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  1. I remember a beautiful rendering by @DanJansenson but can't find it now. I grabbed a screenshot of the settings he posted
  2. https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2021/eng/index.htm?#t=VW2021_Guide%2FViews%2FViewing_the_drawing_by_data_or_by_attributes.htm&rhsearch=data visualizations&rhsyns=
  3. @Ross McLee you should play with data visualization! It’s easy to set up and you turn your quality check on and off!
  4. If you could post a file with an example then someone could probably help you (-:
  5. same file imported as worksheet sa
  6. Hi @DomC an enhancement request (-: I have used to run "Import adjacencies Matrix" for this functionality inside VW. But its always so much trouble finding the right encoding for CSV to function. (icelandic characters) Now I have tried your marionette and the same is happening. see screenshot. The new import excel functionality in VW2021 imports the same file flawlessly, and I wonder if its hard for you to modify the script to read from a Worksheet inside the file instead of importing csv? Kind regard Hans-Olav
  7. I just tried to download your picture, and created a Image prop in a blank file. It worked at my end Maybe its better to have the imagefile on the computer? (while you are creating the Imagprop ) Imageprop.vwx
  8. @Cadplan Architecture I usually export my old workspace as a textfile, and use that as a guide when adjusting the new one
  9. @Anttti https://blog.vectorworks.net/using-curves-as-tools-for-algorithms-aided-design
  10. Hi @Anttti I am not sure but I think this marionette can do it. Its a bit over my current capabilities, but I would like to se examples of its usage. The marionette was uploaded by @sbarrett She is usually very helpful here on the forum
  11. A workaround? create excel file fill down import to VW Copy Paste
  12. Im curious too, to see the best solution maybe @Matt Panzer can help?
  13. Hi We are using the Layer bound principles in all our models and it works quite well even when exporting tp IFC for collaboration. However when exporting to Revit few of the walls was exporting over. I haven't had time to try out if story bound walls export better but if exporting to Revit is important for you, you should make a simple model to test the difference @bmaad @Wes Gardner
  14. Yes but you can control each plane of the wall personally I make a extrude along path for the flashing
  15. Hi @girwin You can pick a wall end edit each part of it. Here i put Color.006 on the top of the wall


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