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  1. Upvoted. Adding that this list is a liability for two reasons: Clients/colleagues opening project files instead of working files Clients/colleagues/myself opening the wrong version of a file with a very similar name Both user errors happen regularly with varying degrees of frequency.
  2. @michaelkhas a great script for this that will surely get Sherlocked at some point
  3. Someone showed me that command for site model contour lines, and it works great for that, but I wouldn't trust it with a logo (for example).
  4. Not sure if this helps but: Modify > Drafting Aids > Simplify Polys... The usual convert commands might help too... maybe convert to NURBS and then convert it back or something similar.
  5. My old way of interacting with SmartCursor Settings was to double-click any snapping mode, and then arrow-key through the dialog sidebar... Any correlation that 3D axes have with Grid settings is arbitrary at best. The SmartCursor Settings dialog is one of those rare instances where I prefer a dialog (but mostly because the Snapping Palette has been deprecated to the Useless Bar).
  6. OK found it buried in this easter egg (but none of the other snapping modes):
  7. Wait--where did Smartcursor Settings move to in v2022??? I used to just double-click on the Snapping Palette but double-clicking and right-clicking on the snapping Useless Bar doesn't get me there, and I can't find it in any of the menus in any of the workspaces. Do I have to enable something useful that's been deprecated?
  8. THANK YOU!!! I always thought it was the other one, and then would give up.
  9. So not a Wall Pocket Drop Point? That's where I started with the same thing (duplex electrical outlet for wall power), and got stuck.
  10. I think this link opens to the specific enhancement, so people won't have to hunt for it: https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/public-roadmap?url=workspace-editor-improvements&fbclid=IwAR24Kjo-Mhl0E_dPRYQ2bM9s8NoCOF9w3VZS7PbI07aOWX64pSEfm7Pe2LA
  11. 3080ti requires more juice, so that's more $$$ for the card itself + the power supply the 3080 is *chef's kiss*
  12. you have to click on the third tab, Active Research, and then scroll all the way down to the last "card"
  13. Let's get the ability to drag the CCAD workspace to one of our other (primary) workspaces:
  14. This has finally made it to the Public Roadmap. Please tell everyone you know to navigate to the very last "card" under the Active Research tab, click on it, select Critical, and fill out the rest: https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/public-roadmap For starters: Search bar Drag more than one item Drag a complete set: Spotlight to Designer AutoPlot to Spotlight AutoPlot, ConnectCAD, Arch / BIM, Landmark... to Braceworks Only configure one workspace with all keyboard shortcuts, context clicks, palettes... Without having to redundantly enter (and re-enter every. single. annual. release.) Never have to switch workspaces or resize palettes again!
  15. 6 years later, and L-A still insist on using SketchUp--the James Woods in Casino of 3D design apps--to import venue models...
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