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  1. VW has an uncanny way of building up an increasingly large discontent user base for the Architectural Module. Every year never what you asked for, insistently, for a decade. Instead, something new that doesn't work for some reason. Something either causing massive workarounds, endless clicking around dialogs, or abandonment altogether. This is letting us down, really. We are already seeing the tectonic shift. Most professional users, fed up with waiting for things to fix, move to Archicad. For Nemetschek this is no problem whatsoever. The problem is exquisitely our. Mind, the Renderworks, Spotlight, ConnectCad parts etc. are, on the contrary, very beloved. There is a direct relationship with the users, they listen and give back what's expected in humanly measurable times.
  2. BTW, there is a new engineer at Computerworks who can -and want to- implement direct 3D edits, he did the dialog-less Railing edits, which are amazing. Who knows what could he do, had he more support. @fdefelix
  3. But you see John, they sell it here too. International offices cannot use a localised version because the office language is English. And the UK architects don't even have a choice.
  4. Look, this goes into the category limit by "plug-in inflexibility". To do the extrusion based geometry, you cannot use a point plug-in (as windows and doors currently are), you must use a path plug-in. These allow to store a path and a profile. The most basic example of this is the Chain Extrude tool and relies on a very old technology, still from Minicad times. Using a path plug-in, you would be compelled to draw the window shape as a path in plan, and stick it in vertical on the wall somehow. Every time you want to edit that shape, you would have to somehow dis-insert it from the wall, edit it, and re-insert it. 3D paths do exist, but they are unusable. Alternatively, you'd have to set up a huge interface to manage the path etc. etc, which is I suppose the way they did the sexy Benelux windows. But we want it directly editable, don't we? And back to the category limit: wall insertion is weak in VW. I know because I did it. I did implement a wall hole just as you say.
  5. The bottleneck being that the wall and slab (= roof) insertion and their overall upgrading has been delayed so long, that the whole BIM is affected by it. I don't see this being caught up while I am professionally active. There are, on my opinion, these fundamental flaws affecting Doors and Windows: wall insertion is very basic, 2D/3D wrapping barely existent, walls only line-based vs. polygonal based plug-ins are too inflexible So Matt Panzer, who is a friend who hates me now -and I am awfully sorry about that- develops wonderfully well something, but most of us don't need it. He did it perfectly, bug free. But it's not what we expect. I got rageful when I saw the barn door. We need user defined geometry that can be parametrised, so everybody can do a door and and window as they want it to be, and we need walls superior to the rest of applications, because our ones are technically flawless, but too limited in the geometry for a modern BIM usage. And for God's sake stop the game of the special groups and their blind environment (being this a part of the plug-in inflexibility).
  6. The German VW is very good and very much liked by professionals. The only limit being the language and the structural limits of VW (wall insertion etc.) but they did huge things to workaround that, because the German Architect is very demanding, very technical and not only sketching. I am all for a mix of the best from the distributors.
  7. I filed countless bug and wish reports starting 2007, as of the wall insertion of doors and windows. 13 years of filing reports. There is no response whatsoever. They are waiting for some core technology to happen at some application level, this will be soon and we are not going to get what we wish. Not in the form we want it.
  8. ha ha! Never forget. These are tools and we are not married to them nor bound to loyalty.
  9. Yes, my point entirely. Do not apply. And yes, class are better, but will have to be duplicated too and you still have that blocked fill. I admit I dwelled in the worst case scenarios a bit. All in all Andy, I took in Materials with an enthusiasm which was unparalleled: exactly the thing I needed. But after endless workarounds where this and that couldn't be overridden just because of that coercion to a fill, I was fed up and removed them all. The advantages don't overcome the disadvantages and they -for the moment- add a pretty annoying level of complexity in the display management. When there will be a cut plane interface, I am all for linking appearance to data, but for now I just wish only the data.
  10. Hans-Olav, there is a specific publication just for the hatches: ISO 128-50 https://www.iso.org/standard/24240.html ūüôĄ Edit: no, you are right, they are retiring it. Edit again: in Germany it is valid: https://www.beuth.de/de/norm/din-iso-128-50/46948186
  11. For what is worth, it should be the ISO 128-50 for all of us.
  12. That's what drawing STANDARDS are for: establish a common language. If I invent my own language I just don't communicate fast enough, because I permanently need to clarify, somehow, what I mean.
  13. The last November I went to a Solibri presentation. Among others, an interesting project in the Subway arcs of Berlin was presented as particularly well done and IFC compliant. It was Vectorworks Germany, no IFC settings aside of the regular shipped stuff. The speaker said it was the best IFC export he ever saw. It will not hurt thanking the gray eminence behind all this: @Mihail Rizov
  14. If one exports IFC out of the box and the document is not touched by whatever faulty IFC mapping attempts, the VW defaults will get you a stainless perfect export. And we don't even begin speaking about DWGs being traced over.


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