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  1. Sam Jones

    Setting Hybrid symbol fill

    Not to worry Pat. This is actually starting from a different place and is a different thread. I have a truss label PIO. This PIO accesses the "Truss Record" to display values in the Truss Label. Which "Truss Record" is used depends on the selected object; it could be a symbol, a group, a "Truss" object (which is really a "TrussItem" object), or a Hanging Position. The Hanging Position presents a more complex problem, since it could be made up of symbols or TrussItems, but it is all doable. However, the "Truss Record" is insufficient for most rigger, ME, LD needs if they are going to bother with labeling their truss/hanging position objects. So... I have added to fields to the "Truss Record", "Bolts" and "Pins". My label PIO can be used with objects using the standard VW Truss Record or my expanded Truss Record. If they use the former they will have access to less data, but labels will work. So... I have written another command that will expand the "Truss Record" of the document which will automatically be applied to objects to which that record is attached, but the values in those fields may not be accurate. So... I have created a command that will allow users to fill in the following "Truss Record" fields, "Truss Color", "Bolts", and "Pins" for selected symbols in the document. While I was doing that, I thought I would let them pick a fill color for the selected symbols. While I was doing that, I thought I would allow them to rename the symbol definitions if they wished. Things keep piling on in my scripting world. There was some concern that my expanded "Truss Record" would play havoc with the "Insert Truss" tool, but my testing seems to indicate it all works fine. As for the user in the other thread, his life would be made easier by my command, but it is unlikely that he will hear about it.
  2. Sam Jones

    Setting Hybrid symbol fill

    And well within Josh's and Julian's. I am a little embarrassed about not having remembered "FInSymDef()", but it will do the trick nicely. Right now the symbols will be simple hybrid symbols from the VW truss library, but later on I will need to get into the Profile Group of the TrussItem PIO and then into the symbols contained there in, but that is for later and the same approach can be used... I think. Thanks again
  3. Sam Jones

    Setting Hybrid symbol fill

    Selected hybrid symbols, no auto hybrid symbols.
  4. Sam Jones

    Setting Hybrid symbol fill

    I want to make a command that sets the fill color of hybrid symbols. How do I access the objects in the symbol to set their fill color, both the 2D and 3D parts of a hybrid symbol? Yet again, TIA
  5. Sam Jones

    Multi Symbol X Value is consistently off.

    The XCoordinate function will tell you where the insertion point of the multi is, and the insertion point is the beginning of the cable. The multi head will always land at the coordinates of the last vertex. To my knowledge there is no worksheet function that will tell you the X,Y of the last vertex of a polyline, the cable. A vector script can access this, but if such a command were to be constructed, where would you want the result to be placed?
  6. Sam Jones

    Custom Right Click

    Good Luck with that. I have found the UUIDs in the TrussItem record to be opaque. Very interested in what you find out.
  7. Sam Jones

    Custom Right Click

    Pat, Let me know what you come up with. The trick here is to script the button push in the OIP. Setting text and boolean values in the parameter fields is pretty straight forward for VS, but scripting the button push, the button being a non parameter widget, has got me stumped. I'm sure Josh has an answer.
  8. Sam Jones

    Truss in colour

    I'm unclear as to why wanting to use Spotlight symbols would keep you from using an AutoPlot command to change VW object attributes and/or VW records. For now, it is not an issue, because the command does not exist. If it ever existed it would change selected symbols and/or their definitions. Changes would be document specific, accessible to others if the file was made a template or library file.
  9. Sam Jones

    Truss in colour

    Knowing whether or not the truss you need is black or not is needed, but whether or not you show it in plan is quite variable among the drawing of different riggers, TDs, and LDs. You could just have a field that states the truss color but show the different lengths in different colors. Such a scheme might be better for the crew that needs to assemble the truss sticks, but being able to access and count truss based on length and color. If the color drawn on the plot is to fit different needs, it cannot be as you describe in the OIP. It would be possible to use Data Visualization as MarkDD describes, and I have shown that to a couple of riggers, but more than a couple of other systems have been develop by riggers to suit their needs. I think if you want black truss you need black truss symbols, but you could use data visualization to color truss black based on user field you pick to hold color. Maybe down the road there will be a "color" field in the "Truss Record" or the "Truss OIP" (I prefer the former). I think the color black is most needed in ordering truss not in assembling truss structures for which the plot may be used. Then again rendering black or very dark grey could be important in presentation. Totally messing with setting things up are the following things Truss symbols have a "Truss Record" attached. Truss PIO objects have both the "Truss" PIO record and a "Truss Record" attached. Hanging Positions can be made up of: 1) a bunch of truss symbols 2) a group of truss symbols 3) a bunch of "Truss" PIOs 4) a group of "Truss" PIOs You want a to consistently render black truss? For now, and I thing for quite some time, make some black truss symbols and... Be sure to attach a "Truss Record" whose "Truss Color" field has "Black" as a value. It is possible to make a script to change the attributes of symbols and fill truss color fields, but it is not trivial, but not rocket science. Let me know how much you need it and it might end up in AutoPlot Tools.
  10. Sam Jones

    In Top/Plan view ???

    Good Point.
  11. Sam Jones

    In Top/Plan view ???

    Fabulous. Thank you. Is there a way to get a PIO to automatically refresh with a view change? TIA
  12. Sam Jones

    In Top/Plan view ???

    I want to find out if the document is currently NOT in a top/plan view. And the command is???
  13. Sam Jones

    Hoist Label too big

    You can try clicking on the "Set Hoist Data Display" button near the bottom of the OIP and selecting a smaller font. It would be best to do as Markdd suggests and using viewports and sheet layers to control the scale of your print outs. This will solve/prevent any number of other problems.
  14. Sam Jones

    Isolate Object command

    To hide selected objects use Hide(((SEL=TRUE))); There is no such thing as a short cut, but you can turn the script into a menu command. To do this you need to turn it into a plug-in command. 1. go to the plug-in manager 2. In the resulting dialog click on the "New..." button 3. In the resulting dialog type in a name for the command you are making and click on the "Command" radio button click on the "OK" button. You will now have a command that does nothing. 4. In the Plug-In Manager dialog be sure the command you just created is highlighted, and click on the "Edit Script..." button. 5. In the resulting editor window type script, for example "Hide(((SEL=FALSE)));" and click on the "OK" button. Then, click on the "Close" button. You now have a command that you can put in your workspace. You will have to decide in what menu and where, but once that is done you will have a menu command always available, and you can give it a keyboard shortcut if you wish. Hope that helps (HTH) Sam
  15. Sam Jones

    Isolate Object command

    If you want to hide all but the selected objects you will need 2 commands, one to hide and one to unhide. you need to be sure that you do not include symbols and plug-ins because selected objects may hide there interior components leaving you with just control points, if that. The commands are To hide all unselected objects Hide(((SEL=FALSE))); To show what you just hid. Show(((VSEL=FALSE))); Let me know if this is not what you need.


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