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  1. SeanOSkea

    Homemade CNC

    @Terry Ackerman Any setting results that worked without going through a 3rd software? I've been trying to get a VW file into Create and have been getting the same error message. I've been trying different export settings in the DWF but no luck. We've added a lot of "maker" tools to our shop lately--3D printers, a Glowforge, and now a Shapeoko 3. I've had no problem getting stuff out of VW and into the printers and laser cutter but I've hit a wall with the CNC.
  2. SeanOSkea

    Lock Model lights on the Z plane

    Interesting. I never work in Top WF. I would have assumed as a 3D view it would be even more likely to have unplanned snap jumps too. But you're right in Top they stay put, surprisingly. Thanks, but EAlexander nailed it with the snapping suppression. Just holding down ` does exactly what I need without switching modes or tools. But you've pointed out a lot of other great points. Thanks.
  3. SeanOSkea

    Lock Model lights on the Z plane

    @JBenghiat Thanks. I'm generating storyboard renderings for, sometimes, dozens of scenes including around 8 or 10 lights so I'm making these moves potentially hundreds of times in a project. Yes I do have them in their own layer but switching between layers or layer options is also time consuming. I always forget about the Move by points tool, but I'll give that a try--although that will only allow for location changes not pan and throw, so that would have multiple steps too. I work with light objects visible in WF only so I don't accidentally get a lamp-shade in a render. Toggling back and forth between show and hide lights is also a lot of extra steps. I think the tilde temporary disengage snapping is the best option but thanks for your additional recommendations. Thanks
  4. SeanOSkea

    Lock Model lights on the Z plane

    @EAlexander Great call. Yeah holding down ` seems to do the trick. I've only tried it out for few minutes but that seems to work. But I can't figure out what it's snapping to. I mean the Z=0 makes sense but it will drop from 18' with a "Look to" of 5' to some completely random number Z=15'6.06" Look to= -2'5.94 These are actual numbers from my experiment just now after letting up on ` I guess it doesn't matter now that I know I can turn off snapping to, I guess, solve the problem. Thanks.
  5. SeanOSkea

    Lock Model lights on the Z plane

    Thanks Rob: But that's kind of the point. If I'm pushing objects around in a scene, I wan't to click and drag a light to re-position its focus onto where I've moved them visually rather than type in exact coordinates as I'm experimenting with different compositions. I don't know what the XY needs to be until I see it in its new position. I just know that I don't want its Z to be -6' or something. @EAlexander That's a good idea. I suspect that's whats going on especially when they drop to exactly Z=0 but often it will be random heights as well. Sometimes up, although not as frequently. I'll insert a LO at Z=18' or something nice and round. Move it around in Top/plan and then see that its Z has dropped to 11' 7 7/8" or something completely random. What I'm really hoping for is a tick box somewhere that say "Lock Height" or something. Or what we desperately need for all our work--the much wished for XYZ locks or even something like the plane lock you get in SketchUp by holding down the Shift key. That would solve this and many other issues of moving objects in 3D.
  6. Hi all: When I'm setting up renders for different scenes I will move Light Objects (not Spotlight symbols, just plain light objects) around the model to generate different looks. Its easiest to do this in Top/Plan of course but I run into the frustrating issue of the lights moving in the Z axis when I do that. More often than not moving the light will cause it to drop to the Z=0 or even below the z plane. Then I have to go to the OI or a side view to re-position it. My fondest wish is that VW will add a axis lock (hopefully a hotkey) as many modeling programs have, but in the mean time is there a simple way to move the X/Y position of a light object without inadvertently changing its Z? Thanks, Sean
  7. SeanOSkea

    VW Icon missing

    This is a tiny thing but ever since the service pack update a few weeks ago the VW 2019 Icon has disappeared, replaced with an icon of a blank piece of paper. I thought it was just a glitch and would reappear after a restart or two but its been a while now. I've removed it from the task bar and re-pinned a couple times but still just a blank page.
  8. SeanOSkea

    2D Components for Hybrid Objects (but not for Spotlight)

    I'm really astonished this still hasn't been addressed. Esp when the Ladder tool was added three or four years ago. So odd to create a tool for vertical positions without the ability to make actual 3D positions without huge work-arounds. There is that awkward moment in my class every year when all the new lighting students are so excited as I'm teaching them Spotlight. Then some kid will say, "This is awesome. Hey, how do you make a boom?" Not to cut into Joshua's business but the stuff in BeamDraw should be part of the basic program.
  9. SeanOSkea

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    This is sad but reassuring. I agree and echo nearly everything here. As much of a VW evangelist I have been over the years the time/lag frustrations have had me investigating other options. I toyed with switching to Sketchup a few years ago but Sketchup seems to be falling apart. Each year we all seem to hold out hope that the next release will fix the performance issues. I've been using 19 since it came out a week (2?) ago and have not noticed any performance improvement despite the multi-threading which I was so excited about. On the other hand, In my desperate desire to find a hardware solution to my issues over the years I've managed to build myself a pretty impressive workstation that all the other software I use runs like a jackrabbit on. I just wish there were less lags with VW. That's the #1 issue for me--that little delay after you click something or exit a dialogue. All those little 2 second delays add up to hours over the course of a big project. Especially when you renter or click twice thinking you missed and end up with two copies, one that you now need to delete, or whatever. That and the constant need to update viewports. And I have cashe on and the RAM to support it. But the candy stripe of doom haunts me. I'm into this program for 15 years and $12 grand or so (not to mention all the hardware 😉 so I'm loath to walk away. But shelling out a grand a year to stay current (something I only do so I can teach the current version to my students) is getting harder especially when so little changes. (remember when software companies would would release a new version every few years when they had a major upgrade. "I just got Photoshop 2 and it supports color!") It's one thing if you're a big architecture firm where that licence upgrade is just a minor operating cost but for us in the arts and education its expensive. I've asked about a VW Lt--something even more stripped down than Fundies, but was told there were no plans. With Unities and Unreals and Blenders and Kritias out their how long is it until an open-source CAD program comes along that can do everything VW does (or more... or even half). If a "Layout" plug-in and some sort of parametric controls for Blender appears I might throw in the towel. I just hope for the sake of the software that I have been so loyal to over the years that VW gets sorted out before that happens. None of these are true for me and I still have performance issues. Single workstation, no drop box and I only have a handful (usually a few textures and lines) in my manager at any one time.
  10. SeanOSkea

