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  1. Im curious too, to see the best solution maybe @Matt Panzer can help?
  2. Hi We are using the Layer bound principles in all our models and it works quite well even when exporting tp IFC for collaboration. However when exporting to Revit few of the walls was exporting over. I haven't had time to try out if story bound walls export better but if exporting to Revit is important for you, you should make a simple model to test the difference @bmaad @Wes Gardner
  3. Yes but you can control each plane of the wall personally I make a extrude along path for the flashing
  4. Hi @girwin You can pick a wall end edit each part of it. Here i put Color.006 on the top of the wall
  5. I see. I remember I tried something similar and ended up with naming them EB (top) and NB (bottom) to have it clear. Not standard compliant but works here (-:
  6. haha (-: Iceland is wild with a not much standardization I guess you could make data tags that looks like the standards
  7. Hi @Kazemester Im curious What do the numbers mean, is it top and bottom of opening? Maybe its possible to make a data-tag that displays what you want. - here is one that we use that display acoustical- , fire-rating and top and bottom of rough opening.
  8. Yes thats my experience, I usually export FBX sometimes OBJ but overall FBX was less trouble Still have to try Datasmith
  9. Not all tm builds behaved like that but most of the time it worked
  10. My experience is that it is important to be organized when texturing the vw model. Some of the vw materials is good and don’t need any further tweaking. When I wanted to use some specific tm material it was enough to choose a distinct color for example pink and replace it inside tm. When later adding more pink objects they took the tm material on import. @Don Seidel
  11. Hi Don@Don Seidel You don't have to start over. Your model is saved with weather, lights and all. If you do changes in VW, then export with the same location and filename, you can reload your file in TM, and the alterations update. Its easy to save views in TM and export a bunch of them in literally no time. Then drag the png's back in to VW for illustrations. I wanted a direct link and asked for it both in TM fora and here, but I don't see it as crucial anymore. In fact the Revit Link is so buggy that most users recommend the export / import method instead. You should give it at try.
  12. Hi @MGilc Go to menu: Text / Size and change it to something suitable
  13. I usually use extrude along path for situations like this. Easier to join the path than the tubes
  14. Hi@Renaud I havent tried a NAS setup but when connecting to the server use " Open server based project file..." in the FILE menu. Your server should be visible there. Or you can save your current file as a server based file, navigating to the NAS. I remember to have seen some in detail instructions but can't find them at the moment
  15. We use it here on a macmini with few problems. I have the impression it works well on NAS too https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2021/eng/index.htm#t=VW2021_Guide%2FProjectSharing%2FThe_Project_Sharing_Server.htm%23TOC_Installing_the_server_asbc-3&rhsearch=project sharing server&rhsyns= &rhtocid=_2_5_1_1


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