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  1. @Tinaaa If is is a problem with a serial# not found it could be a different issue than an extension. Please contact technical support at tech@vectorworks.net and provide us with the serial# and your contact info. Thanks
  2. @MartinFahrer The answer is yes, we are on the design process that will begin to define the roadmap. We have heard about the dissatisfaction with the new icons in 2020; please keep in mind that it was the first interaction to support the legibility and usability of Vectorworks in Dark Mode. I have had conversations with our R&D team leaders, and we are hoping to improve the look of the whole UI soon. Unfortunately, it will not be for version 2021. I will keep you posted on any changes to this task.
  3. @matdogger Making the truss invisible allowed the MVR export to work I think the truss was just too much geometry to chug. "I’d recommend you to use the simplified truss class or straight truss" .mvr and edited .vwx files MVR.zip
  4. @matdogger I can replicate the same behavior. I can see that this file comes from version 2017 and then 2019 to finally 2020 and that could be part of the issue. However, I'm sending your file to our Q&A group for further review. I will keep you posted.
  5. @LeeElston I tried your file and have no issues with Vectorworks 2020 SP3.1 See file attached. revit-test.vwx
  6. Thank you for your feedback. Your request has been submitted under wish LMS-62 @trashcan In the future if you can submit these requests using the Feedback option under your account in the VWU, that will be super helpful. thanks.
  7. @trashcanYes, we do. Thanks for brining theses up. We are looking into these issues and we will get back to you ASAP. Could you share your email internally in case we need additional information? thanks
  8. @Donald Wardlaw We are aware of some of these changes, and we are gathering more information to support this process via Publishing command. Besides your suggestions above, one more is now when viewing the PDF, and the thumbnails need to have the same page number as the sheet number. If there are more, please add them here so I can submit these as a wish list ASAP.
  9. @AliceHo Your license extension has been approved. Best, Juan P.
  10. JuanP

    Seial Number

    @safiah To assist you better, we will need additional information. Please contact your local tech support and we will be happy to help: https://www.vectorworks.net/international
  11. Yes, we already talked to our techpubs team and there will be an update to our online help. Thanks for bringing this up!
  12. Here it is quick video tutorial from one of our Engineers: "So while the animation is on a different working plane/active layer plane, the user can still select objects from a different design layer. The camera in the animation will still point to the center of the selected object." Orbit.mp4
  13. @hklem Also consider visiting https://university.vectorworks.net/ for additional training content.
  14. @msieber2 Hi Matthias, please contact your local distributor with your request to move from a dongle Series B license to a E-series license. The installation in most of the cases is the same, meaning that you will be only changing the serial # in the Vectorworks preferences. For your local contact information go to: https://www.vectorworks.net/international
  15. @Suzanne_de Your licenses has been extended successfully.


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