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  1. or this alternative - no background to model - viewport background will be clear, just add image behind of your viewport window (export blank image from sketchup at a decent size that you could use) sketch border.vwx
  2. how about something like this - viewport on page - add some semi transparent layers in white around border, add soft edge in image editor in object info? sketch border.vwx
  3. No, I’m done with 2020....I’m back to using 2019 and ain’t moving till spring....doubt I’ll bother with next years VSS either..
  4. Give it out to students as trial until its at least sp3....then I’ll think about using it.... not wasting my time on any vw apps until it’s been out 6 months from now on....it’s ridiculous to expect paying clients/professionals to do all your dirty work ...
    getting a marionette execution error on changing any of the setting in the object info..vw2019 & 2020. Works when i change units to meters! - great.
  5. How did you get on with oculus go and vw?? Thinking of getting one as a step up from 360 images on iPhone in cardboard....use twinmotion- so interested in that and unity maybe if anyone has any more experience??
  6. Used macs/iMacs for 20 years, so when I started on my own as a self employed architect I def wasn’t going to shell out for an iMac especially now they’re pretty much unfixable/upgradeable with glued screens etc couldn’t stand thought of using windows, so bought a pc and installed OS X on it....hackintosh...best of both worlds, am tempted to have a go at using windows as it would probably perform a little better, but just hate fact that there’s so many updates on windows machines.. Would be interested to see how you get on with windows though? Twinmotion is def quicker under windows with my 280x 3gb gpu- talking moving up from Medium settings up to high settings under windows..
  7. If your Mac runs Yosemite - you should be able to upgrade to El Capitan at least ? - (el cap was a tune up of yos mainly to improve performance etc) unless you’re keeping it on that os for another particular reason..?
  8. but it does....otherwise why am i now having to upgrade the memory on my mac to hopefully allow my upgraded VW2020 to run on my upgraded mojave os...
  9. well, its whether it actually doesn't work on an older OS, or Nemetchek just being lazy and dropping support I suppose - Easiest way to try is to copy all the app components over - good old mac os way from times of old?!! you could try spoofing the installer into thinking its a different version maybe? see here - https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/311319/spoofing-the-os-version-to-trick-a-buggy-installer
  10. Thanks for the link to fixing safari & firefox for using panoramas locally - didn't come up in my search as its related to web views (but its the same issue) so I've attached the link here to help anyone else (or me in a few years).. Quicktime panoramas - makes sense - i probably used it last on an older osX - pre sierra. Tamsin - thanks for the quick response. Export Panos hack for lines in rendered image - export at highest def and when VW has completed the quick openGL lined pre-image, resave it elsewhere as a copy - good enough for what I need at moment/alternatively overlay image with finalised white card render to improve image lighting..
  11. Thanks Tamsin - I've emailed the files to uktech...Ive realised Ive had these issues before and I've just always ended up using VW2016 with the Quicktime perspective (but i don't haver that versions anymore.) Is no one else having any issues with exporting panoramics with Artistic/lines under MacOS on VW2019 & 2020??! Its either not saving the whole 360 image (only the screen view), its saving the image with skewed perspective or even worse the lines all coming from centre of image (using artistic render) see attached - this is under VW 2019 & VW 2020 and I've tried 2 different macs - with same effect.
  12. I doubt an upgrade to Mojave’s will help, I’ve had to go back to high Sierra to make 2020 useable...beach balling and crashing ..out of memory notifications- update is only going to add more pressure to your MacBook in my opinion..
  13. your velux symbol is too far away from the origin within the symbol, there are velux roof light symbols in the VW system - just do a search for it in resource manager
  14. Im a longterm user in my previous job of 16 years and now work freelance/for myself for the past 2. I think VW/Nem should seriously consider moving to Bi-annual major updates... Ive just purchased 2019 & free upgrade to 2020.....thought id move up straight away as its the start of a new years work for me (sept)...what a mistake!! Dropped back to 10.13 due to Mojave issues with low memory and beach balling, missing walls in viewports, viewports moving glitch....Im seriously angry at the state of this software and ive just paid £3K for this?!! Ive just spent a whole afternoon trying to get a couple of quick and dirty mono 360 panoramics out of a small project and its just not working anymore... Anyone that updates before SP4-5 are basically just Beta testing VW - and were paying for this service annually??!


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