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  1. This is the rock and the hard place that I find myself stuck between: Stock VW PJ tools cannot shoot straight down at the floor: 90º image (screen) tilt, 90º PJ (or -90º ultra short throw PJ) ProjectionViz will not let me rotate a group of PJ's (and honestly, even rotating a single PJ has caveats in the OIP) ProjectionVIz cannot lock tilt, so I'm constantly fiddling with tilt when I edit other parameters Everything else is a nice-to-have but those are the must-have bottlenecks that send me to one tool or the other. Therefore from an engineering (vs visualization) POV working with deliverables under deadlines in a production environment, it seems like the best practice is to use the stock tools for all PJ's except shooting down at the floor.
  2. I'm having an issue where I try to rotate a group of projectors with Focus, Plan Distance, and Lens locked which works fine for dragging but not for rotating. So basically, 2 things: It seems like I need to unlock everything but I don't see an option for that It would be great if there was a lock for each parameter where that parameter is located in the OIP (similar to a widget or the stair tool) In the meantime, how do I rotate these projectors as a group?
  3. 6. Move and resize every window to the correct screen (that macOS swapped on me) which is like a game of 52 Pickup. This is actually the most time consuming and annoying part of the whole mess. The process takes about an hour to correct. Twice a week.
  4. I also think they're using the perspective file origin which is 3-point perspective, so "Z" is actually below 0,0,0 ? Below is a quick screen recording of the Spacemouse functioning pretty much exactly how I would want / expect it to in the Trainer app. Also, keep in mind that I have very little experience using a 3D mouse but have no problem controlling it in the trainer app vs VW where it feels like the object is tied to a string that I'm swinging around... @Luis M Ruizis it possible to accomplish this in VW? I understand roll is not an option but hopefully the rest? @markdd? Anyone else? Screen Recording 2022-05-27 at 11.11.00 AM 720p.mov
  5. This drives me crazy too! Is there a Macro or way to remap that combo (MMB isn't really a keystroke, so... ) in Karabiner or Better Touch Tool or something? I almost want to have a giant red button on my desk to pound for this.
  6. All of the settings appear the same (set by style), so I'm scratching my head...
  7. @elcthanks for the quick reply! I ran into a lot of the same considerations and caveats (as my sheet layer from 11x17 to 24x36 to 36x48), so I think I'll keep everything on the same Schematic design layer, and then use viewport cropping to break out to multiple sheet layers. I also will have to layer in multiple depts / systems, so that will get interesting... @Conrad Preendoes it make sense to use rooms as floors in a 2-story building? In other words, nest multiple rooms inside of a (floor) room? Screenshot below for clarification. Or should the room organization be "flattened" like: Floor 1 - Room A Floor 1 - Room B Floor 1 - Room C Floor 2 - Room A Floor 2 - Room B Floor 2 - Room C (Apologies if this is answered in the Help documentation.)
  8. Thanks, Conrad! I definitely would have screwed that up. Here's the workflow I followed (with your help). Steps Open ConnectCAD workspace Purge old ConnectCAD autogenerated resources (for my own organizational sanity later on... ) Uncheck All Layers in Layer Scale (may not be necessary but doesn't hurt) Set design layer grid to 1/4” and 1” (symmetrical) Import classes Select all resources in source file, and export to destination file Import design layers Check Import Layer Objects Import sheet layers Copy title block & viewports in source file, and paste into destination file (one at a time) (There might be a better way of doing this?) Notes No saved views in template file Schematic design layer will import at 1:1 scale Everything looks the same in both files except the sheet borders appear to be fit to outside or something (they're not) in the destination file:
  9. 3 days later, Monterey forgot my display settings again, so it seems I have this to look forward to twice a week: Reset display settings Save docs Quit apps Restart computer because it's stuck at 30hz (even though I reset it to 60hz) Reset external display to 60hz again because it lost that setting during the restart Lesson learned: I will always purchase 11-month old Mac's from now on (and leave them in the box for a month) so I can stay a full release behind.
  10. @elcwhere did you land with this? I'm going through the same thing with a 2-story install. Assuming I'll just duplicate the schematic view, add corresponding sheet layers as necessary, and control vis with layers and classes.
