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  1. @DBLD Please contact support@ozcad.com.au and we will be happy to assist you.
  2. @David Morris to answer your questions: 1. Yes, you will be able to open files created from version 2014. 2. For Vectorworks 2021, you will need at least Mac OS 10.12 ( Sierra). See the complete list of system requirements HERE
  3. There was a recent problem with the Vectorworks Cloud Services (VCS) Desktop App ver.8.5.935 where it doesn’t start up, and the fix for this doesn’t update automatically. If you are experiencing this issue, first try double-clicking on the VCS app in your Vectorworks folder, If you still get the message go to the following LINK and download the latest version 8.5.936, and double-click to run it. Thereafter the desktop app should run normally.
  4. @line-weightVery creative 🙂 I have been paying attention to the forums, it that just sometimes I don't have all the answers. As I mentioned in previous posts and Biplab and Steve mentioned during the live Q&A at Design Day, we plan to release our roadmap of features and improvements for version 2022 before the end of the year and later on Q1-2021 one more that will include our 2 to 5 years roadmap. We have been collecting all your feedback, and we are aware of the importance of updating Windows, doors, and stairs. I will be providing more information as becomes available.
  5. @str Thank you for your questions: 1 & 2 - Yes, these are common building elements, and we are always trying to improve the quality of the model. 3 - Where is possible; we prefer editing methods and editing objects in context. 4 - This is a good question, we are always looking for ways to simplify the UI, and this idea has floated around. Please stay tuned.
  6. @jess.in.bloom Please make sure your machine meets the system requirements to run Vectorworks https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq
  7. @ShaojingT Your license has been extended. have a great day!
  8. You are correct. It usually takes 3-4 weeks for us to start coming up with the new/updated content. For the training seminars starting in the 3er week of October, the training team is actively working on updating all content to version 2021. In here, we will be covering new features and new workflows as part of the Vectorworks 2021. Most of the topics above will be covered as part fo the Architect seminar, first live session Oct 21st. You can see the training events calendar here: https://www.vectorworks.net/events/training Thank you for all your feedback, and for additional information about 2021 features please check our Online HELP
  9. @Mark Wa I'm not seeing any issues with your account. Please try again if the problem persist, contact me via Direct Message. thank you and welcome to the Forums!
  10. Good to know, I will report the issue to our web team. Have a great weekend!
  11. @zoomer Try clearing the browser cache. If that doesn't do it, could you share the details about your browser type and version. thanks,
  12. I can confirm that is broken and will be fixed for the next SP - thank you for reporting it.
  13. @jess.in.bloom could you provide us with the following information: Win- Dxdiag or Mac - System report Instructions HERE Feel free to contact tech support at anytime at tech@vectorworks.net
  14. This is in our list of improvements, and hopefully we can deploy it in Q1-2021 hopefully before. Thank you for your feedback.
  15. @AlexSawaya Can you send us the DXdiag file as well as the complete crash log please? DxDiag Crash logs Thanks
  16. @csulliv3 It seems like you are trying Vectorworks 2020 - try the following links: Mac https://release.vectorworks.net/latest/Vectorworks/2020-NNA-eng-mac Win https://release.vectorworks.net/latest/Vectorworks/2020-NNA-eng-win If the problem persist please contact tech@vectorworks.net
  17. @_c_ I know the engineers are looking into your report. However, copying and pasting grouped Viewports between files is considered more like a workaround than a workflow. From experience and after talking to training and tech support, we do not offer this option as a viable solution because many things can go wrong. I will submit your comments as a Vectorworks enhancement, so we can fully support this workflow in future versions. In the meantime, I will not suggest this workflow to any of our users. UPDATE: This request was filed via Vectorworks Enhancement: VE-101218
  18. Yes, the live presentations will be available on-demand today. HERE I just checked, and our team is working on uploading the sessions, they will be ready soon. While they finish, you can start watching some of the Guest presenters videos.
  19. A question from our live sessions: · CAN - "Why we can not import or export to Archicad" I don't see many requests for this file format from my experience in Tech support and training. However, we are focused on IFC (Industry Foundation Classes), an open file format that will be a more neutral platform, and will play better with Archicad and other BIM solutions in the market.
  20. A question from our live sessions: Anonymous - The possibilities with VW are huge. However teaching on basic workflow moving from 2D to 3D is needed. /Landmark" I will recommend the following classes from the University: Transitioning from 2D to 3D Vectorworks Landmark Essentials
  21. A question from our live sessions: Howard Lloyd - The online learning seminars are invaluable at this time. Are there plans to increase the frequency of these?” We will be adding more dates as we keep filling up our seminars, currently we are offering three different times 8 am, 1 pm and 6 pm EST. All these seminars will remain free until the end of year.
  22. Hi Jeff, I apologize that we couldn't answer your questions live,. However, I'll do my best to either answer or find the most appropriate person to reply to most of the questions. If we did not address any of your questions or dropped the ball in any instance, we didn't do it on purpose. I'll work with Joe, our tech support manager, to improve the systems to avoid this situation in the future. I'll be happy to follow up on any pending cases you might have. Feel free to email me at jalmansa@vectorworks.net The tech support team is ready to help and assist all users. We have extended hours from 9 am to 8 pm EST. This is squarely in our sights, and we are studying and planning for improvements to the “texture workflow UI.” As a reengineering effort, it is early to know when and how these will be revealed in the future. I will comment more as soon as I get more information form R&D. This is the first version of the University. As a new product, we still have some functionality that is not there yet and some other that is in currently in implementation and the one that is been requested by our users. I think "Learning Paths" will be the feature that will facilitate the process of onboarding new employees, our development team is currently working on this feature and is expected to be released in Q1 - 2021. If you have additional wishes or opportunities (bugs 😉) that you would like to submit, go to the University and under the login dialog box click on Feedback and fill up the form, in that way you will be helping us to shape the future on this platform. Thanks
  23. We had an issue merging some of the questions from other posts. I'm trying to keep all questions in one place - sorry for the inconvenience.
  24. @Bas Vellekoop All live sessions will be available tomorrow to watch on-demand. https://www.vectorworks.net/design-day


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