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  1. Taproot

    Viewports disappear and move around the sheet

    Hello Adam, OK - I've made the change and will let you know if the problem reappears.
  2. Taproot

    grain direction change

    I find that texture application is buggy ... (I seem to be saying that about a lot of things lately). Often you need to change the texture to something else and then back to the original to force the redraw / remap of the object.
  3. Taproot

    Viewports disappear and move around the sheet

    Has this item been added to the bug list? It's still a daily nuisance.
  4. Taproot

    Help with sloped slab

    Yes, it can be done. I'm not sure about v.2015, but it certainly can be done in today's version. Here's a link to the help page: http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2016/eng/VW2016_Guide/Floors_slabs/Editing_Slab_Geometry.htm Here's how: Draw the slab and then draw an extrude along path for the geometry of the turn down footing. Select both and right click to pull up the context menu. Select: "Add 3D object to Slab" and voila, the slab is now modified to contain the added geometry.
  5. Taproot

    Complex Window

    Yes, you can do this (and it's easiest if you have the four windows modeled separately). In the OIP, experiment with the "Top Shape" set to "Sloped" and fiddle with the "Rise" amount to get the correct pitch. In your case, where you have two bands of windows atop one another, you can also experiment with the "Transom" setting to closely approximate the upper window lites.
  6. Airtable has a whole list of templates that you can access. Here's a link to the 'Real Estate' section: https://airtable.com/universe/category/real-estate They are good for seeing what is possible, but once you get the hang of it, building a customized database that fits your needs is REALLY fast.
  7. Taproot

    Linear Materials Flipping (VW2017)

    It sounds like you are either drawing sections or details in 2D - Yes? We don't use the linear material tool for the reasons that you have found as well as it's reasonably small range of functions. Instead, try using the wall tool. That will allow you to set a single component or a series of components and will display correctly regardless of the angle that you draw them at. For items like corrugated roof decks I would suggest creating a custom line with a repeating pattern that matches the deck profile that you want.
  8. Taproot

    Callout Leader Lineweight

    It turns out that Patrick McConnell is the author of the Super Leader tool and gave his blessing to share it here. If you haven't used it, give it a try... you might find it useful. Super Leader.vso
  9. Taproot

    Callout Leader Lineweight

    "Super Leader" is a user scripted tool (formerly available for a small fee from VectorDepot). We still use it instead of the built-in leader tool. It offers more control, arrow styles ... and yes, it auto-classes the leader and arrowhead separately for consistent display. I'll send a note to Patrick McConnell to see if there is a way to make it available for newer users to access.
  10. Taproot

    Viewports disappear and move around the sheet

    I am curious if in the end that strategy works. I can see the logic in trying to keep the file lean so that fewer legacy items can cause problems. For our workflow, we've taken the opposite approach. With the exception of memory intensive libraries (symbols & textures), we keep most everything in our template file. It means that a "blank" file is about 75mb and a project file is routinely around 250mb in size. But so far we haven't run into much in the way of memory challenges. Having everything in the template: Sheets, Schedules, General Notes, Keys, Standard Symbols, Section Viewports (with standard annotation), etc... saves us a lot of time in recreating or importing these items and helps to ensure a standard across the office. It also makes it easier for us to update our standards as most everything is predominantly in one place. It's great that all of us are experimenting with different approaches so that collectively we can get a better sense of what works and what doesn't.
  11. Taproot

    Viewports disappear and move around the sheet

    HI Boh, Yes, this file is one that was started in 2018 and then migrated to 2019. I'm curious to hear if creating a new template works for you, so if you go that route, let us know if that solves the problem. We've been steadily building our template file over the last decade, so I"m loathe to try and recreate everything unless its absolutely necessary.
  12. We're using the latest service pack for VW Designer 2019 and we're still getting this wacky behavior with viewports (see attached video). Viewports disappear and migrate all over the page. Once manually updated, they snap back to their correct position and visibility. It's a chronic problem, so we often have to refresh viewports every time we visit a sheet to see their content. Incidentally, I just learned that the latest Mac OS (Mojave) now has screen video capture (Command-shift-5) ... which might be helpful to others in communicating issues illustrated through animation. Screen Recording 2019-07-09 at 3.53.56 PM.mov
  13. Here's a link to a plugin that is being developed for sketchup that gives extensive control of framing members. It would be great to see the framing tools in VW correct the numerous legacy bugs and take a leap forward.
  14. Taproot

    Break Line Tool Defaults

    Boh - that was helpful. I was able to reach Dan Belfiori (the author) via email and he gave his blessing to share the tool here. See attached. McBreaker_v1.vso
  15. Taproot

    Break Line Tool Defaults

    We use the "Breaker_v1" custom tool instead of the built-in VW breakline tool. I think it is superior. It allows for double breaks and uses a fill between the breaks to look correct. I can't remember if it is a paid plugin or free ... or even where I got it. If anyone else can remember where it came from, let me know .... if it's free, I would be happy to post it here. Icon:


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