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  1. even more: improve slab and space tool consistency, where the space tool (and/or viewports) is how it should be in terms of modifiers (clip tool and boundaries)
  2. @Matt Panzer I am experiencing the same issue, see attached video and file: if I am not mistaken I had a similar issue in the same file with a different configuration - can't remember if with doors or windows in VW2024 - but I am not able to reproduce it any more (might be after the latest software updates?). pocket doors.vwx Screen Recording 2023-12-12 at 21.25.13.mov
  3. A package command, similar to the Adobe Indesign one, to group master files and external references into a specific folder for exporting and/or archiving without loosing links paths.
  4. we are having a similar experience with macOS Sonoma
  5. With VW24 Update 1 and 1.1 on macOS Sonoma (latest) we’re experiencing incremental crashes not related to specific commands till it becomes very unstable (>2 crashes per hour). Running “Repair” from the installer does not seem to solve the issue. Clean reinstall does solve it, at least for a while. This was a recurrent behavior on 2 different users/devices (MacBookPro Intel and MacMini M2), starting from a few crashes and quickly in a few days becoming very unstable. We have already shared this issue with our local distributor, and we got answered Sonoma is not officially supported yet, but we still believe - as VW addicted 😉 - it is worthy to share here.
  6. When working on more than one file, it happens to us that navigation palette contents (e.g. layers, classes etc) fails to update/change when switching from one file to another. Let’s say we are working on file “A”: after switching to file “B”, leaving “A” open, navigation palette keeps showing “file A” content while “file B” is active. This seems recurrent in VW2024 (macOS Sonoma), more than it was before. Anyone else experiencing this?
  7. Hello, Just wondering how to change hinge side (and/or main and 2nd leaf) on a swing bi-part door with non symmetrical configuration in VW2024. Looks like hinge side always stays right (see the video below, VW localised Italian), and it is not possibile to set a door with main leaf with left hinge. @Pier Luigi @Matt Panzer thanks in advance for any help/tip. PS: minor issue with doors and windows UI/UX. On smaller screens (e.g. MacBook Pro 14inches) the tool "UI/UX window" struggle to fit in the screen height, while door configurations names are barely understandable being the text "cropped" and the window not scalable Screen Recording 2023-11-15 at 17.57.30.mov
  8. Hello everyone, At the office we've been and we are - both VW2023 and VW2024 - experiencing on several files an unexpected behaviour from VW. Apparently, performing certain operations on "heavy" files (from our experience mainly with 3d geometry) triggers the "Turn off unified views" preference in the backgrpund (under "document preferences - Legacy 2d features"), but leaving the "Enable legacy 2d feature" unflagged. As a result, a document preference is changed by the software (not by the user), activating legacy features in the background, and has to be manually changed every time by users (again and again...). This also seems related to one more unexpected behaviour: after deleting a design layer, a random sheet layer is activated (see attached video). Is there anyone else experiencing the same issue, which seems to be a bug? We've been able to reproduce this both in VW2023 and VW2024. VW unified views bug v2024.mov
  9. @inikolova thank you for the prompt feedback, hopefully future VCS and/or Nomad major releases could solve this. Unity engine + Nomad handle models much better than before, and using them together with VCS presentations would be a pro.
  10. I've been always keen on VCS cloud presentations, quite a powerful tool for VR and immersive panoramas. Nevertheless since the Unity engine was introduced, some workflows seem to be broken: Pinning vgx models in presentation only works while browsing from desktop devices. From mobile (both Chrome and Safari) a message is displayed (something like "due to technical reasons model can be only seen via Nomad app") but than the "Nomad" button fails to trigger the Nomad app to open (and so the related model). Is that correct? It seems there is no way to insert any kind of direct link from cloud presentation to a cloud stored vgx model, triggering nomad to open the model. Not sure if I am missing something there. Sample presentation still uses the old graphic engine (pre-Unity): it would be helpful to see an updated workflow there. Last but not least - this has maybe more to do with the wishlist forum - it would be very helpful to have some graphic control to better position the pins: either with x,y,z position inputs or providing smart guides, adding the capability to easily align pin items in different boards
  11. Hello everyone, for us this was a couple of years ago and it has now a physical twin. The critical part of it was the roof face tool UI/UX, where generating a roof face with a slope not perpendicular to any of the facades required drawing quite some construction lines to deduct all the geometrical data/parameters that had to be provided as inputs in the roof face UI. An enhancement would be the possibility to define a roof face selecting 3 different points or 3d loci, not by parameters but via direct modeling. If I remember correctly, two more critical things - at the time we submitted them both via local distributor and VW US as bug - were 1) geometrical constrains of wall/roof components joins 2) roof face texture that could not be rotated. Here goes the built project, a good one for the #madewithvectorworks hashtag 🙂 https://www.b22.it/en/projects/son-center-cascina-san-carlo/
  12. Thank you @Matt Panzerfor you kind reply: I thought this was how it used to be and I have the feeling I did it in the past, but now clicking on the perpendicular stem gives some unexpected output (screencast attached) 1461972723_ScreenRecording2023-03-09at22_38_02.mov
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