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  1. Look at what turned up when I altered the viewport view position and re render in the same viewport!!😤
  2. and it looks like im not the only one... https://www.facebook.com/groups/vectorworksTutorials/permalink/4374663015919555/
  3. Anyone else had issues with part of VSS/Library furniture being missing?? had it prev with sofa/cushions and now the stool. The has happened a couple of times to me now - latest was today when imported a vectorworks stool into my model - see attached (all classes apart from ceiling are on). And the item is above the ffl level.
  4. Yep- and they keep posting it as news on both Twitter and Facebook this month - the news is - they’re still on the fence about recommending it...as it’s early days (6 month on..!!)
  5. table example.vwx example of an item imported from 3d warehouse ( - so its just default model material setting from import - legs material import to TM is transparent, table top is ok) using 2020.2 on mac 10.15.6 used hierarchy as usual..
  6. Just used the data smith export today and models are definitely importing better into Twinmotion - so thanks! One big issue im finding - Missing elements in my model - they are there, but material in Twinmotion is set to transparent and opacity of Zero.. It appears to be ALL materials in vectorworks which have Transparency set to 'plain', (even with opacity set to 100%) - but for some reason they're importing into twin motion at 0% opacity - Its only happening with items ive imported from eg 3dwarehouse which generally have these settings im finding.
  7. Just import a vw model as c4d file type with textures- you’ll be getting 3ds out within hours- it really is easy to use.. If anything looks missing (like window frames) it probably needs 2 sided material setting switching on in materials editor (vw exports faces wrong way round a lot)
  8. This came up recently actually - although user was trying to design a bow string truss- not had to use the old vector depot plugin since though- so can’t tell you if it works - looks like mark got it working though..
  9. I assumed 5 years is more likely to be support and not sell - past experience with ppc was that other software developers dropped support quicker
  10. found this through my Facebook this am - So much for thinking being in forums would keep me in-the-know!! https://blog.vectorworks.net/5-things-the-new-macos-big-sur-optimized-with-m1-brings-to-vectorworks?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_term=&utm_content=121020bigsurupdate&utm_campaign=blog
  11. mike m oz - look forward to hearing how it goes due to the lack of much progress from VW themselves. 👍
  12. That post doesnt actually state that vw 2021 will install on a M1 - which was my point....were just left to sort ourselves out....
  13. Thats the million dollar question finally answered (that its installs - Note - its been given by a client and not from vw..!!.) 👍🏻👏👏
  14. Like Jonathan said - just export from vw at cinema 4d jncl materials and import to twinmotion - so plugin between the two would be great if it worked similar to enscape meaning any changes to the model would auto update in Twinmotion.
  15. concur with the speed of some issues that never seem to get resolved... im a self employed architect and use renderworks often but recently been using twinmotion to render projects as renderworks is nowadays just too slow - so im looking forward to the epic/twinmotion/ redshift changes to speed up my workflow...


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