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  1. I was also thinking about this... How about Unit Styles: They could work like text styles and be called out from a menu wherever you have a unit displayed? I would set up Feet-Inches (1/4" precision), Metric (cm/.1), Feet only (.1), Area (sq. ft. / .1) etc.
  2. I would like to have an option where VW appends a prefix- or -suffix to classes at export. We export DWG to coordinate with consultants. Since they don't have a Class/Layer setup, things get very complicated very fast. For walls on the in VW are on Class: A-Wall & Layer: 1st Floor Plan or 2nd Floor Plan In AutoCAD that wall would end up on: Layer: A-Wall (stacked on top of each other) I would prefer to append the AutoCAD so the walls end up on: Layer: A-Wall-1st Floor Plan Layer: A-Wall-2nd Floor Plan or some version of that. And the same for Plumbing fixtures & Doors & Windows, etc.
  3. hmart

    Get symbol scaling factors in a Worksheet

    Has this changed since 2012? I like to use tree symbols and scale them. Our local reg's dictate how close you can build near "protected" trees and I like to scale the symbol based on the formula dictated by the city (and then I populate the required tree table based on these symbols) BUT, I have to manually enter data (tree diameter) because I can auto-populate the symbol scaling factor...
  4. hmart

    Stair Tool - Pain Points

    Stairs should allow you to pick from all designated levels, not just "[Story Above]" Could be separate Selections Top Bound: Select Story: Select Level: Top Offset: On mult-level or split level structures, "Story Above" can be quite limiting.
  5. I second this suggestion. Commenting to bump it up.
  6. hmart

    Is Vectorbits dead?

    From Manuel ( just downloaded my 2018 set): dear VectorBITS user, this message is to notify that VectorBITS plugins are now available for VW2018. best regards Manuel Garcia de Paredes V e c t o r B I T S
  7. hmart

    Is Vectorbits dead?

    From Manuel: hi Hector, I will try to release updated plugins ASAP. I will let you know when they are available. best regards Manuel Manuel Garcia de Paredes V e c t o r B I T S http: // www.vectorbits.org
  8. hmart

    Is Vectorbits dead?

    VectorMove is/was awesome. It was doing this before VW caught up... I also like the VectorStretch, which VW has not imitated yet... If Manuel is no longer writing VB plugins, VW should buy up his tools immediately...
  9. hmart

    Disappearing Border

    Any update on this? I've been having the exact same problem. -Thanks
  10. hmart

    Disappearing Sheet Border

    Any update on this issue? I am having sheet border vanish after updating embedded symbols (or other title block symbol edits)...


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