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  1. Hello all, Vectorlab is now forever down. TWK, I can send you the List Browser article privately.
  2. Thank you Ruben, Good to know. I am considering splitting floor finish from structural slab. That would make our 2D much easier, since the structural engineers don't ever get to see them, but they could stay for display in plan, as we need. It is quite schizophrenic, all in all.
  3. Hello, we have the request by our planning partners to set slabs to the story above. It flips our wall/slabs settings. As architects, we usually see the slab below. What do you use? What do you prefer? Below a basic test floor as example
  4. _c_

    No Stories, No Problem

    Expanding, every Vectorworks user sees a Design Layer, whose elevation and wall height are set, as a storey.
  5. _c_

    No Stories, No Problem

    Ciao Wes, when layer-less levels where introduced I asked for storey-less levels. I don't understand why do we need storeys since we can simply map them during export.
  6. _c_

    No Stories, No Problem

    Storeys are not difficult to understand, but their interface in VW is. It is messy. There are too many cryptical alerts and levels appear/disappear in too many flavours, across various quirksome dialogs.
  7. What a suggestion, no please? No symbols. It is a nightmare to maintain -the various widths, the various vertical positions, etc. etc. I did try, I even had special symbols changing by layer scale, this far before the current implementation of "2D components". The 3D can be as it is, we need this in 2D scale 1:50 or so. Take the object of Archicad, that would do very well here.
  8. Dear Marissa, we are a large nameless crowd with one voice, this forum. VW must put here a person with the power of taming a crowd. This isn't a gift everyone has. Jim had it. While VW is "listening" we do brew any kind of fantasy as to the possible answers to our complaints -or lack thereof. There is no limit, in any direction, to the kind of suppositions we can make. As a rule -such is the nature of a crowd - these fantasies are not positive nor good for you. Ciao, _c_ PS You are too kind for being thrown into this pit, get out of it!
  9. This is so basic, we have been asking for this for at least a decade. Please. Stop. Ignoring. Our. Needs.
  10. _c_

    Update Vectorworks fails (Mac only)

    Hello, I'd like to thank you for this procedure, it worked most of the times. Whereby I must add that simply resetting the Permissions didn't help, we needed also to create a new name in the list of the users. Only then, after propagating the rights to the enclosed items, could we finally update successfully. We still have 2 users where the update couldn't succeed. The updater won't update itself and silently quit without any error. A fully new installation didn't help. For these there must be some further trouble. Best, _c_
  11. _c_

    What mouse do you recommend?

    @Wesley Burrowstry a Wacom Intuos. I had carpal pains so strong, that once I had to go to the hospital. The Wacom healed it fully. Now I can also use a mouse again.
  12. _c_

    Until Next Time

    Dear @Jim W, I wish you all well. You have been the heart of VW, you'll be missed like no-one else before. VW lost his soul. Hugs, your very, very sorry _c_
  13. _c_

    Date format in current plot date

    No! It is THERE! Nikolay, wonderful! There was people here not using the old title block because the date format would be "strange"!


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