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  1. Hi you can find info about compatibility in the Kbase
  2. Interesting! I tried the same and it worked here too
  3. I had success if i first un-gruped the site model. It changed to a Mesh and then it was possible to project the circle. Important to make a copy of the site model if one wants to make changes to it later.
  4. I got interested in this discussion and tried what @JimWsuggested, however all I get is a red message "project tool failed", any idea what can causing the error. Tried first with a semi complicated road polygon, and later with a simple circle same error
  5. Hi Sometimes the default font size is to small. Try to select the site model go to the main font menu and choose a large font to test it
  6. Hi Stephan I had a similar experience with one particular file, and it behaved the same on several computers ( all mac) Its filed as a bug, VB-147416 Got an update today : „This seems to be due to dimensions with bad constraints, where the dimensions are in or attached to a space object. For some reason one of the constraints is getting deleted “
  7. I agree with your wish, but did you know that instead of clicking through every saved view or viewport you can turn the layer off in all viewports or all saved views with help of the edit layer window.
  8. Hi Christiaan In a viewport, if you gray the layer with the trees and use this setting in the advanced properties, What happens?
  9. Isn't there a setting " render grey layers transparent " somewhere? Can it solve the problem? Just guessing (-: Hans-Olav
  10. Hi Could you post a picture of the stair? Maybe it is possible to model in VW, and someone could show you how to ?
  11. Hi In the object info palette you can click on the section line instance and decide which layer to have the section line placed. -> go to the layer and move the section line to a new position -> back to the sheet layer and update viewport Kind regrds Hans-Olav
  12. I am really interested to hear @JimWadvise on the new ImacPro. We buy new Macs every 6th or 7th year, our current are MacPro mid 2100 3.3Ghz 6 core, 32 GB RAM, Radeon HD5770 1024MB. I am looking at buying the basic iMac Pro, eventually with the 64 GB VRAM and / or adding RAM. Out of the specs and the VW development, would you consider better graphics more important than cores or ram, How will my new computer perform with VW 2024? (-;
  13. Interesting We have experienced a lot of crashing lately. Mainly while editing spaces inside symbols. Haven’t seen any pattern yet what causes the crash
  14. VW 2018 is unicode
  15. HI I wonder, would it be easier for you to save the office standard file as a template and just start drawing from there?