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  1. It would be extremely helpful if it were easier for users to submit bugs and contact support on the fly within the app. I would love a menu item to quickly submit bugs. The user name, version, operating system, license, and other system info would all be known so that I would not have to manually enter them. I would also like to easily add screenshots and links to files to bug reports. I've been using Intercom with a web app and I love the direct, persistent, asynchronous communication to the support team.
  2. This is such a great feature. I'm looking forward to using it on day one!
  3. ThreeDot

    Library Content Generating Contest!

    Contribute to library, get discount on license.
  4. ThreeDot

    Modeling with Clip Cube

    Thank you! I'll put the clip cube away and carry on with groups and symbols.
  5. ThreeDot

    Modeling with Clip Cube

    I'm working on a complex model where internal rooms are only accessible with a clip cube. I cannot snap to objects that are cut by the clip cube, which makes modeling really difficult. The clip cube is a great tool, but I feel like I'm missing something. Can someone point me to a video or tutorial about how to model under these conditions?
  6. ThreeDot

    Screen Refresh / Lag time in 2018

    The screen refresh problem that I posted earlier in this thread has improved, perhaps because I switched graphics settings or perhaps because of updates to Vectorworks and macOS. I've also found quick workarounds to make geometry reappear and, quite frankly, I've become used to the lag. The lag that I am currently experiencing—that I am currently annoyed by—has to do with project sharing. If I move an object in a shared drawing without checking out the object first, Vectorworks seems to say "Okay, let's see. User want to move a line. Does anyone have it checked out? Bueller, Bueller? No? Okay. User, you may move the line." This takes two, maybe three seconds per operation. It's really slow, but to a certain extent I understand why. Vectorworks does need to check if any other users are working with the same geometry. However, if I check out the entire layer before I begin editing, then I expect that the question "Is anyone else working with this geometry?" has already been answered and I should be able to work at native speed. Nope! Moving that line is not as slow as I described above, but it is very slow compared to a non-shared file. Is anyone else experiencing this problem, or did I set up my shared file incorrectly?
  7. ThreeDot

    Pitched Roof

    This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing!
  8. ThreeDot

    Pitched Roof

    Thanks, but that isn't working for me. When I select "Pitched Roof" I get a standard hip roof. I click "Use Custom Roof from Profile" to edit, but the roof goes flat and there are no options to edit the pitched roof. I've watched the Vectorworks tutorial on this subject and don't know what I'm doing wrong. Honestly, even if it were working correctly, it is way to many tedious steps to create dozens of simple massing models. It's easier to create generic solids in Vectorworks, but it's even easier to create generic solids in SketchUp then bring them back into Vectorworks. Vectorworks_Pitched_Roof.mov
  9. ThreeDot

    Pitched Roof

    I need to create a neighborhood of houses, but I can't find a quick way to create pitched roof massing models in Vectorworks. Is it possible to do something like this in Vectorworks? SketchUp_Pitched_Roof.mov
  10. Users can certainly choose to use underscores for naming files, classes, or whatever, but the built-in resource library should be organized, labeled, and tagged in a manner that conforms to (a) UX/UI best practice and (b) proper language standards. There is no technical limit on naming resources correctly. Capitalization, abbreviation, punctuation, and grammar matter in life and in software.
 Underscores have no place in the user interface. The current Vectorworks resource library is a mishmash of poorly named, poorly organized files. It looks like files were received from third-party vendors and dropped into the resource folder without much attention to organization or naming. Why does this matter? Inconsistent organization makes it difficult to browse for resources quickly. Incorrect spelling makes it difficult to search resources accurately. Incorrect grammar is sloppy and unprofessional, in any setting. As with anything in life, lack of care on small stuff signifies lack of care on big stuff. Vectorworks needs to improve the resource library. Not just the files that reside in the library, but the procedure for how files are added and maintained over time. Maintaining a good library has always been important, but even more so now that users increasingly rely on accurate 2D, 3D, and BIM components. New resources should be added on a regular basis, and outdated resources should be removed. Resources should be organized, named, and tagged properly. Resources should be audited regularly to ensure that they adhere to current Vectorworks standards and best practices, meaning that old resources may need to be updated as Vectorworks evolves. A clear and flexible organizational structure should be established up front, so that resources can be properly organized and maintained over time. “Misc” is not a category. You get the idea.
  11. ThreeDot

