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  1. There was a VW University webinar that dealt with this. I think it was "ENHANCE SITE FILE COLLABORATION WITH GEOREFERENCING": https://university.vectorworks.net/course/view.php?id=212
  2. I came to the same conclusion a little while ago. The 3dConnexion set is back in the box it came in, and likely headed to Ebay.
  3. @LDraminski I use Morpholio Trace & VW, transferring PDFs via Mac/iOS Airdrop. My intent is to add the workflow described earlier in this thread of transferring OBJ files via VW Cloud or iCloud at some point. Let me know if you have any questions or recommendations.
  4. @jeff prince That is a great new thing to learn, and I can't believe I had no idea this existed. It's going to save me so much time. It might take a little time setting up the filtering for layers & Classes, but I expect adequate payback.
  5. For those of us old enough to remember (and not too old to forget), it's useful to think about how we got things built in the days of hand drawing. Architectural drawing sets are diagrams, not 1 to 1 models. The fastener model is amazing nonetheless.
  6. Some more good ideas from @Mark Aceto Search bar Drag more than one item Drag a complete set: Spotlight to Designer AutoPlot to Spotlight AutoPlot, ConnectCAD, Arch / BIM, Landmark... to Braceworks Only configure one workspace with all keyboard shortcuts, context clicks, palettes... Without having to redundantly enter (and re-enter every. single. annual. release.) Never have to switch workspaces or resize palettes again! And a call to action to "upvote" these enhancements in the Roadmap: https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/public-roadmap?url=workspace-editor-improvements&fbclid=IwAR24Kjo-Mhl0E_dPRYQ2bM9s8NoCOF9w3VZS7PbI07aOWX64pSEfm7Pe2LA
  7. @Mark Aceto I added your suggestions to the other thread with Workspace Editor Wishlist items. Feel free to pile on:
  8. Things appear to be stable on my 2019 Intel iMac, macOS 12.3.1, VW 2022 SP3
  9. Not an answer to your question, but just a heads up that there's a known bug with corner windows in VW2022. See:
  10. Maybe post a wishlist item for a better wishlist tracking & search system.
  11. I added a link to this thread to my related Wishlist item:
  12. @JuanP there are more good suggestions by @jeff prince here:
  13. In a related thread, please vote for a ticketing system for bug reports:
  14. Vote here for support requests, too. I'll post a link back to this thread from there.
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