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  1. JuanP

    Copy/Paste Beams - Crashes

    @Scott-ASC I have not heard of this being an issue, however could you make sure Send Crash details in selected in the Vectorworks preferences and also provide me via DM with your serial#? thanks,
  2. @bcd thank you for providing the file for testing. Looks like a problem with non-Unified view. Probably Unified View was disabled at some point without realizing it. The classes you're trying to delete are currently being stored as defaults for different tools/plugins in the file. If you activate the Wall tool and open the tool prefs you can see that there are a bunch of classes being used for the components. The same with the Slab tool prefs and the Roof prefs (accessed from within the Create Roof dialog), and probably others. If you go through and clear these out you can then delete the classes. I'm not sure if there's an easier way to clear them out or if it has to be done manually? I hope this helps. Thanks to Tim C. in QA.
  3. JuanP

    2020 Architect Open GL Rendering ...

    Good news - Our R&D team is working on fixing this issue in a future SP. In the meantime. I've attached a file which has a workaround for this issue. If you double-click the "TurnOffVPDuplicates" script in this file, this problem will be resolved. The "TurnOnVPDuplicates" script will make this issue show up again. VPDuplicatesSetPref.vwx
  4. JuanP


    @ScottLebsack could you contact tech@vectorworks.net with this issue and if you can send the file that will be helpful. thanks.
  5. JuanP

    2020 Architect Open GL Rendering ...

    This issue was filed under VB-165157 will keep you posted on any updates. thank you for your reports.
  6. JuanP

    v.2020 now available

    @Amorphous - JulianI was doing some digging into these issues and the ones that you're referring in your post (above). I found a bug entry about it, I'm increasing the priority level.VB-158507 I will check on any changes in sections and will report back.
  7. JuanP


    @LMorga I'm passing your issue to our tech support team for further testing. thanks for the report.
  8. JuanP

    VW & BIM Certification

    @RussU See the following: https://www.vectorworks.net/news/press-releases/vectorworks-inc-is-first-to-receive-ifc4-export-certification https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/architect/bim
  9. JuanP

    macOS Catalina (10.15) Compatibility

    @Karsten Wirth that is correct It seems like they released these drivers 08/23.
  10. JuanP

    Publish command crashes Vectorworks

    @Samuel Derenboim Just checking with our Tech support team and no reports about this issue with 2020. Could post or DM your file? thanks,
  11. @Wesley Burrows I don't see any obvious reason why this is only happening with some symbols, but I definitely see the problem. This issue was logged under VB-165017. Will keep you posted!
  12. JuanP

    v.2020 now available

    Yes, here it is: 2020-additional-task-list.pdf
  13. @Wesley Burrows This is from Tim in our QA team: "Symbols seem to be exporting fine in my tests, so this might be file-specific. The post says he submitted a bug report. Do you have access to his bug report? I'd like to take a look at his file to see if we can find a cause. Thanks" Could you DM or post the file that you are having issues, please? thanks,
  14. JuanP

    Student License Extension Request

    @ShaojingT seems like your extension was approved already. Please let me know otherwise. @adayours also shows approved. Please let me know. have a great weekend!!!
  15. @Wesley Burrows checking with R&D about this issue.


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