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  1. @trashcan although living outside VW, you may want to check out: https://www.mappingmatter.com Oftentimes, I'll be working with a designer that's working in Mapping Matter, and I'll take that info into VW for prepro, rigging, plotting, paperwork... Ultimately, it would be amazing to have the functionality of all three tools built into VW, and the guys to do it are in this thread, so fingers crossed...
  2. See attached screenshot for OIP settings (works with blends too):
  3. (face palm) Yes, 2021, please. I"m in a vortex with no sense of time. Last week was the longest year ever.
  4. Thanks for reviving that thread. VW is due for a maintenance release (not a rebuild). Meanwhile, Apple is long overdue for another 'Snow Leopard.'
  5. As Andy pointed out, the Landru version of the audio tools are capable of inserting symbols (and have been for over a year now). The functionality works and looks exactly as you'd hope. I take a Soundvision report from my audio engineer, and replicate it in VW. The Landru versions also have more annotation options for plating up your plots. And, as I'm sure you noticed, the developer is very responsive (vs waiting for who knows how long it will take VW to update the tools).
  6. Saved Views would certainly be a workaround but it would add as many clicks as it would save in the long run. Another similar workaround I've been entertaining is Filter Views but that hits a law of diminishing returns pretty quickly too. I'm really trying to work within the framework of how the app is designed / intended with a minimal amount of tweaking and fiddling, and just wondering if I'm missing a setting that's buried in some hidden document preferences menu (or even in hiding in plain sight but oft overlooked).
  7. I just watched the excellent Hidden Treasures Seminar presented by @BSeigel, and was thinking maybe there's a setting hiding in plain site that I've missed all these years... See attached screenshots: Some Child Classes are set to Invisible Parent Class is set to Invisible to hide that entire department Parent Class is set to Visible to restore #1 settings (but overrides them) Is there a "nondestructive" way to change Parent Class visibility? The reason I continue to use Layers for Departments is because I'll have my Classes set to all manner of Visible / Gray / Invisible, so I can easily hide an entire Department by hiding it's Layer. Then, when I restore that Department's visibility, the Classes aren't affected. In addition to using VW the way it was intended (Layers are "where" and Classes are "what"), this also helps myriad other areas, like exporting to DWG. The goal is to have a proper Layer hierarchy like Production Air Production Stage Production Ground Surely, there must be a way to do this that I'm overlooking.
  8. Thanks for posting (and creating) this. I've been eagerly awaiting this webinar since the release of v2020 but never received an announcement. Is that because I'm in the US or do I need to changed my settings somewhere?
  9. Does that mean you: Exported from VW as C4D, and then imported into TM? Exported from VW as C4D, imported into Cinema (the app), and then somehow "transferred" to TM?
  10. Time for another maintenance release (v2021).
  11. Twinmotion 2020 is out now, and available for $250 (half price) or free if you were already using v2019: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/twinmotion-2020-1-delivers-new-levels-of-realism-and-much-more It also introduces direct link (1-click synch) with Rhino in addition to ArchiCAD, Revit, SketchUp and RikCAD. Safe to assume the new release will be buggy until at least 2020.3 so save, save, save.
  12. Replying to both of these posts that address similar contexts... PROCESS Rendering a SketchUp, Rhino, 3DS Max, Cinema...model to win a bid Rendering a VW model as the design develops My experience is taking a conceptual design from someone else (#1), and "bringing it to life" in VW (#2). In other words, making it a reality. For context, this is the type of rendering I'm addressing. INTEGRATION I take all manner of 3D model file types from someone else in the pipeline, remodel them from scratch in VW, and then: Render in OpenGL because it's fast and "good enough" Render in Hidden Line because it's the right tool for the job (i.e. an iso perspective view of a stage) although it really needs to speed up with high LOD Hand off to Cinema, Unreal or... However, as I'm also project sharing that VW model with production riggers/electricians, audio/video engineers, scenic/production designers... exporting to engineers, fabricators, site surveyors... I really can't allow that file to bloat. The process of plating up the plots and plans in the sheet layers is bad enough. So are all the built-in textures. For that reason (and obviously speed), I haven't used Renderworks in 2 years. Furthermore, watching colleagues take screenshots in Unreal... That's why I keep going back to the title of this post: INTEGRATION. The way we bid on projects and developed designs 5 years ago is neither the same process or integration as today (or 5 years from now). GPU-biased rending wasn't available. Mac OS supported NVIDIA. VW didn't provide Project Sharing or Braceworks. ConnectCAD was maybe version 1? GIS import was barely useable. Point Cloud import was brand new. Did eGPU's even exist? Right now, VW has an identify crisis, and it doesn't seem to understand its own strengths and weaknesses: I'm up to NINE workspaces which is absolutely insane to manage No other 3D modeling software comes close to what VW is capable of doing with data (the whole marketing push of v2020 BTW) There are plenty of 3D rendering apps that run circles around VW Priority #1 is a fast, stable multicore (8+ cores, not 3) app that doesn't bog down in either design or sheet layers Priority #2 is to minimize the thousands of unnecessary clicks to navigate the UI Priority #3 is live-sync integration with the top rendering apps Priority #4 is to eliminate the Update button in the OIP (in other words, speed up the built-in rendering engine however that's accomplished with Redshift or otherwise) We don't need a jack of all trades. We need an ace of some.


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