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  1. Moving the origin of a texture on a site model

    Thanks. I know that, but some how in the process of making the site model the object was placed inside of many groups. The dialog for offset was not coming up. Is there a tool that allows the repositioning of an image?
  2. This may be a simple question, but I mapped at texture (A google earth image) on to at 3d site model. How do I manipulate the origin of the image?
  3. top of the line iMac 27" 5k vs base iMac Pro

    Thanks for the input everyone. This is my professional desktop. I want to get the right one to last me the next 5-7years. I'm in the Mac ecosystem so I cant get a dedicated top of the line windows machine even though the value might be better.
  4. I'm trying to ascertain which iMac I should buy in the next few weeks. My late 2012 iMac works well for most tasks but bogs down in multiple pane mode and when doing final quality renderworks. I make a lot of open GL animations and often have to have long waits. I guess the fastest video card might help here. I understand 2d work is a function of single core speed. Does the 4 additional cores but slower clock speed justify spending an additional $1300 for the comparable iMac Pro?
  5. 2018 High Sierra Compatibility Issues

    I've been running VW2017 on High sierra with out any incident so far. I figures moving everything to 2018 is an option if I hit a problem.
  6. 2018 High Sierra Compatibility Issues

    SP1 came out today, so there isn't going to be much wait. As soon as 2017 SP5 comes out, I'll upgrade to High Sierra.
  7. 2018 High Sierra Compatibility Issues

    Since MacOS upgrade coincide with VW upgrades, it seems that this issues has come up the last few Sept/Oct's. This year I won't make the upgrade to either 2018 or High Sierra until 2018 SP1 and 2017 SP5. This is just sensible. A good strategy is to install 2018 and play with it before migrating you work files. Loving the multiple views! Patience.
  8. MacOS 10.12 Sierra Compatibility

    I upgraded to Sierra ( yeah I know) I'm having some crashing issues in VW2016. Mostly when I go to print.


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