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  1. Peter Neufeld

    Fast Flat v0.9.1

    Nice! Works well and I like how the text is now on both sides, when it's needed. Thanks, Peter
  2. Peter Neufeld

    Fast Flat v0.9.1

    Great now I can have the Jacks at different lengths! It would be great to fix the Flat ID problem. I just use a full stop for now. Cheers, Peter
  3. Peter Neufeld

    Fast Flat v0.9.1

    Excellent. Now if only we can have different options for at least right and left Jacks...! Great that 0 covering depth means just the frame. BTW If I put in a number greater than 1200mm in the spacing it doesn't draw. Cheers, Peter
  4. Peter Neufeld

    Fast Flat v0.9.1

    I'll message you off list. Cheers, Peter
  5. Peter Neufeld

    Fast Flat v0.9.1

    That was quick! Sheet sizes are 1200mm x 2400mm. Most flats these days are steel framed (25mm square). Not sure about the carpentry but the 19mm x 76mm seems very familiar. Cheers, Peter
  6. Peter Neufeld

    Fast Flat v0.9.1

    As above - I think 500mm for the ribs and 900mm for the Jack (with options would be great!). Thanks it's a great tool. Peter
  7. Peter Neufeld

    Fast Flat v0.9.1

    Dear Michael, Not a mess - just numbers! Your default height and width is good at 2m x 1m so maybe the ribs should default to 500mm for each. It would be very useful to have an adjustable parameter for the Jack's depth. A default of 900mm would be good which is close to 3' as you have it. Or...maybe some buttons - 1'/2'/3' (300mm/600mm/900mm)? Cheers, Peter
  8. Peter Neufeld

    Showing gobo texture in lit fog

    Works for me in 2019 SP3 #480 999. Cheers, Peter Shuttered fog.vwx
  9. Peter Neufeld

    Fast Flat v0.9.1

    Dear Michael, Very good thanks for sharing. Any chance you can fix it for metric (mm) world? Also, is there a field to alter the French braces's length (Jacks I think you call them?). Cheers, Peter
  10. Peter Neufeld

    Showing gobo texture in lit fog

    Make sure you have 'Receive Shadows' Checked in the Renderworks Background resource (which is what a fog is). Cheers, Peter
  11. Peter Neufeld

    Unable to edit parameters with plug-in manager

    Dear Sam, Is this a permissions issue? Maybe make sure he has read and write permissions on the Vectorworks folder and all items therein? And/or that his user account has administrator privileges. Cheers, Peter
  12. Peter Neufeld

    Shutters showing in OpenGL, not in Render

    It should be the other way around. Please post a file. Cheers, Peter
  13. Peter Neufeld

    People/Band Symbols

    Dear Scott, I've bought them and look forward to playing with them. Thanks for such great symbols. Cheers, Peter
  14. Peter Neufeld

    Data Tags - Hanging Position Z value

    Hello, This also might be of use to you. I posted this some months ago on the entertainment forum. Data tags that dynamically report the weights of Hanging Positions. Cheers, Peter Hanging positions and weight.vwx
  15. Peter Neufeld

    About Attribute mapping tool?

    Thanks and yes definitely - the Cloud Services are really worth using and exploring. Saves doing it all on your machine. Cheers, Peter
  16. Peter Neufeld

    About Attribute mapping tool?

    Hello, Sorry to hijack this thread but I couldn't resist using your image as a glow texture. This was rendered pretty quickly using the Vectorworks Cloud Services - much faster than my new highly spec'd MBP. Cheers, Peter Glow floor 2.vwx
  17. Peter Neufeld

    People/Band Symbols

    They are spectacular Scott. Cheers, Peter
  18. Peter Neufeld

    Stage Deck Fill

    Dear Dave, I think the Floor command is the easiest way to create hybrid objects (Spotlight>Architectural>Floor). Less complex than slabs and really useful - and not just for floors they can be used for anything. Unless you need to do a symbol count I use the floor command for the whole stage. Just give it a 'thickness' and an elevation if need be. You can clip or add or reshape at your heart's content and it remains hybrid (as does a slab). Cheers, Peter
  19. Peter Neufeld

    Stop Camera From Moving?

    Dear Bruce, Whenever you activate a camera and you get to it's view, if you then want to move around and don't want the camera to move with you, click the 'Deactivate' button in the OIP first. Then as suggested by michaelk above, choose the walkthrough tool but I suggest the second option the 'Look Around mode' to rotate as if on a tripod. Cheers, Peter
  20. Peter Neufeld

    Until Next Time

    Dear Jim, Your work and presence has been incredible. Truly amazing. Enjoy your family and see you anon. Cheers, Peter
  21. Hello, In the enclosed file is it possible to extract the curved facing surface of the Subdivision object and create one NURBS Surface? No matter what I try I only get to the point of 25 NURBS surfaces which can't 'Compose' or 'Add Solids' in order to extract the one surface for extraction. I was hoping to have one NURBS Surface to use the Surface Array command. Thanks for any help. Peter Sub.vwx
  22. Peter Neufeld

    Videos of the foliage tool in action?

    Dear Christiaan, Here's an example I did with the tool if you like. Cheers, Peter PMN Foliage.vwx
  23. Peter Neufeld


    Aha it was Luis M Ruiz on this thread that's just come up again in the forum: His render is much better than my copy! Cheers, Peter
  24. Peter Neufeld

    Revisiting the Hunt and Peck

    The Help which is really very good these days does show the path to where commands lie. Cheers, Peter
  25. Yes I agree that it is incongruous to the normal expected workflow. It should at least be available the first time the Object Properties comes up. I fourth this request! Cheers, Peter


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