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  1. @Michal Zarzecki Can you provide us with more information. Machine system report or DXdiagnostics, Vectorworks Version, any crash report that you can share that will help us to identify the root of the issue. Also, if you are running Vectorworks 2021 make sure to update to the latest SP. thanks,
  2. Yes, we usually lock the thread for visibility and updating purposes and provide a different discussion place. Same way as we have done in the past for new Mac OS releases. We have been answering questions related to M1's and Big Sur in this thread, and I will add a link to this thread in the M1. I'm currently working with our R&D team to gather the latest info about the transition to support the new Apple Silicon M1 natively and keep you updated. I will create a new thread to open up for discussion soon after.
  3. @elepp We looked into Rhino Inside last year. However, we didn’t get much traction from our customers at that point. We will be happy to hear more about other use cases for this improvement. thanks for bringing this up.
  4. JuanP


    @Albacoku your license has been extended. Have a great week!
  5. @Câmara Arquiteto Neste link você pode encontrar todas as versões disponíveis do Artlantis.
  6. uhmm I know about an issue with Bitdefender (antivirus) that might cause this issue but if you. don't have any antivirus I will suggest you to contact your local support team https://www.vectorworks.net/international
  7. @ronald Hills what version of Vectorworks are you using? If it is 2019 (based on your signature), this is a not supported version in Big Sur. Please refer to
  8. JuanP

    Extension Request

    @Malakye your license has been approved. Have a fantastic year!
  9. JuanP

    Serial number

    @Ines your license has been approved. Happy new year!
  10. @mhersland Close the updater and try launching Vision from the applications folder and see if that works. if the problem persist, do you have any antivirus installed on your Mac?
  11. JuanP

    Extension Request

    @RNV your license extension has been approved. You should be good to go now! happy new year!
  12. @ma@margueriteandrews.com Please contact tech support at tech@vectorworks.net or +1-443-542-0411 and we will be happy to assist you.
  13. @Karry see if this article helps: https://www.macworld.co.uk/how-to/downgrade-macos-3581872/
  14. @matteoluigi Although it will work, we don't recommend this setup. Moving (downloading/Uploading) your entire Project File across the internet will be slow, and the performance is very dependent on your users' internet speed at home. However, if this is not a concern, I suggest you try your set up first before moving any big or current project to this new configuration.
  15. @Harmeet your license extension has been approved. Have a great day and happy holidays!


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