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  1. @ccsw I know those Apple mice are sexy on the desk but I don't know how I'd get as much done without my 9-button (I guess, gaming) mouse. I have buttons mapped to Alt, Shift, Tab, X and Crtl, as well as one for flyover and undo. I'm a terrible typist so I love not having to constantly look at the keyboard to see where my hands are, but instead just change my grip on the mouse. I don't know how many, if any of those mice are compatible with Macs. Stuff like that is the reason I switch to PC years ago--before Apple got cool and took over the planet, of course. My mac days are why I ended up as a VW user in the first place.
  2. Yes, all the the basic Nav, selection, transform tools need a major overhaul. Many require clicking a button or 2-handed shortcuts. I hated at first but am now really getting used to and starting to like the MMB orbit (flyover) and Shift+MMB for pan that is common in many other programs. The Space-bar pan (sort of) is good fro me because I spend a lot of time in Photoshop but I'd be willing to give that up to something else to help Nav/Transform get easier.
  3. @Kevin Allen Yes Exactly! And you wouldn't even need a new interface, just simply make it work in the way it intuitively should work--just as you select one of the 9 control points in the Obj Info to change the dimension of something in the direction you want, we could simply click on the control point that would be aligned to the path. So in Kevin's illustration we would select the profile, click on the upper-left control button, select the path and Extrude and the crown molding would be perfectly in the right spot. No need to fudge the profile, or to edit and re-position the profile after extruding. Even last night after reading all the posts about aligning the profile on the working plane attached to the path (Sketchup style) I was chastened and thought, "well I should do that from now on." But then I was modeling last night and damn it if I wasn't hiding and showing classes and layers, and fighting with the flyover, and doing all kinds of fussing just to get a clear shot at the end of my path and I thought, "No dang it, it should be easier than this for such a basic and essential function!"
  4. That is awesome. This is exactly how this tool should work.
  5. Wow that actually works. Thanks. Have we always been able to do that SketchUp style EAP? This does eliminate the need to edit the profile to move it around on the axis. Also I've never realized the path can be offset from the actual extrusion. That will take some of the frustration out of trying to re-select a 3D poly directly on a wall edge. I can trace the wall edge with the 3D poly tool, and them immediately move it up in the Z a foot, snap the profile to the top of the wall, check "Fix Profile" and go. This has the added benefit of eating the 3D poly at the same time. Thanks for pointing that out!. I'd still prefer to draw in T/P (esp if I'm tracing over images of millwork) and afix a locus point to the profile but this will at least take some frustration out of constantly needing to Edit Profile.
  6. @Kevin K But it still drives it down the center of the profile, right? That way you still have to offset the path (a pain) or edit the profile (also a pain). Are you saying there is a way to snap the profile to a part of the path to avoid the other options? I don't know why we can't just drop a locus on the profile the way you can offset a sweep axis by including an locus in the selection before you sweep. Kevin A, yes you're absolutely right, it runs down the center of the profile--fine if you're doing round pipe handrails or something but annoying for everything else. And like you, as a scenic designer, I'm doing all kinds of weird stuff with moulding so that is doesn't make sense to me to have it as a wall component. I usually just drive the 3D NURBS tool along the top edge of a wall or baseboard or whatever. I'll sometimes grab edges with the extract tool but at every vector it creates a separate line or curve so you have to ungroup them and compose them before you can use it as a path. I seem to have the most luck drawing profiles in T/P and just remembering which way the path was drawn (or show direction if I forget). If the path was drawn left to right the profile should face the right or X+ and the left if the path goes in the other direction. That cuts down on the number of sideways and backwards fails for me. And usually if I to Top/Plan in the edit profile workspace more often than not I'll be looking down at the profile centered on the path axis and don't have to hunt around for the right view. I never offset the path. Can't be asked.
  7. I've just extruded my (aprox) 1000th cornice along a path object. I've tried for years to figure out which plane to draw the profile in, which direction to draw the path, which way the profile needs to face, ect. But even if I get it right on the first try I still need to edit the profile first figure out which view to see it flat against the axis and then drag the top-back corner to the center. Can we please have some way of indicating what part of the profile should be aligned to the path? Control points in the OIP? Snap a locus? Something so we don't have to always edit every path extrusion? Or if I'm a loser and there is a way to do this that has eluded me for 15 years, I'd love to know! --Sean
  8. I posted the same issue a few weeks back and didn't get an answer. Hope you do. Sean
  9. The Academic licence for Vectorworks is free for a year while you are a student. You might actually save some money by enrolling part time in a technical or community college. Some might offer course in Vectorworks. Possibly even online. While you are a student you can get the academic licence. Of course you'll have to pay the cost of the classes that you take but at a community college that will likely be far less than the cost of a retail version of VW. And if you complete the courses you'll have some credits and training to add to your resume too. Once you have learned you can upgrade to a professional licence when you have the skills to get paid for your work. Or as Evan suggests, get an employer to purchase it. Both Evan and I have VW tutorials on YouTube here are some links. -Sean https://www.youtube.com/user/evanbrooklyn/videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxZ9RjFVOfJUVAm7L7UkPlw?view_as=subscriber https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIkBQ-4evpWjPYg2TJVMsZw
  10. Yeah, this whole tool needs a rethink. Its really difficult to use. As it seams will never get a UV edit option, I'd like to see the Attribute mapping tool work without forcing Plane, Cylinder or spherical wrapping, as well.
  11. @Andrew Pollock @tshelton Or at least you can get a job with the marketing department making next year's promos ūüėČ
  12. @tshelton Nice. I like the solid color so you could set the background and the icon colors to whatever you want in the Interactive Appearance Settings. You could have black on white for people who want to keep the white workspace. Or teal on gray for the Maya look. Or dark blue on pale blue or whatever. Some icons would probably have to change--Deform, Shell, Clip, Tape? And probably a lot in the tools sets. Spotlight, (and Landscape I bet) a lot of the Dim/Notes. And I don't know what you do with all the orange and purple furniture symbols. But for the most of the basic and View/Mode buttons I think this is clean and handsome.
  13. @tshelton Well, that's actually what it is now if you look close. There are two different shades of orange by default but they are so close its hard to tell the difference. But of course that's the pre-highlight and the highlight. We need three clear visual states. If hover pre-select was the pulse then colorblind people could tell the difference too.
  14. Really? Ok. But lets assign it to C and Alt/opt C for zoom (another one I never use. Love my scroll wheel) I think we can just reach up and open the menu when we need the cloud services (Alt C). I'd prefer the keys but I'd take a widget. That's another one the marketing people get right in the commercials. Watch and when they edit paths or polylines suddenly this magic little axis widget appears out of nowhere!


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