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  1. Could this be related to the wall end cap issue I posted here:
  2. For Cloud Services, if you include a ttf file of any font you own anywhere in your VW Cloud folder, it becomes available to you. That doesn't help with local fonts. I haven't looked at Mac Font Book (should be in Applications folder) settings in a long time, but you might want to make sure your fonts are in there as expected. Not much more I can add. Hopefully someone else can help.
  3. If you are using VW Cloud Services, here's the info on font management: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/manage-fonts-and-font-mappings/
  4. I'm definitely zooming in too far on a floor plan! If this is working as designed, it is not an issue for me. Thanks again.
  5. @Matt PanzerThanks for taking the time to consider and respond to my comments. I hope my comments will be of some use in future updates. It's nice to know that some were bugs that will be quashed, and there are underlying reasons for others. To be honest, UI improvements aren't the most important thing for me. The most important thing for my use of VW features (especially new ones like Component Wrapping) is having good help files, not just of the individual commands, but an overall tutorial. The Help system is lacking in this respect. In this case, your video (https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/articles.html/articles/workflows/) and webinar (to be added to VW University?) were incredibly helpful. Having workflow tutorials similar to that previously posted by @PVA - Jim posted at https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/articles.html/articles/workflows/ would be really good idea to have at new feature launches. I'm guessing this is outside of your purview, so will post it as a Wishlist item.
  6. Yes. Setting the wrap offset manually is an easy workaround. You might still want to consider the interaction of the two wraps in my original file to be a bug.
  7. I think the video says it all. Anyone at VW want to tackle this one? File available upon request. VW Architect 2022 SP1 - system info in my signature is up to date. UPDATE: I submitted this as a bug report to https://www.vectorworks.net/support/bugsubmit Wall End Cap vs Openings.mov
  8. @Matt Panzer As I keep working through this, I'm getting a better of understanding, but there are still things that confuse me and I have additional UI suggestions. Here are some followups: 1. For the Wall Closure at Inserts window UI: 2. I think I FINALLY figured out what is related to what in the "Insertion Relative To" in the Window Style, and Window in Wall OIP. The pulldown lets you choose what part of the Window profile is aligned to the exterior face of the wall Core. I don't think this is explicitly stated anywhere. It would be great if an additional explanation (and a diagram) were added to the help file in case I'm not the only user who is a little slow on the uptake: https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2022/eng/VW2022_Guide/Windows/Inserting_windows.htm#TOC_Window_settings_General . AND there's a separate place (Plug In Style Options) to select which part of the wall the window aligns to. Is this correct? If so, improved UI and help files would be appreciated. 3. In the Edit Wall Style window, I think some form of consolidation of options at the top, even if they aren't tabs, would help. I think the IFC settings are consistent with other dialogs in the bottom left, but I'd definitely prefer to have the "Wall Closure At Inserts..." button somewhere along the top. I'm reattaching the image: 4. "Flush" vs "Fixed" glass in the corner window dialog appears to have been fixed in SP1.
  9. @Matt Panzer Thanks for taking care of the bug reports. I'm attaching a sketch of expected behavior vs. actual for Item 2:
  10. You might want to move your questions over to the other thread, as it would be more relevant to that discussion:
  11. I started another thread with comments regarding the UI for Wall Component Wrapping. There's some overlap with this thread, but I thought it might be better to try to keep them separate:
  12. As a followup to this thread (https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/87667-2022-wall-component-modeling/) about how to set up Wall Component Wrapping (for which @Matt Panzer has provided great feedback), I have some suggestions/questions regarding improvements to the UI that would make this all a bit less confusing. There are settings that are similarly named, but do different things (?) that you get to in different places, unlabeled columns that need to be checked, etc. I'm guessing that after I've used these for a while I'll get the hang of it, but starting out it is incredibly confusing, at least to me. Other users might have an easier time of it. I'm attaching some annotated screenshots that offer a window into my confusion. As a semi-related bonus, there's an inconsistency in the corner window settings. Everywhere else, there is an option for "Fixed Glass", but at the corner window this is called "Fixed Glass". Are these supposed to be the same?
  13. I’ve decided not to use WinDoor because it seems like long term product development will continue on the native tools, not WinDoor. If there’s a bug in the Window tool’s corner windows, I’ll find a workaround as it’s not a common item in my projects. It would just be good to know if that is the case and for someone at VW to log it as a bug.
  14. @Matt Panzer Based on the info in your video, I've been able to begin updating my typical walls & windows to use the new wall closures. In general, it's working pretty well, and I'm compiling a list of UI wishlist items. I've run in to a few problems, and don't know if they are bugs or user error or a combination of the two. Here are some annotated screen shots, and I am attaching a VWX file in case it helps: FYI, the wall style is set up to allow for the siding & trim to be modeled separately, the black surface is the WRB, and the outermost component represents an air gap for the furring. I built the window style to resemble this product: https://glowindows.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/A5-Double-Pane-Detail-Set-Windows.pdf None of this is urgent, and I can continue to prepare to switch to 2022, and incorporate any suggestions you have later. Thanks. EFA Default Wall-Window 2022.vwx
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