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  1. Carl, jump back in! You'll love it! Vectorscript evolved quite a lot since then and it's lot of fun. We have the Developer wiki now, a little obsolete but still of great usage is also Vectorlab.info. And the community shifted more into this forum rather than the v-list. And if you are wiser than me, you'll do the jump into Phyton right now rather than later. _c_
  2. Ciao Carl, I am very pleased to see you here. I remember you very well from a rather remote past ... making something out of VW logs...the Time Clock! here it is. Welcome back! You won't remember me, it was many alias names away. I don't even remember myself which one I used then. _c_
  3. Nice, danke Patrick
  4. _c_

    Issue with "Extrude Along Path"

    Hello, by chance I stumbled upon this discussion. I know it's late but it might save a lot of searches later for others. You must "flatten" the path object, you can also use SetPlanarRefIDToGround. Example: RectangleN(x, y, 1, 0, w, h); pathObj := LNewObj; SetFPat(pathObj, 0); SetPlanarRefIDToGround(pathObj); { without this, your ExtrudeAlongPath will be extruded along any view you happen to be in } pathObj := ConvertToNURBS(pathObj, FALSE); obj := ExtrudeAlongPath(pathObj, profileObj); { profile object is a poly, rect, oval etc. }
  5. _c_

    Project sharing workflow

    Ciao Christiaan, I am of the opinion that live sections are just an edit tool. No need to have that also published, they also require a different set of attributes. BTW, only now, by the released SP3, am I able to use the sections as live tool, they were simply too crashy and had an ugly performance making them unusable.
  6. _c_

    Project sharing workflow

    Ciao Hans-Olav, I find it impossible to have a singular file. No idea how to archive and manage the obsolescence of the Viewports in that structure. The file size! We have this structure below, which is close to your one. It is very flexible and stable. We don't use project sharing where we issue (Sheet layers). What you call Target files. So the answer is: no, I'd advise you not to use PS in target files. Our structure: Folder 0 1 or more project files (.vwxp) containing everything excluding sheet layers 0 or more normal files (.vwx) containing 2D details, variants, etc. excluding sheet layers reference across these mainly old style, no automatic update Folder 1-5 (data collection, preliminary, project, permits, construction drawing) plot files, data etc. thematically sorted, all references old style to folder 0, no automatic update Archive of the issued files above: as soon as we issue a set, we archive the whole file. On top of the folders remains the last used file set Worgroup: 3 Workgroup folders for the office, project specific resources are never there. No problem with Project Sharing and referencing in this workflow, as far as I am aware.
  7. _c_

    Geometric Algorithms (a.o Voronoi)

    Indeed, what a strange link it generated. Here it is in a more old fashioned way: link Dave, there is nothing there that you won't know and probably already surpassed ages ago with your own algorithms. But it offers us a readable introduction to things which are otherwise far beyond our reach.
  8. Ciao, I'd like to share this awesome link for those interested: Geometric Algorithms
  9. _c_

    Mac to PC file sharing

    I had in the past problems with the paths used by the Callout and heavily with encoding (special EU chars). This last should be resolved with VW 2018.
  10. _c_

    List Browser comprehensive example

    We have one, it was written by Charles Chandler (Charles, where are you?!?): http://www.vectorlab.info/index.php?title=Events you should complement it with the articles of Vlado on Dev: http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/Category:VectorScript
  11. _c_

    List Browser comprehensive example

    Speaking about LBs, the funny thing is that it seems that now the dichotomy edit/item display type is gone: whatever you edit, the other one will match. It could be one of these things that went on legacy and has been fixed in this fashion to preserve our scripts. Thank you!
  12. _c_

    List Browser comprehensive example

    Ciao Sam, do you want to link to this thread or to the original LB article on Vectorlab? That would be better, that's the one I will maintain: http://www.vectorlab.info/index.php?title=List_Browsers Ooops... edited the link
  13. _c_

    Curved Walls in Hidden Line

    It is a bug, unfortunately, but should the resolution be faster if it files as wish, please, let it be a wish! We collectively wish round walls not to leave lines around. I feel safe to speak for most here. Out of pure curiosity, who wishes that round walls don't join and show dismembered in viewports, renderings or any form of view -even in plans, under certain conditions- please raise a hand. Ciao _c_
  14. Hello, for those who downloaded the plist file already, I uploaded now a new version: I forgot to change the internal version ID and it didn't display well.
  15. Ciao Sam, I added it now, VectorScript 2302-new.plist.zip but it is simpler to use the built-in vectorscript code adding the keywords. That resolves pretty well everything while my old plist file was rather slow, due to -I believe- some inefficiency in the grep for indenting the routines. In the attached file you'll see that the routines don't indent well in the menu. If you set now TW or BBE on "Vectorscript" or "automatic" it chooses the proper keyword file depending on the suffix, .px or .vss, and it behaves as the plist files! Look at the screenshots below and tell me if it works by you: I add here the instructions of TW 5.5, I found this change genially simple: