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  1. It is a bug, unfortunately, but should the resolution be faster if it files as wish, please, let it be a wish! We collectively wish round walls not to leave lines around. I feel safe to speak for most here. Out of pure curiosity, who wishes that round walls don't join and show dismembered in viewports, renderings or any form of view -even in plans, under certain conditions- please raise a hand. Ciao _c_
  2. Hello, for those who downloaded the plist file already, I uploaded now a new version: I forgot to change the internal version ID and it didn't display well.
  3. Ciao Sam, I added it now, VectorScript 2302-new.plist.zip but it is simpler to use the built-in vectorscript code adding the keywords. That resolves pretty well everything while my old plist file was rather slow, due to -I believe- some inefficiency in the grep for indenting the routines. In the attached file you'll see that the routines don't indent well in the menu. If you set now TW or BBE on "Vectorscript" or "automatic" it chooses the proper keyword file depending on the suffix, .px or .vss, and it behaves as the plist files! Look at the screenshots below and tell me if it works by you: I add here the instructions of TW 5.5, I found this change genially simple:
  4. As I promised a while ago, here are the TextWrangler/BBEdit Vectorscript Keywords files for VW 2018. This is a zip file containing two vectorscript files: VectorScript Keywords_VW2018.px VectorScript Keywords_VW2018.vss Please expand the zip file place both resulting files in the "Custom Keywords" folders: /Users/[userName]/Library/Application Support/TextWrangler/Custom Keywords /Users/[userName]/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/Custom Keywords restart TextWrangler or BBEdit From now on any file whose suffix is .px or .vss will load those keywords for highlighting. If you need more informations please consult the Manual on Textwrangler or BBEdit. Ciao VectorScript Keywords_VW2018.zip
  5. Hello, for those interested, I updated Orso's Test script for List Browsers which was by now really completely obsolete: here. It's purpose is to see what happens changing things. This is a more or less comprehensive script covering most list browser aspects and is connected with the h*u*g*e List Browser article on Vectorlab, which was also rather obsolete. I gave it a fast refresh now but it still needs work. If you copy that script, please revisit the page in a while, because it might have changed. Ciao A screenshot of the List Browser test script:
  6. Please Jim, this is really, really old. It can't be still there. _c_
  7. I attached one set for you to use, that includes ALL hidden functions that I could find, also stuff really buried in the resources. Look at the zipped file attached to my post.
  8. To fix the encoding error in VW 2018, something that I also had extensively, this worked very well for me: open all your vectorscript files in TextWrangler/BBedit In the bottom bar, set the encoding to "Unicode (UTF-8)" (see screenshot) save close Don't use "File > Re-open using encoding..." because that will mess things up for reasons that I fail to understand Ciao
  9. Hello Urbanist, I am the one who did it years ago but I don't support it any longer, because now it's easy to create and maintain the latest set of VS keywords using another method: create a simple list of VS keywords save it as text file into the folder "Custom Keywords": <user>/Library/Application Support/BBedit/Custom Keywords or <user>/Library/Application Support/TextWrangler/Custom Keywords change the file suffix into ".px" make a copy of it and change the file suffix into ".vss" Now you have two identical files covering the keywords which will be used as array for all Vectorscripts. This is dealt with in the preferences, automatically. I attach here a set for VW 21 (VW 2017) that you can unzip into the folder Custom Keywords. I just forgot to do the new set for VW 2018, I'll post it here as soon as possible. Ciao Vectorscript_Keywords_2017.zip