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  1. Doesn’t Streamdeck let you assign multiple keystrokes to a single button? I’ve looked at it but never purchased, so I’m not sure. If it does, you could assign a button to perform two keystrokes -> select the tool, then select the mode. If Streamdeck can’t do this, you could use other keystroke utility such as Keyboard Maestro or Better Touch Tools (or Apple Automator which is preinstalled on the Mac but has always confused me) to build the command and then set it as your Streamdeck button.
  2. I like your workaround idea of using the railing tool for baseboards. There are two third-party plugins that might be of interest: https://fitplot.it/vwplugins/mouldings.html https://plugins.andreafacchinello.it/baseboard/
  3. I'm in a similar situation as you and looked into upgrading my iPad to do scanning myself. I decided against this and have my clients hire a 3rd party company to field measure create 2D PDF & DWG files for me. This is very similar to the way they provide the property survey (and per AIA contract language the architect is not responsible for the accuracy of). I typically only request plans, spot elevations for all openings (sill & head) and changes in ceiling elevations, but they can provide electrical, interior elevations, etc for additional fees if needed. I also have them provide 2D exterior elevations. I find that this is the most cost effective method for my clients, as the 3rd party can do the field work for much less than the cost of my time. I use the files as an underlay and build the VW 3D model from them. As I'm drawing, I backcheck that the field measurements make sense, and if-needed will field check specific dimensions. I've found this to offer a good balance of cost to the owners and quality control. Having the owners provide the field measurements
  4. Got it. I could see a use case of presenting loose schematic design phase images to clients even though I have things modeled to a higher level of detail. This sets a better level of expectation for the clients in terms of the amount of work already completed. Crisp renderings of a model can make it seem like a project is much more resolved than it really is.
  5. Thanks for the explanation. If I understand correctly, in the long run you're expecting your pre-developed AI prompts to replace saved SLVP styles you've created for rendering. While I don't plan on doing this because I have very limited rendering needs, it seems like a sensible workflow if standard rendering techniques don't meet your needs. Most of the discussion on the forum is still focused on fantasy images, not on explaining how saved prompts can be used in a professional workflow. It would be great if you could post finished results ideally with a comparison image of your previously used rendering techniques.
  6. Is there any benefit to using AI visualization within VW than some other option? If I understand correctly the visualization is not based on the actual model geometry and therefore not tied to core VW functionality. Is that correct?
  7. E|FA

    iMac M1 8Gb

    I'm using a 24GB M2 MacBook Air, and it's good enough for the types of projects I do (mostly single family residences, modeled to generate construction sets, not much rendering). A Mac Mini with 32GB would have been better if I didn't need the laptop. I'm guessing 16GB would have been a little too low. If I make sure I'm not keeping a lot of browser tabs open I don't have memory issues. I keep an eye on CPU & Memory usage with menubar widgets.
  8. Depending on what you're trying to do, you could also model this with three stacked extrudes each with a different texture, ignoring the Column PIO completely.
  9. I don't see opacity in eyedropper the settings either. You might want to post this as a separate request in the Wishlist forum.
  10. I just noticed this is no longer the case. I have no idea when it was changed. Kudos to the VW staff.
  11. I know this is all off topic, but I'm not sure that you couldn't do that as long as there were no additional stairs beyond what is shown. The widening of the rail would serve as a tactile indication of the end of the stair run instead of a typical termination or newel. It might require a code official's interpretation, but it appears to provide the primary functions of providing support along the walking path and an indication of the end of the run. There are other issues, the biggest of which would be falling into the void on the other side.
  12. Would removing regional labeling resolve the issue for you? Does it add issues for anyone else?
  13. I don't think you can change individual tools, but this should get you pointed in the right direction to get the icons
  14. Try changing one of the face items from the pencil icon to a calculator icon. That way you set the dimensions for all the elements and the final element is calculated automatically.
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