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  1. Well I asked it to make it look like an old English village. Just tell you client to tell you what style they like and there you go.
  2. Yes those are good things, but they are except for viewports kind of side issues not things that make the program stand out. I wonder what the things are the would make users happier. I see the cabinet tool really complete, but it seems more a tool for a cabinet desinger than an architect. Can material lists and cutting lists be created or exported to another program for that.
  3. You are probably right about the deadline I was just quoting from my poor memory. I have gotten a quote from the Italian vendor so I know it is possible. Also it is available in Spain and I think both have English versions.
  4. Yes contact sales. But what I understand is that you can't buy a perpetual license in the US but if you have one you can subscribe to service select. It seems if you park it you are stuck at where you left it. The only way is to buy a monthly or yearly subscription. And if you but a used license it is only good for the version you bought it can't be upgraded. Is that correct? If you are in the EU you can still buy a perpetual license until I think September. But the prices are very high.
  5. Wow, swapp is the scary one, they don't put a lot of info on the web site. It will be interesting to follow.
  6. In Italy we can buy for €3,400 plus 22% iva, includes one year of service select. Would be interesting know if the price in Spain is less.
  7. I told the Spanish guy about someone in Ireland looking and he asked me to send your contact info but better if you contact him, Jorge Matos <techlimits@gmail.com> For me there is a dealer in Italy so first I need to ask them. Let me know what answers you get from him.
  8. How is it going with that? I have been looking around the EU to see if it is possible to buy a perpetual license, so far nothing. Spain says they sell also a version in English but only list the subscription for example.
  9. Have a read of this: https://architosh.com/2023/05/amy-bunszel-of-autodesk-talks-to-architosh-about-forma/
  10. Do you remember the VW tool for creating a matrix and then using it to maximize a floor plan layout. That's what we are talking about here on steroids. AI works well when you feed it the information and ask it to minipulate it. I would love to be able to test any new tools that VW is thinking about using AI to do them. Right now I think it could do the floor plan matrix but also add in more info like which rooms need more natural light, where is the best view, do the clients for a house want a small or a large kitchen, etc. I also did some travel stuff with it. I asked if for a route connecting several cities that worked well. I fed in an excell list of destinations and dates of arrival and it wrote up a littel program. I aksed it to list the time and distance between each city, no problem. I asked it to give a history of a local historical building and it gave a bunch of incorrect info, so it's not there yet. But when I told it that it was wrong it did mostly correct itself.
  11. I suppose the initial uses will be more along the lines of research, writing and help with understanding various issues. Maybe in using Excel for example as it can explain or even creat formulas for cells. It can create work schedules, and research product suppliers. There are a lot of uses before it starts designing buildings.
  12. What do you think? How will AI be used in architecture in general and are there possible ways that it may be integrated into VW or how we use VW. I have found that it can be useful in looking up code issues on just about any subject. The problem being that it is not updated past 2021 but at least it is a starting point. Can it be used to do repetitive tasks of any sort for example.
  13. Well the seller just needs to let people it is sold common courtesy. It does seem people want a perpetual license so they don't have to mess with the subscription program.
  14. I couple of clarifications, wouldn't this be considered a used product so no VAT. Also can it be upgraded to 2023.
  15. All the complaints don't seem to be having an impact on the marketing department. I suppose they know what they are doing after all having started around the same time as ACAD they are number one in the market right --
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