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  1. The 'Insert Truss' tool is like the 'Lighting Instrument' tool. Any symbol, even a chair, inserted by those tools become Truss objects or Lighting devices respectively. Likewise the two commands: Convert to Truss and Convert to Instrument - same thing. A 'Truss' is a higher level object than a symbol just like a Lighting Device. Think of it as a 'Truss Device'! Cheers, Peter
  2. Dear Wesley, Works for me: Using the Straight Truss tool, place one 12m long on the page. Make connection interval 3m. Import a 3m horizontal truss. Select Straight Truss and go Spotlight>Object Conversion>Replace with Stock Symbol. In the dialogue choose the 3m truss symbol in the pull down. The symbols will then replace the Straight truss. Select one of them and go Braceworks>Convert to Truss. Say yes to all instances. These are now all one truss system. Check in the OIP 'Select System objects" to confirm. Cheers, Peter
  3. Hello, To remove a workgroup folder you need to go to the Vectorworks Preferences>User Folder and select the workgroup folder there and 'remove'. I don't have any problems unchecked the tick box next to the 'Update Plant DB...' so not sure why you're having that problem. Maybe remove the w folders first and see how it goes? Cheers, Peter
  4. Hello, Digitalcarbon has the most efficient method and thanks for outlining the process, very clear. Just as an aside, sometimes using the Render Bitmap Tool (RBT) can be a very nice way of creating the 2D representation of a 3D object needing to be hybrid. In the enclosed file the size is 1.14MB which is higher than Digitalcarbon's 877KB but obviously looks quite different. A bit of fiddling might yet be able to be done with the image in the OIP to reduce further. Anyway I mention this as it's not a well know method and can be quite visually informative. Cheers, Peter Dough mixer RBT.vwx
  5. Hello, If you want individual control without having to duplicate the symbol several times (one for each colour) maybe consider using a 3D label Legend? If you select each one you can give it a different fill colour - but you have to do this manually. A bit of a drag with a large rig but don't forget the powerful 'Find & Modify' command in the Spotlight menu is a quick way to select objects with a certain criteria e.g. position or rigging type. I don't think it's possible to colour the 3D label with classes but some bright spark might work out a more elegant solution. Snapshot and file enclosed. Cheers, Peter Lx_Colours.vwx
  6. Dear Rob, Slightly off topic sorry, but while we're at it it is a real drag when placing a hoist into a drawing that you get a load of unwanted classes. This goes against all other Spotlight PIO's where the user can choose to add classes and/or have them automatically fill with standard classes which is great. Please can there be an option so it behaves like all the other PIO's in this regard? Thanks, Peter
  7. Never seen that before. Very confusing! Cheers, Peter
  8. Dear mjm, Agreed about jumping into first release software. To be prudent, an SP1 or SP2 release would be worth waiting on before fully committing. It's no different to operating systems - anyone going with the first release of High Sierra for example is a pioneer, likewise most software. I can't help you with the issues you describe. Are they Renderworks lights or lighting devices and Focus Points, I haven't seen that issue. Cheers, Peter
  9. Hi Mark, yes agreed it's a nuisance. The hanging position retains the original height of the truss symbol prior to being converted to a hanging position, but any added instruments do not (= drag). I think that things like accessories and so on will come in time. I can see lots of things but there's always a limit on time and resources. For example the softwoods have load information attached (at the Bottom of the OIP) and if you draw a drape which is 10m long by 6m high and put a weight in all is fine. If you change the height of the drape to 3m high the weight stays the same. It would be good if that also recalculated. So there are always lots of things that get added once a feature gets developed, in time. For example look at the Resource Manager in 2017 and now in 2018. I do hope that these issues re attaching at the correct chord and especially the correct height for symbols>hanging positions get fixed sooner rather than later. Cheers, Peter
  10. Dear Mike, I think you are being somewhat unfair. Users can still draw trussing using symbols and the symbol insertion tool or use the PIO truss tools and work as before. The Insert Truss, Connect Truss and Insert Load tools are extras in 2018. The ability to lay out trusses so much more efficiently is incredibly useful and although there might be issues as I have seen you have noted elsewhere about vertical trusses and so on connecting with corners etc it doesn't take much to quickly tidy up. There is still much more accuracy and ease of use in 2018 than 2017, and Braceworks is to be thanked for that. I am sure in time these small issues will get addressed and I'd far rather have these tools right now and not later. I have also observed and reported also that the devices go to the half way point when being attached to a hanging position which is what this thread is about. A nuisance but easy to tidy up (once more). I have no doubt the engineers and developers know all this, have their reasons and their game plan, so be patient. I for one am grateful we have these choices with the new tools and methods. If I use a hybrid truss symbol and give it a height then convert to a hanging position, lighting devices do not take on the z value of the hanging position (but they do take on the name so they are 'attached'). This has been reported as well. Cheers, Peter
  11. Dear Scott, It's one of the local add ons we have just for our Australian users. However I posted it as I thought it might be useful for someone to maybe add as an enhancement request or something. Cheers, Peter
  12. Hello, In Vectorworks 2018 users can now add a custom logo to their model in a web view: "Displays the logo automatically included in the top left corner of the web view; a Vectorworks logo displays by default". Cheers, Peter
  13. Hello, Just showing this in case this is useful to the discussion. Here in Australia we have the: Edit Class Names Utility It lets you quickly search for and edit multiple class names in one hit. Cheers, Peter
  14. A great challenge and here's my attempt! Didn't take long to model but honesty you could take all week tweaking the rendering. I spent about 90 minutes on this not including rendering time. The final render at 300dpi on a sheet layer takes 10 mins. Somehow Jim's is livelier.. Cheers, Peter
  15. Hello mreadshaw, Yes you can use the colour field of a lighting device to change the colour of objects in a particular class. This could mean that for example the channel field which is in the Lighting>Label>Channel class can reflect the gel colour of the instrument. You do this is the File>Document Settings>Spotlight Preferences. However it appears this is not working in 2018 and 2017. The enclosed snapshot is 2016. I have filed a bug report. Cheers, Peter