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  1. @hugobillington, From what I see in the file you sent, you're using VW 2022 SP1. Is that correct? If so, have you tried it in 2022 SP2? The issue of the wrapping not showing until you edit the window looks like a reset problem. It would be worth trying it in SP2 to see if it's fixed in your file. BTW: I quick way to reset a window or door in a wall is to select it and use the Move command to move by (0, 0). This forces the object to reset without changing its location. As for the Wrap to Insert option: In this case, the wrapping does not stop at the insert location because it never hits the jamb of the window. The preview in the dialog is currently a generic representation that does not show shim gaps. Because of that, the wrapping components do touch the jamb (and they stop when they hit it). If you continue having issues, please do PM me the file and I'll have a look.
  2. @hugobillington, There's a bug (that should be resolved for a future service pack) that causes closure graphics to not be created for Top/Plan view if the wall height is not tall enough to include the opening. Even though your components are tall enough the invisible Wall object envelope has a zero height. Try selecting the wall and setting its top/bottom heights to something that more accurately reflects its component geometry heights and you should see the wrapping in Top/Plan. ScreenFlow.mp4
  3. I've been looking at the file but cannot get the viewports to render using RedShift at all. Perhaps my hardware is not up to snuff... In any case, it surely looks like a bug with Redshift since the other modes render correctly.
  4. Thanks for the file @Duncan Gunn. The is a Vectorworks 2020 file so it's not using the new Wall Closure features in Vectorworks 2022. When you use the Wall Detail settings in a Door or Window, you'll see a blue control point appear when the object is selected. This point defines where the component wrapping occurs. Just move it to where you need it and you should be good. ScreenFlow.mp4
  5. Hi @Duncan Gunn, Can you attach a Vectorworks file with that wall with the door and window in it?
  6. Hi Emily, These portions of the wall are created as part of the plug-in for Top/Plan view by the interior and exterior "Wall Detail" settings. Changing the Number of Components to zero (and not using splays) will remove them (and also removes the wrapping components). BTW: Vectorworks 2022 introduced Wall Closures that provides a new way to do this that correctly models the geometry in 3D. While the new system is still green (with some maturing to do), it will eventually replace the "Wall Detail" settings.
  7. Thanks for the file! Yup. It hung on my machine. We'll dig further into this... Thanks! Bug reported: VB-184364
  8. Do you still have the file that crashes? Can you send it to me privately? If so, please also let me know if there are any particular walls that you moved to cause the crash.
  9. Would it be possible to PM me examples of drawings sheets you usually create like this?
  10. Thank you for this! I submitted these in an enhancement request VE-102601
  11. @LarryO, Thank you for this! I submitted these in an enhancement request VE-102601
  12. @Todd Drucker, I took a look at the files you submitted and have some questions. I assume this project was created in a previous version of Vectorworks and brought forward to 2022? If so, were all changes checked in from working files before moving to VW 2022? In its current state in VW 2022, it looks like all "Floor Layout" layers are checked out by someone. When you tried resetting the walls (via Cut and Paste) was it in the working file that had them all checked out? If so, did you commit them to the project file and they still show flay when later opened in the working file? As for fixing the problem, I would try the following steps: Check out the layers containing the problem walls. Select the problem walls. Use the Move command and move them by (0, 0) to force a reset. Save and Commit the changes to the project file.
  13. Thank you, Will, for the file and laying out the issues! While I believe most of these are known issues, I entered a bug (VB-184305) with the file to get this closer on the radar.
  14. @Tom W., I don't see any open bugs on this. Please do submit a bug with a simple file showing the issue.
  15. Yeah. I understand you don't want to do all that for every file. Moving back to SP1.1 (as tech support suggests) makes more sense.
  16. Thank you for reporting this. This is a known problem (VB-184186) and should be fixed in an upcoming service pack. In the meantime, the best way to correct it is to remove the symbol from the wall and place it up against it (without inserting).
  17. Can you attach a simple file that shows the issue?
  18. There is for me. Noted & submitted in other threads and bug reports. That bug has to do more with using wall closures though. However, wall holes are related to some of the performance improvements we're investigating.
  19. No problem @michaelk While I do try to get users to submit bugs themselves, I do my best to put in ones I feel are related to (or impacted by) new features my team is working on in the current version. As for the speed in 2022, that may be related to the way walls now store geometry. Please feel free to submit a bug for that. 🙂
  20. I do not believe this is related tot he corner window issues. @Meret, Could you please submit the file and description of the issue via http://www.vectorworks.net/support/bugsubmit
  21. Hi Michael, Thanks for including the simple files. Yes. I see the problem in 2022 as well. LOL! I'm flattered, but also feeling the glares from our engineers. 😬 I only say that because wall holes in symbols were not really intended to be used this way. That said, this problem could point to other issues in more intended cases. Bug reported: VB-184213 - Symbol Wall Hole geometry ignored by wall past wall joins and inserts
  22. OK, thanks for the description of what you did. Unfortunately, I still have not been able to reproduce the issue in the file that shows the wall holes. We have the file that shows the problem (which is good). However, if we can reproduce the problem, we can figure out how it got into that state and prevent it from happening.
  23. Hi @Todd Drucker, Could you private message me a file that shows this problem?
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