    Project Sharing and Dropbox

    Yeah, totally! Being able to pull up any drawing, specification, or correspondence on site has saved us sooooo much time. I wish that Vectorworks' connection to Dropbox was more convenient. Or maybe I just don't understand how Vectorworks Cloud Services is supposed to work. Perhaps you can help. We keep all project files, including Vectorworks files, in a Dropbox folder. Simple. I like that Vectorworks Cloud Services can generate models and render viewports on demand or on a pre-set schedule, but it seems that Vectorworks files have to live in the VCS folder. I don't want to duplicate Vectorworks files into a VCS folder, nor do I want to relocate active project files outside of the Dropbox project folder. I guess I don't understand how the Vectorworks-Dropbox integration is supposed to work. Our initial tests were frustrating and I didn't see a way to work without disrupting project folder integration. Do you use Vectorworks Cloud Services? How does that work (or not) with your new Dropbox workflow?
  12. ThreeDot

    Project Sharing and Dropbox

    That's great! I had to look up what you meant about online-only versus local folders. That is an early access feature that I didn't know about. It looks interesting. iCloud sync works like that. This will be great for my MacBook! We've had pretty much the same Dropbox procedure since the beginning. All files are synced to my work iMac, which is where I do most of my work and where I have redundant local and remote backups running constantly. I selectively sync files to my MacBook—for working at home or on the train—and we share folders as needed with staff and consultants. We've structured our file system to allow for sharing and syncing on a folder-by-folder basis. There is a standard set of folders that everyone gets access to automatically (e.g. reference library), but specific files are shared on an individual basis. Project proposals and agreement folders are shared with our attorney. Business and financial folders are shared with our bookkeeper and accountant. Branding and website folders are shared with our graphic designers and in-house design staff. Project files are shared with project architects. And so on. In that way, everyone has all relevant files synced locally to their own machine(s).
  13. ThreeDot

    Project Sharing and Dropbox

    Dropbox does make a call to the cloud before starting a LAN sync. We've had fast, reliable connections over the past ten years and rarely run into problems. With general, non-Vectorworks file sharing, temporary outages have not caused any problems. We've only recently started using Vectorworks Project Sharing. We've had the internet drop out once or twice while users had objects and layers checked out. We continued working as usual and committed changes when service was restored. It did not cause any problems for us. We've had a few problems with Vectorworks Project Sharing that are not related to Dropbox. Vectorworks support recommended, in general, that we check out layers and sheets rather than individual objects. It seems that reducing the check-out and check-in cross traffic is recommended whether using a local server or Dropbox. I would really, really love for Vectorworks to introduce more reliable, more granular commits. Does ArchiCAD do this, or do I have grass-is-greener syndrome?
  14. ThreeDot

    Project Sharing and Dropbox

    I suppose the cost of a Mac Mini versus Dropbox licenses is roughly equal, but we’ve found: A. IT costs over time are much lower. Zero time is spent on hardware or software upgrades related to a server. We have to maintain local machines an our network, but that is very light. In fact we rarely need any IT for our office. B. Staff efficiency is much better. All “server” files are local. There is zero delay tabbing through folders and files can be previewed at the flick of a finger. Files and folders can be shared, individually or en masse, very easily. It’s nice to be able to drop a shared link into an email and not worry about file size. Or, to provide a contractor with persistent shared access to a folder with drawings, SKs, or cutsheets. Or, for staff to access any file, at any computer, phone, or tablet, at any project site, or long train commute, at any time without having to “remote in”. Ack! The value of all of that is priceless. I recently jumped in with a partner firm to help out with a deadline. They are running a Mac Mini server with SSD drives on a gigabit network. I was shocked at how slow everything moved. Every click, delay. Every photo preview, delay. Every folder move and rename, delay. Maybe they are set up wrong, but I would not last a day in that environment.


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