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  1. ThreeDot

    Model Set Up (Revisited for 2019)

    After using Vectorworks for 18 years, I finally sat down to understand stories. Four hours later I have no idea how to create stories, set levels, or name things correctly. I can't even modify the default architectural template to create a single-story building. I can figure out almost anything, but this is needlessly complicated. Who designed this system? Is there anyone who can do a screen share to help? I'm happy to pay for a tutor. Send me a direct message.
  2. ThreeDot

    Extrude to Wall Height

    After using Vectorworks for 18 years, I feel like I should know the answer to this. Is it possible to pin the top and bottom elevations of a generic extruded solid to (a) design layer elevations and wall heights or (b) story elevations?
  3. I draw in color, then override pens in the sheet layer viewport. This gives me total control to turn color lines black, gray lines remain gray, fills are untouched, and special red classes remain red. Viewport class overrides can be copied to other viewports with the eye dropper. It’s very simple and flexible.
  4. ThreeDot

    Workgroup Library

    I'm having a this-can't-be-true moment. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction. I've been using Vectorworks since the beginning, but I've never set up a workgroup library with shared resources. With recent changes to staffing and workflow, now is the time. It seems that I am allowed to create a workgroup library on a shared drive (e.g. Dropbox), but the folder structure has to match the default library structure. Is this true? The default library is a non-sensical, convoluted mess! The point of creating a custom library is to organize resources in a way that makes sense to our office. If true, what is best practice for workgroup libraries? Where can I vote for a more flexible, customizable, and user-friendly library?
  5. ThreeDot

    Any Drawbacks to VW 2019?

    I have tried all display settings on my computer (again, a high-end iMac with a dedicated graphics cards and plenty of RAM), but it has no effect on 2D or 3D display performance. I mean, I'm sure that I would see the impact of this setting on a complex drawing or model, but our problem is with basic functions. For example, here is a video of a new file with one text object. I double click into the text box to edit (you'll notice a delay), then hit the delete key 15 times as fast as I can. One would expect this simple operation to be smooth and instantaneous. Not so! VW2019 stutters when deleting characters and, at some point, it just stops. I hit delete 15 times, there are 13 characters, but it just stops deleting at some point. This behavior is common with nearly all elements in VW2019. Nothing is fluid. It lurches and jerks through basic tasks, and it makes day-to-day operations really frustrating. @bc Are you having similar problems? Unfortunately, I have not found a workaround for this. VW2019 Slow Text Edit.mov
  6. ThreeDot

    Any Drawbacks to VW 2019?

    My iMac is about two years old, but it should be more than sufficient to run Vectorworks. I can run Rhino, ArchiCAD, SketchUp, Illustrator, and other high-end graphics software without any hesitation at all. There is no reason for VW to be so doggy. Do you use project sharing? I've started to notice speed differences between shared and non-shared files.
  7. ThreeDot

    Cant see lines on VW19

    Unfortunately, you can't upgrade the integrated graphics chip. You'll have to upgrade your computer or purchase an external GPU and monitor. I just noticed that you are running macOS Mojave. Tech support disagrees, but Mojave seems to be related to the problems we're seeing on our MacBooks. We were able to run VW2017 and VW2018 on macOS High Sierra without any problems. As soon as we upgraded to macOS Mojave, VW2018 is unable to display 2D and 3D graphics correctly. We see the same problem with VW2019. We had a consultant in the office yesterday who was running VW2019 just fine on an older MacBook Air with a previous version of macOS (although I'm not sure which one). Tech support says that it's related to hardware, but Mojave may have something to do with it.
  8. ThreeDot

    Any Drawbacks to VW 2019?

    My comment was about software, not hardware. VW2019 has caused endless problems for us on a range of Apple hardware. VW2019 can't handle basic 2D drawings correctly on MacBooks with integrated graphics cards, but all prior versions of Vectorworks ran just fine. Even on our high-end iMacs with dedicated Radeon Pro 560 8GB graphics cards, VW2019 is really slow with basic 2D and 3D operations. Double click a text box to edit and wait for 1–2 seconds for the cursor to become active. Or, extrude three curves and VW will grind to a halt. Or, tabbing through the data bar is no longer a reliable way to enter dimensions. This was not an issue with VW2018 on the same hardware. There may be specific bugs in VW2019 that may or may not affect your workflow, but we've found that general malaise is our biggest problem. I wish that we had stuck with VW2018 for a while longer.
  9. ThreeDot

    Any Drawbacks to VW 2019?

    VW2019 is unbearably slow and buggy on my new top-of-the-line iMac. 2D is laggy and 3D is nearly impossible. Avoid upgrading, if possible.
  10. ThreeDot

    Cant see lines on VW19

    Are you using a MacBook with an integrated graphics card? I have a similar problem with my 2016 13” MacBook Pro. It ran Vectorworks 2018 just fine, but will not run 2019.
  11. ThreeDot

    Save and Commit

    Wow, I had no idea that you pointed this out two years ago!
  12. This happens often: I'm working on a shared project file. I finish my edits, hit command+s to save, then command+q to quit Vectorworks. Then I get this alert: Vectorworks reminds me that I have layers or objects checked out, and they have not been committed. Thanks, but I can't do anything about it! If I hit OK, the file closes and Vectorworks quits. If I hit ESC, the file closes and Vectorworks quits. At this point, there is no way to avoid closing and quitting. If I want to commit changes, I have to re-launch Vectorworks, open the file, save and commit changes, then close and quit. It would be so simple and helpful if this alert allowed a user to save and commit changes on the spot or, at minimum, cancel the operation. Little considerations like this would be incredibly helpful. Little things like this are incredibly frustrating.
  13. ThreeDot

    Speed Modeling Enhancements?

    That's great! Please don't forget about keyboard shortcuts as part of the UI design process. The existing Vectorworks shortcuts are totally nonsensical. They were based on mapping the default, two-column, vertical, MiniCAD tool palette onto two horizontal rows of a US-based keyboard. Users can customize shortcuts, but it's a significant undertaking and it is difficult to move from computer to computer or help other people in the office. Vectorworks is complex and it should have a more sophisticated method of keyboard shortcuts. Two suggestions: 1. For all of AutoCAD's failings, the command line is very fast and intuitive. Want a circle? Start typing C-I and AutoCAD will autosuggest circle. Additional options are right there and can be entered without taking a hand off the keyboard. Rhino does this as well. The command line looks offputting, but it could be implemented in a more modern way. A popup akin macOS's Spotlight, for example. 2. Don't understate the power of muscle memory. Current tools are based on modes, which means that a user must either (a) remember which mode was used last—which may be a few minutes ago, or a few days ago—to know what the next click will do or (b) look at the mode bar to confirm which mode is selected. Both methods are slow and increase cognitive load. It would be far faster, for example, to hit C for circle by radius, CC for circle by diameter, CCC for circle by three points, etc. While there are a few more key presses, it becomes very fast and intuitive and the user never has to remember or look away.
  14. ThreeDot

    Speed Modeling Enhancements?

    Yes, this! And because tools have modes, users have to remember what the last mode was (or look at the mode bar to check). Then comes a long mouse movement to a small button or shortcut cycling though modes. Such bad design.
  15. ThreeDot

    new macbook pro Hardware advice

    Is anyone running Vectorworks 2019 on a new 2018 13” MacBook Pro? I have a 2016 13” MBP that ran Vectorworks just fine until I upgraded to Mojave. Now it’s unusable. I’m thinking about upgrading before the end of the year. I like the 13” MBP for portability and it works great for light drawing and modeling. The 15” MBP has a better GPU, but I’d rather not lug that around if possible.


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