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  1. This is all an iPad VW app would need to be. It doesn't seem a stretch. 1. open .VWX files 2. have a mark up layer on sheets or layers. 3. Save to the cloud for when I get back to the desk.
  2. The old way is one of my most missed features from previous versions of VW. I used it all the time.
  3. I too am running MacOs 14.4.1 and the latest VW on an M1 MacBook Pro attached to an apple studio monitor. I'm not seeing any real issues. I'll keep my fingers crossed since downgrading is a major pain.
  4. I think the 4.1 finally fixed the problem. I didn't realize how much I was using the home page until it broke.
  5. Thats what I'm finding. When I restart the program it works as expected. The second time it opens full screen but blank, third time it opens as a small blank screen.
  6. Nope, Signing out and back in again is only a temp fix.
  7. Exactly! I signed out and then signed in again. So far that's has helped.
  8. I had no Sonoma issues until this 14.4 upgrade. Why can't all softwares play nicely together?....
  9. Im running an M1 Max MacBook Pro with latest VW and MacOS software. The issue might be the Sonoma OS 14.4 update as there have been reports of its effect on various softwares.
  10. Since upgrading to sp4, if I click on the home button the screen opens but the content doesn't load. If I restart VW it works fine once or twice then stops loading again. Is anybody else having this issue? Is there something I have to click?
  11. Please share when you have answers. I have had this problem before as well.
  12. I'm seeing this problem too in an intermittent basis.
  13. The new update fixed it on my end! Oops spoke too soon. When I make the sash difrent on the outside then the inside the window goes black.
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