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  1. @Stevenkgoff Your license extension has been approved - have a great day!
  2. JuanP


    @Susanna Some one from out tech support team will be reaching out today! In the meantime this can be an issue with outdated graphic card drivers or an issue with multiple display adapter. Please see the following:
  3. @HelenMOL Check this piece from the Vectorworks University: HERE I hope that helps.
  4. @Connor License has been extended - have a great week!
  5. @Zachariah Barbour Your license has been extended - have a great week!
  6. @Patrick221 I will start with checking the Vectorworks system requirements as far as Windows or Mac it's about preferences however based on your budget a Windows machine might get you a better configuration.
  7. @Connor could you submit a proof of enrollment that includes your name please? https://student.myvectorworks.net/
  8. @Matthias L The information provided was accepted and your student license has been approved. Have a great weekend!
  9. @Keegan Mann Your license has been extended. Have a great weekend!
  10. @Jodi your license has been extended. Have a great weekend!
  11. @liamh123 Your license has been extended. Have a great weekend!
  12. @PurpleShirtGuy please be aware of the operating system compatibility list:
  13. I asked around, and some have seen similar alerts if the file is exported from VW with a crazy scale and a zoomed out to ~5% zoom or less.
  14. JuanP

    SP3.1 Crashing

    @Dubman I submitted this new crash log to our QA team, and they are investigating. Lately, we had had some reports about weird issues with some applications after upgrading Win 10. Can you create a new user profile and see if that helps?
  15. @Zach Miles I was reviewing your student license application, and the proof of enrollment is missing. Please upload the appropriate documentation, and I'll be happy to assist you. Let me know when the file has been uploaded. Juan P.
  16. JuanP

    SP3.1 Crashing

    @Dubman Can you send me some of the. crash logs please?
  17. @Endre TorkildsenPassing your info to our content team - thanks!
  18. @Mike Finke First make sure the school laptop graphic drivers are updated to the latest version then if the problems persist please contact tech@vectorworks.net
  19. I checked with R&D and the driver works fine with VW 2021 SP3.
  20. @Ryan Russell If you are unable to find the export command to Datasmith see this video
  21. @Ev4 I will follow up with your local distributor to contact you as soon as possible.
  22. JuanP

    Solibri Direct

    What Is Solibri Direct? This two-way live-sync between Vectorworks and the best-in-class BIM model checking solution, Solibri Office, creates a live link between a Vectorworks BIM model and its corresponding IFC model in Solibri Office. For a video overview, click here. With What Solibri Products Is Solibri Direct Compatible? Solibri Direct is compatible with Solibri Office. It is not compatible with Solibri Anywhere. Who Will Benefit from Solibri Direct? Solibri Direct aids the IFC model verification and checking process in BIM model exchanges. Vectorworks Architect and Landmark customers who export IFC models for BIM collaboration, Architect and Landmark customers who perform clash detection, and customers to use Solibri Office to verify IFC exports will benefit. Is Solibri Direct Compatible with My Version of Vectorworks? Solibri Direct is available for Design Series licenses of Vectorworks 2021 Service Pack 3, including Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, and Spotlight. What Does the Solibri-Vectorworks Connection Offer Over Other Design Solutions? The connection offers an alternative to Autodesk’s offering of Revit and Navisworks. Connecting Vectorworks with Solibri does not require downloading and installing a plugin and does create a live link. Solibri Direct is a feature within Vectorworks. Why Don’t I See Solibri Direct as an Option? Solibri Direct will not appear unless Vectorworks 2021 is up to date with Service Pack 3. It appears under Tools > Solibri Direct. If it still doesn’t appear, check this tech tip.
  23. JuanP

    Unreal Datasmith Export

    What Is Datasmith? Datasmith is a file format produced by Epic Games that is supported by rendering applications within their ecosystem. What Is the Datasmith Export? The Unreal Datasmith Export functionality is a high-fidelity method for exporting BIM and design models to Twinmotion, Unreal Engine, and other Epic Games products. For a video overview, click here. Does Datasmith Create a Live-sync Connection with Vectorworks and Twinmotion? No. The connection is based on an export/import workflow, which only requires one additional click than a live-sync workflow. The connection does establish the foundation for a future direct connection. Why is the Datasmith File Format More Useful Than Previous Workflows? Datasmith is a native file format for Unreal Engine. Users can maintain manageable file sizes by customizing level-of-detail for exported geometry. Textures translate to Twinmotion, meaning less model clean-up for rendering. Twinmotion now better supports Vectorworks file organization, enabling easier model management within Twinmotion. Who Can Use the Datasmith Export? The Datasmith file format is supported by both Twinmotion and Unreal Engine. Design series and Fundamentals users of Vectorworks 2021 Service Pack 3 on both Mac and Windows can take advantage of the functionality. Will Twinmotion Be Bundled with Vectorworks like Renderworks Is? No. Twinmotion is an independent product by Epic Games. Does the Datasmith Export Enable the Ability to Render Models in Real Time? Yes. To use the export with SP3, choose Export Unreal Datasmith file export command. This saves the .udatasmith file along with “assets” (geometry and textures). Then import this file in Twinmotion. Thereafter, users can make changes in Vectorworks to add, modify, and delete objects, and to override textures in Twinmotion. To update the model again after the initial export, overwrite the .udatasmith file by exporting it again from Vectorworks, and in Twinmotion press the "chasing arrows" icon to have Twinmotion pick up the new import. Overrides to textures and any geometry you added in Twinmotion from their content should remain unaffected. Why Don’t I See Datasmith as an Export Option? If you haven’t updated Vectorworks 2021 with Service Pack 3, the export option will not appear. It appears under File > Export once updated. Those who have developed custom workspaces may have to add the export option from the Workspace editor.


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