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  1. Whilst I still want the option for viewports to be either live or static, I certainly would like multi-core CPU access for hidden line renders.
  2. Not sure – but I suspect for reliability – as the project is a 28 story ~$750M hotel. And anecdotally most elevations and sections I have seen produced by Revit (without AutoCAD cleanup) look like rubbish.
  3. Over the timeline of any project, 2D and 3D will each be given more attention. For our workflows and any hybrid 2D/3D workflow (which Vectorworks is), live updating can be both a blessing and a curse. When focusing on 3D it is a blessing, because the elevations and sections reflect the direct inputs of the model. When focusing mostly on 2D it can be a curse, because 2D work often breaks model integrity. I have seen this recently on a large Revit based project where the (AutoCAD based) 2D plans, sections and elevations are a month behind the model. Working on the model meant that the plans, elevations and sections would be broken. I realise there may be a world where we transition to 3D documentation, but until that day arrives, we still need to produce 2D drawings. For this reason I would want viewports to have the option to be either live or static.
  4. Diamond

    Mac OS 10.15 Catlina

    Hmmm… How are these parts running if they are 32bit? While the rest of the app does run, does that mean Python or the Filemaker landscape database won't run?
  5. Diamond

    Mac OS 10.15 Catlina

    Remember Catalina breaks all 32-bit apps. It isn't just Vectorworks you need to worry about. More likely are all of those older apps or drivers that you use for specific tasks that will not longer be updated. You can try this app to check 64-bit compatibility… www.stclairsoft.com/Go64 Interestingly, when I run it I get this error. @Tamsin Slatter Do you know if this is an issue?
  6. Diamond

    Marionette Resources for Beginners

    I was looking at this book. Has any of the Marionette guru's read it, and is it worth investing the time in? https://www.amazon.com/Algorithms-Aided-Design-Parametric-strategies-Grasshopper/dp/8895315308/ref=as_li_ss_tl?keywords=grasshopper+software&qid=1560959974&s=books&sr=1-1&linkCode=sl1&tag=arch0c7-20&linkId=76f078acacb337c13732e3130fc5f8cf&language=en_US
  7. Hello, In our (North) Sydney studio we are currently looking for architectural documenters / technicians / draftspersons, or experienced architects with sound construction and documentation knowledge. High Vectorworks proficiency is preferred, but exceptions might be made depending on fit. Candidates must be willing to learn Vectorworks to a high degree of proficiency. Some information about us… We are a medium sized design firm (~ 60 team members across 3 studios). We work across three key disciplines: Architecture. Interior Design. Masterplanning. We focus on the following market sectors, bringing diverse expertise and experience: • Consumer: retail, leisure, hospitality, entertainment. • Community: education, residential, community, leisure, retirement. • Commercial: workplace, commercial. If you are interested, please contact me via private message (hover over my user name and select message). Warm regards, Troy
  8. Diamond

    Why Does VW have so much trouble with Spaces?

    I have used this…
  9. Diamond

    Why Does VW have so much trouble with Spaces?

    @JMR I know the feeling. I have recently been doing some concept planning for a ~9,500m2 building and it was often like wading through mud – but the Resource Manager Refresh did end up helping. Even then the delay is still noticeable for such a geometrically simple object.
  10. Diamond

    Why Does VW have so much trouble with Spaces?

    How is that delay since refreshing the Resource Manager Library?
  11. Diamond

    Why Does VW have so much trouble with Spaces?

    Try refreshing the Resource Manager (pop up menu under the gear icon). Not sure why it helps. Cheers.
  12. Diamond


    Thank you for that Dom.
  13. Diamond

    Workflow for large projects

    That is what we have been doing also. Thanks for heads up re: Dropbox.
  14. Diamond

    Workflow for large projects

    Yup. And section reference markers. Depending on the project and skill level of the team, we use a hybrid 2D/3D process, so these feature aren't always important. I find using layer referencing as apposed to viewport referencing achieves better results for sections and elevations in a referenced file. But then it does bring in all of the resources of the referenced file, and I find stairs linked between storeys can bug out. On the flip-side splitting a project up into multiple files provides some redundancy if a file is corrupted. No one said managing large projects was easy 😉. Hopefully project sharing in 2019 is more robust. We have been having huge challenges with project permissions and changes not being submitted. It can get cray-cray when you have more than ~3 people on the same file. @Christiaan, @zoomer Any suggestions how you manage this?
  15. Diamond

    Workflow for large projects

    Yes, large projects can be a challenge to manage. Beyond the software, I find the team is the most challenging part (requiring each team member to put on their big boy/girl pants 😉). Team members will often begrudgingly only use unfamiliar workflows unless forced – but that is all part of going to the next level in their skill level. 1. As per Zoomer's comment, invest in your libraries by making sure you are using symbols as much as possible. If you have purely 3D symbol's, convert them to hybrid symbols (or auto-hyrid objects if appropriate0 as much a possible. 3D geometry can slow down redraw times dramatically in Top/Plan views. 2. Use saved views to switch between levels and working states. Using the Navigation Palette, and viewport visibility settings is okay for basic switching on smaller projects. But saved view will really switch up your navigation between levels and drawing states (that is, general arrangement plans, RCP's, Floor Finishes, Slab Setout, and so on). 3. Echoing points 1 and 2, as much as you can, turn off 3D geometry, or complex 2D (such as site survey's, and so on). 4. Objects need to be classed correctly. One renegade team member can really throw a spanner in the works by using objects assigned to the wrong class. 5. Work on your templates and standards. Keep them simple enough for small projects, but be able to import classes and layers from your standard files. I concur. Once again, I concur. Although this is an option I would generally only recommend for rendered 3D views, as Saved Viewport Cache can dramatically increase file size. Alternatively, we tend to break up files into Survey, site, + terrain Model + plans Sections, elevations, + details HTH.


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