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  1. What Peter is saying really gets to the heart of my initial comment. It is clear the VW is using the IES data to render. Why can't it display that data? How can that data be captured ? That's really what I'm after. Also, in regards to the photometeric grids, it would be great to be able to draw them on any object in 3d space. So not just a floor but on a wall, up a set of stairs, around objects.
  2. Why can't VW use IES files to calculate foot-candles using the photometric grid? It can import IES files and use them to create lighting instruments the can be used for renderings, why can't it access that data and show us what it is "seeing"? Architectural lighting is an industry in need of disruption. VW should be that disruptor. AGI32 is clunky at best and crashes all the time. It can't be that hard to take IES files and use them to calc grids. Speaking of which, why can't you place calc grids on surfaces other than the "floor"? What if I wanted to see how bright a wall or backdrop was going to be?
  3. When I use the Align and Distribute Items tool in Spotlight, Vectorworks crashes. Thoughts?
  4. I think it would be handy to be able to give lengths to multiple control lines in the camera match tool. Would that not help set the scale and perspective?
  5. I have noticed that the Align/Distribute Items tool in Spotlight is broken. This is still true as of the most recent Service Pack. Has anyone else seen this?
  6. When I publish a sheet layer from VW all of a sudden my computer is giving me this: The file "(file name)" could not be opened because it is empty" Any thoughts?
  7. I've had to do this before as well. The best solution I came up wit was to start with a bunch of random dots then group them. Take the group and duplicate array with a rotation of something wacky a few times. Then grab all of it and duplicate it, rotate it, mirror it, then spin it some more. Pretty soon you end up with many many "random" dots. HTH
  8. That works well. Thank you!
  9. I work for a staging and entertainment company. I am trying to get weights of groups of objects (truss, lights, motors, that sort of thing) easily reported. I created a record format for every object that I use and gave every symbol I use a weight. I'm trying to get a report back for a selection of objects that will tell me how much everything weighs.
  10. I'm confused. What is the difference between the two?
  11. Is it possible to create a report based on an active selection of objects?
  12. In 2015 if you used the Replace function on a symbol, VW would remember the symbol folder you were last in and start you there. In 2016, you always start at the top of the symbol list for the current document. Is there a way to gain back the old functionality?
  13. I have a large symbol library that I use and I haver had a consistent problem with 2016. I go to my library and import the fixtures that I need to use for the drawing, never mind that now I need to import the fixtures from my master library instead of just having them selected, and when I do, most of the unit disappears. I have looked in classes thinking that one of them is turned off to no avail. When I select the symbol and attempt to edit the 2d component, the program crashes. I do not like the stock symbols that are in VW which is why I use the ones that I have created. Don't even get me started on the new forced workflow of the instrument selection tool. It is slow and cumbersome at best. The last update was useful but please, can we get another to address theses stability issues?
  14. I've noticed that the Spotlight plugins are much slower in 2016. For instance, using the Stagelift tool, the Lighting Instrument tool, the Stagesteps tool. Asking VW to generate the Instrument Summary. There is a lot of lag. Has anyone else noticed any of this?
  15. It seems with the new version of VW if I have the tool selected and use my arrow key to pan over in the drawing, the tool de-selects itself. I don't recall this behavior in 2015. Is there a preference I"m missing or is this a bug?