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  1. Interesting We have experienced a lot of crashing lately. Mainly while editing spaces inside symbols. Haven’t seen any pattern yet what causes the crash
  2. VW 2018 is unicode
  3. HI I wonder, would it be easier for you to save the office standard file as a template and just start drawing from there?
  4. Hi Christian We are using http://moment.team/en.html . Really good for architects
  5. Usually the basic sky is sufficient but sometimes I do import pictures. Follow the instructions in the link from Andy
  6. Hi I like to do it with rendering styles on sheet layer viewports . Start with on of the built in, for example Realistic Exterior Fast. Then duplicate the style and modify it.
  7. Hi a similar problem was solved here:
  8. Hi Turn on document settings / Standard naming, and autoclassing. You can make your own naming rules for some of the classes in the VW plugins, and the set up is controlled through a worksheet. I haven't used for a while but had some success when starting on a large project with naming requirements. Was a bit disappointing that only some of the vw classes got translated Check the Help files for standard naming.
  9. Meiriháttar frábært að geta skrifað íslensku allstaðar! (-:
  10. This has been a problem with Icelandic Characters as well. I hope when VW have full Unicode support this will not happen, or is it a OS thing?
  11. I think you can reselect your workspace from the tools menu, to restore the settings.
  12. Maybe the layers are in different scale? Go to Layers, chose scale, and set All Layers to preferred scale. Hope this helps
  13. Great Glad you was able to fix it
  14. I am not sure what to do. If you make a copy of the roof and place it in another file and try modifying it. I would try to remove the dormer and recreate it to see if that helps. I usually make my roofs with the roof face tool so i don't have mush experience with the roof tool.
  15. Hi Gilbert Some guesses from me (-: Is it an extrude? Is the extruded polygon without fill? 3d objects must have fill color to get textured.