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  1. Have ever managed to get a formula that will report Average, Min or Max of objects meeting a criteria? What I thought would work didn't.
  2. Yes, I was doing something similar to above manually, but recently have been using excel with big data set (covid related homework). So now I keep wanting more.
  3. It would be highly useful if worksheet database rows had an option similar to summaries items but similar to sub-totals in Excel. Let us call it "Group Items" just for convenience. This would still create the Summary Rows at each change in the item in that column but would list all the items summarised above or below. Importantly each Summary row could be referencd by other cells in the spread sheet like you'd created them as group of tightly filtered series of databases on the same worksheet.
  4. Components as a style that is transferable between different shell styles would take care of most of the situations in this wish too...
  5. A viewport with nothing to view? If so you should still be able to option drag select it. Otherwise not sure.
  6. Grain - would be applicable to many resources not just textures. Certainly Hatches, Gradients have a direction of Span which generally follows the Grain. Many plug-in object have a inherent span/grain direction as well so the textural resources would know how to apply themselves. Walls, Roofs, Slabs and Structural Elements all have a span/grain direction. Seems to make the idea much easier when you acknowledge it doesn't just apply in limited places it happens everywhere. I mean Roofs have fall (which denotes the span) but it is easier to have two roof styles NS and EW and all the corresponding textures and hatches than it is to get mapping to work correctly.
  7. Bonus feature of using operations instead of minutes is if you have logging turned on it gives you a run down of the more active files that day. great if you miss a day in your timesheet and need to catch up.
  8. As in Cloud Publish would have its own working file that it updates if sent a request it publish something? Something along those lines would be highly useful.
  9. Agree external utility is good for this other option on Mac is to Print to postscript then double click postscript file to get preview to convert to PDF. I find this works well when there is lots of layers or transparency in the file
  10. - I miss those days. - the list opened so quickly - every time just as fast Sure now we get thumbnails but at what cost,.... well 30seconds to a 1minute the first time the list opens for each tool in each file. Is there a way that this can be improved?
  11. https://www.vectorworks.net/en-AU/public-roadmap?url=viewport-styles it’s in the roadmap as active research but I think that means 2024 at best.
  12. Thanks for the reminder of the good old days. Maybe 2023 given that'll be 5 years.
  13. iMac 27 - 3.5Qhz Quad-core i5 16GB RAM Radeon Pro 4Gb Free space 300Gb out of 1Tb so well over 20%. Working files all on server but doesn't seem to matter these have already been saved and closed before quitting. No projects currently Project Sharing.
  14. by a long time seems to never complete even overnight after quitting with all files closed. May have stopped trying once the system timed out the automatic shutdown but even that was at least an hour passed quitting. Any thoughts to how to speed up quitting?
  15. Well, not critical here found another way. Just don't think I'd ever find another potential use for Layer or Class Tags that wouldn't also require Database filtering. Oddly I can attach my own record to any object and use that why is Tags not just a blessed record.
  16. Is It possible to get a database to only include layers with a certain tag. Say a list of only the sheet titles of sheet layers with a tag of "construction' or "con1", "con2",... if we wanted to shows deadline phases in the set? The Tags set in organisation don't appear to part of Layer or it's own type or record or field value. Seems too obvious for it be a missed feature.
  17. Vw2022 - why do you hate me so. So promising fairly stable and usable out of the box but..... Still obvious friction points left on the tree.
  18. Ok VW2022 now that is just being cruel. Reshape tool now works directly on rectangles - sort of. Reshape a corner yep works - converts to a Polygon for me. Reshape an edge, yep works - stays a rectangle So far amazing new mode preserves area This is brilliant OK sweet moving on Change node - Nope doesn't work on rectangles add node - Nope doesn't work on rectangles delete node - Nope doesn't work on rectangles hide edge - Nope doesn't work on rectangles If reshapes does the covert to poly for us why not the last 3. I feel like the precedent was set and could have applied to all for consistency.
  19. Nope .... we shouldn't have to wait to 2024 for Viewport Styles. They should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time.
  20. It would be good if we could apply image effects to image masks in camera match. If we could turn some pixels transparent by colours in the sky range we could pretty much avoid most fiddly lines in the mask.
  21. When was the last time WRG got any improvements? 5 or 6 years. Doesn't really seem to be on the radar of the engineering team.
  22. Maybe it could still make it in to "Viewport Styles" some time in 2024.... I kid, I kid...
  23. Exactly so why wasn't the design horizontal or better still and floating or summonable like smart palettes on the cursor. Still popups are great.
  24. If on a Mac you can save as Postscript then double click the .ps file and preview will convert it to a PDF. This is most effective when you have lots of layered transparency or other bitmap layering.
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