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  1. Actually you can do this as well on the macOS.
  2. Hello, It can be docked - but at the top or bottom as opposed to underneath other palettes. I actually think this is better than the Mac. Cheers, Peter
  3. Jayden, The active working plane is wherever you are on the design layer, clip cubed or otherwise. The user origin also shouldn't be an issue with snapping and the Clip Cube. I'd make sure you are on the latest service pack and if you are, then you might contact your local tech support about this problem. In the enclosed screenshot I have set the user origin 1 mile to the left and am using a custom working plane with no problem getting snaps on objects on the same layer. Cheers, Peter
  4. Hello, You should add the Clip Cube as a Quick Preference, as that's what they're for. Also Have you looked at the Help on this topic: "Using points isolation with clip cubes" I hope there's answer in there for you, as the Help is very good. Cheers, Peter
  5. Hello, I think the best place to see all the New Features along with what module they refer to is in the always ever excellent Help. In fact it's the very first link - I think that it should get more prominence. Cheers, Peter
  6. Hello (sorry I do not know your name), I think you have to document the problem including movies so that the engineers can reproduce and understand the problem. Make sure you submit it to https://www.vectorworks.net/support/bugsubmit Hidden Line Render doesn't work with the Clip Cube on Design layers so it might have something to do with that: At least with section viewports the 'Hidden Objects Display' ties in somehow. I'm sorry I couldn't be of any help - hopefully more learned friends on this forum will be able to. Cheers, Peter
  7. It looks like it's something to do with the Hidden Objects Display settings. Cheers, Peter
  8. It would be helpful if you could leave a section line in the model to see where the section is taken from in order to understand it better, even though your notes are very thorough. Cheers, Peter
  9. I'm sorry you've lost me on this one as I can't work out what exactly is the problem then (and it's late here). I hope someone can step in. Good luck and all the best! Cheers, Peter
  10. I see now. Try going the Advanced Properties in the OIP and use the attributes of the original objects not the section class you have. Also, most importantly change the properties to infinite not finite. Cheers, Peter
  11. Hello, It works fine here. Make sure you're on SP4 and if on Windows that you have the latest graphics driver installed. Cheers, Peter Clip Cube.mp4
  12. That's great thanks for sharing this Michael. Cheers, Peter
  13. Reset your Preferences perhaps? Or failing that the settings folder in your user folder. Cheers, Peter
  14. Are you Mac or Windows? Cheers, Peter
  15. Dear Michael, My understanding is that it is particularly important at the 'moment of creation' of 3D objects.. Such as in the screenshot of converting a Sphere into a Mesh. From the Help: "Sets the segmentation resolution used to display curved 3D objects; affects extruded and swept polylines, circles, and arcs". In my example once the objects have been converted no matter what the 3D conversion resolution is set to afterwards, the segmentation for each object stays as it was at the time of conversion. Cheers, Peter


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