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  1. I advised this to someone recently which reduces the steps: 1. Duplicate the layer the Site Model is in for safekeeping the original Existing Site Modifiers (just in case, for reference). 2. Go to a 'Top' view and change the Existing Site Model to be viewed as 3D Contours. 3. Ungroup. These 3D polygons now include the shape of the modified existing terrain. 4. Select them all and use them as the source data for a new Site Model. Then there'll be no conflict between the existing and proposed Site Modifiers as the existing are gone. It begs the question as to why there are conflicts between Existing and Proposed Site Modifiers in the first place... Cheers, Peter
  2. Dear Scott, Yes of course thanks for pointing that out, you're absolutely right in that case! Maybe there's something in the pipeline about this, I'm sure this is being monitored. Cheers, Peter
  3. Dear Mike, I think it's because if you had a rigging point directly above the truss, then it doesn't make sense to use a bridle, rather instead a dead hang or hoist. As Martijn attests the bridles work as expected provided they're not directly parallel to the structural beam/house point. Cheers, Peter
  4. Dear Mike, Why not post the file here (strip out all the non relevant bits) and some of us might be able to help. Or of course contact your local tech support. There's usually a reason for these things! Cheers, Peter
  5. Dear Alan, Yes but it makes a series of NURBS surfaces which isn't a solid. In spite of my movie taking 46 seconds from start to finish doping it for real and making a solid I can do using the SubDiv tool in 23 seconds! Cheers, Peter
  6. It is my understanding in tech support that it will have an effect on performance. When you think about it, the program has to 'remember' all those steps. Like grouping incessantly within groups, it's just inefficient. However I am not an engineer but this is what I have been told. The other thing is that for bug testing it is very difficult to know the cause of a crash if you have so many undos. We always recommend keeping the default number at 20. I remember the old days when we only had one! Cheers, Peter
  7. Exactly - personal preference after all. I think with the Force Select contextual menu option (and now live data viz!) it's easier than ever to know where you are - layer wise. Cheers, Peter
  8. Dear Neil, Here are my essentials: Interactive Cursor Pre Selection Highlighting Timer: Set to 5 seconds Nothing more annoying than everything highlighting as you move the mouse across a busy plan. Interactive appearance settings (So you can easily see the difference between the two) Object Highlighting active layer: Blue Object Highlighting - Pre Selection - Active layer: Green and General Editing Modes Border: Red (So you can more readily see when you're editing something). Selection and Snap box size made slightly smaller. Autosave: Off (unless I am working on a job in which case it's set to 20 operations and 5 back ups). Cheers, Peter
  9. Yes but the default lighting in the SLVP is whatever lights are on or off on the design layer - which can then be overridden for later with the Vis palette. Cheers, Peter
  10. Dear Symo, Not sure what you mean by sheet layer overrides - do you mean class overrides which are also great? Either way the Vis Palette allows great control over the lighting for viewports. Cheers, Peter
  11. Well yes the lights need to be turned on. You can override the lights (any lights - that is Renderworks or Lighting Devices) in a viewport via the Visualisation palette (from the Window menu). So you can have duplicated viewports side by side showing different lighting. Cheers, Peter
  12. Dear Martin, I'm interested in your comment about the preferences. Can you name the choices/things you'd like to see in the preferences? Cheers, Peter
  13. Hello, I'm confused as there is the 'Import Point Cloud Options' dialogue that enables some control on the way in. Is this impractical? Also the Model>Point Cloud>Extract 3D Loci from Point Cloud command is also user controllable. BTW the 3D conversion resolution makes no difference to the file size when importing Point Clouds. It is what it is in terms of the data and the filtering that Vectorworks allows. There's a good Donationware program for the macOS at least called Cloud Compare that you might find useful. Cheers, Peter
  14. Hello, Try and paste some into a separate file with their Focus Points and maybe something for the light to hit and post the file. Cheers, Peter
  15. Try hitting the reset button in your preferences. I also note that you are using a migrated workspace which is not recommended. Reverting to the latest workspace that ships with the version is quite important as sometimes tools have to be reloaded (if they've been worked on) and new commands get orphaned in the 'New' menu and new tools likewise in an orphaned toolset. I'm not saying this will fix it but worth a try on several fronts. Cheers, Peter


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