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  1. @mjm Yeah, I've had that problem for years. Not just the last two versions.
  2. @Matt Hall You know, I just remembered something else that is probably the problem. This only works if you do it immediately after you draw a shape in auto mode. You can't draw a shape and then do something else and then select the Push/Pull and do the alt/subtract action. I don't know why but it only works right as you create the shape.
  3. @LeeElston Your second question. You want to draw a line across the top of a cube grab it and pull it up into a gable, a.la SketchUP? I don't think there is a direct way to do that same grab and yank action but you might try multiple extrude. Its under Modify (or model? Wherever the other extrude commands are. I don't have VW open with me at the moment) Draw a rectangle on top of your cube. Draw a line or other shape on top. Then select them both and Multiple extrude and it will ask "how high?" give it a number and you'll get your roof. Adds an extra step but also precision. You can also have multiple shapes and make things like hips and mansards and such very easily. Of course you can always draw the elevation and extrude horizontally as well.
  4. I've always had trouble with this. The trick is when you press the Alt/option. Draw the new 2D shape on the surface in Auto-mode. Left click and pull the shape into the depth you want. Then, while still holding the left-click tap the Alt/opt key. Then release LMB. If you hold down alt at any other point or hold it down as or before you Left click or keep holding after you release Left it won't work. I think in my head: "Extrude, Subtract, Release" and hit the Alt button on "subtract." Good luck
  5. @Claes Lundstrom Of course! I bet that's the issue I'm having. That must be the scale factor 4.16 72:300. I'm just using the default 72dpi VW workspace so its opening at 300dip in AI and therefor a little more than 4 smaller. Thanks I'll try that today. Sean
  6. @Claes Lundstrom Thanks. After reading a few more posts I've switched to PDF export fist and then opened in Illustrator. That managed to get it into an SVG format but even though I am drawing in VW in 1:1 it still opens in AI as a tiny little object that I have to scale up about x10. I haven't figured out the scale factor that it comes in at yet but there must be some consistent scale reduction. Thanks for the Affinity Designer tip but I'm going to try to get a workflow with the software I already have. I was disappointed to not see a native export in 2020 since a lot of the post saying they were working on it go back a couple years.
  7. A lot of old posts talking about SVG in the future or 3rd party workarounds. Anybody found a better workflow for getting drawing out of VW and into a CNC?
  8. @Marissa Farrell How is it going? The export script that is not just life in general 😉
  9. @Matt Overton You need to help the developers re-do the Window tool. Then we could all have an Overton Window tool. 😉
  10. @Andy Broomell Yeah for years I kept my stuff at default 'cause half the time I'm in the classroom with students using there factory-fresh academic versions. But I manage to keep shortcuts for PS, Blender, Unreal, and two or three others straight in my head, so a year ago or so I changed a bunch of hotkeys and menus and I love it. I don't know why I didn't do it years ago. And EAlexander's list just made me realize C is up for grabs to! I don't think I've ever used that to zoom.
  11. @EAlexander Oh that's a good point. Of course you can. The U I O keys change the mode by default. I use those all the time to cycle through wall or double line offsets. I wonder why I never thought to use it for the interactive mode? But I'd never give up my ` key to moment-switch off snapping. I use that all the time. Probably why I don't use the hotkeys for the snapping. I leave everything on all the time and then just tilde them off with they cause trouble.
  12. @rDesign Done. I love that its always the same rabblerousers: You, Kevin, mjm, Zoomer, Andy, Andrew, Markvl. The forum admins must hate us. "These guys always griping about something!" 😉
  13. @mjm Its so easy to change, you don't even need to reload, I change it all the time to suit my mood. If I'm doing a lot of work in Blender I'll switch it to a Blender/Maya warm grey in 3D, but then I'll get sick of that and want to brighten up to a pale blue or something. Whatever. I've never liked the off-white green color of the default. Once in a while I'll even mess with the orange highlight just for kicks and do a Maya teal or something. I like a light taupe for Top/plan as its really easy to keep track of fills or that shape that didn't quite get closed, but not so dark that you loose black lines. But I always go back to default for tutorials because I don't want to confuse my students. Just play with it. Just takes a second and if you don't like it just change back. I also go in and change a bunch of the shortcuts R for rotate P for push pull F for flyover etc. So many of the single key shortcuts are give over to toggling snapping or other weird stuff that you never need to mess with but incredibly useful things like array (Ctrl+alt+Shift+D)?!? have these chords you have to play. I wish I could assign a hotkey to the interactive scale mode. I love turning that off to precisely snap corners. The #1 wish I've wanted for years is some kind of XYZ axis lock. We even have it in the 3D reshape mode. Why only there? And why is the 3D widget only in SubD mode? In Blender when you are doing any kind of transform (move, scale, rotate etc) you just hit the letter (XYZ) to lock it to that plane or Shift letter exclude that plane. HUGELY helpful. Add it to the 2021 wishlist...
  14. @mjm Well, we've always been able to set the page space to whatever color you want in the interactive appearance settings in the preferences. I mess with those all the time. I just noticed today YouTube has a dark setting.
  15. @mjm I just hope this is just a foretelling of a new dark mode standard interface to be rolled out later in the year and not the answer to all our complaints that the UI hasn't been upgraded in a decade.


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