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  1. VW architect available here for those looking: https://novedge.com/products/vectorworks-architect-2020?variant=
  2. That is fair, but I thought the plug in was something that could be useful so I tried it. Actually it does have some uses, using a window to make a hole in a wall is kind of a work around and when I tried a round window it put in fixed glass which I did not see a way to remove - probably there a way.
  3. Sorry I don't understand the use of this. I put it in VW and it makes openings in walls, but similar to using the window or doors tools really. Is this just and exercise in programming or am I missing something. I do see you can make various shapes. Can it be used to make a nitch. I am not trying to be negative just to understand.
  4. I should mention I saw something incorporating Excel spread sheets in VW, that would be very useful. Make it happen.
  5. OK so continuing on the subject of unit plans, I am starting to agree about design layer viewports. I have not been a big fan of using referenced files. But on my current project we do have one big one and that is referencing the apartment building to the office building on the same site in order to accomplish the overall site plan and project model. The beauty of it is that the referenced viewport can have all the advantages of a normal viewport. So: Let me summarize how I think it works, we make a file for the units, then we create the main project file. On that file we make design layer viewports for each unit type referencing the unit file, then those viewports are copied and pasted as needed to create the overall floor plan. Any changes we make to the units would be done in the original unit plan file and updated in the project file. Do I have it right so far. What will be the issues regarding floor elevations and wall heights.
  6. If you want to use the viewports in another file or project what do you do. Also I still find the whole wall height business confusing and cumbersome. Why can't we just put a wall on a layer give it a height without any other settings. Variable wall heights in symbols - I am not sure can't a symbol have walls of differing heights.
  7. That seems to be the reason some don't want to use symbols for units.
  8. I keep thinking about this bit about unit plans. At present the only really efficient way is to develop symbols of the units. They can be used in various projects and if updated every instance of the symbol changes. Or one can also update a copy of a symbol and replace it in the overall floor plan easily.
  9. So you make a unit/apartment plan with only interior walls? And make it a view port. In our case we are making factory built modules that have double common walls, that is a factory built common wall on each side of the unit. We would sit that VP/module on top of the slab and then draw the exterior building walls and then interior hallway walls for example. Actually we would probably fit all the modules around the overall floor plan then draw exterior walls then fit the slab to the overall floor plan. Just trying to get the system straight in my head. Right now I am getting basic layouts done by others and we have to do the exterior look and finalize the model and no one seems to do the basic layout the same way. Having written all this I am wondering if this is going to be problematic since VPs can't be copied to other files. Interestingly the architect we started working with does all his work with others online, no one is in his office and because of my long experience I seem to be getting the bigger projects, works out perfectly during this lockdown. Yes some sort of unit plan approach would be a great help. In the housing market factory built modules are going to be the future. Our architect has all the work he can handle and we are happy to be sitting at home in Italy working on his projects. Keeping up with VW and years of experience has made me at retirement age an even more valuable asset in the work force.
  10. Here too, we still have not found the best way. You can make a symbol of an apartment plan but what does it include. I am not talking about much more that walls, fixtures, and furniture. But how does the symbol connect to the building structure, the exterior and interior common walls. And what about layers, they cannot be included in a symbol everything is on one layer, but we can use classes for electrical etc.
  11. Dumb question, what do you mean by voids?
  12. What I am reading is that the normal run of the mill flu kills about 0.1% of those affected and the Corona 1% more or maybe a bit less depending on the age and overall health of the population. Up to 45 million people get the flu every year in the US and there is a vaccine for it. None for Corona and it is 3 times more contagious.
  13. I challenge all the disbelievers to do some arithmetic if drastic measures are not taken 40 to 70% of the US population might get the corona virus and 1% of those will likely die.


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