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  1. That sounds like a persistent autohybrid issue but could be literally anything. What tools, operations, etc. are you doing when experiencing slowdowns? Not for nothing but I’ve stayed on 2023 for all production work so far because 2024 / third party plugins haven’t been ready for prime time. Next gig will be 2024 though.
  2. That would really streamline the workflow of: Uncheck Unit Number Check Universe Enter "1" Uncheck Universe Check Unit Number Enter "1"
  3. There used to be a great way to just click on an "@" in the post / comment, and it would automatically add them to the reply but that was deprecated for the new and "improved" manual method of stumbling through this workflow. Tagging people, I mean.
  4. Also, you can make a Blue symbol that’s essentially a bunch of Red symbols. For example, every PIO you listed above can be saved as a single Blue symbol (group)—literally an entire show—then dragged out of the RM, and populated in your drawing as preconfigured PIO’s. No idea how to do that with a Stream Deck but it does save a quadrillion clicks.
  5. Are you familiar with the Red Symbol workflow?
  6. You might be able to achieve that with a multistep macro that begins with selecting the Truss PIO, then "I" for the 2nd mode, but not sure how you select a resource from the Resource Selector... Maybe with VectorScript?
  7. I've been on a 43" Dell for the past year or two. That past 8 years have been a mix of 43" (including a Sony TV), 40" curved (Dell), and 32" (BenQ). The only caveat is that currently all 42/43" monitors have a terrible subpixel layout, so text looks like trash on screen. Also, any wireframe stuff definitely doesn't look as pretty. For me, the productivity outweighs that. For some reason, the 40" curved did not have this subpixel layout (same horizontal pixels as a 43"), so it was truly the best of all worlds. I just missed having that vertical real estate. Anyway, if anyone is picky about pretty pixels, stick to the 32" monitors for now. Personally, I'm hoping for a refreshed (pardon the pun) version of this discontinued model: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1559359-REG/asus_pg43uq_rog_swift_43_4k.html Also, when you hit 43" wide, you really want a curved display. Anything over 32" benefits from the curve, especially when viewing screen corners.
  8. Absolutely love BenQ monitors. Have owned two 32", and used many more. You won't use the CAD/CAM setting. From memory, it's sort of like a brown dark mode that takes over the whole screen, and is seemingly specifically intended for AutoCAD. However, BenQ monitors are very easy on the eyes, so there's no need for that CAD/CAM mode.
  9. This has been my feedback for over a year. Lots of others for nearly a year. The powers that be are reading everyone's feedback, so whether you love it or hate it, everyone should speak now or forever hold their peace.
  10. I believe @trevorgooch has a workflow for tagging the ends of HUD truss...
  11. Got my hands on tonight's presentation, so I'm leaking the clearly accurate graphs:
  12. Enjoy that for another day...
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