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  1. I've had the surveyor send me a text file with the points, and used them to create a DTM. This thread might help:
  2. Try using the eyedropper tool to pick up render settings from the first VP, and then drop on the others. Make sure you have the correct the appropriate "Viewport Properties" checked in the tool settings.
  3. VW treats the keyboard keys as distinct from the number pad. I seem to remember that it matters which one you assign in the Workspace Editor.
  4. UPDATE: The surveyor sent me a comma delimited text file with ID, Easting, Northing, Elevation, Description for each point, which I imported using @David Poiron's suggestion. Oddly, it came in flipped vertically, but given the point descriptions I was able to align the property corners with a PDF underlay of the survey which I had already imported. Next up I'm going to see if I can set georeferencing and origins to work. It looks like this should help:
  5. Thanks for the quick responses. I asked the surveyor if he can provide a text file with points listed by ID, Easting, Northing, Elevation, Description in order to use the Import Survey File method mentioned above. I'll let you know how it goes. I wouldn't have found this option without the forum. I was looking into all of the File->Import options and never would have thought to look in the AEC menu for another way to import data.
  6. That's what I'm doing. I'm working with a DWG file that has the contours with Z elevations, but all of the data points at elevation 0 (with actual elevation noted with text). So the surveyor gets the points, converts to a DTM, generates contours, I take the contours and generate a VW DTM. I assume there's a fair amount of rounding error in the process. If I knew what to ask for, I could probably get the original z-elevations to create the VW DTM. Or, I can manually move 310 points to the correct z-elelvations.
  7. Does anyone have recommendations as to what deliverables to request from a surveyor in order to have a smooth import and DTM creation workflow in VW? I typically work on single family residences, so the survey areas are relatively small. @zoomer it looks like you've already thought about this. Do you have specific things you ask for?
  8. I just came across this one. AM/PM designation in the Solar Animation window is wrong in so many ways...
  9. There's a setting to adjust this, though it doesn't seem to "stick" and reverts to go back to the first comment. Go to your name/icon at top right of page -> Account Settings -> Content View Behavior (in left sidebar) Also, just discovered that the "edit" button is now hidden in the top right corner under the triple dots.
  10. There's a Wishlist thread that you might want to read and vote on (up arrow at the top left of the page):
  11. Looks like this can be moved out of the wishlist. We're all Members or Moderators now.
  12. Looks like this can be moved out of the wishlist. We're all Members or Moderators now.
  13. @Pat Stanford That makes more sense - currently the saved palettes are saved as a preference that is unrelated to the permanent layout of the Workspace. The bit I don't understand is the notification after saving palette positions that it is being saved to the Workspace. It looks like this is not the case, though it would be much more useful.
  14. Another alternative would be the ability to restore palette positions to a saved layout. I've never really understand what the "Save Palette Positions" command actually accomplishes, since there's no complimentary "Restore Palette Positions" command.
  15. I agree. And if someone at VW takes care of this, please mark any other (legacy) tools, similar to the way it was done with the 2021 release for a few of the deprecated tools.
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