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  1. Please share when you have answers. I have had this problem before as well.
  2. I'm seeing this problem too in an intermittent basis.
  3. The new update fixed it on my end! Oops spoke too soon. When I make the sash difrent on the outside then the inside the window goes black.
  4. here is a simple file that I made that has the issue test.vwx
  5. I've moved a file from 2023 to 2024. I found that the files render correctly but if I modify a material/Class in the window settings, the glass renders as solid. This only happens to custom configurations. If I change the window to fixed glass or casement it renders correctly. Only the custom windows are effected.
  6. My M1 Max MacBook Pro is in a different class from my 2017 iMac Pro. Hard to go back. I still haven't heard the fan come on except for long renders.
  7. couldn't you create the shape as 3d polys then chose them all and create a mesh then use the shell tool?
  8. 11:44 - 2021 MBPro M1 Max 64GB ram-OS 12.6.3 VW 2023 SP3
  9. let me know. I still feel like SP2 is buggy. There is a known issue with the program crashing when I publish a certain file.
  10. I was having this issue too and I was using 2023 SP2. I called tech support. They had me quit the program, open the updater (which needed to be updated), go to advanced options and click repair. This found 57 bad files and fixed them. The window cutting problem hasn't returned.
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