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  1. Josh Schulman

    Camera Operator View

    I should have clarified... What I'm looking for is not a camera that you would use to take a photo with. I'm looking for a camera to function like a video or I-MAG camera of the type that is used for events. So instead of a the Renderworks Camera thinking in terms of film size, I want the camera to use video lenses and/or imagers. Can the camera be taught to think like a video camera?
  2. It would be great if you could place a camera operator in Spotlight and click on them to see their view. Also with the ability to change the camera settings the same way that a camera operator would. I know that you could insert a camera on top of an operator but it would be great to click on the camera position and be able to see what they see. Also include pan, tilt, and zoom relative to what the camera could do. Thanks!
  3. Josh Schulman

    Astera Fixtures

  4. Josh Schulman

    Astera Fixtures

    I had put in a fixture request for the Astera line of lights a while back and I'm wondering if they were still in process? Thanks!
  5. Josh Schulman

    Astera LEDs

    I did not even know that was a thing. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Josh Schulman

    Astera LEDs

    Does anyone have symbols for Astera leds? They are a newer company. Thanks!
  7. Josh Schulman

    Photometric Grid

    I hope that the folks at Vectorworks are looking at this thread. They are missing an opportunity in regards to lighting design. #wishlist
  8. I wish that VW offered a way to lay a photometric grid on any object and use it to gather the data from IES lights. Basically, like AGI32. This would be a game changer.
  9. Josh Schulman

    Adding Libraries

    Hi Rob, I work with a company that manufactures truss, Applied Electronics http://www.appliednn.com They are interested in getting their libraries into Vectorworks and Braceworks. Can I put you in touch with them?
  10. Josh Schulman

    Adding Libraries

    What is the process of adding additional manufacturers truss libraries to both Vectorworks and Braceworks?
  11. Josh Schulman

    Camera Match

    @JimW that did the trick! Thanks!
  12. Josh Schulman

    Camera Match

    I'm running VW 2018 Designer and it is telling me the Camera Match is missing from the Plug in folder. How do I get it back in there? Thanks!
  13. Josh Schulman

    2018 Lens Color

    I figured it out. I had to assign the texture to the class. Still, what is the purpose of Part; Lens?
  14. Josh Schulman

    2018 Lens Color

    In VW 2017 and prior, I had a class, Glass Lens, that I used to emulate the color of the light passing through a lens. In 2018 it is no longer working. I think I have my setting correct in the Spotlight Preferences. I have noticed that there is now a part called Lens in the Parts. What is the function of this part? Could it be messing around with the settings?
  15. Josh Schulman

    Photometric Grid

    What Peter is saying really gets to the heart of my initial comment. It is clear the VW is using the IES data to render. Why can't it display that data? How can that data be captured ? That's really what I'm after. Also, in regards to the photometeric grids, it would be great to be able to draw them on any object in 3d space. So not just a floor but on a wall, up a set of stairs, around objects.


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