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  1. Damn! I've been wanting to know about this for 20 years.
  2. Pat points out the problem. How would VW know which number from the Excel sheet goes to which Truss object or Hanging Position? If you make a database worksheet of the objects typing in the numbers should go pretty fast, but you have a similer problem. How do you know which number goes with which row?
  3. And people wonder why I don't jump into the SDK. Moses led the Israelites through the desert for 40 years to kill off the older generation. I'm feeling like that older generation now.
  4. Does anyone know answers to the following questions: 1. Can the Data Manager assign records to instances of PIOs already in the drawing? 2. If it can do #1, can it assign the same record to different instances of different PIOs at the same time? Thanks, Sam
  5. Don't worry you did not offend. I just worried about the possible loss of label legentds. On topic: What multicell fixture did you use, or did you make one? I would like to play with it. If there is more than one, pick one. Thanks.
  6. That's a very scary phrase. Since when did Label Legends become "legacy"? Many thousands of workflows are based on them. Adjusting individual fields is easier to do than with data tags. With the right tools, moving graphic edits among selected fixtures is easier than with data tags. I have know issue with people using data tags instead of Label Legends if it fits their workflow. I do not know data tags well, but the loss of Label Legends is a truly frightening thought.
  7. I have played with AddAssociation with the kOnDeleteDelete and kOnDeleteReset flags in several other commands. There don't seem to be any other flags that I can find, although I'm sure there are some. I doubt that there is a flag that would replace AssociateLinearDimension() routine. The most frustrating thing is that I got AssociateLinearDimension(LNewObj, FALSE); to work 10 days ago. I have both recreated and retrieved from Time Machine the code from then, and still nothing works. The example I sent dimensions the selected symbols and PIOs from center, adding an association to each. Why doen't it work. I guess I'll submit a bug, but I did get it to work once upon a time.
  8. Why does the script below not associate the created dimensions with the selected symbols and PIOs (line 33) The dimension are created and seem to be correct, but when I select a dimensioned object and move it, the associated dimension does not move with it I have attached a file that contains the script, "Dimension Test", and selected Lighting Devices to dimension. {Line 1} PROCEDURE AssociateDims; TYPE AnObject = STRUCTURE ObjHdl :HANDLE; X :REAL; Y :REAL; END; {AnObject} VAR ObjArray :ARRAY[1..10] OF AnObject; Obj :HANDLE; ObjCount :INTEGER; Index :INTEGER; BEGIN ObjCount := 0; Obj := FSActLayer; WHILE Obj <> NIL DO {Fill ObjArray with selected objects} BEGIN IF ((GetType(Obj) = 15) | (GetType(Obj) = 86)) THEN BEGIN ObjCount := ObjCount + 1; ObjArray[ObjCount].ObjHdl := Obj; GetSymLoc(Obj, ObjArray[ObjCount].X, ObjArray[ObjCount].Y) END; {IF ((GetType(Obj) = 15) |} Obj := NextSObj(Obj); END; {WHILE Obj <> NIL} FOR Index := 1 TO ObjCount DO {Place Dimension from X=0 to Object X} BEGIN LinearDim(0, ObjArray[Index].Y, ObjArray[Index].X, ObjArray[Index].Y, 24, 0, 770, 514, 1); {line 33} AssociateLinearDimension(LNewObj, FALSE); END; END; RUN(AssociateDims); Associate Dimension Test 2021.vwx
  9. "SetLineWeightChoice()" It was a sloppy cut and paste job. I was always referring to "SetLineTypeChoice()" Critical things I needed to find out. 1. "Name2Index('ISO-08 Long Dashed Short Dashed')" would find the index I needed for SetLineTypeChoice() 2. In the expression, resList:=BuildResourceList(96,14,'Attributes - Line Types',numLineTypes); The values of "96" (type), "14" (default folder), and 'Attributes - Line Types' (subfolder name) were the values I needed to build the resource list. 3. That I might need to use the negative folder number. When I go back, and look at the appendix, that those were the values needed seems so obvious to be embarrassing. It would be best if I worked harder to investigate the VS functions that I do not use often, but which become critical for certain functionality. I could do that, or I could come here and benefit from the good graces of those that peruse this list. I will try to do more of the former, but I will see you all next time. It's kind of like copying a friends homework. It's a little embarrassing, but the dog ate my homework. Thanks all.
  10. Thank you Jesse. You have answered many questions; some unasked but should have been.
  11. I can create a line type choice list box with the "CreateLineStylePopup" VS procedure. I would like to set the initial selection With the "SetLineWeightChoice(dialog, kLineWeightMenu, #)" command. First, when I set the "#" to "2", it does not select the 2nd or 3rd (0 based) item in the line type list. So, what goes where the "#" is. Second, the line type I actually want to set I only know by name, "ISO-08 Long Dashed Short Dashed", and it comes from the VW application resources. I don't mind polling a list to find that line type, but what list? Once I find the named resource, how do I specify that line type to be the default selection in the menu. I was hoping this would be easy. It probably is, but the answer is arcane knowledge.
  12. Is there a way to set the rotation of an object in Top/Plan view? "SetRot3D" and "Set3DRot" require a 3D object and do not seem to recognize a PIO using a Hybrid symbol or just a hybrid symbol unless I'm in a view that is not top/plan. Essentially I want to use VS to set the value of the Rotation parameter in the OIP. Anybody got a way to do this? TIA
  13. True, as with all things C++, but you get to drive an all terrain Corvett, and I get to drive a 10 year old Corolla.
  14. Scary. Do you know if this is true in the VS environment. I check for NIL handles, but have never initialized any. From what you wrote, it would seem a collection of: HandleVar := NIL; statements would be required at the beginning of every script command or contained in any initialization subroutine.
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