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  1. The icons reflect the layer's visibility: Regular Icon for visible Grayed icon for grayed No icon for invisible
  2. Does this De-wall the wall? Does it change it to a series of generic solids? I saw those great furring channels in the wall assembly. Was that just modeled or was that a component in the wall. If the latter -how do we do that? Oops! I meant to say "The video is showing how you can now ungroup a wall to get at its 3D geometry. Yes. Ungrouping the wall means you're simply left with generic solids (no longer a wall). The furring in the video was simply modeled and not part of the wall.
  3. Thanks. I imagine it must be very complicated to work out the best way to control all these multiple variables and you have my sympathies/admiration if you were one of the people who has had to try and programme this! Thanks @line-weight ! This first wall reengineering task was a huge undertaking. While I did not implement any of this myself, I understand enough of how it was done and what's happening behind the scenes is quite impressive! The Vectorworks Architecture Features team of engineers all tackled this together. Kudos to them all! 🎉
  4. Only the related settings in the Plug-in Object Options can be part of the plug-in object style. The other settings are more related to the wall structure and must be controlled at the wall or individual insert level.
  5. This should not be the case. Can you send me a simple file from 2021 that does not work?
  6. Currently, this only works for Door and Window Plug-ins. However, symbol support for this is on the radar.
  7. If you use the "Wrap To Insert" option for a component, it should stop when it hits the jamb. Can you attach the file and explain what you want this to look like?
  8. Not exactly fair to say. You will get odd results if the profile shape extends past the face of jamb. More realistic values should work.
  9. You beat me to it, Mike! Thanks for filling in the details!
  10. In order to get closures to work, the Door or Window must have the “Use wall closures” option selected in its Plug-in Object Options. You can get to the Plug-in Options via right-clicking on a plug-in or plug-in style (in the Resource Manager) and choosing Edit Plug-in Options. This setting is off by default for now mainly due to some performance issues that we’re currently working to improve. After this and some other possible tweaks are done, the “Use wall closure” option will likely be turned on by default.
  11. Did you use the ungroup function first? They mentioned that in the video I think. Can't test now. Right. The video is showing how you can now in group a wall to get at its 3D geometry.
  12. At this time, all I can comment on is what we see in the video.
  13. I see neither of those shown in the video. But I do see splayed openings with wall components wrapping in 3D.
  14. Another clip from the video:
  15. Ah. Sorry, you can submit bugs via this link: http://www.vectorworks.net/support/bugsubmit
  16. @BobS_50, I ask this because creating “regular” section viewports by drawing horizontal section lines creates a different kind of viewport than the other two methods. The menu and clip cube method create a “true” (internally) horizontal section. Creating “regular” sections viewports from section lines is not recommended for horizontal sections because their settings are assuming a vertical section. That all said, I recommend submitting a bug report with any problem files you have.
  17. Are you creating the Horizontal Section via the “Create Horizontal Section” menu command or the Clip Cube? What “instance” option? Are you talking about Section Line instances? If so, it sounds like you’re creating “regular” Section Viewports” from an elevation viewport (using a section line). Is that the case?
  18. Edit the crop of the viewport and see if there's a crop object. Horizontal Section Viewports have no X, Y extents but they can be cropped. This is similar to how Top/Plan viewports work.
  19. Yes. You won't be able to fully test until the service pack that has the changes is released (probably 2022 SP2) The best I can say for this is to post this request in the Wishlist forum along with a simple example file showing what it does now, and what you'd like it to do. This will help us to understand the need better and you may even get some replies offering a solution. It might be best to see how this all works after the changes are in place. That will allow you and others to look at the problem in a file and investigate the best solution.
  20. As @Tom W. mentioned, walls will look much more like they do in Top/Plan when they're cut in vertical/horizontal Sections.
  21. There are some bug reports on this and we're actively working to make the hidden line rendered results more consistent. In render modes that do not show hatches, the fill color is shown instead. If you edit the attributes of the class used for the component, you'll see it's using a hatch, however, if you change the fill to solid, you'll see that it does has a megenta color. Set the color as desired, then change the fill back to hatch and you should see that component in the new color.
  22. Hi Bob, I don't think anyone here singled your serial number out for a prank. I don't think we're allowed to do that anymore. 😉 😛 Can you attached a file so we can have a look?
  23. Vectorworks 2022 SP0 will work as it does now, but the behavior will change probably in SP2. So you will need to adapt your workflow by then. Right. When displaying 2D components, you would see the slab's 2D component with its hatch and when not displaying 2D components, you would see the 3D. So, you're correct that you would need to setup hatches for both 2D and 3D representations. I realize this is more to manage but it's consistent with how hybrid objects work in Vectorworks. There are currently a number of issues we're working to correct and making all this consistent will making things work more reliably and predictably. Class overrides should work on the attributes of objects that you set to "Use Original" in the Advanced Properties of the section viewport.
  24. @drelARCH, I want to give you a heads up that this issue you were having will most likely come back in Vectorworks 2022 (probably in SP2). The reason being that it is inconsistent with how hybrid objects display. When using the Display 2D Components option, you should see the 2D component and not the 3D. Of course, turning off Display 2D Components will still show surface hatches. In order to have hatches with the option on, you will need to apply the hatch in the Slab Style or use class attributes and overrides in viewports to show hatches in the viewports you want. This is consistent with how other hybrid objects work and trying to treat slabs differently creates other bugs and unexpected behaviors. I wanted to let you know about this now so you can plan for when this behavior changes.
  25. Unfortunately, a file would not be of much help without steps to reproduce. I'll keep an eye out for this happening though.
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