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The first to congratulate you!  Well done and many more. 

I thought it would be like the speedo on my car - I'd look down expecting 10000 and Id've missed it and it would be showing 10001


Im waiting for the next milestone obviously. Too many noughts! Just had to edit it in my excitement.

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Too many noughts!!
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Geez, that's more posts than me ;)


Love this post Jim, thanks for everything you and your team have done. For a time there I really wasn't enjoying my work, and a lot of it was down to Vectworks, it just wasn't getting out the way. And communicating this was mostly like hitting a brick wall. So I find it quite interesting that you've identified exactly the three the things that has turned all that on its head. How times have changed. Some days I wake up and can't wait to get into work because of something I'm working on and Vectorworks is helping me do it.


1. open honest tech talk (priceless)

2. stability (beta testing is the only place I encounter a lot of crashes these days)

3. navigation graphics, especially the way OpenGL now works


These are the main reasons I'm so positive about the future of VW these days


P.S. it also helps that Biplap removed that bane of my life "Display viewport cache" for me. My god, the amount of work I lost because of that bloody option!! haha


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Congratulations and thank you Jim, your input and relaying of information is really helpful to us out here. When I'm seeking software an active, well-designed user forum is (almost) as important as the software itself. Most of what I know of VW has come from this group. Again thanks.


And just for once I've come in the top five - whoopee; in 2014 unearthed posted "“Agree totally, this has to be the least ..." The site is so much better now. VW is still 'in spite of ware', altho' I'm still on 2008, but it is really the only good software for landscape work.

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Congratulations @JimW!  Your balanced and charitable responses keep, I think, everyone a little calmer and more constructive.  I've only been using VW for 3 years now, the same for the forum, and it's been fantastic.  I've learned so much and continue to do so.  Most recently because of the "DRAWING LIST ADJUSTING DATA" thread, I'm going to look into that end of things more closely.


Cheers for 10,000 posts and cheers for the next 10,000!  B|

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