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  1. Amorphous - Julian

    Shifting Referenced DWG positions in shared Project File.

    I had posted DWG compatibility issues before. But got panned off. This issue needs some SERIOUS resolution. We can't have VW working in a silo and don't talk well with other consultants. It's embarrassing for me to go to a project meeting and tell people about the BIM we use, but we can't do something as basic as importing and exporting DWGs simply.
  2. Amorphous - Julian

    Network Publish

    Totally agree with @Ben Wingrove , it is far better to use local resources, and we have much more control. We found that we have very little control over VSS turnaround times, and if there are changes or errors we have to resubmit all over again. From our last test of VSS, we also had to pay for 'credits' to use VSS processing power. If we already have that in-house, we don't see the need for this. @Dave Donley if VSS make use of multiple servers to process renders and viewports, then can we assume the technology for 'Render Farm'/'Publish Farm' is for VW already available? When can this be made available to customers?
  3. Can't agree more. This has long been on our wishlist. It just makes complete sense. Archicad has this implemented for a long time already.
  4. Amorphous - Julian

    Clip Cube 3D export

    We are currently needing to export a 'Stair' object from our model to 3D printers. We need some parts of the context to be in-place for this model to make sense. Since there is no way to 'export objects in clip cube', we have to resort to having a staff selected, slitting, deleting objects in the model one by one. Would be great to have this automated by the suggestion made in this post.
  5. Very pleased to see this development, but as a Mac-based office we are yet to understand how we can benefit from this. Are there other Mac-based Vectorworks office out there who have developed a workflow for Lumion? If so, we are most interested to hear about that process.
  6. Amorphous - Julian


    Yes we have up to two hundred pages in our VWX documents, and every time we add a new sheet we have to drag the new sheet to the new place. The entire process of making a new sheet and adding a title block (which is very very slow) can take up to three to five minutes. Not very efficient.
  7. Amorphous - Julian

    Best settings to export 3D (vwx) to 2D (dwg)

    Hi @Vasil Kitanov I have just sent the file to @Jim Wilson for other testing. Please ask to get it from him. The sheet related to this export is 1.511. We have tried all permutations for export options. So there's no point posting up a screen shot of one particular setting. Our consultants (yes there are many of them on this project) all complain that our DWG is so slow they can't use it. They can't even zoom in or out in the DWG. We tried taking out the hatches and that didn't help either. Hope you are able to find the issue with it.
  8. Amorphous - Julian

    Best settings to export 3D (vwx) to 2D (dwg)

    We are trying to export our 3D vwx to 2D dwg today. (wasting many hours) Our consultants (in China) say the files we export is so slow upon opening on their side. We are the only architects these consultants have ever met who cannot produce and provide usable CAD (DWG) files to them. I hate to say this. But we go in telling them about how great our BIM system is, but we walk out with tail between our legs looking like absolute fools. As Architects, we simply cannot fail to provide DWGs to other consultants. Happy to provide this DWG to anyone with AutoCAD for testing (we don't have it, so we can't verify what the consultants are telling us). Can this issue please get immediate attention?
  9. @Jim Wilson please give me your email and I'll shoot it over. @Matt Overton yes. This is a problem with surface hatches at the moment. You cannot choose 'tile' hatches in 'Textures' as the surface hatch. So in order to do a 'timber' or 'stone' hatch so we have the correct elevational hatch in hidden line drawings (Eg elevations and sections), we have to make tens of layers to achieve that. If 'tile' attaches were allowed to be attached to 'texture', the we would not have this problem. I'll play around simpler hatches and see.
  10. Amorphous - Julian

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    Okay will give that a try. Thanks.
  11. Amorphous - Julian

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    @Zeno are suggesting we should downgrade to VW2015 because it is a more stable version of VW?
  12. Amorphous - Julian

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    Is it just me? Or is this speed quite frustrating for others too. We need a snappy program. SLOW.mov
  13. Amorphous - Julian

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    Everything is slow! Simple things like: Editing a dimension is slow. Moving objects around is slow. Navigating between sheets is slow Save and commit is slow (yes it has improved, but lets face it, still slow) There's a 2-3 second delay in everything I do.... Is anyone at Vectorworks doing anything about this??? I don't want to be frustrated anymore.
  14. Amorphous - Julian

    Sudden Blue Background

    Lately, Vectorworks suddenly shows a blue background across multiples of our Mac terminals running both Mac OS 10.13 and Mac OS 10.14. We can't get rid of this problem and can't work this way. Does anyone have the same problem or a fix? We use RX580 (8GB) as our graphics card, and have tried to set Display Performance as both 'Best Performance' and 'Good Performance and Compatibility'
  15. Would be great if VW can also work out the innermost section line of a space, while retaining the section hatch of the objects you cut through. Currently you have to choose one or the other- merge the whole section and get one thick outline (but lose the class-based hatched for cut objects), or get the correct hatches (but not get this thick section line around the outmost merged object). As @Kevin McAllister says, this is currently a manual, 2D process we do in viewport annotation for our office.


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