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  1. Hi @mattryan Is it an older project opened in 2022? If so, I have learned that sometimes it helps to move the window by zero to make the plugin regenerate and the opening appears again
  2. You can always delete it, inside the annotation part of the viewport
  3. You have to select the active document. It seems you are choosing symbols in a not active document and the only option is to import.
  4. Hi @Thomas English If you click the name in the resource browser you can edit it, its also possible to right click end choose rename
  5. @ParkerJames You can drag and drop pdf´s to preview´s sidebar to make binders of single pdf files.
  6. Hi When using layer referencing its important to make a good system for layer names to avoid conflicts We use typically 6 layers for each floor and named by building, floor, purpose every floor have layers for slabs, walls and furniture, spaces for calculations, ceilings annotations for scale 1:100 and 1:50
  7. Hi We are using a workflow without stories and with old layer referencing like described her below: Currently we are doing the opposite as you ar asking for, a file with four buildings distributed on several layers, and referencing each one to drawing sets with sections and elevations for printing.
  8. About the misaligning windows: Got a complaint today from one consultant if I could fix the windows! This is the attachment:
  9. Hi @riccardo mazzoleni If they are simple extrudes, they have to have a solid fill. Check the attributes palette
  10. I have reported VW Window's (not Door's) Jambs and/or Sashes rotated by 90° (from vertical to "Layer Plane ?)
  11. Just guessing but you also might have some layers set as grayed in the viewport. Grayed layers render transparent
  12. Hi You can select the dimensions you want and then choose Menu / Text / and choose whatever font size you like
  13. Hi Liz I don't know if its help but one idea would be to export to twinmotion, then import to UE. For example exporting as FBX you can choose native VW organization, by texture, by class and so on
  14. I see I think you could use data-vis to achieve this: https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2021/eng/index.htm#t=VW2021_Guide%2FViews%2FCreating_a_new_data_visualization.htm&rhsearch=data visualization&rhhlterm=data visualization&rhsyns=
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