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  1. Oh, yes! This is a ball of yarn with Vectorworks. Can we clean up Design Layers and Sheet Layers? Classes, layers, stories, sheets, viewports, and references are perfectly clear. Can we consolidate three locations on the drawing screen for classes, layers, and sheets? Can we eliminate A/B naming? Top/Plan should be Plan. Dims/Notes should be Annotation. Can we eliminate random abbreviations? Furn should be Furniture. Building Equip_Appliances is awkwardly long, while Ent Stage, which is in the same list, is awkwardly short. Can we eliminate the underscore? This isn't a DOS. Can we consolidate imperial and metric tools?
  2. We do pretty much the same thing. We rely on Dropbox for file recovery, but we have redundant local Time Machine backups running hourly and remote Crashplan backups running every fifteen minutes. We have not yet had to recover files from Time Machine or Crashplan because Dropbox has been so reliable. Deleted files are hidden by default in Dropbox, but you can show them, browse, and recover files as needed. You can also recover or revert to incremental versions of any file, which is really amazing.
  3. When a local file is created, edited, or deleted, those changes are synced to the cloud then synced to client machines at the earliest opportunity. In most cases, that sync is nearly instantaneous. In other cases, the sync is queued until a computer has an internet connection. Computers on the same LAN are synced directly without an initial call to the cloud. We run a Dropbox business account that has unlimited backups. If a file is accidentally deleted by another user, it can be recovered easily via the web app. In day-to-day use, this is rarely a problem. It's essential to have a clear folder structure and file naming scheme, to communicate regularly about who is working on what, to make everyone responsible for keeping files tidy, and to close and sync files before walking away. We've implemented those basic rules and have run on Dropbox without any problems since 2010.
  4. We use project sharing with Dropbox. Typically, only two people are shared on a project file. We are careful to commit changes: not too often and not simultaneously. We've had trouble when a user opens a file or commits changes before Dropbox has synced all files. For example, an employee opened a working file at home and committed changes before his internet connection could sync files. We did not get a "conflicted copy" error in Dropbox, but the link between the working file and project file was broken and we had to go through a tedious process of creating a new working file and manually copy and paste everything from the corrupted working file to the new working file. We continue to use project sharing with Dropbox, but we really have to tip-toe around this limitation. We are a small office and, like a lot of small offices, we abandoned our local server long ago and use Dropbox instead. Vectorworks (including Cloud Services) needs to play better with Dropbox.
  5. This happens to me regularly since upgrading to 2018. I have not found a reliable way to reproduce or correct it. Changing graphics from Best Compatibility to Best Performance to seems to help, but then it doesn't. It happens most often with groups and compound objects, like dimensions. Sometimes clicking into a ghosted group, then exiting the group, will solve the problem.
  6. Yes! We have to tip toe around this constantly.
  7. That's not naïve! I am running a top end 2017 iMac and Vectorworks frequently has trouble displaying 2D objects in plan view. Geometry will constantly blank out during simple pan and zoom operations. I submitted a video to tech support last week (see attached). This was such an obvious problem when I started running VW2018 that I assumed it would be reported and corrected with SP1. That didn't happen with SP1, or SP2, so I finally submitted a help request last week. I can say that all other software (Cinema4D, SketchUp, Illustrator, Pixelmator, Sketch, etc.) runs perfectly fast and smooth on this computer. In fact, all software runs perfectly fine on my old 2013 iMac. Vectorworks is the only application that runs so poorly. It's leagues worse than anything else and it's embarrassingly bad. Screen Redraw Problem (2018-01-05).mov
  8. I've had this same problem on a 2017 iMac. Some days Vectorworks is unusable, with huge portions of the screen flickering on and off and I scroll and pan around a drawing. Setting the display preferences to "Best Compatibility" helps, but does not solve the problem. I'm running modern hardware and Vectorworks is a mess. I'll try to record a video and submit to tech support, but I frankly don't have time to troubleshoot basic functionality. Didn't the graphics pipeline just get completely revamped? Why is this a problem?
  9. That's not the same. Those settings work for Top/Plan view only. When working in a 3D view, I prefer to work in perspective. When working in a top, bottom, front, back, or side view, I prefer to work in an orthographic projection. I rarely want perspective when editing an elevation. What Blender does is much smarter. In Vectorworks, if Perspective mode is set, then: In Vectorworks, if Orthographic mode is set, then: In Blender, if Auto Perspective mode is set, then: P.S. Can someone explain why the "Top/Plan" view (Top slash Plan) can't simply be called "Plan"? I've never understood why we need the "Top/" part of that label. Isn't a plan always an orthographic top projection? Or at least enough that it can be safely be labeled "Plan" to simplify the interface. Wouldn't that also negate the need for the preferences, settings, and UI elements that markdd mentioned. Plan would always be a orthographic wireframe projection and Top would be used to create perspective and rendered plans.
  10. I've never used Blender, but I recently stumbled upon a Blender feature called Auto Perspective. When this option is turned on, Blender will automatically snap to an orthographic projection for top, bottom, front, back, and side views and return to a perspective projection for 3D views. I spend way too much time switching between orthographic and perspective views and I would love to see this feature in Vectorworks. Video 1: Video 2:
  11. I disagree. That would be too tedious and ambiguous. If I'm jumping, I don't want to jump to the third zoom twice removed from my sister's uncle. It's better to simply leap backward to the last known view on a particular sheet or design layer. Keep the current functionality to click, click, step, step through individual view changes, but give users an option to leap to the lats known view on a previous layer. For example: Exterior Details (Design Layer) Plan Details (Design Layer) A-100 Site Plan (Sheet Layer) Interior Elevations (Design Layer)
  12. That setting has no effect on the navigating forward or backward through views. I'm not suggesting changes to the Undo command, just to view navigation. Here is a common scenario: I'm working on a detail on a design layer. I want to check a dimension on another design layer, so I click that layer, pan and zoom to find what I need, check a dimension, then jump back to my original design layer. Currently, I might click, zoom, and pan five or ten times to get that dimension, then have to back up through all five or ten view steps to get back to my original design layer. A single jump back to the original design layer would be incredibly useful.
  13. It needs to jump back through layers, sheets, and views to be useful. The current functionality is to click step by step backward (or forward) through view changes. This includes every zoom, pan, orbit, and navigation between design layers and sheet layers and can be really tedious. I would love to click and hold to display a menu, similar to a browser, that will jump back to a previous design layer or sheet layer without stepping through all the tedious zooms, pans, and orbits. This would all users to jump between layers, sheets, and views more quickly while still retaining current functionality.
  14. I use the Previous View and Next View buttons occasionally, but they would be more useful if I could quickly jump backward or forward multiple views. Most modern browsers have implemented a press-and-hold back button to view recent browsing history. Here is an example from Chrome.
  15. Revamping the Vectorworks interface may be a long-term project, but in the short term, it would be helpful if the menu and tool lists in the Workspace Editor weren't so disorganized. The tool list, in particular, seems totally random and disorganized. Why is Move Page the only item under 2D Tools? Why is Marionette, and advanced tool, the only item under Basic? Why are their separate categories for Object and Objects, each containing one arbitrary item? Why is Leader Line, one of the primary annotation tools for most users, hidden under Welding Symbols? On the positive side, I really like the relatively new "Recent Changes" category, but it would be nice if new tools and depreciated tools were listed by version. I've been a Vectorworks user since MiniCAD, and I can sort of see how shifting paradigms over the years have lead to an unstructured list. Providing order to this list might begin to provide structure to the how tools are organized in the workspace.