_25_57_06_56/100 Rockwool Hardrock Multi-fix (DD) tapered insulation boards to specialist design.) but it really doesn't make for easy scanning of notes so I'm considering changing it.
  23. We haven't purchased a licence at my new company yet but previously I was using NBS Building. I haven't used anything else but I loved writing specifications in NBS (despite the fact that we had it siloed on a crappy little windows laptop). Comprehensive, always up to date, flexible and easy to use. We're interested in NBS Chorus but we fit into that category of a small business doing medium-sized projects so we could do with it but it's kind of a big overhead to have when you only need to use it for a month or two a year. Also, as I understand it, while there's a VW plugin that allows you to link clauses to objects in your model, there's no way to link and sync *callouts* to the spec, nor even a keynote export function. I might be wrong there though because that seems like a big omission. We may get a subscription later this year but not if this capability is missing.
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