  11. I started a project back in November using the Spotlight template. Since then, I've started a new file of the same project using the ConnectCAD template to create wiring diagrams of the various systems. To take advantage of the workflow steps that follow the schematic work (physical 3D, cable runs, etc), I need to import all of the ConnectCAD stuff into the master project file. Once everything is imported, I expect that I'll continue editing as revisions are necessary. There are a few ways I could accomplish this but I want to make sure I don't screw it up. What's the recommended best practice?
  12. I just tested it in Rhino 7 and SketchUp 2021, and started running into similar issues, searching forums for solutions... My assumption is that these gizmos only work with Solidworks on Windows 7, and everyone else is in a world of pain (aside from Helicopter fly throughs). Guess there's a good reason why UE and TM don't support them...
  13. For anyone following this that's using a Mac, these settings are the green arrows at the bottom of the Axes tab. Windows has a completely different UI. @zoomer's screenshot shows the "reverse" setting for each. I've also noticed that these settings want to change for each mode: Object, Target / Camera... so you kind of have to pick a mode, adjust the settings, and stick with it for better and for worse.
  14. Revisiting this almost exactly a year later with a Spacemouse Wireless, and I really can find no joy using it. VW still doesn't seem to have Roll (just Tilt). Spinning only works the way I want if the object center is at 0,0,0 (otherwise it's like a boomerang or race car going around a track). Tilting is like riding around a ferris wheel (vs a spit roast). I only want to rotate an object (in all 6 4 degrees of freedom) around its center (a center that I choose with a click regardless of it's X,Y,Z). I'm beginning to suspect that VW users only use Helicopter mode for navigation / presentation purposes vs Object / Target Camera mode for modeling (in the CAM sense). What I'm still searching for is a way to use the Flyover Tool with my left hand. Is there another 3D mouse that will enable me to accomplish this? I wonder if a simple trackball mouse would work for this? Use the CadMouse in my right hand to click the center, and then use the trackball to rotate? Would have to figure out the Context-click to avoid continuously selecting / deselecting the Flyover tool...
  15. "Upgraded" my 2019 MBP to macOS 12.4 a few days ago (4-5 months sooner than I would typically upgrade because I prefer to safely stay 1 full release behind), and I'm already having all manner of external display issues. Couple of observations: Resetting PRAM / VRAM will reenable Automatic Graphics Switching If you had disabled that, you'll need to uncheck that box for both Battery and Power Adapter settings as needed I had to set my internal MBP display to Main Display Which is a happy accident for dragging screenshots from my desktop Sadly, VW still launches on the internal display, so I still have to move the window to the external display, and resize the docked palettes
  16. Same. I completely ignore it to avoid my own user error but then I watch my collaborators use it on a screen share, and it's a one-way ticket to Anxietyville when I see the hodgepodge of poorly named files, and it's anyone's guess which is the right one. I always do a screenshare to get the rest of my team properly set up for project sharing, so I'd love to add the step of setting this to None, similar to Mac Sys Prefs (perhaps slightly different than this VE):
  17. Upvoted. Adding that this list is a liability for two reasons: Clients/colleagues opening project files instead of working files Clients/colleagues/myself opening the wrong version of a file with a very similar name Both user errors happen regularly with varying degrees of frequency.
  18. @michaelkhas a great script for this that will surely get Sherlocked at some point
  19. Someone showed me that command for site model contour lines, and it works great for that, but I wouldn't trust it with a logo (for example).
  20. Not sure if this helps but: Modify > Drafting Aids > Simplify Polys... The usual convert commands might help too... maybe convert to NURBS and then convert it back or something similar.
  21. My old way of interacting with SmartCursor Settings was to double-click any snapping mode, and then arrow-key through the dialog sidebar... Any correlation that 3D axes have with Grid settings is arbitrary at best. The SmartCursor Settings dialog is one of those rare instances where I prefer a dialog (but mostly because the Snapping Palette has been deprecated to the Useless Bar).
  22. OK found it buried in this easter egg (but none of the other snapping modes):
  23. Wait--where did Smartcursor Settings move to in v2022??? I used to just double-click on the Snapping Palette but double-clicking and right-clicking on the snapping Useless Bar doesn't get me there, and I can't find it in any of the menus in any of the workspaces. Do I have to enable something useful that's been deprecated?
  24. THANK YOU!!! I always thought it was the other one, and then would give up.
  25. So not a Wall Pocket Drop Point? That's where I started with the same thing (duplex electrical outlet for wall power), and got stuck.
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