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  1. Hi, i think the VW should become much better in solid- and mesh-modeling. Currently we have two different Mesh-Types in VW. 1. Triangulated mesh, which is the standard mesh VW works with. 2. Quadface mesh, which is used in the subdivision-tools. Why we can not choose which mesh we prefer and set the standard-mesh-type in VW as we need it? A transfer tool to recalculate a triangulated mesh into a quadface mesh is also much needed and vice versa! Whats also is important (for me). I can not understand why VW can not combine faces which are aligned in the same direction to one polygonal face and not in so much triangulated faces. Please see attached screenshot (top and bottom face)! … later i have to combine manually all the top- and bottom faces. why i've not been asked, if i want to combine equal aligned faces automatically? This result (screenshot) exists, after a transformation from a solid object (without history) into a 3D-point-object. (sorry dunno the original english names, i use a VW german version). / / / I personally think that all the possibilities of solid modeling in VW are way too complicated. Solid-object (with history), solid-object (with dissolved history), 3D point-objects, subdivision objects, 3D-polygon-objects, nurbs-objects, ... Isn't it not be better to have one kind of 3D object and i can move, transform, add, subtract, combine, tiling, whatever i want with it, without the whole deep knowledge of what 3D-object-type can do and what not. You want to move upwards a edge/corner of a (solid) cuboid, doesn't work, first you have to convert the cuboid into a 3d-point-object! Is that the "workflow" we want? Keep it simple, e.g. like in Sketchup. In Sketchup all surfaces, edges, points a glued together, changes in 3D geometry easily made. (i know Sketchup has other limitations, but thats not the point here) In 60 minutes you understand how Sketchup thinks and you can work with it. The only things, i think, we have to choose in VW before we work with 3D objects are: - History for modeling always on or always off (if you need it or not) - Standard mesh type that is calculated (triangulated- or quadface mesh, or maybe other mesh type) - Smoothness of the mesh (like subdivision-iterations) All the other stuff like transformations, whatever should work as we would do it with our hands. Sorry it's frustrating and also sorry for my english.
  2. Hi, could tomorrow be the first Teaser Tuesday (TT) for VW 2020? … last year the 7th August was the first TT. Greetings Toby
  3. Tobias Kern

    Import SketchUp 2018

    hi thats for sure! hope we can get an update on this.
  4. Tobias Kern


    hi, you can convert a wall into nurbs and then combine them to a solid. now you can do what you want (subtract, add, ... whatever)
  5. Tobias Kern


    hi, alternativly: 1. you can draw a simple wall (straight or curved wall) (wallheight = rampheight, wallwidth = rampwidth) in wall edit-mode (double click on wall) you can move one of the top blue points to the bottom (you must be in 3d view). done! best: works also with curved walls. 2. in the german version we have a specific ramp tool in the archtecture tools. edit: andy broomel has given the same answer (i should read all given answers before i do my answer …)
  6. Tobias Kern

    3d Locus not visible in wireframe Orthogonal view

    hi halfcouple, i have the same issues since the Update to VW 2018, SP4 German Version, (macOS 10.13.6) The Locis (2D and 3D) are only visble in: 2D View, and in 3D in the view/rendermode: sketch style
  7. Tobias Kern

    3D - From SketchUp to Vectorworks (newbie)

    hi, have you even tried ifc as export-format from 3d geometry from sektchup to vw? the imported mesh via ifc into vw, looks like the mesh in sketchup.
  8. Tobias Kern

    New Class creation

    hi alan, i have the same problem with the layer pallet. if i have a saved view of a layer combination and i activate it, vw always scroll to the top of the layer list in the navigation pallet, better should be to center the active layer in the list. there are so many of unnecessary scroll meters a normal workday ... maybe the developement could fix this in a coming service pack.
  9. Tobias Kern

    Auto Hybrid Separate Cross Sections

    hi, this please! ... and i would like to have a visual and snapable cut area, combined with the option from which direction i want to see mit auto hybrid object, not always from the top as it is now. sometimes it could be useful to have a auto hybrid view from the front-, left-, right- or backside. vw should automatically create classes for the "above" and "behind" lines, if you don't have them in. vw can create a new class for a cut, why not create new classes by an auto hybrid!?
  10. hi, thats what i thought about, having a central control spot for all line behaviour via a "line styles" option. i think i could be much easier control lines via a style (referenced in the classes you wish), as controlling every line behaviour one by one in the classes itself. we have this style behaviour with text, walls, floors/ceilings, windows, doors, ... why not with lines!?
  11. hi, i'm bored to define in every class often the same attributes as i need in other classes too, for example the line thickness and the kind of line i want (dotted, full, dashed, ...). i think it could be very usefull, if we could link all class attributes to other classes, so that we can change on "master"-class and all the other linked classes get this change automatically. example. class a: i only set line to black color and to 0,50 pt thickness, not more class d: got the kind of line setup from class a via a option to link classes and in class d i only set fillings, transparency, and so on ... another idea could be to seperate line visablity from the classes and the user does the setup for line visablity in a different setup location, like we do with text styles. the classes only control: fillings, textures, transparency, .... "line styles" could be a solution for a much easier, much more consitent and faster visuall setup.
  12. hi jonathan, my thought was to separate line control from the classes, because often you have the same lines (thickness and kind of line (dashed, dotted, ...)) in various different classes. so i thought it could be useful to have a "line style" (same as vw offers for text) were you can do your setup for the lines. for example line styles could be: dashed lines with: 0,1 pt, 0,25 pt, 0,5 pt, 0,7 pt, 1.0 pt, ... dotted lines with: 0,1 pt, 0,25 pt, 0,5 pt and so on ... in the class setup you can choose to reference the "line style" into this class or do it in the traditional way, direct in the class. so if you change a "line style", all referenced classes go with it.
  13. Hi, a usefull Extension for the Autohybrid-Tool could be the Option to choose from which view (not only from the Top-View) the Tool works. From: Top, Front, Back, Left or Right The Cut-height 0,00 m should be calculated from the outer Edges from the 3D-Modell or relative to the Zero-Point from the World (choosable). ... so you don't have to Rotate the 3D-Modell for a e.g. a Cut-View from a Modell from the Front. The Cut-height should be visual in Editormode and manipulable via Mouse or via Key-Input.
  14. hi, i think it could be useful having the option to setup classes and layers print- or non printable. so important stuff in the working process can always be visible (on layout and worksheet layers), but with one click to non-printable, you are sure that this stuff will never got printed anymore. (… sorry bad english)
  15. Hi, has someone already updated to macOS Sierra? How does Sierra work with VW 2016 / 2017 yet, any dramatic problems so far?
  16. hi, i think it could be useful for us having the option to keep the original shape of an object after a convertion into a subdivision object. vw should ask me before the convertion is being executed what a option i want to have. i think this option can be given us via a service pack update.
  17. hi jim, thnx for the info. i doesn't know the right-click option. this is solution i can live with.
  18. Tobias Kern

