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  1. I would start with the purge command to see if some classes are imported but not used. Then you can choose the class you don't need and delete it, you get an option to replace it with some of the other classes.
  2. You can drag the tabs to separate each pane and have as many as you want open.
  3. I think it could be solved vith a DataViz. https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2023/eng/VW2023_Guide/Views/Creating_a_new data_visualization.htm?agt=index
  4. do you have a sample file and an explanation of what you want what to do? @Amanda McDermott
  5. I am not sure, still a quite new tool and we have recently started using it for schedules. But there are lots of options possible inside the tool. Graphic legends, data tags and dataviz are my favourite new tools of VW. Maybe @Nikolay Zhelyazkov can explain what is the limitation of the graphic legend
  6. We use graphic legends mostly for setting out window and door schedules or listing building elements by symbols. I discovered the possibility to report with fill attributes when we needed a plan diagram with different functions of uses. Criteria was space and attributes by class. You should be able to report landscape area as criteria and attributes by style or class
  7. Her are a demo file with four 2d objects in 4 classes and a graphic legend reporting their class name test.vwx
  8. Hi Amanda Have you tried the fill atribute set under object atributes? I think it does what you are after
  9. Do you really need to have the datatag inside the symbol? We use datatags reading type, firerating, acoustical rating, size and more, but the tag is always placed in the drawing ( outside of plugin or symbol )
  10. Hi Here are info on how to customise the workspace: https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2024/eng/VW2024_Guide/Start/Customizing_workspaces.htm?rhsearch=workspace&rhhlterm=workspaces workspace
  11. HI The Story 1 name is just a default name, you can rename it to whatever you want. When you have named all you IFC stories you can drag your VW layers to each story and they merge in the export
  12. Hi You can use Smart Options Display to achieve this.
  13. Hi Go to Document options in the TitleBlockManager. Change numbering from Auto-Increment to manual.
  14. It works well on viewports with background shaded and hidden line foreground rendering. Not sure if it does something with vector only graphics. viewports without fill gets some transparency added and the results in increased file size.
  15. Two factors worth considering when discussing PDF file sizes. The File Size Reduction setting in the publish dialog works well. Usually High and even Maximum gives acceptable results and has good impact on PDF file size I have also learned that viewports should have a fill. If a viewport is selected and the attribute pallet is with none fill it will be larger in export. I recently went through a set with dozen of sheets and changed the viewports fill from none to white and the final pdf binder was half the size of the first one
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