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  1. Mason2152

    How to draft a 3D swimming pool

    @jeff prince I tried lofting late last night and it did nothing like I wanted, but I have little experience with it. Your last product looks amazing. I'll look into joining the Jonathan group. Thanks for all your help.
  2. Mason2152

    Light beams only 2D

    @ASagatovVW Thanks. I thought I had them in there, but it looks like I dreamed it. Working now.
  3. Mason2152

    How to draft a 3D swimming pool

    @jeff prince That is exactly what I'm looking at (in fact that looks a lot like my pool. I just get frustrated because of my lack of understanding with most of the program
  4. Mason2152

    How to draft a 3D swimming pool

    @jeff prince that is beautiful work. I have pretty limited experience with 3D modeling and it is obvious I need a lot more practice.
  5. Mason2152

    How to draft a 3D swimming pool

    @fabrica Thanks for posting. I can't see it either because it says it is content only for members.
  6. Does anybody know of a tutorial for drafting a swimming pool that has sloping levels and free form shape? I feel confident when dealing with simple 3D shapes but get lost when dealing with more organic designs. Thanks.
  7. Mason2152

    Custom Lighting Fixture Not Showing Beams Correctly

    Thank you very much. I thought I had done that, just over looked it I guess. Thank you again.
  8. I can not figure this out. I have made my own 2D/3D symbol of Mega-Lite's Baby Color because I cannot find one. The problem is I can't get the beam to draw in a cone. Any ideas? Baby Color Test.vwx
  9. Mason2152

    Light beams only 2D

    Hi, I followed a video on how to make my own 2D 3D lighting symbol and everything went pretty well until I turned it on. The beams only show as a single spread instead of a cone of light. I might not be describing that well so I attached a file with the instrument. If anybody can help. It's a Mega-Lite Baby Color, it doesn't exist in the resource browser so I made one. Baby Color Test.vwx
  10. Mason2152

    Section View - No Hatch

    Hello forum heroes. I have drafted a 3D set piece and created a viewport on a sheet layer. From there I added a section viewport. Problem is my cut solids show as solid black instead of hatched like a cut piece should. What am I doing wrong? Christopher
  11. Mason2152

    Creating a cropped viewport in 2019

    It was set to Screen Aligned. That solved it. Thank you. Don't know how I did that.
  12. Mason2152

    Creating a cropped viewport in 2019

    Thanks for responding. I have done (3 times actually, out of desperation) and the dialog has not come back. Is it something they removed from 2019?
  13. I recently upgraded to VW2019. I usually create my viewports by placing a 2D shape over the part of my my Design Layer I want to use and clicking Create Viewport. Click yes on the dialog and move on. I don't know if I accidentally clicked on the "Do Not Show Again" at some time or if the pre-cropped option was removed in 2019, but I am no longer able to do this. I don't get the dialog box and I can't figure out how to get it back. I have clicked the "Reset Saved Settings" in the Session options and it has not helped. Any Ideas? I use this all the time. Thanks, Christopher
  14. Mason2152

    Text is in outline

    I would like to mention that I am a windows user and I ended up with this problem due to some voodoo key strokes I used. I did not open a file from a Mac. So there is some way for a windows user to do this to themselves. The problem would have been figured out much sooner had those boxes been visible even if grayed out. Thanks to Raymond for saving me from insanity. C
  15. Mason2152

    Text is in outline

    I just clicked plain text and restarted. Did not have to worry about the script


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