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  1. @HelenMOL Check this piece from the Vectorworks University: HERE I hope that helps.
  2. @Connor License has been extended - have a great week!
  3. @Zachariah Barbour Your license has been extended - have a great week!
  4. @Patrick221 I will start with checking the Vectorworks system requirements as far as Windows or Mac it's about preferences however based on your budget a Windows machine might get you a better configuration.
  5. @Connor could you submit a proof of enrollment that includes your name please? https://student.myvectorworks.net/
  6. @Matthias L The information provided was accepted and your student license has been approved. Have a great weekend!
  7. @Keegan Mann Your license has been extended. Have a great weekend!
  8. @Jodi your license has been extended. Have a great weekend!
  9. @liamh123 Your license has been extended. Have a great weekend!
  10. @PurpleShirtGuy please be aware of the operating system compatibility list:
  11. I asked around, and some have seen similar alerts if the file is exported from VW with a crazy scale and a zoomed out to ~5% zoom or less.
  12. JuanP

    SP3.1 Crashing

    @Dubman I submitted this new crash log to our QA team, and they are investigating. Lately, we had had some reports about weird issues with some applications after upgrading Win 10. Can you create a new user profile and see if that helps?
  13. @Zach Miles I was reviewing your student license application, and the proof of enrollment is missing. Please upload the appropriate documentation, and I'll be happy to assist you. Let me know when the file has been uploaded. Juan P.


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