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  1. Cheers... that would save us a lot of time. I do hope, someday in the future, there will be no more 'workarounds'. We can all enjoy an efficient, responsive program that just works 'out of the box'.
  2. Good tip- we do use styles indeed. Will build that in. Great advice. Many thanks.
  3. @Boh very interesting suggestion. Good way to get around the crazy delays indeed. That requires us to remember to add the record to each titleblock on each sheet, though, right? If so, I wonder if there is a script that can easily automate this Attach Record process. In any case, I will give that a go. Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. Hi Sebastiaan, you may be right in that I could have pulled back on the capitals and exclamations marks. But they were there to emphasise a point instead of scream at someone. So if anyone was offended by my capitals and exclamations, I apologise. And if you, like me, are sitting at the office at 11:30pm, and clicking through titleblocks at thirty second intervals to check a box... perhaps you'd be frustrated too ūüėČ
  5. @Sebastiaan kindly provide useful, constructive responses.
  6. We want our titleblock to list all the drawings which we want to issue. So we have to tick the option 'This Titleblock is Active' This is a 30-second process, PER DRAWING! See enclosed video. 10 drawings is 300 seconds, or 5 minutes. 100 drawings is close to one hour. Please improve. This Titleblock Active.mov
  7. Amorphous - Julian

    2021 Architecture Wishlist

    @Tom Klaber I think you may find similar frustrating situations with project sharing in the following post. I update that post semi-regularly, but get no attention from the good people here. With our small team of 3-4 working on the same project, it's impossible to NOT 'project share'. But project-share with VW is also impossible, given the regular file errors, and lack of attention from VW to improve it.
  8. Amorphous - Julian

    Shared Project : Changes DO NOT SYNC . Other things DISAPPEAR

    It's 9pm now. And we just had more issues: Viewports that User A was working on DISAPPEARS on User B's and User C's computers Viewports that User B was working on DISAPPEARS on User A's and User B's computers Viewports that User C was working on DISAPPEARS on User A's and User B's computers We have to revert to a much older version and re-do everything we have been doing for the last 3.5 hours. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. If my staff departs form my office because of Vectorworks, guess who's fault is it? I already hear people saying 'I'm so tired, so tired of this'. I HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT PROJECT SHARING ISSUES SINCE VW2018. Now have have gone through VW2019 SP1, SP2, SP3, SP4, SP5 and onto VW2020. What exactly must we do or say to get an efficient, reliable program for what we need to do??? By the way, it is really not fun to waste my time documenting this and posting it up.
  9. Amorphous - Julian

    Record Formats and Symbols - constant values

    @mgries Do you have insights to share on this issue after looking into 2020 Data Management?
  10. Amorphous - Julian

    2021 Architecture Wishlist

    Thanks for your list @Tom Klaber. Concur with you in particular needing some tweaks with Cabinet tool. Currently, its a pain to get full-height-cabinets to show with the correct line weights and hatch in plan. I just want to add two basic, fundamental things to the wishlist (19) PROJECT SHARING STABILITY. Project sharing is crazy and unreliable. It needs to work stably. See my post with project sharing issues below. (20) IMPROVED DRAWING PRODUCTIVITY. Speed up rendering elevations + sections, we require this for daily work, and sorely need the speed to improve. (21) BETTER SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY. 1. Export DWG drawings in a reasonably-sized file (currently too big and clumsy). 2. Mac Vectorworks should 'LiveSync' to Parallels desktop Window Lumion. References below (19) (20)
  11. Amorphous - Julian

    Shared Project : Changes DO NOT SYNC . Other things DISAPPEAR

    Another update. File version 272 (as above) that we saved before of the disappearing issue worked for a few hour. And now we get 'file is corrupt' error message on the another terminal (this one is in windows), some users can't sync into project file. Reverting to backup before this error message. The joys of it all.
  12. Amorphous - Julian

    Viewport "Styles"

    Oh, its been 3 years but we still haven't got any updates on this?
  13. Amorphous - Julian

    Shared Project : Changes DO NOT SYNC . Other things DISAPPEAR

    Hi. UPDATE AGAIN In our VWXP project file, which is 2GB in size and has lots of info in it. EVERYTHING DISAPPEARED. Yes, not a thing is left. Reverting back to an older version now. Terrible workflow. Terrible waste of time.
  14. Amorphous - Julian

    v.2020 now available

    Agreed. Section times are terrible. @JuanP Vectorworks is primarily a tool for Architects and Designers to output drawings. The performance of this is atrociously slow in the 3D workflow. Per post below. Speeding this up has to happen NOW. When can we expect this primary function of this tool to improve? PS Please don't ask me to send confidential Project Files to tech support. My experience is that I send confidential files out only to get a 'cannot replicate problem' response, and doesn't go further. We are highly proficient VW users with very good knowledge of IT, we have very good hardware in our office.


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