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  1. Helm

    Odd shaped walls

    Yes that is the only way I imagine to do them, but what about doors and windows. I suppose you make a polygon for the wall then extrude it, then make cut outs for doors and then put in a door symbol. The same for windows. Really a lot of work.
  2. How do you deal with odd shaped walls such as one finds in old buildings in Italy and other countries. How do you make a model of a building with walls that are not parallel.
  3. Having more than one detail in a viewport goes back to the comment that you can´t use auto callout referencing. I don´t know how important that is since it is only useful when looking at the plans and details in VW it has no use for hard copies on the job site. On my current project I made empty viewports with the settings of scale, etc I wanted for each. Then pasted the details in as annotations. That works pretty well, and the modifications done to the details as annotations can then be copied and pasted into a design layer for future use. If you make annotations in the normal way to a viewport you can´t save the whole thing for use in another file. Of course this only works if the detail consists of only one layer. There is a management issue that is persistent in VW; you can´t easily copy viewports to another file. So you have to be careful how you approach using annotations.
  4. This would be a handy and time saving option, but there is still the ago old question of when is it better to use annotations or put notes, dimensions, etc on the original design layer. If we are talking about 2D details and plans it might be easier and better to do them on the design layer or layers, there you don´t need to open anything and the viewports just need to be updated. Also as we know viewports cannot be copied to other files. But in the case of elevations derived from a model each elevation would generally be in its own viewport and notes, dimensions, etc need to be done as annotations.
  5. Helm

    Detail Viewports

    Good point, but then we don´t do links, probably we should.
  6. Helm

    Detail Viewports

    How do you do them, do you make a viewport for every detail. So I have lots of details connections, windows, doors, etc. done in past versions of VW. So I copied them onto a design layer. Then thought it a pain to make vp for each of them so I made large viewports for each scale on a sheet layer then copied and pasted the details in as annotations. Then the original details are left alone and the ones in the viewport can be revised in annotations and grouped and moved into place in the sheet. Am I making a mistake here, is there and easier way.
  7. I am not sure which memory you are referring to. VW will increase its use of RAM as you update complex viewports and not release all of it until you restart the program. Sometimes saving the file and then reverting to save will reset the RAM but I noticed that it does not in 2020.
  8. Yes a good idea, it is a pain to go back and forth when especially when you need to put the same annotations in several viewports.
  9. Just a complement on your work. It is impressive. From a practical standpoint if this is for a client even the worst of the ones you have done is enough to give them a really good idea of how your design will look, so I would suggest you not lose too much time/money trying to make the renderings perfect. By the way is that all of the kitchen? I see you have an American size refrigerator and just one small sink. Is there more kitchen to the right side? I love the overall look.
  10. If I make a section viewport then render it with OpenGL the background is black. Also there is no crop to edit. Is this normal or am I missing something.


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