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  1. Dear Jesse, I've been pondering this but how can users easily populate the truss/rigging ID into the position field for the lighting device or any other Spotlight object that hangs for that matter?. For Lighting Pipes and Ladders there's a position field which transfers to the Position name automatically for Lighting Devices but not for trusses. So it seems a bit inconsistent: Truss Objects: Field called 'ID'> Does not go into position name for a Lighting Device. Straight Truss: Field called 'Name' > Does not go into position name for a Lighting Device. Lighting Pipe: Field Called 'Position Name'> Does populate Position field of the Lighting Device Lighting Ladder: Field Called 'Position Name'> Does populate Position field of the Lighting Device So users have no choice other than to convert the trusses to Hanging Positions in order to populate the Position Name into the Lighting Devices. Also do you think it would be good if Spotlight shipped with some predefined Data Tags as that would help users? Cheers, Peter
  2. Thank you both for your advice and efforts. It is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Peter
  3. Dear Josh, A revelation! I never knew that the Data Manager could be used like this. Fantastic! I've enclosed snapshots for those who like me (thanks again Josh!) couldn't figure this out at first. Cheers, Peter
  4. Dear Pat, Thanks for your reply, but alas yes, the user wanted it to be automatic. It's a convention centre where they have a particular workflow requiring this. I might put in an enhancement request and see what happens. Cheers, Peter
  5. Hello, Does anybody know if it is possible to have the time included with a revision, for a Title Block Border? Thanks, Peter
  6. Even better, or at least as good: the Modify>Align Distribute command works for all Truss Systems! See movie (it takes a few seconds for the command to execute). Cheers, Peter PS Just discovered it only works for Bottom not Top alignment which males sense I suppose. Align Distro.mp4
  7. Hello, If you select more than one Truss System in order to change the height via the 'Change Trim Height of System' in the OIP, you can't as the option is then greyed out. However I just discovered a way to do it easily and thought I'd share. Just select all trusses and motors with the selection tool and choose the Move 3D command from the Modify menu. In any view, enter the number in the Z field and the trusses move accordingly with the motors staying put. Very quick movie no sound attached. Cheers, Peter Move multiple truss systems.mp4
  8. Dear Sam, To be clear I'm highlighting the (new to v2020) Live Data Visualisation rather than viewport Data Visualisation. For example being able to instantly check Type versus Universe such in the enclosed screenshots without leaving the design layer. Cheers, Peter
  9. Dear Jesse, There's never a day when I don't learn something new about the program. That's great to know - thanks! Cheers, Peter
  10. Here's one example of all the Cosmic Global F44 library, all connected with all different lengths displaying in colour. It might not be what you want but Live Data Viz is very powerful! Cheers, Peter Truss data Viz by length.vwx
  11. Hello, Have you had a play with the new Live Data Visualisation in 2020? This works on Design layers and once you have some set up you can keep them in a template. No need to edit symbols or maintain duplicate libraries. Cheers, Peter Truss Colour Live Data Visualisation.vwx
  12. Hello, Use the Layer Import option next time - no need to copy and paste in place! Cheers, Peter
  13. Dear Pat, Thank you for doing this, it works really well. In my example I have about 130,000 3D loci, extracted from a Point Cloud of a building, and it didn't take long for them to be replaced by my named symbol. Cheers, Peter
  14. Dear Pat, The first version doesn't work with 3D loci only 2D so that's no good as the Model>Point Clouds>Extract 3D loci from Point Cloud is the command that is getting us here. Any chance you could tweak as a user defined symbol would be the most useful fix. Thanks, Peter
  15. Dear Pat, Thanks! That works a charm - inserting a Stake object for each 3D locus (contrary to the description line: {Inserts a symbol named PrintLocus at the locaiton of each loci on the active layer}) I hope this helps the others who started this thread. Cheers, Peter


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