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  1. Hey, it would also help, if we are able to join/connect roofs with all existing geometry types like: solids, subdivisions, Nurbs-Surfaces, …, Imagine you have a existing high wall, and you can easy connect/extend a lower roof-face with the connect/combine tool to this wall.
  2. Hi, I would love to see the flexile way of editing Solids like Subdivisions. Lesser complicated editing, a more easy and intuitive way could be a worthwhile investment.
  3. Hi, @Matt Panzer I made a report: VB-199582. Hope we see a fix in a foreseen future! Greetings Tobi
  4. Hi, no luck with all settings I tried so far. I also tried to rebuild the whole situation in VW 2024 with new walls and roof or roof-face. … it must be a bug! Greetings Tobi
  5. Hi, my test-file was from VW 2022. I opened it with VW 2024 and it seems that something is going wrong with 2024. I need to investigate what may be causing the problem and fill out a bug report. Greetings Tobi
  6. Hi rDesign, that's what we are here for, to learn from each other! The VW community is great. ❤️! For me, the tow-roof-technique helped me much, I learned that sometimes you have to think around the corner and be creative with the given tools. But I hope also, we can get an improvement for the roof-tool, that we don't have to use two roofs anymore to get perfect roof/wall fittings. Greetings from Germany and have a nice week. Tobi
  7. Hi rDesign, greetings. Sloping the wall in the blue circle is achievable with the technique I mentioned above. In my test-file you see, every wall is sloped to direction the 2nd roof (the interior roof). I tried to draw walls in various directions and all walls fit perfect to the roof. The walls cut the roof perfect with the settings I made in the styles. The shape of the interior-roof is defined by the inner side of the outer-walls. You can also use a dummy-roof with just one component with 0,00001 cm (components with a value of 0 cm aren't possible) to clip the walls. Attached some screenshots from the inner-roof connected with inner-walls.
  8. Hi, helpful is to use two different roofs. One for connecting the interior-walls and one for connecting the exterior-walls. We (here in Germany) often split slabs to a load-bearing slab-style and a non-load-bearing slab-style. This technique is adapted to roofs in my attached file. Idea and credits goes to: DomC (CH)! If you use this technique, you can achieve perfect wall/roof-connections. Please see my attached file (VW 2022) and the video from DomC (German). 22-07-26 Dach Test.vwx Greetings from oversea Tobi
  9. Hi, the new View Bar version 1 is very good and i like it much. My ideas for Version 2: - I would love to see the “Attributes Panel” integrated into the View Bar. This could be the best place for that kind of information! - Custom ordering for the View Bar AND the “Quick Preferences” - An option to define which of the palette left / right goes to the top so that the View Bar sits in between. This would bring the information in the View Bar, more in focus for users like me with a 21:9 monitor. - Text Panel: Some options are hidden (see screenshot). We have the space to bring it to the front AND please a font-size-adjuster for +1 and -1. Greetings from Germany and have a nice weekend Tobi
  10. Hi, just a quick boost! Any news to the detailer tool in 2023 / 2024? Greetings Tobi
  11. Hi, okay, we can get the field type with script. Is it also possible to integrate such script into a worksheet itself and specify from which field type I want to get the data? Greetings Tobi
  12. Hi Tom, greetings and many thanks for your answer. I will test it. Greetings and have a nice day Tobi
  13. Hi Forum, greetings. With some worksheet formulas, it isn't really clear to me, what to get and how to act with the result. Sometimes you have to use =value to convert a string to a number, sometimes this isn't necessary. I want to check what kind of data (string, number, …) I get, with a worksheet formula Does anybody know a special way to solve this. something like: =datacontent() Thanks in advance and have a nice day Greetings from Germany Tobi
  14. Hi, i often draw 3D and make a symbol of my drawing. In the 3D editing part of the symbol i convert to an autohybrid and get a hydrid symbol with 2D + 3D. You can switch the hybrid symbol to 2D only, if you want. Greetings from Germany Tobi
  15. Hi, THX line-weight for this great work. For Dimensions, I wish for a really, really long time to save my desired class inside the Dimension Standard. Often I need more Dimension Standards, separated to different classes. If we can save the class inside the Standard, this would be an easy job. Greetings Tobi
  16. Hi, the way Sketchup handle lockings, is for me personally the best way that I have tried until today. The 3D-Dragger is also a good choice, with more potential (e.g. scaling, …) I would love to see both solutions in VW. Greetings Tobi
  17. Hi Tom, yes you are, right scaling works only for 2D-symbols. I would love to see interactive scaling for 3D / hybrid-symbols. If you build your 3D-symbols the right way (not every geometry works), you can get relative good result, if you scale it. For this kind of symbols, workflow would be much faster, if you could scale interactive.
  18. Hey, I also use scaled symbols very often because you can get a good quantity takeoff with them. Unfortunately, the input for the scaling can only be done via the information palette. I would find it extremely useful if you could also scale the symbols graphically in perspective-view. Scaling of symbols works in 2D-view, but not in 3D. In principle, I mostly scaled relatively simple geometry, so scaling the Boundig Box is "enough" for me. Greetings from Germany Tobi
  19. Hi, does anyone know which version of OpenSubDiv is implemented in VW? https://graphics.pixar.com/opensubdiv/docs/release_notes.html Greetings Tobi
  20. Hi, I have a question about combining subdivisions. In the video attached, you see I draw 3 individual subdivision surfaces and combine all to one surface. Some outer edges of the individual surfaces are no more outer edges in the combination, they are "inner edges" and they exist twice (also the endpoints). This means the calculation-process of combining subdivisions do not delete (unwanted) doubles. I can't delete these doubled "inner edges" / endpoints in my combination. But maybe someone knows a trick? If not possible, I think we need a feature in the combining process to merge edges and points. + a check-feature to find + delete doubles in existing subdivisions. Greetings from Germany and thx in advance for your help Tobi 1904968240_Bildschirmaufnahme2023-03-08um20_01_12.mov 23-03-08 Question Subdivisions.vwx
  21. Hi for me grabbing feels also worse compared with older versions. I think also auto-pane is affected. Hope we see improvements in this behavior! I also would like to see improvements in Push/Pull-surface-selecting. I wrote a wish, that the current active object, will be more in focus for Push/Pull than the non-active objects. I always group my object + do my push/pulls inside the group and ungroup it afterwards. If you want to vote/support/push my ticket, it is VE-104051. Greetings and have a nice weekend. Tobi
  22. Hi Jeff, greetings and many thnx! Big thumbs up! Tobi
  23. Hi, in the Marionette library must be one from Dominique Corpartaux for such kind of stairs. Greetings Tobi
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