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  1. @vassen Sorry I hadn't time to answer and Pat had an excellent solution. I just want to point out that the mirror tool and combine tool is working well with roof faces. I usually build my roofs with roof faces, adjust the first one to my likings and option-drag to duplicate. roof.mov
  2. Hi I find it usually easier to use roof faces. Here you have a quick example with two roof faces stacked on top of each other roof test.vwx
  3. Hi Yo should adjust the Elevation in the Layer settings. Either move the layers of your building to the real z value or move the Sitemodel to minus real z value for your ground floor.
  4. @Kevin K the liberaries are all on the left pane in the main window. Its a good idea to play through some of the videos here:
  5. @Marissa Farrell Hi Did you manage to find the fix?
  6. I have tried to open the various files with version 2020 but always getting an error message. Anyone knows how to fix it?
  7. I made a sheet layer with two viewports. one render using texture the other without. see file test truss shettlayer.vwx
  8. Hi Peter You can have both a distinct color as a fill (for 2d views) , and also a aluminum texture used for 3d views. Otherwise the datavisibility functions is great if you need to show different attributes in a viewport. http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/index.htm#t=VW2020_Guide%2FViews%2FApplying_a_data_visualization.htm%23XREF_53064_Applying_multiple&rhsearch=datavisibility tool
  9. Hi @jnr if you have a 2d poly of the paved area you can rightclick and "Creat objects from shape" then select site modifier. Chose then texture bed and its important to choose a class in "Texture from class". You need a class that is set up with texture. When all is done you have to refresh the site model and your texture will show up on your DTM. Keep in mind you can choose if this texture applies to proposed or existing. Its not so important what texture you use, its easy to change later in TM as long as it is unique
  10. HI If you save your new export from vw with the same name you only have to reload it into TM for the changes to appear. It might depend of how much the model has changed but usually the textures already assigned will be kept so going back and forth between VW and TM is quite easy.
  11. Hi If you have the contour lines you could probably do multiple extrude command. If the landscape is complicated you might need to do several parts
  12. Hi Terra You should try the scale menu it does exactly what you are looking for


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