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  1. When was the last time WRG got any improvements? 5 or 6 years. Doesn't really seem to be on the radar of the engineering team.
  2. Maybe it could still make it in to "Viewport Styles" some time in 2024.... I kid, I kid...
  3. Exactly so why wasn't the design horizontal or better still and floating or summonable like smart palettes on the cursor. Still popups are great.
  4. If on a Mac you can save as Postscript then double click the .ps file and preview will convert it to a PDF. This is most effective when you have lots of layered transparency or other bitmap layering.
  5. Is the redesigned Attribute palette now dockable in a sensible fashion? Seems form the video it is locked to a single column layout, yet it would be great for integrating with the rest of the palettes if it had a 2 column horizontal layout. Pen next Fill instead of being on top. It would then work nicely with the natural width of the Navigation or Object Info.
  6. Shame that, I'd be more than happy to see annotation space done away with like this. Allow not just dimensions to associate with viewport and pick up scale but also allow notes and tags to associate and read scaled data out of them. If we have multiple viewports on a page they are all related, like larger scale section cut into pieces to get all the interesting parts on one page or internal elevations. avoiding the need to jump in and out of different viewport annotations would be a real advantage. Maybe there is a direct edit approach that moves the objects into annotation and takes use in as well to reduce friction.
  7. Which looks promising but could still go either way depending on details. If walls jump to 1-50 while slabs are still 1-200 that doesn’t get us any closer to cut and annotate 1-100s
  8. How excited should we get about the 3D profile of the window frames?
  9. Yep the Stair improvements shown are a winner from the first day it's a stable release.
  10. Sold... 1minute and 15 seconds
  11. Wasn't "design summit" meant to open today? I have a calendar item but nothing else, maybe the date didn't localise and it will all happen overnight.
  12. This system could be prefect with a couple of tweaks. One Dates and allow us to format them. I'd love reverse date an option if I had an option for that I could set and forget for the company but maybe there is a simple way to let us have any date formate we like. Y or y for long or short year - Y=2021 y=21 M or m for month - M = 09 or m = 9 D or d for day - D = 02 or d = 2 Could be expanded for allow Day Name, Time if people think there is decent use. The other item related would be great to set a destination for output per file with or without creating folders in location with a similar naming rule.
  13. Generally same Tuesday as Apple iPhone event not sure how offical that date is.
  14. Spaces take the primary units values for length and area measurement. Very annoying but at least doable.
  15. Was trying to do a data vis for Fire rated walls the other day. Can see how this would be useful.
  16. The publish command can be set to open the created PDF was finished, great lets me review send move on. Except the Vectorworks Icon is bouncing the whole time to get my attention to tell it successfully published the x number of sheets they'd I was just looking at. Seems redundant.
  17. Having just managed to tear off a palette I wasn't anywhere near I fully support stopping the madness.
  18. In other words dive in give it a try see what works for us, and if we need to spend cash to hit a certain project goal next year well, at least we know.
  19. Has anyone had a look at BlenderBIM clash detection? Sure it seems a little hands on to set up but the price can't be beat... free. Still wondering if worth the effort of setting up to try it.
  20. I think a file or app wide preference to force all "by class" all the time would be another wish entirely. Still why isn't default configuration for all tools should be "by class".
  21. In practice this is bad practice due to the way the tool works. (and frankly should be fixed) Drawing a shape and adding this way adds that shape as a modifier to the slab it doesn't change the boundary of the slab. You can use the reshape tool to then also change the same boundaries of the slab. Annoying I know a little more fidlely sure but to me always use reshape for edges, save add or subtract modifiers for internally reshaping the slab.
  22. Didn't we get a resource recently that made the same functional promise? This wish seems to be well outside the mental model the developers are using of how buildings work.
  23. We try to keep classes in files tight to the project. So searching for class and layers is great but often we don't find the item we are looking for and have to make it. Would be great if search didn't find an exact match then would ofter to make a new item. Saves hitting new class etc then typing again.
  24. if Object info allowed 2 buttons in the same line there could be "Replace" & "...with Duplicate" in the same space as just "Replace".
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