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  1. Hi Klvanov, We had to revert to 2019 for above PS issues. In 2019- we have the same problem with some tags displaying text and others not (see screen shot) Yesterday we issued a set of documents - which looks fine with text in tags. But today we have to modify this document, and it will not show the relevant information. Unfortunately these drawings can't wait until version 2020 SP2. And that release would not help us in 2019 anyway. @Tolu sorry to bother, but would you be able to help on this issue too?
  2. [UPDATE 4/11/2019] We worked all day, and now faced again with the dreaded 'this file is corrupt' message again.
  3. [UPDATE 4/11/2019] We seem to be having some issues with Data Tags for: - Doors -Windows - Walls Some numbers in the Tags are showing on one user terminal but not others (inside the same viewport). See screen shots.
  4. Yes thats right... And we can only achieve 15 levels of the above.
  5. Hi Bruce, thanks for your message. I have sent this file to Tolu earlier, you can get it from him.
  6. Good to know about this. Hopefully the engineers at Vectorworks will change this for the dual-platform users. On the note of the IF function, we find that this logic test only works for 15 levels. Anything behind that doesn’t work. Has anyone managed to go beyond 15 levels of it?
  7. In Project Sharing, we are often blocked from an operation, as the operation requires items 'checked out' by another user. In the current workflow, we must ask the other user to 'release' in order to proceed. The other user would suspend their current work, navigate to, and select the relevant object (or multiple objects) and then 'release'. Since this can involve a large number of objects, and take a long time to navigate to each section for 'release', we find it easier for both users to perform a full 'save and commit' instead. This workflow is very disruptive to both users. A better way is for relevant 'checked out' items to be requested within the 'Operation Cannot Be Completed' error window (ArchiCAD has this). See mockups below. If we can 'Request All Listed Items' for a quick and limited 'save and commit' on the relevant items only, then both users get back on with their work quickly.
  8. @Klaus Koch (apologies in advance I am unable to help) Your cabinets look very nice and detailed (with hinges and legs, etc). Do you user interiorCAD for this?
  9. [UPDATE 29/10/2019 @ 8pm] We have finished another 3 hours of work. Leonie finished her work, then saved and committed. This is her video which took 10 minutes. save and commit7-40pm.mp4 After she finished her work, I 'refreshed' my file, which took 3.5 minutes. 3.5 refresh.mp4 After the 'refresh', I did a 'save and commit', which took 5 minutes. 5 minute save and commit.mov This is all very slow. We can't all sit around waiting for files to Sync with these speeds.
  10. When documenting, we constantly click in and out of 'viewport annotations'. Sometimes it is just to copy a finish tag etc, from one viewport to another. Other times it is to perform a repetitive task like dimensioning. It would be most useful to have a workflow where we can seamlessly enter from one annotation space to another. This could either be: (1) an option to access all viewport annotation at the same time (access all viewports) , or (2) be able to 'tab' between the annotation spaces on the same sheet (to perform, say, copy-paste operations between them).
  11. [UPDATE 29/10/2019] This is the 'Save and commit' on one of our terminals at 5pm today, after 5 hours of work between save and commit. The 'Save and commit' operation took 10 minutes for Leonie on Terminal 4. Note you don't see the spinning beach ball as the screen recording turns it into a normal cursor arrow. 10mins -save and commit 5pm.mp4 While this 'save and commit' was occurring. No one else can do any work. We get the following alert (operation failed) when we try to do anything. After the above 'Save and Commit' by Leonie, I 'refreshed' my file. The refresh crashed the first time (after five minutes). The second time around was also 5 minutes, and did complete the refresh. I took a screen video of this. Note the refresh icon, as that is the only indication of whether refresh was completed or not. Five Minute Refresh.mp4 I know the easiest way to deal with it is to discuss as some kind of user issue, and wish it will go away. We need a fix from you. We need a fix very quickly. I hope you can appreciate how much time I'm putting in here to screen record all the issues and report it to you. @Tolu I am DESPERATE for help. I'd do anything to be out of this situation now. Please help.
  12. In 2019, when you Save and Commit a working file, you have a progress bar on the bottom right telling you how far you are with the save and commit progress. In 2020, when you 'Save and Commit' or 'Refresh' a Working File, it is hard to gauge where you are with the update, as the 'Progress bar' on the bottom right has been removed. Would be great to bring back the progress bar.
  13. Hi @Tolu I'll send you the latest file, so you can test with the appropriate evidence. The save and commit changes were related to changes made in a 1-hour period. 3 of us were out for a meeting till 4pm. 1 person was working for the whole day. When the others returned they continued doing other bits of work, by 5pm, they had that issue. Our network is 10Gbe equipped and achieve real-life write/read speeds of 750MB/250MB (see screenshot). All our terminals have: - NVMe drives locally, and have write/read speeds exceeding 1250MB. - All terminals have either 48GB or 64GB RAM - All terminals have dual X5680 or dual X5690 CPU - All terminals have 10GBe network cards, achieve real-life write/read speeds of 750MB/250MB - The all terminals (server and workstations) are mac-based - Our server is Mac OS 10.11 running SMB file sharing Our equipment is reasonable for an office our size. Let us know what equipment you do your tests with. [IMPORTANT NOTE 1] The above 'slow save and commit issue', which I reported on on 28/10/2019, but are actually issues that happened on 24/10/2019, occurred after our upgrade to VW2019 SP5.3. As you know, we have had reasonable 'save and commit' up to this point (1-2 minutes). But it was never slow like this. We thought the issue might be related to SP5.3, so we then went up to V2020. Didn't resolve the slow save and commit. [IMPORTANT NOTE 2] In case our issue is 'not replicable' and faces dismissal (can be very distressing)- Kindly note the above point in my post: my other files are working as normal, and save and commit times are just a few seconds. It is the big file (which I have by now sent you the latest version). That has this problem.
  14. perhaps it’s important to NOT miss the point here- either ‘save and commit’ or refresh is taking a ridiculously long time. Dismissing this important point doesn’t solve any issues on my end- the issue is the same


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