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  1. Not necessarily. It depends on what you mean by "dimmer channels". If those are the numbers of the devices supplying power, it is quite conceivable that each would require a separate dimmer (depending on wattage and dimmer capacity) but be assigned the same control channel. If you would plug 6 1k PARS into a 6k dimmer, you would be willing to plug them into 6 1k dimmers or 3 2k dimmers and assign them to the same control channel. Not the way I would do it, but I have seen it done often. Doing so would give you less control, but could simplify. Anyway, 6 dimmers does not always mean 6 channels of control.
  2. What we really want is a way to select the system and poll it for its parts.
  3. Success !! I did not understand the explanation of the BeginFolderN() command. I do now. Thanks.
  4. The truss labels collect most of the information (like the truss piece counts), but some truss assemblies are weird and report weird results, to me anyway, so all fields can be manually overridden. Circle trusses are an example of inconsistent data reporting. Weight is also a problem. The labels collect weight, but there are inconsistencies there also. For example, Hanging Positions which usually provide good info, have a problem with custom weights (I can't remember what they're called, but those thingies you attach to truss to represent objects that do not have weight data) The vast majority of data is reliably reported, but it assumes that the data attached to the truss objects is good. Garbage in, garbage out.
  5. I didn't/don't see any code you posted.
  6. CreateFolderN creates symbol folders in the operating system not in the Resource Manager.
  7. When I made the Truss Label object I discovered that I could not find a way to determine that the truss symbols placed with the "Insert Truss" tool were all connected together. There must be a way, but I have yet to find it. As a result, my users need to group such inserted truss, and then the label can pool the truss symbols in the group to collect the data in the label. Maybe someone out there can tell us what the secret piece of data is that VS needs to read in order to know what symbol is connected to what symbol.
  8. I'll end up just creating multiple folders with a similar prefix.
  9. PS: Using Folder2Hdl := LNewObj instead of GetObject does not help.
  10. The script below fails when the parent exists and when the parent cable does not exist. It also fails using InsertSymbolInFolder(). Putting a BeginFolder inside a BeginFolder also fails. PROCEDURE PutFolderInFolder; VAR FolderName : STRING; FolderHdl : HANDLE; Folder2Hdl : HANDLE; ok : BOOLEAN; BEGIN FolderHdl := GetObject('AP Cable Folder'); IF FolderHdl = NIL THEN BEGIN NameObject('AP Cable Folder'); BeginFolder; EndFolder; FolderHdl := LNewObj; END; NameObject('Inside AP Cable Folder'); BeginFolder; EndFolder; Folder2Hdl := GetObject('Inside AP Cable Folder'); ok := SetParent(Folder2Hdl, FolderHdl); IF (NOT ok) THEN AlrtDialog('ok set parent is false'); {InsertSymbolInFolder(FolderHdl, Folder2Hdl);} END; RUN(PutFolderInFolder);
  11. Using VS can I create a resource folder inside another resource folder. Can I move a folder into another folder. SetParent() does not seem to work.
  12. How would you want something to work with truss systems. I'm not a rigger; how would you define a system of trusses? VW is pretty much stuck with objects. You can group objects, but then the group becomes an object.
  13. There are a bunch of ways to assemble truss 1. Truss Tool 2. Collection of truss symbols 3. Truss symbols placed with the Insert Truss tool 4. A hanging position of individual truss symbols 5. A hanging position of individual truss symbols grouped 6 A hanging position of truss symbols placed with the Insert Truss tool 7. A hanging position of truss symbols placed with the Insert Truss tool grouped. and maybe others. How data is reported by each of the above can be different. A tool and plug-in object in AutoPlot Tools for Spotlight tries to deal with some of this. It might be possible to create a worksheet of the labels that have collected data. Below is a screen shot of different truss constructions using different truss labels from that tool.
  14. I did, and it didn't. There is the caveat that I did not rigorously investigate the failure. I ended up as I thought I might creating 2 lists with separate BuildResource command and then making an array of a structure containing the resource name and a pointer to the list LabelList = STRUCTURE Name : STRING; List : INTEGER; {1=my list, 2=user list} END; A little tedious to use, but it has the advantage of being able to be sorted with the compiled VS command SortArray(), which has a much better algorithm and resulting speed than my simple bubble sort.
  15. Did that and got it to work, but it would be much nicer if I could AddResource to add one list's resources to another list.


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