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  1. I have a 1st Gen iMac Pro. 3.2 GHZ 8-core Wenn W, 32GB Ram, Radeon Pro Vega 64 w 16 GB Vid Ram. I'm just pointing out that the 2017 iMac runs VW noticeably faster than my Mac Pro. I 'm putting this info out just as an FYI.
  2. This is just a general information comment. I have been running VW2021 on my iMac Pro for a while. No complaints. I just moved to a new office and needed a new machine for that office. I bought a used 2017 i7 4.2 27" iMac with 580 Graphics card and 64gig RAM for less then a new iMac m1. The computer runs VW noticeably faster than my iMac Pro. Go figure. I guess GHZ is all that matters. Even the open GL work and custom renderworks are equal.
  3. I too have had the overly bumped textures in TM (VW2021-Datasmith-TM V2021.1) But it doesn't happen to all textures, only to the textures that I created where I have a bump texture. I removed the bump from the texture reimported the file and the problem was gone.
  4. No. VW20 & 21 use a new system of making animations. Its great but doesn't have the simplicity and ease of use of the old VW19 and before rotated around selection (w/preview) window for creating animations.
  5. I still miss being able to quickly set up a rotation animation based on the view I'm working with. This feature in VW 2019 and before was super easy. I don't know if there is any way this workflow could be duplicated or better yet, brought back.
  6. I guess you keep all the site work (pad modifiers, roads, paths, driveways, etc) in the Site File? I have this same issue but 1/2 acre lots.
  7. Do you build your models with Layer elevations set relative to the site model, or are they referenced to new 0'-0" for the ground floor?
  8. I've been happy with VW 2021. The new features are great and it just seems zippier. I don't know why I should upgrade to Big Sur at this point. I'm not sure what I'd be gaining and from the posts I've seen here, there are too many risks.
  9. We are all excited to see what we will be using come VW2021sp3
  10. I'm looking for some one who can take a .pdf topo site map for an 8 lot subdivision and create a VW site model that includes onsite light asphalt roads and surrounding darker roads. Then bring that model into Twinmotion and complete an existing conditions site model including existing site trees and proposed landscaping. I will be completing VW2020 house models to try out on the site in the Twinmotion rendering and on the VW model. I'd be interested in discussing ways we could work back and forth.
  11. In a large home, there will be many closets all of slightly different sizes. Very few exact repeats. Symbols wouldn't be efficient. I wish there was an un-styled closets symbol that worked like an un-styled window type.
  12. My closets are almost always 24" deep. There are a multiple, but finite number of combinations of shelves, drawers, single/double hanging etc. A simple tool that inserts a 3d BIM closet in-fill object would be really useful to me.
  13. Twinmotion works on the Mac and it free for a limited time
  14. If you and your clients are regular Apple Messages users, the screen sharing function under the "buddies" menu is also excellent.
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