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  1. Sam Jones

    Un-group or Explode Symbol Script

    Try this. It will only go on level deep. If you want to explode symbols in symbols or you want to ungroup groups within groups more is needed. PROCEDURE ExplodeSymbol; {---------------------------------------------------------------------} PROCEDURE Explode( h :HANDLE); BEGIN IF Gettype(h) = 15 THEN BEGIN SymbolToGroup(h,0); HUngroup(h); END ELSE IF Gettype(h) = 11 THEN HUngroup(h); END; {PROCEDURE Explode} {---------------------------------------------------------------------} BEGIN ForEachObject( Explode, ((SEL=TRUE))); END; Run(ExplodeSymbol);
  2. Alternatively, is there a way to build a resource list that only includes resources (Line Types) that are already in the document?
  3. I want to assign a line type with a specific name that already exists in the drawing to a line in the drawing. The command "SetLSN()" requires an integer not a name, and that integer seems to reference a pattern to assign to the line not a line style. How do I assign a line style named "Named Line Style" that already exists in the drawing to a line for which I have a handle? Yet again TIA. Sam
  4. Sam Jones

    Vertical Truss - Front on symbols

    The argument made for DLVPs applies th sheet layer VPs and allows for many different views and object visibility choices from the same 3D model. Top/Plan view allows for all the 2D info you could want (or at least all I can imagine). Lighting Devices are particularly well adapted for for 2D presentation of a 3D model and truss do pretty well also. I don't find DLVPs provide as much information flexibility and SLVPs.
  5. Sam Jones

    control points 101

    So it would seem that the trick for you is to get a handle to the path of the path object. For a path object: your first vertex will be (0,0) so just add the offset to that (negative numbers to move left or down). your last vertex will be Get NumVertices:= GetVertNum(PathHd); GetPolyPt(PathHd,NumVertices,LastVertX, LastVertY); add the offset to that (negative numbers to move left or down).
  6. Sam Jones

    control points 101

    Using the second option the labels will not move when the path object is moved or edited, but it will place the labels at the beginning and end and allow the user to adjust the location of the labels to any place they wish.
  7. Sam Jones

    Suppressing the Default OIP at creation

    Unfortunately, gFlag := SetObjPropCharVS(kObjXPropShowPrefDialogWhen, Chr(kCustomObjectPrefNever)); Does not seem to work. I have tried placing it in the Init Properties event (5) and at the beginning of the PIO code.
  8. Sam Jones

    control points 101

    Do you want the labels to be part of the object ? If yes, then: (I do the following with cable objects all the time.) Do you want the user to be able to change the location of the label based on the user moving the control point? If not, forget about the control point and write the place at the location of the first vertex and the last vertex. If so, on creation, set the control points to the location of the first vertex and the last vertex, and from then on always place the text at the location of the control points. GetRField(theObj, theObjPIOName, 'ControlPoint01X'). If no, then: (I do the following with Truss Labels all the time); just find the location of the path object vertices and write the labels to those locations.
  9. Sam Jones

    control points 101

    I don't think you can assign control point values to a tool, because there is no object instance, but I have never tried. I move the control points of PIO objects all the time. OffsetX := 10; OffSetY := 5; GetSymLoc(theObject, ObjX, ObjY) SetRField(theObject, 'TheObjectPIOName', 'ControlPoint01X', ObjX + OffsetX) SetRField(theObject, 'TheObjectPIOName', 'ControlPoint01Y', ObjY + OffsetY)
  10. Sam Jones

    Vertical Truss - Front on symbols

    It looks like the truss you need is in the Vectorworks libraries.
  11. Sam Jones

    control points 101

    In other words add the insertion point X,Y to the control point X,Y.
  12. Sam Jones

    Suppressing the Default OIP at creation

    Thanks so Julian. I know I have never seen that SetObjProp call before, nor have ever seen one called inside another call. Cool beans.
  13. I remembering there being a way to keep the default OIP from appearing when the first PIO instance is created. I can't find it. Did I remember incorrectly? If not, what is it? :-) TIA,
  14. Sam Jones

    Cable Tool Info

    I'm not sure this is the place to go into detail about 3rd party scripts. I'll try to keep it short. 1. The AutoPlot(AP) version you were working with is up to date. 2. You cannot use VW cable objects with AutoPlot Cable Tools. This is because there are many things going on besides putting data in Lighting Device fields. All 4 cable objects had to be enhanced to accommodate user definable inventories, box cable counts, and loom reports. Also implementing date functionality into cable tools required some changes. So... if you want assigning multi, jumper, and data cable info to Lighting device fields to work, you need to only use AP cable objects. AP cable objects can reside without conflict with VW cable objects, but those VW cable objects will not be recognized by AP commands and functions. There are commands to convert VW cables to AP cables but those conversion commands will convert all the VW cables in the document. 3. Using Project Sharing with AP Cable Tools is possible but challenging. The challenge is primarily with where inventory XML files reside. They need to reside in each user's User Folder, inside that Plug-in Folder. This can create challenges with keeping those inventory files up to date across computers. Later in August I will be investigating how to broaden the choices for inventory location. There is a great deal to discuss about using cables in entertainment planning and drawings, but those discussions should probably be informed by the conversations I have had with production electricians, tech. directors, and corporate LDs over the last 2 years.
  15. Sam Jones

    Cable Tool Info

    1. What AutoPlot Tools version is listed in the Registration menu command? 2. Send me the file. 3. include your phone #. Sam sjones@autoplotvw.com


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