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  1. @twk I added a remark on dev, it is important for people to know it. https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:GetLBHeaderTextWidth Is it you the user Tui? I credited to that user.
  2. Ciao @twk, you got me curious, I can confirm that GetLBHeaderTextWidth doesn't crash on Mac under VW 2021. I have no access to win at the moment.
  3. It's taken, it was really only a glitch. It is something affecting foreign scripters not using a querty keyboard. How many are we.
  4. I filed now again a reminder. I filed this as bug in 2014 and called again and again for the solution, like some others.
  5. Hello everybody, just to inform that now the List Browser article has been reworked and put on dev in my user space, since the thing is all but official. https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/User:CBM-c-/VS-List_Browsers_part_1 I would be thankful if one of the admins could delete the attachment in my previous post (under Orso's Avatar). I found out that the webarchive I saved is full of truly ugly links, the wiki had apparently been capered before being shut down. This also applies to the Wayback machine, and BTW, that most articles didn't save. @Pat Stanford, can you help there? Delete the zip here? Pat, I could still delete it as Orso, it's done! Thank you and happy new year everybody!
  6. _c_

    2021 Public Roadmap

    What a lovely place you gave us! Here Berlin, pretty much according to expectations. Dark. Cold. Winter.
  7. _c_

    2021 Public Roadmap

    John, the public release of Renderworks as built-in part - vs being a separate module - was one of the best decisions ever. A true added quality. I truly hope that we won't be left without RW.
  8. @Helm, my previous post came in just as your previous one!
  9. John, while these young ones are indeed not paid much, they are still paid. This is Germany, not Italy, where they even pay themselves, in some particularly bad cases. I do remember that long gone myself struggling to find a job in a country whose language I didn't speak and I had the disadvantage to come from an environment where there was no practicing habit. Italy. I wished indeed to be given that chance beforehand. As a rule I think that no trainee, ever, came under my teaching without experiencing warmth and the highest degree an respect. I do like them immensely. I had countless and baked countless sweets for them.
  10. Hello Elepp, we have a system which doesn't require particular skills and certainly no dedicated person. I consider it highly efficient and scalable, given the circumstances. We use it for every project, from small to large.
  11. And the archive policy. You can archive a drawing made of references old style and a layout, because you can cap references keeping the layers. That's the real publishing. But you cannot archive sensibly a whole project with layouts in the same file of the geometry because you are never able to restore the exact things you published, should you need it. By legal troubles you want that certainty.
  12. _c_

    2021 Public Roadmap

    As my old friend Petri used to say: Dialogs are bad interface I know, I know, I am being provocative here... ❤️
  13. And the viewport obsolescence. This is unavoidable when a project grows and/or you have multiple persons working on it. You end up with tons of empty or senseless viewports. In environments where you have large turn over of trainees -usually on 6-months basis- it is impossible to keep house clean publishing in the same file where you work.
  14. For the moment a number, if not all, of VW features is cut on the premise that everything is in 1 file there are few elements to be edited construction drawings can be derived from 3D Where we have larger projects requiring multiple files VW fails. Features such as Project Sharing Stories Drawing sync items (grids, labels, etc) Data Tags Resource sync real workgroup management (spilt damned preferences from libraries) etc... cannot be used any longer or with monstrous workarounds. Projects last years, not weeks, here. VW, do you really think that we can have all variants of renderings, permits, calculations etc. etc. in the same file, year after year of project growth? The level of detail of the shipped plug-ins is barely OK for very early planning phases. All of them. Otherwise, VW is very, very late in the plug-ins development and this is not to be caught up any longer. The solution to offload the problem on our shoulders in form of user defined 2D or 3D components, is, let me say it, making me rageful. If VW is targeting the small American praxis, as it seems to us (see lack of aknowledgement that we adopted the SI system some decades ago), then please tell us so once and for all. It might really be the point where we must adopt software more dedicated to the Architect and to our needs.
  15. _c_

    2021 Public Roadmap

    What is truly saddening me -as most old users- is that old problems are never resolved. New features, new features, new features is all there is. And new features always come out with some devastating flaws. There are exceptions, I'd like to mention them for motivating those who put so much work and energy into VW. If I look at the development of complex features who took their time and released slowly: Subdivision, Data Tags, DTM come to my mind. Title Block had a devastating start, but the responsible engineer stood patiently -bravely, really- his ground and fixed ALL of the issues giving the tool unprecedented power too. This tool is now at a very high professional level and I use it every day without problems. (And that engineer is daily around helping people resolving all quirks they might encounter, I love that.)
  16. _c_

    2021 Public Roadmap

    That's my only joy in that list
  17. _c_

    2021 Public Roadmap

    Hello Juan, VW is getting more than ever unintuitive and cumbersome to work with. How does this fit your declared target? And that's what worries me. Are you sure that you are doing what we want? We have again and again the situation where you implement things that we never cared for and blatantly skip those we all wanted differently. And you didn't know. And you are surprised and sorry. You are clearly going the path of fully generated plans (horizontal sections). As it is now, what your development does to us is just making most works involving anything that is not lines and polys extremely time consuming, insanely complex and there are bucketloads of mistakes at the end too. This comes with a stubborn disregard of our needs, our drawing standards. So I ask, why should we bear with you on this? We want our SI units, our standards to be realisable out of the box. We don't want to cut a section to see if a plan is right. We don't want to add things into annotations if we can do it otherwise. We can't have everything in one file. We create in 1 hour but edit 1 year, always bear that in mind. And we definitely don't want to derive everything from 3D, if we can avoid it. Even the most complex BIM project is very sparing on the 3D modelling. Specially, the large ones. You are leaving us alone fencing with the infinite frustration of VW's 3D edits. Year after year. Slab modifiers, 3D Wall holes, 3D in Autohybrid, 3D in symbols, Extrude along paths. Etc. There is no snap, there is constant view turns and twists. Are you fixing this kind of edit first? Are you making VW more direct? Less dialogs? Less interface scattering? We are left alone with daily work with often cryptical tools that never, ever work as we need them to. Please do finish what you begin, and really do Focus on us.
  18. Hello Thomas, since most times we need to work on permits (LP4) and construction drawings (LP5) at the same time, and this for a long time -perhaps years- we work as for LP5 and load the project by reference old style in prepared files for LP4. These files are set with the attributes are as needed by BauVerVO (previously BauVorlVO). There are world of differences across the two displays, as you well can imagine. It is very fast to change the attributes of a class in a document, compared to deal with all overrides/visualisations etc. Have a prepared class file > New > Import. Done. The display is perfect: colours, line thickness level of detail, hatches, etc. And the maintenance is ZERO. We can then archive the plot file easily as required. The file is always as small as it can be and we can restore the exact content for "Tekturen" or whatever reason. We have some 3-4 display standards loadable by class import. Fare with this system since references were introduced, also on large projects spanning with great many buildings and couldn't be any happier.
  19. Actually I always did this by class. Document overrides, not even class overrides. If you are doing what I think you are doing, you just need black, red, yellow. So your best friend is a dedicated document where the attributes are as needed. If you are doing German permits the level of drawing standard requirements is only achieved with a dedicated doc. I call this plot file.


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