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  1. Final solution for me to export a valid 3D part file from VW 2008 to a particular fab shop's SW 2019. 1) Yes, import from a 3D view and not the top/plan view. 2) Remove all other assembly layers except for the subject part. 3) Export as IGES with the NURBS option selected. Thanks guys!
  2. Jim -- They seem to like AutoCad 2000 and can do IGES (which doesn't re-import back into VW cleanly for me), Step & X_T -- and of course SW native.. Kevin -- I'll try all, one at a time. Expecially the 3D view (your online help ticket guy also recommends that). Thanks guys. Let you know. Bob
  3. Still using pre-parasolid VW 2008. Do both architecture and mechanical, but infrequently. Possible first 3D submittal from VW to CAM via Solidworks 2019 front end at CAM shop. Sample top/plan dxf conversion file submitted below. Pict of export panel also submitted below. Problem: Solidworks import sees top/plan as static 2D view without any apparent 3D properties. Meanwhile, this file imports back into a newly launched VW fully 3D functional. Please advise. Appreciatively, Bob 480-456-4049 grifco.slider.01.dxf
  4. Okay. I see the coordinate bar thing. Awkward, especially for editing object attributes. Why isn't this all built into the Object Info pallet after the fashion of the 2D objects? Bob G
  5. Okay. I'm wading through the tutorials. Never have used 3D with VW, even though I go way back to MiniCad. But I have used Pro/E extensively in my corporate job. Question: In 2D the location of objects is given and editable in the Object Info pallet. But in 3D, I don't see the equivalent capability (at least with the 3D objects directly created). Basically, I'm lost in space. So how do I determine the spatial coordinates of 3D objects (i.e., i, j & k with respect to some reference point on the object)? BTW, VW 2008. Appreciatively, Bob G.


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