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  1. @Pat Stanford That makes more sense - currently the saved palettes are saved as a preference that is unrelated to the permanent layout of the Workspace. The bit I don't understand is the notification after saving palette positions that it is being saved to the Workspace. It looks like this is not the case, though it would be much more useful.
  2. Another alternative would be the ability to restore palette positions to a saved layout. I've never really understand what the "Save Palette Positions" command actually accomplishes, since there's no complimentary "Restore Palette Positions" command.
  3. I agree. And if someone at VW takes care of this, please mark any other (legacy) tools, similar to the way it was done with the 2021 release for a few of the deprecated tools.
  4. Yet another reason ALL objects should be able to receive Material attributes so that they are truly useful:
  5. @Luka Stefanovic Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, not all objects can receive Material attributes. Is there a way to comprehensively assess the total embodied carbon in a project if only some of the modeled objects are assigned materials?
  6. Not quite Australia: https://learn.archoncad.com
  7. @Matt Overton Who knew there was a place to comment on roadmap features? Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  8. E|FA


    I might still have the VW (version 7? 8?) printed manual that shipped with the product buried in a box somewhere.
  9. E|FA


    Yet another manual from the VW secret collection... I remember from a separate thread that this is not @Wes Gardner's responsibility, but it sure would be nice to have any & all of these available in VW University.
  10. Thanks for pointing this out. I'm annoyed by this all the time, but never thought to add it to the Wishlist.
  11. Same here. I also use Notability during client meetings. I import PDFs to mark up, but can also include photos, add sketches, and take notes.
  12. I have never tried to even check to see if Trace can generate a vector PDF that is clickable in VW. I treat it entirely as a replacement for pen & paper, and if I do bring my sketches into VW they are imported as bitmaps. It's great for sketching, especially overlaid on photos or imported drawings, but if I need dimensional accuracy I use VW directly.
  13. Yes, I meant the "angle from axes" in your screenshot. Looks like that didn't get you what you're looking for.
  14. You can change the default angle snap by double clicking on the icon in the snap palette: I'm not sure that will get you what you want in an axonometric drawing.I
  15. @Luis M Ruiz Looking forward to seeing the webinar regarding producing drawings from a model. You'll get bonus points if there's at least some written documentation, such as a "cheat sheet", for future reference. BTW, I heard promising info regarding updates to training materials and the VW University interface at yesterday's virtual open house. Thanks.
  16. @Luis M Ruiz Any chance this will happen? I think this is the biggest hole in the training & documentation for an architect's workflow.
  17. Are Classes visible in View->Class Options->Show/Snap/Modify Others?
  18. Not sure why your screenshot is pointing to Show/Snap/Modify Others. If you want to gray others, it should be "Gray Others" or Gray/Snap Others". Do you have the other layers you want to see in grey mode set to visible? Layers that have visibility turned off, stay off in grey mode. "Gray Others - Displays the active class/layer normally and all other classes/layers are grayed (except for those set to invisible)" per https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2021/eng/index.htm#t=VW2021_Guide%2FBasic2%2FSetting_global_visibility_with_class_and_design_layer_options.htm BTW, I think (others can correct me) that "Show/Snap/Modify Others" is usually not advisable for Layers, but is frequently used for Classes.
  19. I believe site modifiers for existing & proposed can't cross. I posted a Wishlist item here: Has this been fixed in 2021? If not, please follow the link & vote.
  20. This is beyond my pay grade, though I'm hoping to learn more if/when this thread gets feedback from someone with more experience & knowledge.
  21. Try this trick courtesy of @Tom W.. I haven't tried it, but if you decrease the spacing between the topos before ungrouping, you should get a higher level of detail:
  22. @JBowsh I didn't quite understand your question. If you're trying to back reference details, this might help:
  23. I think you can also duplicate the first viewport and then edit the layer and class visibilities in the new viewport.
  24. This isn't an answer, other than this is a common request. Please vote at (triangle at top left):


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