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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, if I have a moment I may try that. My current solution is to export as 3DS and import to Sketchup then follow the Sketchup way and finally export as kmz. That works.
  2. Did you ever figure out how to do it. I have been trying to do the same.
  3. I like them because they show up looking like trees in both plan and 3D views in VW and they work well with Enscape whereas the Escape trees just show as polygons in VW. I just wish there were more included with VW to buy more they are a bit expensive.
  4. I will most likely start an argument, but I am getting the impression that Apple is not paying a lot of attention these days to the graphic side of its business, especially when it comes to architecture. I think I read that most of their income comes from the phone business.
  5. I was wondering what magic mouse is, so I looked it up, one of those Mac things. For the guy who asked the original question, just get a decent simple gaming mouse, I got one from HP cost about €19 or $23. I gave up on the wireless types and went with a wired version, so never have to worry about batteries or charging. It does the job, zooming etc. and the sensitivity can be adjusted with a click of a button.
  6. Wow, I have never used anything other than a decent two button and wheel mouse. Never thought I needed more.
  7. A couple comments, I too have been having pretty good luck with the title block it takes a bit of learning. It is very customizable. So it can be set up just the way an office wants it. One thing that does not seem to work for me is opening more than one file when editing it. That so far does not work only the first one gets the changes. Excel, I like the Excel import but it seems still a work in process. Changes made in the imported worksheet are not reflected back in the original spreadsheet. And the VW worksheet does not have many of the Excel functions so any large changes mean going back the the spreadsheet then reimporting it to VW. I tried file sharing and gave up on it, as said above too many problems. But also I am not a big fan of having files offsite floating in a cloud somewhere. The need to have a better system allowing multiple people to work on a project does need a lot more attention. I am guessing that most offices just split the project up into multiple files in order to share the work,
  8. Helm

    2021 Public Roadmap

    Sounds good to me. I am pretty happy with Enscape, but it is not totally in sync with VW. The thing people are talking about now is virtual reality. VW has been into this for some time, but there is a gap between the VW version and others regarding the quality of rendering and the size of the project. I mean I tried one the other day with VW and the model was just too big. The Enscape version let me put it in the Google googles and look around but it does not allow a walk around like the VW version does when it works.
  9. Helm

    2021 Public Roadmap

    Pretty much what I see when working with Enscape except I usually view in OpenGL. I like to keep as much as possible in VW, so use VW symbols and textures. Right now the only other thing is VBvisual plants, mostly trees. So there is not much in the way of extra load on the system. Many VW symbols and textures don't render very well in Enscape, cars have no reflections, and some textures don't render at all so that is a problem. VW props don't work at all so we have to use Enscape people if we want them in the rendering. It is not yet a perfect combination.
  10. Helm

    2021 Public Roadmap

    Totally agree with you on this. Now if they would just make a cloud computed version of Renderworks that works like Enscape or Twinmotion that would be the ultimate. And really set VW apart from the rest.
  11. Helm

    2021 Public Roadmap

    Below is a link to an Enscape video It is my first effort at a video so. As I mentioned before the problem with Enscape is that its assets don't show up well in VW, but if you use mostly VW symbols and the VBvisual Plants available in VW they show up fine in Enscape. Enscape does not like props. The main advantage I am seeing is that you can do all your modeling in VW which you already know how to use and the model can be used as you like to create rendered elevations, etc using Open GL. or also Renderworks. Enscape does not have all the bells and whistles of Twinmotion as far as I know, but I like the way it integrates with VW https://www.dropbox.com/s/7rgadfyhvduftfu/Enscape_2020-12-17-18-22-27.mp4?dl=0
  12. Helm

    2021 Public Roadmap

    I think this rendering discussion is important. I have been doing a little more studying. It seems Enscape assets do not render or even show well in 2D in VW. Some VW symbols, maybe most will render in Enscape but the quality is limited, no reflections for example. VBvisual plants seem to render well in both systems. We need a VBvisual group of people, cars and other objects.
  13. Helm

    2021 Public Roadmap

    So I reviewed Lumion for VW and as a total rendering program it does seem a lot more capable than Enscape. The main difference I see is that Enscape is more integrated with VW. In other words with Enscape you can add trees etc to the VW model directly and save it within the same file. The problem at the moment is that Enscape assests show as polygons in the VW model.
  14. Helm

    2021 Public Roadmap

    Good to know, thanks, I will have a look at it. As I have been saying this new technology is amazing, and a game changer. I now include a sheet of rendered views with a few notes on CDs submitted to the building and planning departments. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  15. Helm

    2021 Public Roadmap

    Renderworks, I don't think I even hinted that they should do away with Renderworks. But it cannot compare at the moment at least with what can be done with other products. No reason to eliminate Renderworks, especially since as far as I know Enscape is the only one that works live with VW and it is not available for the Mac users. And of course it would be far better to have a program like Enscape built in. Although I believe that Enscape and the others do their computing in the cloud, the use of some heavy duty computers is the only way to it can work, which probably means even VW would want to charge extra for the service. Also I find it a bit disturbing that VW only this year made Enscape available when I think it has been available for Revit and the others for a couple of years or more. As to paying extra for an outside rendering program, in a busy office the time/money saved or the cost of using an outside rendering service more than makes up for the price of it.
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