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  1. I see that the iPad 2020 has LiDar mapping. Does it mean that it can take point cloud models of interior space or exterior location maps of a site and import into Vectorworks? Any suggestions how this workflow may happen?
  2. @mbft I didn’t try the above two things you mentioned but will give it a try. however, a robust, well tested program shouldn’t require us to waste time to find awkward ‘workarounds’. data took seemed like a good idea when developed by the engineers, but in reality wasted so much of our office hours that we would have been better if to manually tag everything in the first place. @klvanov can you please swiftly attend to this? Also I note I cannot tag you in posts, and if you blocked me from doing so because of my Previous complaints about data tagging tool I suggest you remove the block, otherwise I’ll ask the forum moderator to do so
  3. I just tried using 'print' instead of 'publish' to see if this issue resolves. It didnt. We have a perfectly tagged drawing that we simply can't send out because when we try to output it weI lose our tags SO, this is becoming a frustrating catch-22 for us. Tag-print-lose tag-Tag-print -lose tags. Can someone at Vectorworks fix this immediately? Data tags was touted as one of the crowning achievements in VW2020 but gosh it just doesn't work!!! Am I supposed to send my contractors a screen grab??? How very unprofessional This we reported this issue in another form on March 13th in another post but it now still persist. Frustrating and unacceptable!
  4. Hi @KIvanov @Luka Stefanovic We are on VW2020SP3. The Data Tags disconnects upon 'publishing' a sheet. This is really really frustrating. Others seem to have the same problem at the following post. https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/70078-data-tags-moving-or-losing-connection/#comment-347880
  5. We continue to get this constantly and we are frustrated as hell. A drawing seems perfectly fine with data tags reporting the correct information. But upon publishing, the data tag blanks out, and we get data tags with no content. We then retag them. This is such a waste of time, we do this over and over and over again. We are on 2020SP3 btw.
  6. Hi @Frank Brault . Today. I find myself needing to present Sanitary Fittings and Tapware selections to my client, and it reminded by how useful it would be to attach multiple images of the tap to the '3D object' in the model. That would make my task of presenting our selection to my client much easier Would you be able to have further conversations with your engineer to see if this is possible? This would be useful for all Vectorworks users.
  7. Apologies, but from the standpoint of our business, SAAS is a bad excuse to coerce businesses to not physically own their data, and be hijacked to a ransom when they later want a divorce. We’ve been resisting all attempts to SAAS and hope Vectorworks would be not prey to such nonsense. We are quite able to take care of our own hardware and security needs, and do not wish to see the entire digital world mindlessness and blindly falling into this trap.
  8. Just did a search and found that such algorithm/tool is indeed available... https://www.pixplant.com would be good to have something like this built into Vectorworks
  9. Great idea. To be able to create seamless, non-repetitive tiling textures without having to interact with photoshop would be a great advantage. Even better if there was a built in algorithm to automate this process for us.
  10. Hi Vectorworks engineer. Are we just ignoring this issue? Doesn't look good at all if people ask me 'why does your drawing look so strange' and I say, 'oh, haha its because of Vectorworks, but no one there bothers to acknowledge this problem'. Still happening in version 2020, btw.
  11. Today, an engineer asked us to provide a 3D model of a slide we are designing. Instead of exporting the entire house, I would like to just 'clip cube' the extents of the slide, and export to a 3D format he can read. But there is no easy way to do this now. I would like to be able to export clip cube.
  12. And an easily-accessible button for ‘recalculate this worksheet’. Instead of clicking through menus.
  13. @rohantheboat agree with all of your above points and posts. There’s no hiding that orbiting in VW is cumbersome and unintuitive. I myself have a 3D connection and have for many used the above-mentioned tricks to make orbit behave normally (eg ‘select the object to orbit around’). Your point is that, there’s already a better way that the logic of orbiting can work with, which is already in existence out there (sketchup), where you don’t need to define your centre of orbit for a smooth orbiting experience, it somehow just works! it would be great if such orbiting algorithms can appear in Vectorworks, so we don’t have the pain of making the correct selection (ie ‘right click’ -‘force select’) before orbiting. It’s too many steps as a navigation process while modelling. I may just add one other Orbiting suggestion while we are at it - we should be customise/able to set as default ‘orbiting from TOP/plan activates OpenGL’. I can’t ever see a situation when I’m orbiting from Tap/Plan that I’d need to see the model in wireframe. So, it is just a simple ‘certainty’ in my workflow that I have to additionally and manually switch to OpenGL everytime I orbit firm Top/Plan. It seems redundant as a workflow process.


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