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  1. Hans-Olav

    Remote Viewport Renders

    Hi Not sure about ™1 but for #2 you can use Vectorworks cloud service.
  2. Hans-Olav

    Data VIZ video = wait, how to what?

    @SMannVW Thanks a lot. This is so useful!
  3. Hans-Olav

    Data VIZ video = wait, how to what?

    @SMannVW Do you know how to solvemy problem?
  4. Hans-Olav

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    @SVA Architects So far I am the only one in this office on VW2020 / Mojave. It feels stable and I haven't seen any issues in liking with happened last year with VW 2019.
  5. Hans-Olav

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    @SVA Architects Take a look at Christiaans post here:
  6. @line-weight Twinmotion is for perspective presentation and animation. You can do sections with good quality in Renderworks. Here are two examples and my settings
  7. Hans-Olav

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    @Andrew Davies Video nr 105
  8. Hans-Olav

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    Hi look at the YouTube movie “Material apply mode” on the page in my previous link. I’m not able to link to it directly but it is down the list Video nr 105 @Haydenovative
  9. Hans-Olav

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    Hi I have usually organised my models by texture in VW. Some textures are ok as they are and others are better in TM and I replace them after importing. You can decide in TM if you want to change one item or all items of a texture se TN help video
  10. Hans-Olav

    ClipCube to 2D Polygons?

    Yes@line-weight I meant if you need to clean up the drawing or send it to someone, its better to have it in right scale.
  11. Hans-Olav

    ClipCube to 2D Polygons?

    Another workaround is to render the viewport in hidden line, ungroup the viewport and copy the group to another design layer or file. You will then have to scale the group up relative to the scale of the viewport
  12. Hans-Olav

    Problem to Import .OBJ File (Textures)

    Seems like you have to rename the textures so they start with "mulher" but some textures are still missing
  13. Hans-Olav

    ClipCube to 2D Polygons?

    Hi Ethan Have you tried exporting to dwg as flattened 2d, then imposing it back? Don't know if it solves your problem but should be easy to test
  14. Hans-Olav

    Select all and move (entire building) doesnt work?

    Have you tried moving the landscape around instead of the building?
  15. Hans-Olav

    Rendering Viewports - OpenGL bugging

    Looking great you can adjust the triangulation in the hidden line settings 60 degrees is usually good


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