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  1. Perhaps. The 3D snapping is greatly improved, and the different jumper cable path routing options are cool. Integration with Braceworks is an obvious desirability. However... Have you tried to lay out a show with it? Controlling part ends (cable breaks) is difficult. Graphic indications of cable breaks are almost invisible. One can only control cable breaks with the split tool. This seems cool, but creates separate cable objects which prevents construction of cable build lists. Even without the use of the split tool, cable parts are buried in a dialog which cripples interactive adjustments. The cable path tool is cool engineering and kind of fun, but I don't see any advantages, and I do see some drawbacks when comparing its use to just duplicating cables and converting them to the needed type. Still, the duplicate and convert workflow is available to the new tools, so the user can pick. How one adjust cables to provide for different swag amounts among different cable runs I cannot determine. In fact, I cannot figure out how the "Cable Swag (%)" value is applied by the user or how it is incorporated in the graphic display or in the computation of length. Also, the addition of parts or extra length to provide for different parts of the rig to move doesn't seem possible. If it is, the method is opaque to me. 3D is cool, but the path is rarely displayed in build documents, and when it is those documents are in top plan view. As for extracting data from the cable drawing, I see no way to make a list of build list of each of the cable runs, i.e. a list of each cable run, each of which has a list of the parts in the order they are placed. To make these essential build lists requires hand copying the information from the dialogs, or so it seems. There seems to be no way to create loom build lists, looms that are made up of different parts of different cable runs. There is no way of making box packing lists. Understanding the distributor -> cable run -> distributor work flow will take some investment of time. There needs to be a much better description/example of cable types, their creation and use, since these control all the aspects of the graphic display of cables and the creation of elements of the cable inventory. There is no provision for different cable inventories. Have you ever used more than one vendor on a show, or had to change vendors on a show. There has been no improvement or expansion of assigning data between fixtures and cables. Only cable name and cable number are given to the instrument. No jumper information is given to the instrument. No jumper information is given to the breakout. I could not find anyway to assign unit number or channel to the breakout circuits. There must be a way (I really hope so), but I could not find it. There is no way to assign jumper information to the breakout. If you have solved these issues, please, let's have a Zoom meeting and give me a lesson. As far as I'm concerned, there is no way to use the new cable tools on a real show, compared to other options. This does not mean that these problems cannot be fixed. I have not seen the task document for this feature, but a much more comprehensive task document than the one I am imagining exists will be required. The users I have talked to in the last 2 weeks will definitely resist adopting this new workflow. I imagine there will be others that don't know of any other option than this new way and will struggle to make it work.
  2. I think it's Y1-Y2, but I'm just about to check.
  3. Everything is going well. I can't set the printer page size, but I can deal with that limitation. Is it possible for VS to get the delta Y of a viewport. It's in the OIP, but I'm not finding a hook. Ever so grateful.
  4. How do I specify what is in the Viewport when I run the "CreateVP" command. I want to create a bunch of objects on a design layer, the created objects are the only things on the design layer. I then want to create a design layer viewport and assign it to a sheet layer. So how does that work?
  5. OK, just a little bit of whining here. "CreateVP" is in the "Objects-Groups" division of the VS reference and not in the "Viewports" division. WTF.
  6. 1. Can I create a viewport with using DoMenuTextByName which calls up the set up dialog. 2. If a viewport already exists, can I set its scale with VS 3. Can I set any viewport criteria besides overrides with VS As always, TIA
  7. That's wonderful Pat. Just a couple of things. Where do I look and how do I use it in VS?
  8. Once you set the variable "PageSize" to appropriate string, are you able to set the page size of the active layer (or any layer for that matter)? I'm under the impression that setting the page size for the drawing is a call to the OS that is not available to VS. Would love to be wrong. I would like to set the page size to be 53mm wide by 18,288mm long using vectorscript. Possible?
  9. Oh well. "SetObject" does not seem to work.
  10. BTW, how does one "reset" a layer?
  11. I'll do some more testing. The "Get" returns values in inches, so it seems strange that the "Set" would use mm, but Ill check. Thanks again.
  12. Thank you ! Works great. Now for ...drum roll... Can you set a design layer's page size? Using "SetObjectVariableReal(TheLayer, ovLayerSheetPaperHeight, LayerHt);" Does not seem to work. Also, setting the page height via the OS seems to set the page for all the design layers.
  13. Sam Jones

    Page Size

    Is there any way for VS to obtain the Page Size of a design layer? Of a sheet layer?
  14. It would seem that you want the CM field to change from a static text field to an edit text field where you could override the value provided, and that value that you provide is used to compute the voltage drop. I can do that with the AutoPlot Cable Tools; I cannot speak for VW and what they are going to do with their cable tools. You need to understand that any time the Wire Gauge is changed the look up value will be inserted into the edit text field; also, the lookup value will be used when a cable is created. I wouldn't want other users to have to use there own research to provide CM values. Am I missing something more that you need?
  15. And that command could be expanded to include a template to look up a user defined column or row. In vectorscript. Well, no, it can't. It is possible that a VectorScript (VS) command could be constructed to put a custom criteria in the database header, but where would it find the criteria text? I would go further, but I think the best you're going to get (because you have it already) is saving your meticulously constructed worksheet in a template file and just importing from there or starting with template I don't know what you mean. What is the whole hog you want. Make what do you mean by "extensible"? The word has a meaning in computer programming that would be covered in Vectorworks by "vectorscript" By "template", I meant, under the file many, you need to save a file as a template file that contains the worksheet you have constructed. I think you are using "template" in some other way. If you save a file as a template, you can start your drawings from it or you can import resources (worksheets) from it. Again, I have a vocabulary problem. I want to be able to 'CALL' parameters from the drawing, So, I draw a cube, I want to be able to populate the PIO, or Record(?) field, with this info. I then want to be able to call the field, without going to a spreadsheet (excel) apply a User constraint, and tag to the Drawing. "I want to be able to 'CALL' parameters from the drawing," I don't know what this means, but let's go to your example. "So, I draw a cube, I want to be able to populate the PIO, or Record(?) field, with this info." What PIO or record? What "info"


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