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  1. Sam Jones

    Hoist Symbol/ Plug-in Object

    I am getting the same (similar) results. After saving a configured hoist as a red symbol, it is possible to select the red symbol and place it as a PIO, but then my cursor shows another symbol selected for placement, the Hoist Chain Hook Up. As a result, the red symbol has to be selected again for placement. This may happen because the hoist PIO places that symbol in the 3D portion of the instance. In any case, this is a bug. I'm not sure what the solution should be, but it should be bug reported.
  2. I have VW 2011 running on a 17inch MacBook. I'm pretty sure it can export to VW 12. If you want to send it to me, I'll see if I can turn it into something useful for you. Sam Samuel L. Jones Developer of AutoPlot Tools for SpotLight, and AP Cable Tools E-mail: sjones@autoplotvw.com =============================================================
  3. Sam Jones

    Connectors / Sockets

    I'm not sure what you mean by "outlets". Do you mean the connectors on cables?
  4. Sam Jones

    Parellipsphere 170 not in Fixture Library?

    1. Late 70s tour of Mexico City suburbs, checking circuits with wetted index fingers. 2. 1990 creation of a performance space out of a gymnasium, by creating 2 holes with sledge hammers through the brick wall to the small black box next door and its 100 circuits and 40 dimmers. 3. The early 70s with 3 luxtral 6 packs, 1 - 6 circuit scrimmer in the hallway outside the black box, powered by the 100 amp stole plug, cable running down the hallway and through a door. 37 years too many stories.
  5. Sam Jones

    Parellipsphere 170 not in Fixture Library?

    Oh my. The tour of the suburbs of Mexico City
  6. Sam Jones

    U Address in 2018

    Go to the help menu in Lightwright. There is a document there describing exactly how you need to use the fields “Universe”, U Address”, and “Address”. Failing to follow those directions screws up their use with data exchange.
  7. Sam Jones

    Parellipsphere 170 not in Fixture Library?

    Before Josh confirms this, I just wanted to be the first to guess that the handbook is just that, a book. You know; with paper pages. If I'm wrong I want to download it too.
  8. Sam Jones

    Tracking PIO movement

    I received detailed help from Andy Dunning. As Josh pointed out the key was a vslStateGet call FUNCTION vsoStateGetPos( ObjHandle;VAR X, Y , Z : REAL; VAR outIs3D:BOOLEAN) :BOOLEAN ; Andy gave me an example and a heads up about converting results from mm to drawing units. Thanks all.
  9. Sam Jones

    Tracking PIO movement

    Is there an event code that will indicate that the PIO moved, and returning where it was and where it is. Here is the problem. I have a control point that is at the end of a line pointing to an object, a place on an object, that is outside the PIO. When I move the PIO, I want the end of the line to stay ending at the location it was at before the PIO was moved. Currently the line is drawn from the center of the PIO to the control point. When the PIO moves, the control point moves, and the control point is no longer at the place on the external object that the user wishes to be. So, my first thought is that if I know the change, from where to where, that the PIO moved I can place the control point back where it was by moving it in the opposite direction. If there is no such event, then a way to retrieve that same information during a reset event would also work, but I don't know how to do that either. I had another thought that I might place a locus and draw back to that, but, obviously, the locus moves just as the control point moves. Any help out there? TIA.
  10. Sam Jones

    Custom Cable Types?

    Unfortunately, you can't add the parameters you need without breaking the Multicable object. The Multicable is currently limited to 6 or fewer circuits. You could add a cable type in the drop down menu that said HAN-16 (8 circuit) or any other name you like. Those cables would be counted separately. You would also be able to add the appropriate breakout to the breakout drop down, and they would be counted separately. However, I the circuit assign command would only use the first 6 circuits, and would only hold information for the first 6 circuits. The third party add on mentioned above has a Multicable that can have between 1 and 12 circuits, hold the appropriate information, and adjust the OIP display. It also has a more powerful Circuit Assign command that will access and assign all the circuits, up to 12. Again, that is another story.
  11. Sam Jones

    Custom Cable Types?

    I was a bit abrupt. I just need to know that we are not talking about adding a different category from Multicable, Data Cable, Jumper Cable, and Feeder Cable. If that is what you want to know, the work around is specific to what you want to add, and usually means adapting one of the 4 categories with a workflow that leaves one wanting, but can get much of the job done, depending on the job. If you mean adding connectors and other drop down menu items, that would involve using the Plug-In manager. When the dialog appears. For example, to add to the "Connector" pull down of the Jumper Cable type: 1. click on the “Third-party Plug-Ins” tab 2. click on the “Jumper Cable VW” plug-ing 3. click on the "Customize..." button. 3. click on the “Connector” parameter. (#7) 4. click on the “Edit” button 5. click on the “Choices” button 6. add what you want. The same thing can be done with other connector lists and breakouts and breakins. Every time there is a Service Pack update, you will have to do this again. There is a third party add on (mine) that lets you more comprehensively edit and manage inventories, but that is another story.
  12. Sam Jones

    Custom Cable Types?

    Custom cable type? I know what I would mean by this, but what do you mean? Example?
  13. Sam Jones

    Custom Cable Types?

    It is possible that he needs connectors or breakouts that are not listed in the drop downs. There is a solution for that, but the real question remains; does he need a new kind of cable type? If he does there is another workaround, but I need to know more.
  14. Sam Jones

    Custom Cable Types?

    If you mean you want to add a cable type that is not Multicable Jumper Cable Data Cable or Feeder Cable The answer is no. What kind of cable do you want to add?
  15. Sam Jones

    Length of Hanging Position

    I was pretty sure that would be the case, but how do I get to the contained objects to iterate through them?


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