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2021 Public Roadmap

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New Roadmap site is live HERE

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@JuanP  Continued development of Materials - such as being able to apply them to all objects - is not mentioned anywhere in the roadmap.  Am I missing something or should we assume that development of the Materials feature is complete for the foreseeable future?


BTW, I appreciate the release of the roadmap, understand that nothing is promised, and hope that it will be updated regularly.  Thanks.

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4 hours ago, JuanP said:

@line-weight Scheduled means that these items are not just in development but officially on a planned schedule for release whether it be an upcoming service pack, or a future major release.


At risk of being overly pedantic, "future" doesn't define any timescale other than that it hasn't happened yet.


I appreciate that there will be some things that get delayed, and you don't want to commit to anything definite, but could we assume something like: the target is that majority of the "scheduled" items will appear by the next major release?

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46 minutes ago, line-weight said:

could we assume something like: the target is that majority of the "scheduled" items will appear by the next major release?

@line-weight I think that is a fair assumption.  I wish we could be more specific on the timetable; however, we will be looking at some other ways to keep evolving and improving how we share the roadmap information.

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1 hour ago, Christiaan said:

This is really great. This is great news: Stair Tool: Interactive editing & improved geometry.


What's not great is the confirmation that window/door tools are simply not considered important. It continues to boggle my mind that the window/door tools can be so neglected for so long.


I was hoping that


Updates to Door & Window to integrate with wall component wrapping.


in "scheduled" means a general update that includes integration with wall component wrapping, rather than an update that is only about wall component wrapping.


If it's only about component wrapping, then it's very worrying that Doors and Windows are not mentioned at all in the "in development" or "active research" sections.

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Actually I don't see much there that I care about.  I suggest you go out of the office and talk to some architects to understand how they are really using VW or other CAD drafting and design tools.  And most important how they are interacting with their consultants.  For example most or really all of our consultants just want a dwg set of our plans they don't care about models or IFC.  Some are into Revit, I don't see mention of it.  The current Revit export produces an embarrassing result with walls missing and not much of a relation to all the work we have done on the model.  And it takes forever to produce.  I have grown fond of Enscape, and I don't see mention of it.  We are not doing movie quality rendering so why Epic, or Redshift.  How about suspending work on any new features and spend the next six months or year just fixing the ones you already have.  Architects work in the real world, 3D modeling tools (not BIM) are fun but that is about it.  Right now we can't even make a clean hidden line view from our building model of an elevation without a bunch of extra lines we have to cover up.  


You want to have some fun, design a multi story apartment building with apartment units that repeat in various configurations on each floor.  Then tell me an easy way to do it.  There are ways but none are perfect or simple.   We use referenced viewports, but I can't turn on the interior walls and make a section or elevation viewport because VW gets hung.   Charts and worksheets are often best made with Excel the new import feature is great but it is not interactive and the imported worksheet is does not support all of the Excel features.  

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concur with the speed of some issues that never seem to get resolved...

im a self employed architect and use renderworks often but recently been using twinmotion to render projects as renderworks is nowadays just too slow - so im looking forward to the epic/twinmotion/ redshift changes to speed up my workflow...

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