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  1. Hi @dnhopper, I am sorry to hear that you are having difficulties making custom fonts work with Vectorworks Cloud Services. One requirement is that the font files need to be placed on the same cloud storage where the .vwx file is stored. So if your file is stored on Dropbox, the fonts need to be on Dropbox, and you need to select "Store on Dropbox and Process on Vectorworks Cloud" in the Publish dialog: If this doesn't help you, please send me a direct message with a link to your file in Dropbox and the names of the fonts that are not being found. With this, I would be able to investigate the issue and try to help you with making it work. Trying to Publish from a simple file with custom fonts from my Dropbox worked for me, so I need to look into your specific scenario. Are the fonts you uploaded converted from a different format before uploding to Dropbox? Often, I find that the reason for custom fonts not working is due to conversion. I am able to fix the issue of this kind by editing the font metadata with a font editing tool. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  2. @Max Jones, We found that your issue is caused by the + character in the file name. Please rename the .vwx file and regenerate the 3D model and it should work. We are working on fixing the issue. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  3. @jbtroost Thank you for your help! Yes, my experience with Chrome is also the best when it comes to viewer performance. Other browsers are not as optimized as Chrome. I don't think there was ever an export setting that relates to shadows. It is in the viewer - in the Settings panel. I hope that helps. Please let me know if I could help with anything else. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  4. @Matt Overton, The button has a tooltip on mouse hover, but I can see how it can be easily missed. All points taken, we will make corrections accordingly.
  5. @Matt Overton, Thanks for your feedback. I am sorry to hear you found the job cancellation hard to find and thanks for pointing out the lack of a confirmation dialog. We will take care of these items. Regarding the differences in rendering that you see locally vs the cloud - it could be due to different Vectoroworks build numbers (older build may work properly while a newer build have a problem or vice versa). Please feel free to send me a direct message on the forum with more details about the differences you are noticing and I would be able to investigate further. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  6. Hi @Johan de Groot • LYVR, Would you please clarify which aspects of the navigation you find difficult? We spent a lot of effort on the navigation and would like to hear how you think it can be made easier. We are actively working on numerous improvement of the viewer and will be happy to include navigation improvements in our upcoming iteratiiterations. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  7. @Tom W., Are you using a custom workspace? The command is available in all standard workspaces, but you can also add it to your custom workspace using the workspace editor.
  8. @line-weight, The Export VGX command is available in Vectorworks 2022 SP3 or later. I will make sure to include this in the Help. Thanks for pointing that out! I am glad you managed to export the model via the Vectorworks Cloud Services desktop app. Yes, transparent objects cast shadows currently. We are looking forward to fixing this it as we implement a "white model" functionality. It will require marking which objects are transparent so we don't make them white, so we can use that to also disable shadows. Reagrding your glass texture that appears opaque, please send me a message with a test file so we can evaluate this specific case further. We are aware of some issues with displaying transparency. Draw edges is coming soon, along with white model. 😉 Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  9. Hi @elepp, I am sorry to hear you are having troubles. Please send me a message with the link to the .vwx file and I will investigate. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  10. Hi Tom W, Both of these improvements (ability to change the background and clip cube rotation) are currently planned for release in September 2022. Best regards, Iskra Nikolova
  11. This was a known problem before the release and we already have a partial solution for it. For the next release, the panel will hide when you start moving the slider. For a final solution, we are planning to have all the panels be adjustable size. RPReplay_Final1648750001.MP4
  12. Comparing the https://tinyurl.com/y7vuwwhp and https://cloud.vectorworks.net/links/11ecafc3ad270371ba2e0e94425bea9f/, I think the planar geometry is missing, which is not yet supported by the new viewer. There is a way for you to continue to use the old viewer while we work on adding support for planar geometry. You can bring back the old Export Web View menu command from the Workspace editor. When you upload the .vgx file to the Vectorworks Cloud Services web portal, it will open it with the old viewer. I hope that helps!
  13. Seems that Safari is just slower on all stages - downloading the viewer, downloading and unzipping the scene, loading the scene. This might also be happening because of unpacking compressed textures on the CPU in Safari which could be incredibly slow. Not sure if we can do much for this, seems that Chrome is just optimized better than Safari. Potential future improvements in model file size and viewer size might help remedy the problem a bit. Would you please specify the problems you had, so we can investigate further? Draw edges is on our list. Added your vote/comment to it. Saved views and classes are being considered, but they are not trivial. Some discussion about classes and saved views here: This is on our list. I added your vote and comment to it. This was just the first release for the Unity-based viewer. We are continuing development of new features and improvements with full steam. Thank you so much for your constructive feedback, we are glad to hear you are satisfied to some extent :-). And thank you for the good words about the work that has been done so far!
  14. I am not sure I understand the problem. Are you saying you tried to adjust the view while you were upside down, and that did not work? I think that is expected as the current restriction is that you can only view the panorama in a landscape orientation (rotated to the right). Yes, when you reach the North and South poles, the motion and orientation sensors stop there to prevent you from rolling over. You could drag the image to adjust the view up and down relative to the position of the device. Does this help?
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