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  1. This, combined with your solution above, is starting to sound like an issue with the RM (and where libraries are stored)... Have you run the Refresh Libraries command yet?
  2. I can vouch for this 👆 from experience. @Sam Jones
  3. I think that's what this is for in the public forum: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/forum/55-troubleshooting/ If you wanna shoot me the file, I can test on both Mac and PC this weekend. I'm not aware of any general slowness in 2024 but your door insertion issues does ring a bell (no pun intended).
  4. I know of no way to get Rhino to model or export solids. All of the Rhino files I've received are under NDA.
  5. Everything I import from Rhino is a mesh, takes forever (if it succeeds at all), and brings VW to a crawl. I've experimented with quad remeshing, mesh reducing, and converting to SubD within Rhino with limited success. Long story short: every other modeling app (aside from Solidworks) is exporting mesh objects. I need to find a workflow that doesn't choke VW.
  6. Not sure how mesh-based Rhino.Inside would work with solids-based VW but I'm desperately in need of interoperability between the two apps (and every other mesh-based DCC that collaborators export from that I have to take into VW).
  7. https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/forum/55-troubleshooting/
  8. Are you able to submit a bug report for this?
  9. That sounds like a persistent autohybrid issue but could be literally anything. What tools, operations, etc. are you doing when experiencing slowdowns? Not for nothing but I’ve stayed on 2023 for all production work so far because 2024 / third party plugins haven’t been ready for prime time. Next gig will be 2024 though.
  10. That would really streamline the workflow of: Uncheck Unit Number Check Universe Enter "1" Uncheck Universe Check Unit Number Enter "1"
  11. There used to be a great way to just click on an "@" in the post / comment, and it would automatically add them to the reply but that was deprecated for the new and "improved" manual method of stumbling through this workflow. Tagging people, I mean.
  12. Also, you can make a Blue symbol that’s essentially a bunch of Red symbols. For example, every PIO you listed above can be saved as a single Blue symbol (group)—literally an entire show—then dragged out of the RM, and populated in your drawing as preconfigured PIO’s. No idea how to do that with a Stream Deck but it does save a quadrillion clicks.
  13. Are you familiar with the Red Symbol workflow?
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