    Navigation should not be tools

    No tilde key, really? Not to re-ignite my MMB controversy 😉 but is that a Euro keyboard thing? Are you actually in the Faroes? Don't Danes use tildies? In any case, I think I'd rather have the spacebar drive that as my hand is resting on that all the time while moving around for Pan anyway. I have trouble with Alt+ as I'm always hitting the windows key on my PC and bringing up the start menu. Not a problem on Macs of course. And three keys to Pan (al la Modo) would drive me crazy. Esp as I spend 50% of my time in VW and 40% in Photoshop where spacebar is blessedly the same. I think the compass rose pie menu would be cool. Up is top, down is front. Right and left R&L of course and the diagonals the four iso corners. Maybe alt+Spacebar would bring up Bottom/back/ bottom isos and Left and right could be shortcuts to ortho and perspective? Whatever solution meets Kevin's original comment about integrated navigation, need to keep your cursor on what your working on, not make you move to some other part of the screen or one of those nav-widgets all the Autodesk products had up in the right corner for a while. Although it looks like they have have give up on those recently too. Ironically one has just appeared in Blender 2.8.
  11. SeanOSkea

    Navigation should not be tools

    Above I commented that any replacement for the Num-Pad navigation would have to be pretty slick. Well I've downloaded the pre-release of Blender 2.8 and they have a new navigation method that might just be it. Basically, you hold down the ` tilde key to open pie menu that has the various views arranged as a compass rose around your cursor. Then you move the cursor in the direction you want to move your view. This way you don't even have to pause to look at the pie menu you can just hold the key for a second, and push to the right to turn to the right side view. Down and right diagonally for an iso-view etc. Almost like VR pushing the object around on the screen. Pretty cool. I could see using the spacebar for this. Maybe hold SB left-MB stays pan but SB+RMB evokes this nav-move. You can see this demonstrated in the Blender 2.8 features video at about the 0:45 mark. Something to consider.
  12. SeanOSkea

    Navigation should not be tools

    Sorry if I went off on a tangent about the number-keys. But in a neighboring thread somewhere here I read a post from Jim that said something like "yeah I think the number pad's days are numbered..." or words to that affect, and it sent a chill down my spine. Then I read Kevin's post at the top that said navigation should not require a keypad and I thought, "I gotta jump in here and defend the keypad!" Maybe its just my work-style 'cause I've always used a full keyboard, but its totally second nature to me. But then I can't imagine working with a drawing tablet--I have a Intuos and now a Huion drawing monitor which I love for digital art but have never wrapped my head around for working in VW. Any replacement that eliminated the number pad would have to be as easy and intuitive. Kevin seems happy with the drop down but for me that's several steps and moves your cursor away from what your working on. Reaching over with a thumb and taping a key is much less disruptive for me. But Kevin is also right, esp in places like Sub-surfaces where you really do want to orbit around an object in space non-cardinaly and the fly-over tool kicks you out of sub-edit mode. Very disruptive. The num-pad or drop down doesn't but those big 90-deg moves that are fine/desirable when you're building walls are usually too clumsy when your making a tree or something.
  13. SeanOSkea

    Navigation should not be tools

    Ok, I question the 98% maybe its just semantics. I teach at a university and we have hundreds of workstations both Mac and PC and they all have MMB. But maybe you're talking about a true, independent (not a scroll wheel you hold down) button. If that's what you mean then ok. I use a 9 button gammer-mouse that I have programmed all the extra buttons for Flyover, X, TAB, Undo, etc. Any more than 9 and I wouldn't be able to keep them straight. Any less and its hard to decide what would be the most useful commands to assign. But I am completely at a loss when I'm helping a student on their laptop and they don't have a Num-pad.Having to reach up to the view bar to the drop down is incredibly cumbersome. I know there are keyboard shortcuts but I never remember them because I never use them. And they are all clumsy combos like Shift+alt+5 or something. Dropping the num-pad navigation before we have something si-fi like eye-tracking intuitive vr navigation would be devastating to me.
  14. SeanOSkea

    Navigation should not be tools

    No offense, Zoomer, but who doesn't have a MMB? PCs have had them for a decade and Mac has had them for at least 5 or 6 years. I haven't seen a 1 or 2 button mouse in years. I can't imaging working in WV (or PS) without the scroll wheel zoom. I just don't like MMB + modifier key for basic stuff like Mays's Alt+MMB to pan. That just an non-intuitive combination for me.
  15. SeanOSkea


    I'm intrigued by the Name field in the OIP that appeared in 17? 18? Obviously VW is keeping track of these names somewhere as it wont let you reuse a name. But it would be extremely handy to have an organizer pallet or maybe just a tab in the Navigation palette. Ideally, it wouldn't be a list of every generic object like most modeling software has (i.e. cube1, cube2, cylinder1, cube3, plane1,...) but only a list of objects (or groups!) that we have specifically given names to. Ideally, selecting that object in the list would jump you to its location class and layer even if you were on a sheet. As you can sort of do this already with a worksheet and the select on document command, it seems like most of the required elements are already in there. All we need it the palette.


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