    MacOS 10.12 Sierra Compatibility

    hi, i have lots of random freezings with vw 2016 (german version) under macos sierra with my macbook pro (model 2011). dunno if its vw or macos which is the problem. hope soon incoming updates will fix my problems. so i can't work! greetings
  19. hi, hope VW get the option to convert any complex 3d geometry into a quad face mesh and with all advantages of the quad faces. with vw today, we can only convert to a triangulated mesh (convert to 3d polygon), so we get a mesh build with triangles, sometimes it can be better to have a mesh wit quadfaces. watch this video to see some quadface infos (its a sketchup-video, but it do not care) sketchup have some interesting tools for quad faces: sudb, quadfacetools, as a inspiration for the developers ... so what is needed: quadface - a convert into quadface mesh command (similar like convert to 3d polygon) - toolset for softening and sharpening a quadface mesh (see sudb tool for sketchup) - tool for crease edge/s (see sudb tool for sketchup) - a toolset like quadfacetools for sketchup - maybe the option to setup vw, how it should calculate all geometry in the background (triangulated or quadfaces) - quadfaces for terrain modeling - softening and sharpening also for triangulated meshes please! push/pull tool a much expanded push/pulltool (really a - push/pull edges (not only surfaces) - push/pull points - push/pull rounded geometry - push/pull holes - push/pull nurbs-surfaces (for thickening) - push/pull for softening/rounding edges (for example press alt and then the edge gets softened/rounded instead of moved) - push/pull for chamfering (see above but for example press alt + cmd)
  20. hi, i think we definitely need edge shells as a ending for the the edges of a floor/ceiling or wall tool object. needed options: - multiple buildable shells (not only one edge shell) - definable direction of the shells inside or outside the edges of the floor/ceiling or wall object - definable heights/widths of the edge shells (whole height/width of the floor/ceiling or wall object, or only to a specific edge of a shell, top, bottom, right or left) - maybe a own tool for that, so that you can give one floor/ceiling object different edge shells. - setting options for edge shells same as the normal shells this would be a great improvement for vw.
  21. Tobias Kern

    Vectorworks Development

    hi, i think we see an overhaul of the workspace on mac. the workspace looks a bit more modern, the working area looks like it is manageable between the option pallets now. the attributes pallet got some new options.
  22. Tobias Kern

    Vectorworks Development

    hi jim, thanks your your work, you do a great job. what else i can see on the screenshots: - tabs for open documents (see in the irrigation tool screenshot) much appreciated - input for two percent settings for transparency (hope this means we can give lines and the duly areas different transparencies, a long awaited feature from me) so hope we can find some other hints greetz
  23. hi, i often have problems with the dimensioning tools, because these tools always dimension the object who is on top. more than often it happens that it is possible to snap a dimension point (or is it called "insertion", the point who shows what ist dimensioned) with a new dimension and not the object itself. the only solution is: first move the first drawn dimension (the dimension lays over the object = see first paragraph) to the background, then you can snap the object. but this workflow is boring and not userfriendly. so the dimension points (insertions) should have a very very low / or better, no priority to snap with/to other dimensions. maybe as a option in the snapping settings: snap insertion points of dimensions yes/no. for me it makes no sense to snap insertions of dimensions in any way?
  24. hi, i wish there would be an option to project lines (non closed geometry) onto a surface with the projection tool. atm its only possible to project closed geometry (like squares, circles, freeform, whatever, ...) i know it could be done by extraction of a projected line of a closed geometry, but this workflow has to many steps. ... so please give us the option to project non closed geometry with one step. 1. only projection of the line on the surface 2. extension of the line on the surface (up and/or down) with the option to cut or non cut the surface generally for the projection tool it would be usefull to set the direction of projection x, y, z or line of sight, angles, ...
  25. Tobias Kern

    Better Layer Orginization

    hi, here my wishes about this, longer time ago. https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=211053#Post211053


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