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  1. Hi Mike, check this eBook that our Product Marketing team put together you might find it useful: http://www.vectorworks.net/ebooks/switching-from-sketchup-to-vectorworks
  2. This is indeed a file that it was created or infected by an illegal license.
  3. Braceworks Benchmark Comparison

    The calculation benchmark tests detailed in this article are the results of performance testing conducted by Deersoft GmbH on behalf of Vectorworks, Inc. Download the attached document here: Braceworks Calculation Comparison.pdf
  4. Congratulations Jimbo...looking forward for 10K more. Beers on me.
  5. I just got this response from the French distributor. "The Blended screen tool is included in the french version of SL. But this tool is not translated, and not included in the standard Spolight workspace. Users can add it in the WS editor." @FabK could you confirm that you can add it via Workspace editor?
  6. @JimWhow about a Teaser Tuesday?
  7. Hi CraftyCat, We have different online options for 1-1 . Please reach out to training@vectorworks.net
  8. I'm sending your information directly to Exertis tech support. They will contact you soon.
  9. Contact us directly at tech@vectorworks.net with screenshot of the error message and complete serial number Thanks
  10. This is great feedback, I will pass this information to our educational team. thanks.
  11. Vectorworks Educational licenses are free for as long as the student is enrolled in an educational program/school by providing proof of enrollment via student portal. In there, the student can extend the current license or request the latest available version of Vectorworks every year. For additional information please visit student.myvectorworks.net and also do not forget to check our Student to Pro program after graduation: http://www.vectorworks.net/education/student2pro if you have additional questions about our educational programs please email us directly at AcademicTeam@vectorworks.net
  12. All our webinar are posted here: http://www.vectorworks.net/inspiration and the direct link to Jim's webinar : http://www.vectorworks.net/inspiration/industry-webinars/adapting-new-technologies-to-your-production-design-workflow
  13. Hi Rick, I'm very sorry we have not responded to your inquires in a timely manner. I got your message late Friday and I had you in my list to return calls today, I was waiting for a decent time to call California, calling right now. regards, Juan P.
  14. I'm very sorry that we haven't reply sooner to your request. Please contact me directly and I can help you out with your request. jalmansa@vectorworks.net
  15. If this is an educational license you can renew or request an extension via student.vectorworks.net any other type of license please contact tech@vectorworks.net or your local distributor.