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  1. ThreeDot

    Save and Commit

    Wow, I had no idea that you pointed this out two years ago!
  2. This happens often: I'm working on a shared project file. I finish my edits, hit command+s to save, then command+q to quit Vectorworks. Then I get this alert: Vectorworks reminds me that I have layers or objects checked out, and they have not been committed. Thanks, but I can't do anything about it! If I hit OK, the file closes and Vectorworks quits. If I hit ESC, the file closes and Vectorworks quits. At this point, there is no way to avoid closing and quitting. If I want to commit changes, I have to re-launch Vectorworks, open the file, save and commit changes, then close and quit. It would be so simple and helpful if this alert allowed a user to save and commit changes on the spot or, at minimum, cancel the operation. Little considerations like this would be incredibly helpful. Little things like this are incredibly frustrating.
  3. ThreeDot

    Speed Modeling Enhancements?

    That's great! Please don't forget about keyboard shortcuts as part of the UI design process. The existing Vectorworks shortcuts are totally nonsensical. They were based on mapping the default, two-column, vertical, MiniCAD tool palette onto two horizontal rows of a US-based keyboard. Users can customize shortcuts, but it's a significant undertaking and it is difficult to move from computer to computer or help other people in the office. Vectorworks is complex and it should have a more sophisticated method of keyboard shortcuts. Two suggestions: 1. For all of AutoCAD's failings, the command line is very fast and intuitive. Want a circle? Start typing C-I and AutoCAD will autosuggest circle. Additional options are right there and can be entered without taking a hand off the keyboard. Rhino does this as well. The command line looks offputting, but it could be implemented in a more modern way. A popup akin macOS's Spotlight, for example. 2. Don't understate the power of muscle memory. Current tools are based on modes, which means that a user must either (a) remember which mode was used last—which may be a few minutes ago, or a few days ago—to know what the next click will do or (b) look at the mode bar to confirm which mode is selected. Both methods are slow and increase cognitive load. It would be far faster, for example, to hit C for circle by radius, CC for circle by diameter, CCC for circle by three points, etc. While there are a few more key presses, it becomes very fast and intuitive and the user never has to remember or look away.
  4. ThreeDot

    Speed Modeling Enhancements?

    Yes, this! And because tools have modes, users have to remember what the last mode was (or look at the mode bar to check). Then comes a long mouse movement to a small button or shortcut cycling though modes. Such bad design.
  5. ThreeDot

    new macbook pro Hardware advice

    Is anyone running Vectorworks 2019 on a new 2018 13” MacBook Pro? I have a 2016 13” MBP that ran Vectorworks just fine until I upgraded to Mojave. Now it’s unusable. I’m thinking about upgrading before the end of the year. I like the 13” MBP for portability and it works great for light drawing and modeling. The 15” MBP has a better GPU, but I’d rather not lug that around if possible.
  6. ThreeDot

    Navigation Graphics Compatibility

    Yup, 2018 SP5.1 and 2019 SP2. In both cases, Vectorworks will launch and display the menus and tool palettes, but the pale yellow design layer will be transparent to the desktop behind. If I scroll my mouse to zoom, or take a similar action that forces a refresh, then it will display the design layer. I can draw and edit blindly, but the display does not update unless I force a refresh.
  7. ThreeDot

    Navigation Graphics Compatibility

    I have a 2016 13” MacBook Pro with integrated graphics. I was able to run Vectorworks 2017 and 2018 on it with no problem, but Mojave broke that for 2018 and 2019. The machine meets entry-level requirements—which note that Vectorworks will be suitable for simple drawing and models only—but Vectorworks cannot even display a blank drawing. I edited fairly complex drawings with VW 2018 and High Sierra a month ago, but now with Mojave my hardware is obsolete. For the record, I can run ArchiCAD, SketchUp, Cinema4D, the Adobe suite, and other high-end graphics software without any problems, but suddenly not Vectorworks. Tech support refused to admit that there is a problem with Vectorworks. There is.
  8. It would be extremely helpful if it were easier for users to submit bugs and contact support on the fly within the app. I would love a menu item to quickly submit bugs. The user name, version, operating system, license, and other system info would all be known so that I would not have to manually enter them. I would also like to easily add screenshots and links to files to bug reports. I've been using Intercom with a web app and I love the direct, persistent, asynchronous communication to the support team.
  9. This is such a great feature. I'm looking forward to using it on day one!
  10. ThreeDot

    Library Content Generating Contest!

    Contribute to library, get discount on license.
  11. ThreeDot

    Modeling with Clip Cube

    Thank you! I'll put the clip cube away and carry on with groups and symbols.
  12. ThreeDot

    Modeling with Clip Cube

    I'm working on a complex model where internal rooms are only accessible with a clip cube. I cannot snap to objects that are cut by the clip cube, which makes modeling really difficult. The clip cube is a great tool, but I feel like I'm missing something. Can someone point me to a video or tutorial about how to model under these conditions?
  13. ThreeDot

    Screen Refresh / Lag time in 2018

    The screen refresh problem that I posted earlier in this thread has improved, perhaps because I switched graphics settings or perhaps because of updates to Vectorworks and macOS. I've also found quick workarounds to make geometry reappear and, quite frankly, I've become used to the lag. The lag that I am currently experiencing—that I am currently annoyed by—has to do with project sharing. If I move an object in a shared drawing without checking out the object first, Vectorworks seems to say "Okay, let's see. User want to move a line. Does anyone have it checked out? Bueller, Bueller? No? Okay. User, you may move the line." This takes two, maybe three seconds per operation. It's really slow, but to a certain extent I understand why. Vectorworks does need to check if any other users are working with the same geometry. However, if I check out the entire layer before I begin editing, then I expect that the question "Is anyone else working with this geometry?" has already been answered and I should be able to work at native speed. Nope! Moving that line is not as slow as I described above, but it is very slow compared to a non-shared file. Is anyone else experiencing this problem, or did I set up my shared file incorrectly?
  14. ThreeDot

    Pitched Roof

    This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing!


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