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  1. There are the options to Rotate in Wall and/or in Symbol. If your elements can be made into symbols, you might be able to optimise the needed hatches using that option. Then you wouldn't need a rotation at all. But reading your mail it doesn't sound like this is feasible. I keep a subset of hatches for a few options: background (B) rotate in wall (W) and rotate in symbol (S). I wouldn't know how to otherwise optimise, aside of scripting something, which, in this case, would only make sense if this action was really recursive. Any script would have you to choose a line representing the hatch rotation and...then you can just as well use the Attribute Mapping tool on one object and transfer by pipette the edited mapping on other objects. Edit: add screenshot of the Attribute Mapping tool, which is often unknown. This allows to move/rotate/scale any vectorial fill (hatch/gradient/img/texture) directly on the object. It is awesome. Or, as Tom suggested, apply a saved hatch variant on a multiple selection from the Resource Manager and that can hardly be made faster. I hope this helps.
  2. As far as I know, for now there is nothing comparable to Solibri office when you need total check control. BIM Collab seems to want to move into the Solibri monopoly, though. Stay tuned on that.
  3. They certainly seem to like the plugin as it is, as shocking as it might be to us. The reputation damage done by selling the international version as it is, is huge. And it's not a matter of adding configurations, it's a matter of how the tools draw in 2D, at least here. An environment where one barely speak German.
  4. There has to be a new, honest and straightforward approach to these VW presentations. They are pretty much at the borderline. No. They are over now. They are cheating beyond acceptable. Show the interface as it is, you have nothing to be ashamed of, or implement the one you fantasise in the videos.
  5. I am now using the A4 tablet (I must replace the pen for the other), nevertheless: Not quite the whole arm, but quite a bit of it. You can imagine the surface taken by an A3 sheet.
  6. The Wacom is a sense of smoothness, of beauty. To those who consider trying the Wacom for healing some injuries, do take a large tablet. One of the reasons we get these mouse injuries is that we don't move. If they tied your hand the whole day on an object, you'd consider this a torture. It is. One that we inflict ourself. If you use a large tablet you will move. The larger the better. I have an A3 Wacom Intuos 3 and an M Wacom Intuos 5, which would be somewhat A4. I definitely see more benefit in the larger Wacom. Don't bother for the inefficiency (a large tablet is deemed inefficient). Don't bother about the price of the large Wacom, they last forever and beyond. It is for life. I am one who sits insanely long at a computer, more or less every wake moment and I definitely sleep too little. I came to the Wacom also through a variant of this forum many years ago with punishing pains and hand tendons so shortened that I couldn't write any longer with a normal pen. It all went back. The pain after 2 weeks, never to return, the tendons shortening took much longer, but even that healed after some time. The wide movements of using a pen on the A3 tablet.
  7. Well, who wouldn't agree that there is more money to be made selling phones than developing stuff for architecture [ = starving students and/or architects]?
  8. It is somewhat like coriander, there is those who hate it and those who love it. I also love it.
  9. Perhaps it's just a keyboard issue, try with a char instead of a number. In the Italian keyboard, for example, if don't remember wrong, the numbers need a modifier.
  10. Ciao, you should be able to map the pen to keystroke Q. That should be by default your assigned key for the Smart Option Display (additionally to spacebar and middle-stroke). This was a truly well done feature showing deep foresight. You can change the key in your workspace:
  11. Yes, VW 2021 is a good release, far superior in quality and stability to VW 2020.
  12. You can change it for your workspace, it is mapped by default on cmd+5, but perhaps you would like to try the new contextual palettes.
  13. Yes, the Wacom is one of the true pleasures in life, when one is drawing. And it heals injuries no ergonomic mouse can ever even remotely hope to heal.


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