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  1. Peter Neufeld

    Scissor Lift

    I've just re-downloaded the file to send to someone and I noticed that if I draw anything, say in Top Plan or otherwise, such as a line, rectangle or sphere all the fields in the OIP are set to '0'. Never seen that before! Actually if pasted into a new file the OIP reports correctly. Cheers, Peter
  2. Peter Neufeld

    Point cloud from Lidar to mesh

    Not sure if this thread is of any use: Cheers, Peter
  3. Peter Neufeld

    Cable Ramp Symbol

    Actually these are installed in the normal libraries. /Libraries/Objects - Ent Stage/Cable Protectors.vwx You can always do a search in the RM. Cheers, Peter
  4. Peter Neufeld

    hatch pattern with alternating fill colour

    Hatches can have a background colour but it is only one. As TKA says Tiles are the way to go. Cheers, Peter
  5. Peter Neufeld

    Scissor Lift

    Thank you Sarah for making this metric capable. I'm sure your swift work will be appreciated by many more users around the world! Cheers, Peter
  6. Peter Neufeld

    Scissor Lift

    A really well made scissor lift that interactively goes to whatever height required in the drawing. An amazing example of the power of Marionette and what a great community there is in the Vectorworks Forum. Cheers, Peter
  7. Peter Neufeld

    Scissor Lift

    This is amazing but it does not accept units other than Imperial. So users can not put in '7m' but have to work out what it is in feet and inches (22' 11.59" ie 23'). It is only the USA, Liberia and Myanmar that use the outdated Imperial system. Please can these wonderful free marionette shares take into account units that the "The Rest of the World" are using please?! Thanks, Peter
  8. Peter Neufeld

    How do I create a new plant symbol in VW 2018?

    Check the getting started guides: http://www.vectorworks.net/training/2018/getting-started-guides/site-design Cheers, Peter
  9. Peter Neufeld

    Service Select Portal Speed

    Yes we're on fibre optic at work and our internet connection speeds are blazingly fast. Yet the VSS portal is noticeably the slowest website I regularly go to. I bet lots of users never bother going there because it is so tedious... Cheers, Peter
  10. Peter Neufeld

    Braceworks Frustration

    Yes I have reported this as a bug on 29th Nov. I think we'll have to wait for the next service pack. The missing fields are: Low Hook to load trim Speed Voltage Total Chain length Hoist Weight Chain Weight Hoist wt with Chain You can still access the fields via a worksheet which I enclose. Cheers, Peter Hoist missing OIP SP2 worksheet.vwx
  11. Peter Neufeld

    7 and more hour render

    Dear Stephan, Incredible! Really amazing Marionette. Cheers, Peter
  12. Peter Neufeld

    Bug Report - The future is here!

    The problem is, how do you define what is 'Technical Support' versus 'Training'? How would it be policed? I don't think you'd be able to, and the tech support (tech training) teams would end up being huge. Peter
  13. Peter Neufeld

    Honeycomb Dome

    Matty, This is my poor attempt in between phone calls at work today. I think if the true 'quarter' was worked out correctly this will work. As it was, I made one quarter and did a circular array and you can see that they don't match but could however...maybe with a bit more head scratching. I made a vertical wall of several rows and turned into a solid and used the Deform/Bend tool in plan and elevation. In elevation you have to make sure the protractor is in the middle of the solid of course. Good luck! Cheers, Peter Honeycomb_dome_attempt_.vwx
  14. Peter Neufeld

    2018 SP2 - Hoists and Hanging Positions

    Yes I have reported this. It would be good if they stuck to the system. Cheers, Peter
  15. Peter Neufeld

    Replace w/ Stock Symbols VS Insert Truss & Connections

    The 'Insert Truss' tool is like the 'Lighting Instrument' tool. Any symbol, even a chair, inserted by those tools become Truss objects or Lighting devices respectively. Likewise the two commands: Convert to Truss and Convert to Instrument - same thing. A 'Truss' is a higher level object than a symbol just like a Lighting Device. Think of it as a 'Truss Device'! Cheers, Peter