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  1. @ligonn Your request has been approved. If you still have issues, contact us at tech@vectorworks.net best, Juan
  2. @Savana If you are using Windows and the uninstall file is not working, have you try add/remove programs? see kbase article: Mac, if the uninstall file is not working. Delete Vectorworks from the Applications folder and delete the Vectorworks .plist files from the preferences folder: HHD/Users/Your user/Library/Preferences net.nemetschek.vectorworks.license.201X.plist if the problem persist please contact your local tech support: https://www.vectorworks.net/international
  3. We are migrating all relevant training content to Vectorworks University to provide our users with a better experience. Users will also benefit from additional premium content by login in with their current Service Select credentials. We will be adding more content and new features with time.
  4. The certification program is high into our priorities for this year and is currently on the works. I'll be able to provide you all with more information about this new program and its progress in Q4.
  5. For additional information see here:
  6. @Mike C This is very interesting. I need to run some test to check this out. However, after uninstalling and reinstalling you are back up and running, is that correct? if not please contact us tech@vectorworks.net and we can help you directly.
  7. @Mike C The Viewer is a different installer so technically there is no way to restore to a full/professional version from it. However, your professional/full version was not modified by installing the viewer in your system both are two different applications. I hope this helps.
  8. @MaleXLR What version of Vectorworks are you running? also, did you check for firewall permissions? is this happening on a Mac or Win?
  9. @DMdB I have extended your license. If you have any other issue please let me know.
  10. @B. Churchill I will strongly suggest you see if your Surface pro meets the minimum hardware requirements to run Vectorworks 2020. See info HERE If it does make sure to update the graphic drivers are up to date. You can also reach us directly via tech@vectorworks.net
  11. @Victoriawatmo & @Dom Daly both extensions have been approved. have a great week!
  12. JuanP


    @Richard A Please refer to this article for the dongle drivers and this article for the operating system compatibility.
  13. Here you go: Start: 2-importing-the-base-plan-01.vwx Finish: 2-importing-the-base-plan-02.vwx


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