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  1. Help I have two documents open. I can work back and forth between them for a while but after 10 or 20 minutes I will switch to Document #2 and any changes I make are effecting document #1. Document #2 is completely frozen. The only thing I can do to "release" control is to close document 1. When I'm on Doc 2 some things respond like running the scroll wheel will change the magnification percentage scale on doc 2 but the viewport doesn't redraw. I have seen this behavior on multiple machines and multiple documents. What the heck is going on!? Sean Windows 10 Ryzen 9 5950X 128GB RTX 3090
  2. 2022 looks like it has some decent new features and upgrades at last, so I'm eagerly exploring. But still no dark mode for Windows? Really? Its been three years since the icon change. They should just come out and admit that they are never going to have a dark mode for PC so we can stop hoping.
  3. Thanks fabrica, I'm aware of those checkboxes, but they are sort of an all or nothing approach. A lot of the other software that I use lets you go through and manage plug-in and add-on content one at a time so you can turn off things you don't use and leave on things you do. I wondered if there was any similar option for VW. Sean
  4. VW takes a long time to open. As I watch the loading window a long string of libraries and plug-ins are loading, most of which I never use or don't even know what they are. Is there somewhere where we can turn off plug-ins or libraries that we don't use to speed up start up?
  5. Yes! Its astonishing that this hasn't been addressed. I keep coming back to the forums because I just assume I'm doing something wrong. The Radial dim tool or the angle tool can't snap to edges in a viewport? Really? Linear dims can so why not others?
  6. Yeah, I've asked this question before. I have the same issue with the Radial Dim tool not recognizing an arc in a viewport. Works fine if you trace over the angel or the arc but that's a pain. I don't understand why the tools we need to work in viewport annotations don't work in viewports. I keep coming back to the forums for this one because I must be doing something wrong. I can't believe these tools don't work in Viewports.
  7. No, it just "fixed itself" after a while. I didn't really notice what brought it back. Might be more of a windows thing than a VW thing.
  8. Sorry Scott, I don't check the forum as much as I used to. Just seeing this now. Yeah, VW to PDF to Glowforge is actually pretty easy. as you've discovered. A few issues to keep in mind: even in the PDF the GF sees all the lines. For example if you want to cut out a bunch of small planks as I do for making models. If you create a rectangle and make a array so you get a dozen or so in a row, be aware that the GF will see both sides of the rects even though on the screen it looks like a box with a bunch of vertical lines. So it will cut over all the vertical edges (except the very first and last with no neighbors) often charming the material. What you need to do is draw a 3-sided box [ and array that and then draw a line to cap the last one so the cutter just does one pass. It really doesn't like Booleans either. You can get some weird results where it sees the intersection as pixels and tries to give it engraving settings. I think I've used something like Decompose to collapse the modifiers and that fixes it. It may not be that exactly but something simple like that. But then sometimes I can get away with a Hidden Poly render of a 3D model in an ortho view and it has no problems. So over all VW with the GF has been really easy once you discover a few quirks. Same with the 3D printers and Cura. The only thing I just couldn't get to work was how to get drawing out of VW and into a SVG file for our Shapepoko CNC. But that one is in our shop on campus and I haven't been in to work with it for a while, cuz ya know. Hope you're having fun.
  9. Been a couple years since the last post here. In '16 Jim sounded like there might be some things in the works. I've got a sabbatical coming up and would love to get some formal certification.
  10. @Melon You're talking about the green lines? Is that a hybrid object with a 2D/3D view showing simultaneously? Seems like its something unrelated to the select. Does it stay there when you double tap X or esc?
  11. I know! Right? One of my #1 gripes: the embarrassingly complicated process we have to go through to add trim to a wall. There's that Italian guy who has the $ plug-in that does what we want but why isn't something so profoundly basic like that in the default package? Instead we have the new Hinged Truss tool! Thank goodness. My other one is why in the world is there no transform tool with axis locks like virtually every other software in the world? Fricken, TinkerCAD has that but we don't? They just need to give up on RW and make it easier to export models to 3rd parties. And not C4D, sorry. I'm not going to pay four grand for a one-way export to another package designed for an entirely different industry just so I can get some decent visualization tools. Don't get me started on Lucy holding the football of "improved performance" year after year. Sorry, went off on a bit of a rant. And yes I still do have the YT channel I just don't upload much anymore because I've kind of lost interest in teaching people this software. I've moved mostly to a 2nd channel hosted by my school where most of the stuff I put up is unlisted and for my students. Honestly, I work in performing arts (for now...assuming we can ever put on a show again) and if it wasn't for Spotlight, I think I would have given up on VW. I keep on using and teaching it year after year but I won't be upgrading again until some of these bone basic issues are addressed.
  12. @DBrown Your comment makes me sigh sadly. I've been using VW since back when I was a Mac user and it was the only 'grown up' CAD for the Mac. And back around, 2010-2014 VW seemed ascendant. They bought C4D, every new version had exciting upgrades and new features and I was proud to use and teach it. And then something happened. These last 3 or 4 versions have been almost insulting with 2020 taking the cake. A few add-ons that you need to be a SS subscriber to use. A few fixes and tweaks here and there that should be in a service patch not a thousand dollar upgrade. That's why I ended my SS, I was buying a pig in a poke. I agree with V4E's 2nd paragraph. I WANT VW to succeed. I don't want to give up and be assimilated into the Autodesk Borg. But go back and read the Requests threads. The same stuff is on there year after year and nobody asked for new icons.
  13. @Diego-Resuelvectorworks That's great for Mac users but according to JuanP earlier in this thread "we are hoping to improve the look of the whole UI soon. Unfortunately, it will not be for version 2021." So the PC users are going to be looking at this for (at least) two years. I mean its just an aesthetic thing, but why roll out new icons designed for a dark mode that won't be available to half your users for three years?
  14. @leecalisti Yeah, I spent a couple hours playing with Chain Extruded today trying to learn it once and for all and kept getting different results by doing the same things. Minor changes to values in the OI made for some extreme results. Maybe I just don't get it but it seems very buggy which is a shame because in theory it could do some pretty cool things not just awnings.
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