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  1. Scott, I'm cruising the inside passage on a smaller vessel with limited internet, but you could use the AutoPlot "Place VLM Truss Tags" command. You can delete the tags if they are no use to you, but they will leave the HP truss with a position field attached to the Truss Record and filled out with the HP name. Josh pointed me in the right direction, but sorting out the multiple Truss Records had some trial and error involved in order to find the correct one to consistently use.
  2. Sam Jones

    Lighting Paperwork

    The worksheet function "COUNT(criteria)" can count things with the same symbol name, same attached record, same value in record field, or a host of other criteria. in the worksheet screenshot below In Cell B4 =COUNT(('HoistVW'.'Type'='2 Ton')) will count all the Hoist plug-in objects that have the value "2 Ton" in the "Hoist Type" field. In Cell B5 =COUNT((R IN ['HoistVW'])) will count all the Hoists. In Cell B6, is your formula for Shackle # which is =B5 *5 You will need to get familiar with the criteria for formulas. This is most easily done by going to the insert criteria menu in the worksheet "Insert" menu This will bring up a dialog: Click on the "Custom..." button, and that will bring up a dialog: You will almost always want to pick Record or Field value from the left hand drop down, but there are occasional times when you will pick other criteria. I don't have the time or expertise to write the book on worksheets of VS criteria and functions, so you will have some research to do. Pat Stanford who prowls all corners of the of this list is the current non-VW employee expert on worksheets. You should get answers to the various questions that come up for you. Have fun.
  3. Sam Jones

    Lighting Paperwork

    To get cable counts, you would need to layout your cable runs with the 4 cable objects and then go to: None of this loads the results into the kind of worksheet you describe, but it may be copied into Excel.
  4. Sam Jones

    Hoist Tool Personalization

    The X and the The quick answer is no. However... You can click on the "Set Hoist Data Display..." button in the OIP of the Hoist and choose to display the X and the Y, but that won't save you much. To get exactly what you want, I'm afraid your stuck with typing it in. To a more philosophical thread, a simple xxx, yyy might suffice for you and, that's great, but considering the many different origins one can measure from in most cases, the current display is the most efficient and clear, at least according to the scores of riggers that beta tested it. Identifying the direction of the origin is crucial and allows different hoists to measure from different places.
  5. Sam Jones

    Beginner questions

    5. Josh, Carlotta, Raymond, Matt, and you
  6. Sam Jones

    3D Polyline length

    Is there a way to retrieve the length of a 3D Poly? Do I have to get the vertices locations with GetPolyPt3D and then compute the distances between them?
  7. Sam Jones

    Flowcharts for Speakers

    The flow charting tools are cool, but for even "quick&dirty" cable plans, I don't think there as convenient or as powerful as Spotlight's cable objects.
  8. Sam Jones

    Tool using TrackObject

    I have a tool that places a point object after a click on an already existing object. I would like to use TrackObjectN to filter the target objects. All well and good except... TrackObject does not start highlighting acceptable objects until after the first click. Does anyone know how to trick it into starting to highlight objects as soon as the tool is selected?
  9. Sam Jones

    Can't Move Label Legend Individually

    More likely you have inadvertently selected the far left icon in the mode bar in the top left of your document window. It is the icon that contains a red circle with a line through it. be sure that icon is not selected.
  10. Sam Jones

    Customizing Cable Run Diagrams

    Quick answer is that there is no control over the connection marker text. That is the text that displays the extra (slack) cable. There is control over the text size and placement of the "End Label Text". If you manually copy the slack amount into the End Label Text, you will be able to control both the size and placement of the end label. To move the end label, you will need to uncheck the "Lock Labels to Standard Position" check box. I don't know of any other materials for you to access. I have some experience with the cable tools. Write or call.
  11. Sam Jones

    Spotlight - script move of legend points?

    Indeed you do need to update the control points. I'm curious though. I don't understand what you wish to achieve. What is the exact workflow? I ask because "a syntax which would allow a script to move a certain label point for a range of selected fixtures?" sounds like exactly like what "Copy Altered Label Legends" does. Perhaps you have an exact placement in fixture relative coordinates you want to assign to fixture labels in a new, old, or someone else's drawing. You are going to find this a tricky script to pull off. Remember legend fields are measured differently depending on where they are placed relative to the bounding box. If you want to achieve something different, however slightly, describe the workflow. From the my understanding that I just described, using your own imported Label Legend and assigning it to the fixtures or using Copy Altered Label Legends seems like the way to go. On the other hand, maybe you just want to have some fun trying to script it.
  12. Sam Jones

    Setting Hybrid symbol fill

    Not to worry Pat. This is actually starting from a different place and is a different thread. I have a truss label PIO. This PIO accesses the "Truss Record" to display values in the Truss Label. Which "Truss Record" is used depends on the selected object; it could be a symbol, a group, a "Truss" object (which is really a "TrussItem" object), or a Hanging Position. The Hanging Position presents a more complex problem, since it could be made up of symbols or TrussItems, but it is all doable. However, the "Truss Record" is insufficient for most rigger, ME, LD needs if they are going to bother with labeling their truss/hanging position objects. So... I have added to fields to the "Truss Record", "Bolts" and "Pins". My label PIO can be used with objects using the standard VW Truss Record or my expanded Truss Record. If they use the former they will have access to less data, but labels will work. So... I have written another command that will expand the "Truss Record" of the document which will automatically be applied to objects to which that record is attached, but the values in those fields may not be accurate. So... I have created a command that will allow users to fill in the following "Truss Record" fields, "Truss Color", "Bolts", and "Pins" for selected symbols in the document. While I was doing that, I thought I would let them pick a fill color for the selected symbols. While I was doing that, I thought I would allow them to rename the symbol definitions if they wished. Things keep piling on in my scripting world. There was some concern that my expanded "Truss Record" would play havoc with the "Insert Truss" tool, but my testing seems to indicate it all works fine. As for the user in the other thread, his life would be made easier by my command, but it is unlikely that he will hear about it.
  13. Sam Jones

    Setting Hybrid symbol fill

    And well within Josh's and Julian's. I am a little embarrassed about not having remembered "FInSymDef()", but it will do the trick nicely. Right now the symbols will be simple hybrid symbols from the VW truss library, but later on I will need to get into the Profile Group of the TrussItem PIO and then into the symbols contained there in, but that is for later and the same approach can be used... I think. Thanks again
  14. Sam Jones

    Setting Hybrid symbol fill

    Selected hybrid symbols, no auto hybrid symbols.
  15. Sam Jones

    Setting Hybrid symbol fill

    I want to make a command that sets the fill color of hybrid symbols. How do I access the objects in the symbol to set their fill color, both the 2D and 3D parts of a hybrid symbol? Yet again, TIA


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