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Transforming Your Workflow for Interior Projects


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Even though interior architecture is often perceived as an after-thought, many architectural firms are now focused on adaptive re-use projects and developing inspiring interiors portfolios. Follow along with Eastlake Studio's journey to transform their approach to design by adopting new 3D workflows to take their creative process in new directions. In this webinar, Luis M. Ruiz, Int. Assoc. AIA, and his guest presenter Nicole Tabata, AIA, director architect at Eastlake Studio, will explore how to transition from a traditional 2D workflow to a fully integrated data-driven 3D modeling process.

Learning objectives:
- Discover how a 3D modeling approach helps solve common design problems.
- Understand how to transition from a traditional 2D workflow to new customizable workflow using new tools and technology.
- Learn techniques to take full advantage of your 3D model for communicating design intent effectively.
- Discuss lessons learned of implementing 3D workflows for your Interiors projects.&nbsp:

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