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  1. This looks great!! Will have a look at your file and see if I can get it to work. 👍
  2. This is looking positive for future apples new processors (Mx) - raytracing…if they can do it on an iPhone - hopefully we’ll get it in macs soon….twinmotion etc.. https://9to5mac.com/2022/12/23/apple-chip-gpu-blunder/
  3. Issue with shaded preview images not rendering correctly in vw 2023 (tearing of image issues with all resolutions)
  4. They normally post snippets of new things through august. im in a similar position, used VW for 22 years - not really sure whether I really need to keep paying the yearly subs - last year I did begrudgingly as I was enticed by the new redshift rendering and I thought door and window reveal/ closures were finally sorted (which it wasn’t). vw 2022 crashed so often on my hackintosh I’ve not really used it for any major work. so this year - I’m not planning on paying anymore - I’ll stick with 21/22 for the foreseeable future and save some cash. Sick and tired of being VW beta tester.
  5. ive had this issue too - its like ambient lighting is doubled (from. world lighting and in addition to any ambient lighting set in the rendering settings) - turning down world lighting solves the issue - but Yes - it is a pain.
  6. MacOS isn’t really off at anytime - it’s just easyer to have another pc running /at same time. (dual booting- I don’t think I’ve used windows on my hackintosh in over 2 years) mark - yes, fact that Apple restrict app updates to their os is annoying. (Mainly as I always end up loosing compatibility between versions eg macOS vs iOS/iPad - which tends to be the reason I have to upgrade macOS each year over summer holidays) kvm for laptop and desktop - (to just use same mouse and keyboard) - I use an app called ‘Barrier’, as for monitor input switching, I’m not sure - putting one device into sleep may switch the connection between on devices if monitor set to auto perhaps?
  7. Just read through this entire post in a hope of knowing what m1 to be looking to get to replace my hackintosh… ….think I’ll just keep on using it for now! Just sounds like a big mess. I have very little faith in VW sorting out memory issues just like any other ongoing issues unfortunately. If I though I could keep working on VW2021 for next 6 years I might just cancel my VSS.🤣🤣 big sur, 24gb, Vega 56 with Vw2021 is working fine (2022 on the other hand - a load of beachballing and crashing to login screen multiple times a day) Don’t see Apple sorting out retracing in TM anytime soon - and with lack of oculus vr compatibility on MacOS, I just bought a lenovo 3070 legion 7 and laptop with 2tb ssd and 32gb just to do TM 2022 raytracing and VR walkabouts with clients.
  8. So this HAD been sorted since my last issue - but now this issue seems to be back in my current VW2021 SP5....! showing up on sofa (seat cushions missing, and in velux roof lights (frame/surround missing) - A restart has solved it
  9. They look great!👍🏻🍻 - unfortunately they won’t load as it states ‘illegal VW copy’ when trying to open on my legal VW…🤬 VW SHOULD BE GIVING YOU A FREE TRIAL FOR ADDING DECENT MODELS TO THEIR LIBRARIES! - why VW thinks stopping paid users from being able to use these types of files is beyond me!! - just making more work for the users who actually pay their wages!!! will have to wait until I can boot into an old Mac OS which works with my ‘VW file validator’ app
  10. Think we all learn this lesson at some point….don’t upgrade until at least sp2 or 3….. they should give new version out to students for 6 month for free before paying customers get to really use it…🤣
  11. If pro 580 is basically a posher workstation rx 580 then it looks like it’s a No. you’ll also need big sur installed…..if you’re on Vss - just download and see if it works?
  12. Vw 2022 redshift exterior render shows built in renderworks brick texture pattern incorrectly - It should be stretcher to main body brickwork (brick detailing soldier is correct) -
  13. VW 2022 on Mac osMac 11.5.2 - Viewport, open gl renders with hidden line foreground - sketch line option - gives same effect no matter what settings I change.
  14. Yes, saw this posted earlier today… ive been contemplating upgrading my hackintosh all day ( 11.3 from 10.15)….but then it’ sounds like Redshift is a seperate app unlike renderworks - so maybe I don’t bother and stick with twinmotion for the amount of 3d vis I have to do as a architect… would save me having to work out how to move to opencore….
  15. Well if redshift and door/window reveal inner leaf wrap is in 2022 that’s fine - otherwise I think I’ll just hold off the vss - I ain’t in no rush to update/become a beta tester until at least sp3/4…
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