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  1. Hei Hans! Here in Iceland we have the same problem. My workaround is to use the Custom configuration and also apply some offsets in the Sash and Jamb setting Take a look at the file attached and ask more if its not how you want it to look Svensk.vwx
  2. The design process isn't always linear. Sometimes a proposal is developed fast during a competition. Sometimes from some sketches with the client and with limited informations about precise location. There are no team of consultants when you're starting. Your model can still be data rich and valuable. Ideally it should be easy to move your project to the right geo location when the team is hired and the info is available without having to start from scratch. Some other applications handle this with a few mouse clicks. It should be easier in VW
  3. Hi Tool/Origin/Center Drawing on Internal Origin does exactly that Do a test in a copy of your file and see if it works the way you want
  4. Hi You can draw a circle with center in your new internal origin and make the radius big enough to cover the entire drawing, then use Tool/Origin/Center Drawing on Internal Origin
  5. Regarding Rooffaces you have some conrtol og the edge condition in the Edit coponent dialog
  6. Hi, Im guessing here (-: It might be that the layers with the trees and the layer with the model have different elevation. Check your layer settings in the Organization dialog.
  7. Hi @cberg I don't think you can use Datatags inside Graphic Legends. However you can create the same functionality inside the Graphic Legend. In layout view you can place text and make it dynamic to almost whatever you like
  8. IFC is the standard format for coordination. Usually it is good habit to try out different formats in the beginning of each project. Some engineers prefer DWG others IFC and there are lots of options in each export for what is exported. I usually send them some options to choose from. In the dialog in your first post, did you try to uncheck the topography? Maybe importing only parts of the model in a blank file will work. You could later reference or copy them together. Also solid instead of mesh is worth a try. Always import to a empty file not in your main drawing.
  9. Importing and exporting Revit files are slow and processor demanding , I would recommend using IFC format for coordination.
  10. try to make the layer active and set the layer to top plan from there
  11. Check the layer where the viewport are located. That layer needs to be in top / plan too It is also possible to reference some or all layer to yo file They will behave as normal layers but locked
  12. Is it a DesignLayer viewport or are you using Layer Referencing? In your target file you should be able to change between top/plan or 3d views.
  13. Great This is my favorit new feature: https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2023/eng/VW2023_Guide/Annotation2/Graphic_legends.htm?rhsearch=graphic legend&rhhlterm=graphic legends legend
  14. Hi I dont remeber when it was introduced, (maybe v22) in V23 it is possible to use worksheet criteria in data tags
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