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  1. I think you can reselect your workspace from the tools menu, to restore the settings.
  2. Maybe the layers are in different scale? Go to Layers, chose scale, and set All Layers to preferred scale. Hope this helps
  3. Great Glad you was able to fix it
  4. I am not sure what to do. If you make a copy of the roof and place it in another file and try modifying it. I would try to remove the dormer and recreate it to see if that helps. I usually make my roofs with the roof face tool so i don't have mush experience with the roof tool.
  5. Hi Gilbert Some guesses from me (-: Is it an extrude? Is the extruded polygon without fill? 3d objects must have fill color to get textured.
  6. Interesting Have you tried the stake tool? It can report coordinates and z value.
  7. Would be very useful to have NCS colors too.
  8. impressive!
  9. Agree. It is bad to see a viewport turn wireframe after waiting for hours to render it. I have made it to a habit to option drag the viewport (copy) out of the page and convert to group after each rendering. Then I have several to compare how the render style settings affects the image. When the final render is ok i might delete some of the older to save space.
  10. Hi you can copy the viewport and convert to group. Then un group and you have a bitmap (jpg or png ) that can be cropped or copied around. Keep the Original viewport for later changes.
  11. Hi Harry I use spaces for task like this
  12. I would make a extrude with the exact dimensions of the object and scale the subdivision so it fits the overall length. Use the scale command. See my screenshot - I managed to make two soft bumps with creasing the edges. (-:
  13. Hi Lili I must admit i haven't used the subdivision tool much and are following the thread to learn more. I guess the sharp edges is a point or edge that you can select and crease. Creasing works on points, edges and surfaces. The leftmost bump in your drawing is soft so if you examine how it is done and do the same on the next.
  14. Hi Lili You can set the default projection and render in the preferences settings or in the preference bar. I like to have perspective and open-GL when working in 3d.
  15. Draw a rectangle or any other 2D shape and it will be the crop