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  1. @Pat Stanford @Sebas htc @jcogdell I'm revisiting this post with an added challenge 🙂 I've made Prolyte tube parts, to make ladders. Now I'm trying to hang those under a truss in a similar way you explained above. I'm getting all kinds of errors, and I don't know what causes them. My hunch is of course that I made mistakes making the single tube parts. Is it possible for you to take a quick look and steer me in the right direction? What would be even better is if VW would have these single tube parts in their library, I can only find tube parts in Eurotruss 😔 Thanks a lot, Peter
  2. Hi Jesse, Thanks for answering, I'm new to the array tool. My options are catalog or symbol, I did choose symbol, because that gives me the option to pick the actual bumper and speakers. You're saying I should do this a different way? And yes, most of the bumpers have a hanging angle (which works fine with two point pick-up). Is the default just the bumper, can you add symbol speakers to the array?
  3. Thanks for the answer Scott, I've been trying for quite a while thinking I must have been doing something wrong. As a non programming person, this doesn't sound like a huge problem to fix, if anything, one hoist seems easier to calculate than multiple? Thanks as always, Peter
  4. Hi everyone, I've been using the line array tool recently, and I really like it. What I encounter though is the following. When calculating an array with two hoists, braceworks works fine, but an array on a single hoist keeps giving the "system not connected" error. Am I doing something wrong here, or is this a known issue? Peter @Sebas htc @jcogdell
  5. @jcogdellHi, have you by any chance been able to have a look at the issue?
  6. Hi Bas, Been playing around with what I think you meant a bit. Is the attached file what you meant? I used the revered two leg bridle tool, obviously you can play around with bridle height and parts. Hope this helps, Peter Truss bridle test bookcorner.vwx
  7. Hi everyone, Is it possible with the general notes tool to have the lines in different colours within one note? I'm using it to note different coloured curtains, and it would be clearer if would have each curtain summary in the corresponding colour. Peter
  8. I am using vectorworks 2024, and I'll look into that. Thanks
  9. Hi everyone, We use templates for sheet layers, mostly for different paper sizes. I was wondering if it is possible to have certain layers and classes visible, invisible, or gray in those templates? For example, in a sheet layer for a lighting drawing, I don't need to see carpet, softgoods, and furniture. Is there a way you can attach those standard settings for layers and classes in a sheet layer, so that every time you put in a new viewport in that sheet layer, the same layer and classes preference applies. @Pat Stanford maybe something you might know? Best regards, Peter
  10. We'd be over the moon if you guys can find out what the issue is.
  11. What I think I'm asking is, you've used both Tomcat and Christie truss from the VW Library, and only the Christie was green, therefore my question was, how do we know which truss types in the library work, and which don't? Looking at your file though, even though the Tomcat truss doesn't turn green, it seems to be calculated. So I'm assuming you meant all VW library truss works for the calculations. I'll speak to the guy who "makes" our truss symbols, because I think he starts with the VW Prolyte symbols, so I'm curious where it goes wrong then. Thanks a lot!
  12. I'll look into this, thanks so much for taking the time with it and submitting a request !
  13. @Scott C. Parker Hi, I'm assuming both the Tomcat as the Christie symbols are from the VW library? Are you therefore saying some trusses from the library can be calculated, and some can't? And why does it work with a "normal" truss length, but not with a frame?
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