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  1. I'm on VW2018 and want to use the Zone of Visual influence tool but there seems to be no way to show the result. The too-brief help file says the result appears but I see nothing other than my model. Also there don't seem to be any settings other than "click on the model to choose location"
  2. dwg 2012 220322_Thornhill Master Model dwg2012-dwg.zip
  3. Well if you can get someone to get a 2018 version I could save backwards. Crazy we are forced to do this - it's predatory software and this is essentially just a data pack, should be like swapping a font or shp file.
  4. Is it possible to access the saved views dropdown via keyboard shortcut - and if is how?? I would expect if that's possible I could navigate via up/down arrows and select views.
  5. If you are planting trees/shrubs between the buildings landscape architects should be first as civil usually don't think about soil.
  6. Also VWs worksheet is so undocumented, sometimes things that should work just don't. I've got a long text file of solutions from working with it since ~2006.
  7. Reading about having items pop up on here - It would be very useful to me if I could hover over / or click on -a plan location, and have my image/s taken at that location pop up. Is this even possible? I have not tried doing as wouldn't even know where to start. I'm on 2018, Landmark, windows.
  8. I came here to ask the same question - am using 2018, I was hoping to colour a cell green where another cell exceeded a threshold number. Back to Excel I guess.
  9. Yes, fellow sufferer here, good idea to discuss. My main screen's 520mm wide x 293 high - sideways is fine but VW wastes 36mm at the top and 15mm at bottom, many of my sites are multiple km across and I need every mm I can get. I used to customise VW a lot but it reliably doesn't keep settings between upgrades so almost none now except shortcuts. I keep all palettes on another screen, but even then VW is not palette-context aware and palettes stay hidden even when active. That said VW is the best for landscape design - there's a whole herd of CADs out there that are very poor performers for the sort of landscape I do. I design landscapes, some smaller gardens but most jobs are a hectare at least, and increasingly to sub-region-scale so I need all the screen space I can get. I don't use rendering so that some clutter gone - normally hand or digital watercolour is sufficient.
  10. Yes, there's too many tools that have fixed 'options' (an oxymoronic eh). Most of my tools have .ini's and other scripts I can edit for stuff like this.
  11. This may only partly answer tour question but: get a .kml you know that works, and a VW generated one and open them as text in a text editor and see if the VW one looks very different - that may tell you what is wrong.
  12. I've tried several and all, so far, seem fine in windows. Vectorbits is a bit of an unusual website though, in that they run instances of previous websites - complete with all software; it takes some getting used to. I tend to search it using google like: voronoi site:.vectorbits.org as the pages' own search doesn't always find everything
  13. At it's most basic " when switching between paper and model space" this is usually due to the vp settings with some classes set to OFF. Can be tedious finding the cause with multi-class objects.
  14. Vectorbits have a plugin that will place circles on a Voronoi patter (a type a randomness, or naturalness) http://www.vectorbits.org/VectorBits_2011/donationware/Entradas/2011/1/9_Voronoi_PIO.html I have played with it and it's really good, and simple. There's a marionette node, that prob. does more than you need: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/42135-node-example-for-filling-an-area-with-symbols/#comment-211794 I have not tried this, but the discussion there suggests there's a good workflow.
  15. "The sooner you give up on changing Vectorworks", and this is true of working with any CAD; it's about picking the right tool and then setting your mindset for that tool, all CAD's differ on some many levels so with VW you need your VW hat on, likewise with ACAD, Rhino, Sketchup etc.
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