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  1. The basic part of your request, is achieved as Michael shows with the link text to record. This requires that the symbol have a record attached. You can attach the record to the symbol and then place pieces of text that you link to the record fields using the "Link Text to Record" command. How you edit the field values of the record is up to you. You can use the worksheet database of the attached record or you can go to a symbol and edit the record fields in the Data Pane. Use whichever method suits you at any time. The AutoPlot tools use this functionality a lot. Its most obvious use in the tools are the "Make Truss Tape" command and the "Print Labels" & "Print Labels from Worksheet" commands, but there are many other commands that use the functionality to achieve different things.
  2. Just a little more clarity. You want a list of hanging Positions, 1 hanging position per row. Yes? You want the cells from column B to list the fixtures attached to that hanging postion. Yes? You want one type of Lighting Device plus the total number of that device type to populate each cell (per device type) to the right of column A. Yes? How do you want to handle Accessories?
  3. I have been told by user that are heavy duty, durable rolls of receipt tape available.
  4. It is relatively easy to make floor stickers in AutoPlot Tools. I haven't had a chance to make a video yet, but if anyone wants a walk through, let me know. Also, some are also using truss tapes for motor layouts on the floor. sjones@autoplotvw.com
  5. Ah..., the comment interface could be better.
  6. @Kevin Allen really? You think the current cable break indicators are adequate? I have never heard that from anyone who does cable planning, but I have only interacted with a small set of production electricians that regularly do cable planning, and I know there are many out there attempting to use the power planning tools. I would like to hear from any others who find the cable break indicators adequate and not in desperate need of improvement. For me, and my colleagues, they just don't do the job, but perhaps we are in a shocking minority.
  7. I consider the size, the optics, of the connector marker to be a small disaster. It is so important to know where the cable connections are in a cable run, and the current connector markers are close to invisible. I admit that I'm two versions behind, but if this has not changed, it makes managing cable parts so terribly difficult. This should be an easy fix. Anything from the simplest and least desireable of making the sphere larger and darker, to letting the user pick a symbol of their choice. There are in between options like giving the user control over the size and fill of the sphere. Currently, I have to spend minutes finding a connection. That's absurd.
  8. If we are not talking about the default OIP, this is easily done. In the Reset Event, you need the following statements IF vsoStateGetParamChng(PIOHan, OutWidgID, ParamIndex, OldValue ) THEN BEGIN {Check if the changed parameter is equal to the one you want to base the change of another parameter on} {Get the value of the changed parameter} IF theValue is a signal to change another drop down THEN BEGIN booResult := vsoPrmName2WidgetID('',NameOfParameterToChange, OutWidgID); vsoWidgetPopupClear(OutWidgID); FOR index := 1 TO NumberOfChoices DO BEGIN vsoWidgetPopupAdd(OutWidgID, NewValue[index], NewValue[index]); END END; {IF theValue is a signal to change} END; {IF vsoStateGetParamChng}
  9. I have talked to a number of riggers, ones that use Braceworks, ones that use Production Assist, ones that use both, ones that use neither. What I have yet to gleen is a list of needed tools and functionality. For now, I would leave static analysis out of the list, Braceworks and Production Assist do this, and both are coded by the same guy. If one doesn't use them, they do the calcs themselves, or send to a structural engineer, or both. What is your workflow and what are the tools you need to assist you as a PR? Is Production Assist enough? Is it too much?
  10. @michaelk I just want a command to select one worksheet cell, e.g. C12
  11. What is the format for specifying the selection of a worksheet cell when there are no subrows in the worksheet, and even if there was, what would the format be for selecting a cell that is not part of a subrow? PROCEDURE SetWSSelection ( worksheet:HANDLE; currentCellRow:INTEGER; currentCellColumn:INTEGER; topRangeRow:INTEGER; leftRangeColumn:INTEGER; topRangeSubrow:INTEGER; bottomRangeRow:INTEGER; rightRangeColumn:INTEGER; bottomRangeSubrow:INTEGER ) ; I have tried not including any subrow specification, putting "0"s in the subrow specification, and putting the cell row, col values in the subrow specification. None of that works.
  12. Although AutoPlot Tools for Spotlight will allow you to specify the location of a clamp accessory, the @jcogdell method seems to me to be another good way. However, if you are planning on counting clamps, you will need to be careful with specifying the counting criteria and/or being sure that the double clamp symbol contains to symbols to count. (I think. I haven't played with this method.
  13. I have an event aware point object that that has a drop down list of vendors. When a user changes the vendor name there are 2 other drop down menus that change the contents of their list based on the value of the newly selected drop down. When the user changes a vendor value in an already placed instance of the PIO, all goes according to plan. The vsoStateGetParamChng() function yields points to the vendor as having changed; I query the value, and I then change the lists in the other drop down. Is there any way to get this functionality in the default OIP dialog that comes up when selected in the mode bar. Currently, changing the vendor value in the default OIP does not tell any part of the code that the vendor parameter has changed, there seems to be no way to then change the lists in the drop downs of the default OIP. Is there a way to do that?
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