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  1. Hi, I've made a drawing for a project (entertainment) and my costumer asks me for the 3D drawing for his lighting and cameras. My Company wants to send that, but would prefer it to be a block, so just the drawing without the symbol information. Is there a way to do that in vectorworks?? My initial thought was to convert everything to group and the ungroup it, this has the effect I want, but makes the file enormous, which is unhandy for sharing. thanks in advance, Peter
  2. Hi grant_PD, That looks very close to what I want. I don't necessarily mind adjusting a few, still beats doing them all. Why would I need to flip it around? And also, when I try duplicate along path, it makes them all face one way, instead of moving around with the path. Sorry for asking obvious or silly questions, just never used these commands before. thanks so far
  3. Hi Mark, thanks for the quick response, I love the Loft Surface Tool, hadn't used it before. But unfortunately it does not do want I want in this case. If you set smart cursor to along line, I'm guessing your goal is to have a set distance that you can select along the line (in this case the oval shape) so I can easier start my NURBS lines. But that means I also need to calculate the changing distances on either the higher of lower oval shape, since in the bends the distance between the lower and higher oval will not be the same. That actually feels like a lot of work? Also never changed my smart cursor setting, and wasn't quickly able to find an along line choice (looked under smart cursor settings under tools). With Revolve Around Rail I get the notice that my object are not on on the plane of my axis (or the other way around), but from what I understand from the command, it will follow the chosen oval with my NURBS line around an axis, so it will keep the same form and will not adapt to my two different oval shapes where the bend. What I was indeed looking for is. as you mention at the end, a similar command as duplicate along line that duplicates along two different lines. 😞 Even though it is the least of my challenges, is it possible to extrude along path along multiple lines at the same time? That will at least save me a lot of time making the lines into banners. I've attached a more detailed example of what I'm after, so two different sized banners along the paths of the two different shaped ovals. Hope you or anyone else can get me on the right path to have Vectorworks do this automatically for me, or at least make it a lot easier 🙂 thanks already for the help and feedback. specific.vwx
  4. Hi Community, I had to make an even spread of lines between two ovals with a different size . This to make banners between the two (I made nurbs lines and extruded along path to make the banners in different widths). Since all distances and angles were different (well, at least a lot of them), I did every line manually. I'm wondering if there's a way to generate those lines between two shapes automatically, since this of course would save a lot of time and frustration. Also, thinking of the extrude along path, is there a way to have a shape extrude along multiple lines at he same time? I attached an example of what I wanted, where the red lines are what I want along the ovals with an even spread. Thanks a million for helping me out and have a great new years! Peter Telleman line spread try.vwx
  5. Hi, So listening to you all, it seems like both VW2021 and VW2020SP5 runs on big sur? I have service pack 4, and my updater says i'm up to date, where can I get SP5? thanks, Peter
  6. Hi dear community, With the attached drawing I can't seem to create a report on symbolname. I do what I usually do and add symbolname and count to the fields and then press okay. But I don't get a count with this one, and I fail to see why. Any ideas ??? thanks already, Petertruss.vwx
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm trying to bend a group of arrows along an arc. And of course I'm doing something too simple to mention wrong, but I can't make it work. Anyone got the missing link for me? Peter bend try.vwx
  8. Hi Hans Olav, thanks for the reply. So it's not possible to put the two different view options in a symbol? Because the build plans are also in 3D (top just 2D topview). I've attached a piece of truss in the colour I want it. So with data visibilities you could change how it looks in a viewport, that might be an option then. Is that new for 2020, or is it also possible in 2019? test truss.vwx
  9. Hi everyone, I'm struggling to do something that I'm not sure is possible. I'm assigning a colour in the attributes of a symbol to help identify it's type for building drawing purpose. But I would also like to use those symbols in a presentation with, let's say, an aluminium texture, not showing the colour peviously selected. Is it possible to have this in the symbol's values, so I can have it look different in for instance openGL en final quality renderworks?? thanks for any help, Peter
  10. works like a charm, thank you very much!
  11. Hi Tamsin, just as an update, just as sudden as it started occuring, it stopped. Hasn't happened anymore since April. And managed to update to SP3 in the meantime. thanks for the help.
  12. Hi all, I've made a solid in a straight line (just because it was easier to get the bolts and such in), and now I wouls like to bend it along a circle (or arc, doesn't matter). Is there a way to do this?? thanks a million. bending attempt.vwx
  13. running the repairs now, the updater says I'm up to date with SP2
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