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  1. I normally do any trimming work in QGIS [contours, images, polygons, point clouds, shp files...] - altho' QGIS is a whole new learning curve all on its own and before you know it you're trying to learn some very basic Perl. But it gets the job done, almost instantly and you can move on.
  2. If i'm not able to edit the contours I sometimes resort to: Exploding the contours Select what I do want Invert selection and delete Hope VW will join things back again!
  3. Just an aside but in my opinion Vectorworks / Nemetschek should not be seeking to "continually influence the next generation of design". VW is just a framework to take concepts to a design, presentation and details stages.
  4. @tomtomtom LA's have been hoping for something like this for a decade or more, lot of basic functionally lacking in vw, but unfortunately for LA's it's still the best of the worst. Just not enough LA's in the world to justify writing good software for us.
  5. Don't see why I should change to another mode to read, was perfect before, if VW have twiddling thumb's there are lots of things to do with the core software - could start with ODBC, then sort vertical curves, then consider topological editing. And pale turquoise is a terrible colour on a screen, esp. in tiny little blocks. Also text seems more spread out, didn't need that
  6. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov Would that older process also work in VW 2012?
  7. Ways not to break VW: Are the twist and arch constant? i.e. are you able to make say a a full turn turn of the twist, and when you bend it just make x number of degrees of bend and do them both as symbols. I've had such shapes cause Autocad and sketchup stutter to a halt.
  8. Anything you bring in needs checking before you import it (or run a sep file for cleaning). I recently got a surveyors file that was overly large altho' it only had a 2Ha TIN in it. They'd built it on a default template that had 900 layers in, mostly empty but they sure added up. NEVER draw at a finer detail than you expect to show. That goes for mesh sizes as well as Jesse explains ^ IDK about later versions but earlier vw puts image data that is outside the VP into the file = HUGE pdf's, I put each image in it's own class and life's much happier. Sometimes I degrade aerials using an oil or watercolour filter (use PS, Gimp, Imagemagick etc) to simplify them and get the size down. Hyper-real doesn't always aid understanding and it certainly doesn't make for < files! and yep as Jesse says above, symbols; if you have >1 instance of something make it a symbol (including labels).
  9. Check your Adobe Air install that I wrote about in yer other post.
  10. @TimothyMartin7 I'm using 2012, so not much younger!, my help required Adobe Air (which didn't play well with my system) so I deleted it as I knew enough without the manual, and there's always this wonderful group for ways of working. Looks like Abobe Air is being discontinued so might that be your problem? https://blog.adobe.com/en/publish/2019/05/30/the-future-of-adobe-air.html
  11. We're exchanging* a 200Mb file that's mostly aerials. We can send the whole file but it's going to get to ~500Mb at times so we're referencing the .jpgs in locally on each of our systems and sending files without the aerials. Oz's vw is newer and referencing work fine. For my system the links show as broken and still refer back to the Oz instance. When I choose 'repair broken link' I can only do it one image at a time - despite checking the "Look for subsequent broken references in all of the folders manually located". Is there a script or other workflow** to simplify this for me at my end?, so I can receive the empty file and the images populate the file. Each image has a unique file name and in VW we have a class with just that file name like so 92N1S-92GX0.jpg and class = 92N1S-92GX0 * we are not working concurrently, as I'm windows on vw2012 and Oz is mac on vw2018, so Oz is saving the file back each time). Can't put file up as NDA.
  12. Max of three like when I'm updating my template file. I never use referencing. I'm always wary of pushing vw's boundaries as it crashes randomly, especially with copy operations IME. Tend not to browse other files much as content often made in other ways and brought in.
  13. Much better to use something that's designed to do this, or if you must at least thin the dataset first, even autocad dislikes handling such huge datafiles, horses for courses and vw is the wrong horse for munging huge amounts of data.
  14. @Tom W. Not complicated at all for basic VCS, just install it and either do Ctrl + F2 or Ctrl Shift L and presto! Attach shows where I've selected just the two double space segments in a piece of text; it'll do anything like that probably up to 100;s of thousands of lines. Also has a line sorter which is great for species lists. Case switches, leading and trailing whitespace tools, and multi-cursors which are magic as I build most of my VW functions in (IDK if new VW versions have drag like Excel) and drop them into the worksheet all at once.
  15. @Malcolm Woodruff Give me a yell if you get stuck; Cloud Compare is a bit unintuitive, but this week I'm a bit busy.
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