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  1. Hi Christian. I really don't know what the standards say but we have some experience charing IFC the informal way. I would recommend you to choose your origin as it practical for you. Axis A-0 or somewhere but its good to know the true co-ordinates, then you always can adjust later if it is necessary ( from a referenced export file ) Usually the Architect starts the project and if you export early the other consultants will adapt their stories and origin to you. (-:
  2. @Jalkana May I propose yet another solution? http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/index.htm#t=VW2020_Guide%2FViews%2FCreating_a_new_data_visualization.htm&rhsearch=data visualization&rhsyns= &rhhlterm=data visualization You can set up different graphic attributes based on classes or IFC parameters or almost anything defined in the drawing.
  3. Hi Ari I would recommend to have the borders by style. Then you can make changes to every border in an easy way. If you right click on the border you get the option to edit the style. If you want all sheets to have the same numbers of revisions you should have by style if you want to have different amount on every sheet you could set by instance. click on the button in front to toggle between modes
  4. Hi It looks like your border is set by style. You should be able to adjust the number of revisions by editing the style or convert to unstyled
  5. Do the adjustments and then save the file as a template named default.vwx in the templates folder
  6. I think you could make a symbol of it and then scale it.
  7. Hi In my workspace it is under the visualisation pallet, and looks like a tree. If you have a customised workspace try switch to a standard one or add it to your workspace with the workspace editor .
  8. Hi You can Import the PDF again and use command "send to Back" to have it behind all other elements. Better would be to have it on a seperate layer behind the drawing. Hope this helps
  9. Grant @grant_PD I don't have the answer but questions like this are usually answered fast at the Twinmotion Official Community Group Here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/twinmotion.community/ or here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Twinmotion/
  10. Hi just a guess, Is the "Ignore source user origin" checked in some files?
  11. Hi Kane Maybe you just have to asign a rendering mode to the viewport? Try OpenGl or hiddenline
  12. Hi Not sure about ™1 but for #2 you can use Vectorworks cloud service.
  13. @SMannVW Thanks a lot. This is so useful!
  14. @SMannVW Do you know how to solvemy problem?


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