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  1. That's also a great way to keep people from messing with your drawing :)
  2. Does anyone have a straight answer on a la carte pricing for this add-on?
  3. Oh boy... Yeah, you're right. There's even a little widget above the pricing menu for Spotlight or Designer that will bump the combined cost of Designer + ConnectCAD to $5,545. While the hopes of it being baked into 2020 at no cost are lost, like tears in rain, the new hope is that the cost of ConnectCAD is no more expensive than it was before it was acquired. That said, I need another subscription service like I need a hole in the head.
  4. WHAAAAAAAAAAT???????? https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/connectcad/buy $5k or $200/month? The standalone app was $700/year (less than half that for upgrades).
  5. My future 16" MacBook Pro... now that it's finally available. I priced out the same specs as the 2019 model I bought this summer -- 2.4GHz 8-core CPU, 4GB VRAM, 32GB RAM, 2TB SSD -- and the new model is $1000 less. What's crazier, is the cost to double the VRAM to 8GB is only $100. They've always sold the crippled base models within the same $200 entry price points (only increased $200 when they added the emoji bar), but now they've increased the base model price, and lowered the upgrades. It's genius. Everyone benefits. Hell Froze Over For VW and TM, this new machine is a no-brainer. 8GB VRAM and 32GB RAM (won't need 64GB). Apple isn't the constraint anymore. Can't wait to get my hands on that GPU! Now it's just on VW to make use of all 8 cores in that CPU...
  6. I'll take that win, and install it on my new 16" MacBook Pro.
  7. Good news if you scroll down on that link:
  8. Placing a bet on SP3. No, wait - that'll be the big Twinmotion live sync announcement. Please please please don't Vision / Braceworks this one. CameraMatch all the way!
  9. VW uses 3-point perspective which is massively distorted. Is there any way to fake 2-point perspective (without using RW cameras)?
  10. Well, considering that VW2020 was released over a month ago, it's up to SP1, and there's only 1 person complaining on 2 pages of this thread (compared to 19 pages for Mojave)... looks like we're out of the weeds, and it's safe to stop following. Well done, Team VW, and see ya next year!
  11. OK I'll take the bait... #1 anyone upgrading to Catalina right now is taking a huge risk with their business (most professionals I work with are perpetually one year behind on macOS, and we have no issues). Furthermore, you're accepting huge trade-offs (no 32-bit apps)... And for what? Subscription services like Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV? #2 sounds like you're experiencing graphics hardware issues with old equipment (not the MBP). 2020 really takes advantage of GPU over CPU. My 2014 MBP was choking on 2020 vs 2019. This is a good problem to have because the solution is new hardware that isn't 5+ years old. Easy peasy. #3 VW2020 is probably the most stable .0 and .1 release I've experienced since I've been using it (2011). From the outside looking in, there are signs that they focused on shipping a stable .0 release over packing every single new feature into it at launch (future SP updates will add features). I ran 2019 and 2020 side by side in Sep/Oct, and now that I'm migrating to a new 2019 MBP (and starting new projects), I'll only be installing 2020 SP1. Honestly, holding VW accountable for Apple's nonsense is a losing battle. It's beyond frustrating how many things Apple breaks every year. Us long time Mac users just want them to leave well enough alone.
  12. Your logo looks so familiar but I can't... quite... place it...
  13. Hahaha cool totally on the same page 👍🏼


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