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  1. Hi @line-weight, I took a look at your file and he's a video of how I got it to work: ScreenFlow.mp4
  2. OK great! I'm guessing WinDoor was updated to fix the issue at some point.
  3. Try going to Install Partner Products and choose "Reinstall" under WinDoor.
  4. Strange. I don't see this issue in you file on VW 2023 SP7 or VW 2024. Have you tried restarting Vectorworks? Or maybe reinstall/update WinDoor?
  5. Thanks for pointing these out and for the file. We are aware of issues related to the gap under leaf (VB-198298). However, I attached your file to make sure the fix will include these cases.
  6. OK, right. And the centers are snappable in a regular wireframe viewport as well because the model is shown as a whole.
  7. I think this is a bug & it needs to be picked up by any VW people reading this. I don't know if it's related to what's discussed here: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/111074-radial-dimension-tool-not-working/ I would say this is a technical limitation rather than a bug. Hidden Line renders are a collection of lines generated from the model. So, those circles are no longer circles. Actually, since those are really holes subtracted from a solid, I'm not sure you can snap to the centers in the model either (I'd need to test). I certainly get why you want to have this but wanted to explain why it is the way it is.
  8. What version of Vectorworks are you using? Can you attach a simple file with the wall and window in it?
  9. In Vectorworks 2023 and later, you can use interactive sizing (with the Selection Tool) to do this with doors and windows. ScreenFlow.mp4
  10. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I am able to reproduce this issue as well. Bug reported (VB-200911).
  11. Right. This may very well be "by design" given that the window would have to decide which sashes to change. Probably the best way to deal with this is to lock the sash width/height you want to keep before changing the mullion dimensions. However, changing the column or row number is another story.
  12. Thanks for the file. I see the problem as well and reported it (VB-200905). A workaround is to select the "Use wall closure" option in the Plug-in Object Options for the window.
  13. Yeah. About 5 Kilometers from the origin seems to be where things get weird. I believe this more of a floating point math limitation in computers (or graphic cards) than it is a software issue. Either that or maybe it’s due to an artificial limitation for performance reasons. I do know other software has similar limits.
  14. Can you attache a VWX file with that window in it?
  15. Interesting. When it happens have you been able to correct it by modifying or resetting it?
  16. I believe this issue is due to having objects too far from the internal origin. I tested this by deleting all objects on all layers except of the wall. then I cut and pasted the wall closer to the origin and it shows sloped.
  17. I believe we're aware of any remaining forward translation issues but feel free to try if you'd like. If you do try, please let me know what you find and I'll let you know if you find anything new. We have a pretty thorough forward translation test file so don't go too far out of your way for this.
  18. Correct. This bug (VB-199811) is not yet resolved.
  19. There were a number of forward translation issues from VW 2024 SP0 that have been fixed in later Updates so most or all of these issue should be resolved. The door and window handing features was a major change in how doors and windows work. This caused quite a ripple effect throughout the code in those objects and is the reason there have been quite a few issues with them. It is a very high priority for us to resolve any remaining issues related to this ASAP.
  20. I don't recall hearing about this issue. Would you mind entering a bug for this? with steps to reproduce?
  21. @JMR, OK. The solution is actually simple. I'm not an Energos expert so I needed to look into this. 🙂 In order for these values to be automatically calculated, you must use Space objects in the areas where the door and windows are and make sure the "Include in calculations" option is selected for the spaces. If you try this and still don't see the correct values, make sure the "Modified" option is deselected in the "Edit Building Element" dialog for the objects.
  22. Hi @zoomer. This is a known bug (VB-197655). Probably the best way to find them is via worksheets using: =IF(ISFLIPPED(), 'FLIPPED', '-') Thank you for bringing this up! This looks like a regression from VW 2024 Update 1. Bug reported (VB-200844) I also noticed the wall lines / header lines are also incorrect when using one or unequal sidelights and reported that (VB-200856).
  23. LOL! Right! All I can say is sometime next year. 😉
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