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  1. @JimWthis is super helpful. What are your thoughts on the 16GB Radeon Pro Vega 64, and the upcoming iMac Pro compared to the Windows workstation described above (other than the Mac being ridiculously overpriced)?
  2. Unibrow escape key for when I try to render on a Mac
  3. @Andrew Daviesadding to @michaelk... It's really an organizational vs. presentation distinction. I typically abbreviate viewport names to organize my drawing in a nerdy systematic hierarchy (similar to classes) for quick sorting and searching: Plan Overview Iso Left Iso Left Persp HL Iso Left Persp GL Front Stage However, I prefer to title drawings with natural language to improve readability for clients and collaborators: Overview Left Iso Left Perspective Left Perspective Render Stage Elevation
  4. @JimWwhere is the constantly visible field?
  5. Yep. Looks like they also added a subtle artistic style to the edges. However, the more salient point is that we still don't have Tyler GT truss symbols yet. Upstaging just drew their own cad blocks from scratch. Top of the wish list.
  6. Is there a way to render a projector cone with lit fog in the same manner as a light beam?
  7. @sidram Good to see you hear, Jamie. @nathansmith50 I'd love to check out those Layher scaff symbols, so I'm going to PM you. Thanks, Mark
  8. For dead-on views -- Top, Front, Back, Right, Bottom, Back -- I spend most of my time using ortho. However, for Iso views, I spend most of my time using perspective. I would never want to impose my preferences on other users' workflows but adding the option to leave a narrow perspective on would save me a lot of time and frustration by allowing me to focus on the work itself instead of constantly fiddling with the interface. Thank you for adding that feature to the wish list. It seems like that preference would be a natural fit in the main toolbar, right next to the Standard Views picker.
  9. @michaelk Are you using the Mad Catz driver/software that came with the mouse, or the default driver in OS X? Also, please advise if the Mad Catz software is required for any of the actions described below. Are you able to program any of the mouse buttons to Vectorworks? For example, views. Can you use the DPI/sensitivity buttons with the Flyover tool? For example, to adjust the speed of rotation. I've read a few negative reviews regarding build quality (wobbly parts, worn out buttons)... What's your experience? Thanks for your help. These pretty Apple input devices are becoming increasingly painful, so I need to find a mouse and keyboard solution.