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  1. Peter Neufeld

    Residential landscape lighting objects?

    There are some: Cheers, Peter
  2. Peter Neufeld

    Plant list images

    Dear Julie, It's all in the excellent Help. http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2019/eng/index.htm#t=VW2019_Guide%2FPlants%2FPlant_Style_Plant_Data_Pane.htm%23XREF_54541_Setting_Plant_Data&rhsearch=plant images&rhsyns= I included a Vectorworks file in my previous post to take apart. Cheers, Peter PS it's a 2019 file.
  3. Peter Neufeld

    Plant list images

    Hello, Is this what you mean? Cheers, Peter Plant with images tags and worksheets v2018.vwx
  4. Peter Neufeld

    Best practice and method for fixed grid rigging?

    Thanks for your help Scott. That makes sense but the OIP still remains blank for both distributed weight and length although the customisable dialogue has the correct data. My real question then is if the fixing to the ceiling is unknown but we know the weight limit on a 12m bar is 70kg/m how do we make a 'system' out of it for Braceworks calculations? Cheers, Peter
  5. Hello, What is the best way to have the functionality of Braceworks in a fixed grid room? The lighting bars are 12m long and have a capacity of 70kgs/m. I use the Lighting Pipe tool to draw a 12m bar. Then Modify>Create Symbol. Braceworks>Convert to Truss and it becomes part of Braceworks. When I customise the pipe in the OIP I give it a Rigid X section and a material (which one to choose is above me so a random choice at the mo). Filling out the distributed weight at 70kgs/m seems like the correct thing to do yet when I go back onto the page it is 0kgs in the OIP. The other thing is how do I attach this to the roof? There are no dead hangs or motors so it's not the point load but the distributed load I need. The only way I can think of though is to add a load of dead hangs every metre and have an allowable weight of 70kgs. Any insights gratefully received. Cheers, Peter
  6. Peter Neufeld

    viewport advanced & Alpha Transparency

    This has been reported. Cheers, Peter
  7. Peter Neufeld

    Modelling Challenge

    Subdivision surely?! See 46 sec video (no audio) Cheers, Peter SM.mp4
  8. Peter Neufeld

    Theater lineset tool

    Savvy Linesets is unbelievably brilliant once you understand it's capabilities. Worksheet, plan and section are all linked and all interact with eachother. Really brilliant! Cheers, Peter
  9. Peter Neufeld

    Scissor Lift

    I've just re-downloaded the file to send to someone and I noticed that if I draw anything, say in Top Plan or otherwise, such as a line, rectangle or sphere all the fields in the OIP are set to '0'. Never seen that before! Actually if pasted into a new file the OIP reports correctly. Cheers, Peter
  10. Peter Neufeld

    Point cloud from Lidar to mesh

    Not sure if this thread is of any use: Cheers, Peter
  11. Peter Neufeld

    Cable Ramp Symbol

    Actually these are installed in the normal libraries. /Libraries/Objects - Ent Stage/Cable Protectors.vwx You can always do a search in the RM. Cheers, Peter
  12. Peter Neufeld

    hatch pattern with alternating fill colour

    Hatches can have a background colour but it is only one. As TKA says Tiles are the way to go. Cheers, Peter
  13. Peter Neufeld

    Scissor Lift

    Thank you Sarah for making this metric capable. I'm sure your swift work will be appreciated by many more users around the world! Cheers, Peter
  14. Peter Neufeld

    Scissor Lift

    A really well made scissor lift that interactively goes to whatever height required in the drawing. An amazing example of the power of Marionette and what a great community there is in the Vectorworks Forum. Cheers, Peter
  15. Peter Neufeld

    Scissor Lift

    This is amazing but it does not accept units other than Imperial. So users can not put in '7m' but have to work out what it is in feet and inches (22' 11.59" ie 23'). It is only the USA, Liberia and Myanmar that use the outdated Imperial system. Please can these wonderful free marionette shares take into account units that the "The Rest of the World" are using please?! Thanks, Peter


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