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  1. And now all of the truss symbols in the RM are displayed in mm lol... Hey, is there a ways to change that?
  2. I hit my own personal limit long before I hit Mac or VW’s limits 😕 Also, can anyone confirm if all of the Spotlight tools, menus etc are in the Braceworks workspace? Likewise for BIM Architect and Architect? Is there a (paid?) reason why there are 2 Arch workspaces? Considering Fundamentals is a lame duck for anyone that has Designer, that would consolidate 3 workspaces (and remove limits?) right there. Actually, is Designer a lame duck? It’s supposed to be the Everything workspace but it has zero Spotlight / BW / CC anything. So that’s 4 consolidated right there (Pareto principle).
  3. @Andy Broomell I’m pretty ambivalent about the Keys tab for a few reasons: Editing hotkeys in all 9 workspaces would take about 15 min Most of the solutions, like an Everything workspace, would supersede that anyway I’m a “pick your battles” guy, so I’m not gonna die on that hill. It’s a “nice to have” for me. Tools and Menus are my top priorities, followed by resizing a dozen palettes x every workspace. Those are my “must haves.” Not for nothing but I’m also a Pareto principle guy: find the solution that takes 20% of resources to improve 80% of the issues (versus the inverse of that). Any of these solutions would be better than none of them.
  4. I found the old (2015) matrix but it's of objects in each product's library, not tools and menus, so it's not helpful with this issue. VW2015 Libraries-Index and Product Matrix.pdf
  5. I figured it out, and the solution is ridickydonk. I would have to Screenshot every parent menu with child menus Create a new (blank) menu Rename the menu with the parent menu name: Drawing Search for the menus (listed alphabetically; not in the same order as the menu I'm "duplicating") Drag the menu from the left to the right pane Drag separators from the left to the right pane to match Create a new (blank) menu Rename the menu with the parent menu name: Layout Search for the menus (listed alphabetically; not in the same order as the menu I'm "duplicating") Drag the menu from the left to the right pane Drag separators from the left to the right pane to match Create a new (blank) menu Rename the menu with the parent menu name: Documentation Search for the menus (listed alphabetically; not in the same order as the menu I'm "duplicating") Drag the menu from the left to the right pane Drag separators from the left to the right pane to match Create a new (blank) menu Rename the menu with the parent menu name: Compare Search for the menus (listed alphabetically; not in the same order as the menu I'm "duplicating") Drag the menu from the left to the right pane Drag separators from the left to the right pane to match Create a new (blank) menu Rename the menu with the parent menu name: Update Search for the menus (listed alphabetically; not in the same order as the menu I'm "duplicating") Drag the menu from the left to the right pane Drag separators from the left to the right pane to match And that's not to mention: Tools menu changes from workspace to workspace Document Contexts change from workspace to workspace Object Contexts change from workspace to workspace Where are the icons for stock tool sets? Still need to add workspace tools that are missing from toolsets (now seemingly the easiest part of this task) It would take me a full 10-hour day, and about 50 screenshots to accomplish all of these super tedious mind-numbing tasks. All that we want to be able to do is drag a ConnectCAD (or any other workspace) master parent menu from the left to the right pane, and everything is duplicated (parent menus, child menus, separators, all in the same order). Same with Tools. The Keys tab doesn't even belong in that window (it belongs in VW prefs). We've been requesting this feature for over a decade. As another possible solution, in case there are technical limitations to this feature request, VW could provide workspaces (they're easily shared and installed), updated with every every release as these inevitably change from year to year. In other words, I could download a custom workspace, and install it. Trying to keep this comment solutions-oriented, is there even a list or matrix of what menus and tools are included in each stock workspace? I recall seeing something like that a few years ago. And then I could just spend an entire day manually doing this every year (like my colleagues do).
  6. I tried this years ago, and bailed after an hour of fiddling. I just tried it again by attempting to add ConnectCAD (the least complicated workspace) to a modified version of Braceworks, and got stuck after adding the 1st menu item. There are only 6 menu items, and I can't even find them. I could list a dozen other complications along the way but this is the non-starter:
  7. What if you combine that with a Saved View? I'm thinking there's a workaround somehow...
  8. In case I'm not the last one to the party *, I just realized the Center Marker Line, and Center Marker Text (!!!), are in Data Tag Styles now. * NARRATOR: he is.
  9. Upvote this x infinity! I'm on a 43" TV, and before that I was on 32" displays (those BenQ's were easy on the eyes... literally).
  10. Upvote for this. I always turn off view by hierarchy because it's impossible to read without alternating fills for each line. BTW I noticed 1 more level of control in VW21:
  11. There's a filter for "non-empty layers" so you can hide them in the Nav palette. Same with classes, although it's called "Assigned classes". I thought there was a way to view unassigned classes but I can't find it in VW21 (or just forgot how).
  12. Are you referring to data tags? You can filter the Nav palette by tag. And in the Org window, there's a Class Tags List. However, short of creating a worksheet, I'm not sure where I could view a column of tags as they're applied... I'm guessing it's a logical limitation because you're tagging objects not layers. Anyway, filters have become my best friend. Especially when working with others because we can hide each other's stuff to focus on our own stuff. Hope that helps in the meantime!
