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2021 Public Roadmap

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New Roadmap site is live HERE

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2 hours ago, Don Seidel said:

Rendering is a big part (if not the primary goal) of so many workflows. It's 2021 and we're long past due to have a built-in or add-on fast render tool that's at least on par with the general market. One that is 100% in sync with VW

Sounds good to me.  I am pretty happy with Enscape, but it is not totally in sync with VW.  The thing people are talking about now is virtual reality.  VW has been into this for some time, but there is a gap between the VW version and others regarding the quality of rendering and the size of the project.  I mean I tried one the other day with VW and the model was just too big.  The Enscape version let me put it in the Google googles and look around but it does not allow a walk around like the VW version does when it works.  

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I’m curious where the “license activation portal“ as described in the following thread fits into the Public Roadmap.
[I didn’t see it listed on the PDF, I apologize if I missed reference to it in this Roadmap thread.]


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