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  1. @A McDonell That has been happening to me with interior elevations. I recently submitted a request to the support team and awaiting an answer. I'm using my isolation time to power through drawings for a project. I took it for granted that I would be able to generate interior elevations from the model. Nope. Geometry is ghosted, lines flicker on and off, and it's nearly impossible to edit. I am constantly fighting basic features that I need to do my job. I'm heading back to a basic 2D workflow and hope that Vectorworks will stay out of my way.
  2. Proceed with caution. I updated to SP3 and am crashing every few minutes. The same file and operations were working fine with SP2. Common crashes include moving and duplicating symbols, panning and zooming, refreshing viewports.
  3. Any modern office should use both. G Suite is perfect for email, calendar, and collaborative document creation (e.g. spreadsheets), but it is not a good file repository. I find the browser app and desktop app awkward for third-party files and awkward in general. We ditched our server in 2011 and have run on Dropbox business ever since. I cannot imagine working on any other way. It has been extraordinarily reliable and flexible. Every file our office owns lives in Dropbox. Nothing on desktop, nothing local, nothing lost. I could go on and on about the benefits, and they were apparent long before Coronavirus.
  4. It's a missed opportunity. Vectorworks markets itself as end-to-end software. From design concept to construction drawings. For the most part that is true. I am really struggling with a full BIM workflow, but that is another matter. All of the other design software I use has a color management component. I'm sure that is a significant undertaking. I get it. On the other hand, I can surf over to color-hex.com with Safari, pick a random hex color, export it as a PDF, import the PDF into Photoshop, and measure the exact same hex color. If Safari can render and export accurate color, why can't Vectorworks? It's not like Vectorworks colors are slightly off. They are way off.
  5. I have struggled with color in Vectorworks for years. It's not unusual that I want to export an image and drop that into a presentation with similar colors. It is simply not possible. We have a standard set of colors that we use for graphics and presentations in the office. Over the years we have used the Adobe suite, Affinity suite, Pixelmator, Sketch, OmniGraffle, Keynote, and other software. Vectorworks is only tool that we cannot get to match.
  6. I have two licenses and routinely rotate between three workstations (office, mobile, remote). Our office runs entirely on Dropbox, which means I can pick up any file, anywhere, at any time. I wish that I could sync Vectorworks user settings via VCS, iCloud, or Dropbox. I have a slightly different palette layout on my MacBook, but otherwise I would like user settings, interface settings, custom colors, custom shortcuts, custom palettes, plugins, etc. to sync automatically from device to device.
  7. I don't remember a link to release notes in previous versions of the Vectorworks Updater. This is a great addition. Thank you!
  8. The new icons are definitely a step in the wrong direction. They are out dated, inconsistent, and difficult to read. They clearly tried to create one set of icons for light and dark mode, rather than creating separate light and dark sets. That does not work.
  9. I have the same workspace profile on two machines (MacBook Pro and iMac). I installed 2020 on both machines and got different migration results. I reset and rebuilt the workspace, but I thought that was odd.
  10. You’ve had better luck than I have. I converted a simple 2D file to 2020. Within the first minute, I selected an object and hit the M key to move. Apparently 2020 does not migrate custom keyboard shortcuts. The M key toggled to multi-view mode and froze my computer. Vectorworks, macOS, and iMac were completely unresponsive. No beach ball. Nothing. I had to force reboot with a physical button on my iMac. It’s been years since I’ve had to force reboot with a hardware button. Yikes.
  11. Yes, but isometric dimensions have to be managed on the design layer. Which means users still have to manage the classes, views, scale, and other clutter that goes along with design layer annotations. Similarly, dimensions are not associative in the annotation layer, elevation markers must remain on the design layer, etc. I would love simplify my workflow and move all annotations to viewports, but the current toolset doesn't allow for that.
  12. Except that it is impossible to dimension 3D objects the annotation layer.
  13. After using Vectorworks for 18 years, I finally sat down to understand stories. Four hours later I have no idea how to create stories, set levels, or name things correctly. I can't even modify the default architectural template to create a single-story building. I can figure out almost anything, but this is needlessly complicated. Who designed this system? Is there anyone who can do a screen share to help? I'm happy to pay for a tutor. Send me a direct message.


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