  13. @Ian Lane starting a fresh thread about unifying a single workspace that adds Menus in the Menu Bar for each modality (FKA "workspace"). Past discussions linked here. Issues with current workspace implementation: Redundant resizing and repositioning of all common window palettes is inefficient Attributes Snapping Resource Manager Object Info Navigation Visualization Basic Tool Sets Preview Features Redundant editing of a single hotkey across mulitple workspaces (instead of just doing this once) is inefficient – why is this even edited here instead of VW Prefs? Architect BIM Architect Braceworks ConnectCAD Designer Fundamentals Landmark Spotlight (popular third party plugins) Discovering / knowing / remembering which tools are available in which workspace Can I ignore the Spotlight workspace if I'm using the Braceworks workspace? Switching between workspaces, primarily to access a single Menu in the Menu Bar is jarring and interrupts / slows workflow Having to remember which workspace you're working in as you switch back and forth Editing workspaces is painful Cannot drag toolsets Have to create a toolset (with no icon) Can only drag one tool at a time (possible user error) Have to recreate menus in the same manner which gets really complicated (possible user error) Solutions to the issues above: A single consistent workspace Replace workspaces with menus in the menu bar I full understand / appreciate / respect the challenge of organizing tools in the "a la carte" manner that users have purchased or subscribed. Therefore, short of a complete rewrite, I see a triage approach to solving these issues: Short Term Must-Haves - VW21 SP3 Save all palette (and windows) positions / sizes across workspaces Don't make me resize / reposition the Attributes palette 8+ times This has become especially painful with all of the killer customization added in VW21 (tear-away tabs, docking) that is lost when we switch workspaces Move Workspace Editor / Keys (hotkeys) to VW Prefs (there's no reason any of these settings would change from workspace to workspace) Don't make me edit 8+ workspaces to change the hotkey for Launch Quick Search Short Term Nice-To-Haves - VW21 SP3 Drag toolsets from the master library (or another workspace) to the custom edited workspace Long Term Must-Haves - VW22 Eliminate workspaces altogether (replaced with the menu solution above) I realize that pace is ambitious but the UI improvements in VW21 are super slick nice-to-haves on the surface. Improving the current UI/UX of bolting on workspace after workspace is a must-have under the hood. In other words, when I draw an outdoor concert, I use every single workspace (except Fundamentals), so streamlining that workflow is a top priority for me. Honestly, if all of these proposed solutions (thought-starters for now) came to VW22, that would be epic. As VW continues to acquire great partner products, and third party developers continue to write great plug-ins, the current UI/UX that VW is rapidly outgrowing will continue to get clunkier and weigh it down. That said, everyone, please keep the criticism constructive, the conversation positive, productive and solutions-oriented (for both Mac & Windows users). 😎 Thank you, VW team, for implementing improvements based on user feedback as demonstrated by the many UI/UX improvements in VW21!
  14. This perfectly describes my UX every time I have to switch or edit a workspace.
  15. Yeah, that was my point: Quick Search should show all of the tools that I've paid for that are buried in the Workspace Editor, especially if Quick Search is intended to be an efficient workaround for editing workspaces.
  16. Exactly. And, for the record, I love the tearaway tabs. I edited 20 imported DWG symbols yesterday, so having Shape and Render tabs open at the same time eliminated the need to click back and forth between those tabs which inevitably causes user error for such a tedious task. Also breaking off the Data tab is useful for adding Record Formats to a symbol...
  17. I just need the Org window to stay open all the time, so all of the features of the Org window. It's perfect the way it is which is why I'm constantly opening and closing it over and over again.
  18. Yeah, I thought VW21 brought attributes to the Classes tab in the Nav palette? Is there a way to activate that or is it coming in a future release?
  19. @Ian Lane thanks for the quick reply! For clarification, I don't need 9 workspaces. I need one workspace to rule them all. However, these 8 workspaces (screenshot attached) are automatically generated + AutoPlot (third party plugin). Sort of... Long story short, I don't want to have to move and resize the Attributes palette in 10 different workspaces because it's the freaking Attributes palette, and would never change across multiple workspaces. I also don't want to wait for VW to do a Triple Lindy every time I switch workspaces. I also never want to realize, "Oh, I'm still in this workspace but I need to switch to that workspace... " The big change I see from workspace to workspace is that workspace's menu. I don't need 10 workspaces. I need a way of managing 10 menus from a single workspace. That's what I expected but when I searched for the Center Line Marker tool in BW... it can't find it. And that's true for a lot of tools...
  20. BTW one of the reasons I decided on an outdoor concert with a tower structure to test drive VW21 is because lining up the spanners and motors with panel points on the roof / grid, and then following that vector down to where the motors will attach to the truss, and then knowing where the slings will get in the way of the lights (especially when the heads move) that the LD has so carefully spaced along the LX position, where those lights will actually clamp to the truss... I cannot overemphasize how valuable it is to know about these attachments and alignments before the gear gets prepped in the shop. I can't think of a show like this where we didn't have to waste valuable time and money making corrections onsite because we just roughed it in with imaginary slings and attachments. I mean 3 or 4 years ago, we had to model our own HUD from the manufacturer, and now GT is a stock symbol. Other notes: I flipped the truss for the cable bridge and the video truss (works like a centerline), and there were no issues Just make sure you roll it 180deg in the OIP instead of flipping the symbol Because of the insertion point, lighting devices need to be bumped up 12" to grab the center truss chord of GT (or any HUD) Just make sure you bump the Z field in the OIP, and all of the BW magic will still work It's super cool and efficient that hook to motor to hook to shackle to sling to truss to light are all one integrated system that move together when changing trim height
  21. Screenshot attached of WIP. I made the truss silver, and the mover clamps black, so detail could be visible with lights attached. I know VW engineering is working on the hoist bug but I narrowed it down to adding the pickup symbol. That's what causes the flipped (up) motor to bump up above the top of the chain to a Z height that's actually higher than the real Z / high hook height. Btw the file size is currently at 20M (including the roof system) with all caching disabled. Very happy about that. I could knock it down to 15MB if I purged everything I'm playing around with that isn't pictured. Very excited to share this!
  22. My other dream feature is an Org palette that I can leave open and accessible at all times (so much more powerful, and fewer clicks, than the Nav palettes). I pick these battles every year around this time. Someday...


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