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  1. Hans-Olav

    Modelling Challenge

    Thanks @Stephan Moenninghoff for the challenge and all of you for discussion and solutions!
  2. Hans-Olav

    Modelling Challenge

    I tried multiple extrude and it didn´t look smoth Can you show us?
  3. Hans-Olav

    favoured window schedule workflows

    We make every window type a symbol to keep the schedule live and uses a worksheet to keep track of quantities
  4. Hans-Olav

    Project Sharing - Does this really work in the wild?

    Thanks for the long post @Amorphous We keep our working files locally and only the Project file on the server, do you do the same?
  5. Hans-Olav

    Project Sharing - Does this really work in the wild?

    We are using a Macmini as a server with an extarnal raidbox with ssd disks for the files. We don't have much trouble with this setup.
  6. Hans-Olav

    Project Sharing - Does this really work in the wild?

    We are using Project sharing all day in every project needing more than one person. Usually the model file is shared and layer referencing to plot files for each phase of the project. Sections and elevations is mad in the plot files from the model file. Once in a while there seems to be some connectivity problems and it is usually solved with saving a copy of the newest working file to the serves as a regular vwx file, then changing the new file to a project file.
  7. @Jim Wilson Just curious, where can you see the signature? How do we make signatures?
  8. Hans-Olav

    Question about using 2D Polys to 3D Source Data

    Hi There are a long time since i last used the this command but i think it selects object based on stacking order. If you choose one 2d polygon and send to back (cmdB) it will be the first one chosen. So if you the file is not too large you could arrange the stacking and then run the command.
  9. Hans-Olav

    Project Sharing - Shared Folder Configuration - macOS Server

    Thanks for the quick response !
  10. Hans-Olav

    Project Sharing - Shared Folder Configuration - macOS Server

    Interesting that you recommend SMB, I thought it was the other way round, AFP only We have an mac server running 10.12. and all clients on mac 10.13.5. Is it better for us to switch the sharing to SMB? Why do you choose "full control" and not " Read/write" ? We have problems with project sharing from time to time, would it be better to grant "Full control" and get less PS conflicts.
  11. Hans-Olav

    iMac Pro information

    Yes it was the least expensive, except I choosed the larger graphics card
  12. Hans-Olav

    iMac Pro information

    Hi @markymarc I bought the iMac pro 3,2 Ghz / 32 GB and the pro vega 64 graphic card. Except for the crashes it is performing very well. The os 10.13.5 will fix that. I don't have any comparison what more cores mean in day to day work, but compared to my old 6 core Mac Pro 2010 everything is smother and faster. And the screen is fantastic.
  13. Hans-Olav

    Window Schedule in wallstyle

    Hi @Pat Stanford You seems to always have a good answer to worksheet questions so I ask you directly (-: I have a worksheet listing symbols ( windows ) The symbols is made with the window tool. =DATABASE((NOTINREFDLVP & NOTINDLVP & INOBJECT & INSYMBOL & (T=SYMBOL) & (L<>'Hurda og gluggayfirlit UTI') & (L<>'Hurda og gluggayfirlit INNI') & (S='UG*'))) The criteria is listing all windows starting with UG How can I get the rough opening with ( or any other window record ) as a column in my worksheet? ='Window'.'OverallWidth' does not work - What is missing? TIA Hans-Olav


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