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  1. Should you need to reference the database, conceivably, you could just access the database in the VS command. In the screen shot you show, you don't seem to need to access a database subrow.
  2. Not seeing the problem here. Can you post a file?
  3. As far as I know, you are out of luck. The "Light" is a parametric object, but it is not listed in the plug-in manager, and calling the "GetParametricRecord(obj) function yields a "NIL". So, it seems VS cannot get a handle to the "Light" record; that means it cannot list the fields of the "Light" record that is attached to the light object. Maybe someone else has a trick, but it is likely that a "Light" object can only be touched by the SDK in C.
  4. Attached is a script that will list, in a worksheet, the names (universal and local) and their value of a selected object. If there is more than one record attached to the object it will list those records as well. It will not list records attached to embedded objects. The trick is to get the record name and record handle. If if doesn't work for what you are doing, send me the file with the object you want info from selected. Sam List Records and Fields.vs
  5. Thank you for the nice words. Avoiding the self promotion, to the extent my ego will let me, here is another simple limitation of the custom selection tool. It is not just the lack of "Contains" and "Not Contains" operators that limit custom selection, it is the lack of the "and" operator. The Custom Selection dialog below will select all the lights that have 1 criteria OR the other... selecting all the lights that have the Color value of "R 32" and selecting all the lights with the Position value of "Pipe 1" when what is really desired are only the lights that have BOTH values, i.e all the lights on Pipe 1 that have the color R 32. There are many more common combinations of criteria that cannot be achieved with the custom selection tool. Made a little old college TD take up vectorscript.
  6. Pat is an amazing source for understanding the subtleties of VW. They should pay him. In Addition... Choosing the record field you want can be extraordinarily tedious if there any number of records in your document that have large numbers of fields. One thing that can help with that is typing the first letter of the name of the record you want will jump to the first record that begins with that letter, for example "L" for Lighting Device. Pat's example of multiple criteria will cover the majority of what you want to do. Pay attention to the first dialog that comes up giving you a choice of "Select", "Select Only", or "Deselect". You can use these in sequential commands to refine your search. It would be nicer if the command had the "Contains" and "Not Contains" operators. That being said; if I had to use the custom selection command to make these kinds of selections, I would kill myself, ... but then I have other options that don't ship with Spotlight.
  7. The baby brother of BBEdit, TextWrangler, is free and has all the bells and whistles for coding python and vectorscript that BBEdit has. There are any number of us, that find TextWrangler/BBEdit INDISPENSABLE when coding in VW. TextWrangler is truly an amazing and feature loaded text editor that VS let alone Text Editor cannot touch. In my old age, if BBEdit/TextWrangler were not available, I would stop coding. There may be something similar on Windows platforms, but I wouldn't know. BTW, if you want to invoke running a script from a text file, ".px" files will not be recognized as files you can select. Very irritating. Sam Developer of AutoPlot Tools for SpotLight, and Chain Hoist Tools
  8. When using Jim's suggestion to type into the angle field, pay attention to the difference between typing in a new angle and adding an angle amount to the angle already there. S
  9. Ciao Atta, Yes, of course the link to the article is what I want. It really is a wonderful article, 3 actually. I have been ignorantly copying examples sent to me and modifying them on a trial and error basis. If only somebody at VW could attempt something like this for event aware PIOs.
  10. Wonderful, except... I don't see the 3 dot thing. In fact, I don't see an IP address
  11. Attached is a script that ships with AutoPlot Tools for Spotlight. It does not do much more than the scripts mentioned above. It puts up a dialog asking for the angle, if you want selections on other visible layers rotated, and if you want objects in groups (1 layer deep) rotated. It can be used as a document script or a menu command Rotate Each Obj by Query src.vs
  12. I love this. This kind of documentation can lead to so many more great tools. I didn't know about the original article. How can I store a pointer to this article on my computer?
  13. I think what he would like is what we have all be asking for is a non-modal dialog or full control of the MESSAGE box. Unfortunately, the message box is not available whenever a dialog box is up, but even so ... I doubt that any non modal dialog box would ever be dockable, dragable, but not dockable. That is pure speculation on my part. I'm not sure what the engineers are capable of or the UI dictators would allow.
  14. You wouldn't happen to have th plist would you? I think it has to be an XML file. S