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  1. Is there more drawing data in the file than just the panel? VW can get overwhelmed IME if t has too much data to work with. To further reduce data consider deleting the other side of the sheet (obv. do all this on a file copy). Has all the hole work all been done in VW, or do the holes come from somewhere else? Different CADs have diff. ways of making things which can make things difficult. Your post title has dfx, you should correct that as people won't find your post, also what vw version are you using?
  2. Oh thanks Andy, that's a pity, looks like the problem has resurfaced with @jeff prince having similar issues. With my image sheets I just crop them with a complicated viewport and all's fine and dandy, Hah, I think I've got a way, has just come to me; rather than make an alpha surround I'll do a 100% white surround, then I can just drop them on the sheet and not have to viewport them . That doesn't solve Jeff's problem tho'.
  3. @Andy Broomell @Andy Broomell Hi Andy, I'm on v2012, I don't have that option, what I have encl.
  4. Hi all, I've just got a script working to crop a square jpg to a circle , so resulting file is .png, and outside the circle is 100% transparent / alpha. Image encl. But when I import into vw, no matter what I do the outside shows as black, and prints as black. Is there a solution?
  5. I use object names often when I want to do a worksheet of areas, with each names object having a corresponding name in the worksheet to identify it. Is there a way that I can parse/read an object Name (e.g. D [ =AREA(N='D') ] in in D5 in image encl) and have another cell read and show/display/print that name? It sure would save a lot of double entry and avoid errors. I do not see a function enabling reading (in vw 2012) characters.
  6. unearthed


    With imported data I have seen oddities like this where an object's different linetypes mean viewing is okay but paperspace/printing is crap. Is the missing linework a very gappy linetype?
  7. unearthed


    Def looks like class vis. Always a good idea to name your plants (and other composite symbols), then you can have total control over visibility and function. I do the below. The synHolder class holds the group and enables turning everything off. Sub-classes enable finer control. Some of my more legal jobs can have hundreds of numbered trees so this is worth setting up. 1 trees-00 SymHolder_Exist_trees 1 trees-01-baseGraphical 1 trees-02 CODE 1 trees-03 graphical 1 trees-04 circle.planting 1 trees-05 Diameter 10 years 1 trees-06 Diameter 10 years mature 1 trees-3D etc
  8. I've been looking for a way to round to nearest 5 for years! Just found this, works very well in worksheets, no more messy small numbers. Happy new year everyone, and especially to michaelk
  9. I do a lot of site planning (planning as in scenarios, big P Planning, and very large sites, km's across) with vw, but tend to work largely in 2D and without using the terrain tools*. I do 3D-heavy tasks in QGIS and Sketchup, faster that way. In NZ publicly-funded spatial data is available online (mainly thru a single database) as either dwg/shp so is easy to import. *Some of my reason for this is that the Property Line Tool lacks most functionality and un-customisable and not fit for purpose. Over the years I've put multiple entries on the wishlist but have seen no improvement. A big one is topological editing which I can kludge in Sketchup and is straight-forward with QGIS, another is poor annotation e.g. square metres, usually written as m² appears as S.M. (so ignorant that it's embarrassing) - yet there's no way to change it. The most recent (its date is telling; an indication no one's using it) Property Line discussion below:
  10. I often see drawing files where people have drawn things that no one will ever either see of need, hours are often spent/lost trying to draw 'reality' when a model is only ever a model: a representation (to a pre-defined level) of reality.
  11. Not really a full answer to doing everything in vw but I use QGIS to prepare all gis data for vw, QGIS is a real GIS, vw IMO will never be; horses for courses really. QGIS also enables me to reduce size of/simplify data prior to import.
  12. @E|FA Thanks, Hadn't noticed that, the dropdowns with settings add a lot of utility:
  13. Just found this, may be useful for programmer types to chase up way to extract raster/ image information from OLE files; python-oletools: a package of python tools to analyze OLE files, apparently partly written for forensics on MS files but appears to be applicable to OLE's in general.
  14. At the top of my view there are ~10 pinned pinned posts, the content is not useful to me and it pushed new question to page two. Is there a way to not show pinned posts?
  15. I was going to say just use your local council's GIS or the national data set, but thought I'd better look to see first. What a terrible, disorganised country you have there! I thought it'd be like NZ where everything's centralised into ~1800 layers and you can select layers (including aerials down to 10cm res or finer), draw a window and download everything inside it complete with a .jgw for the aerial, but no, it's a mess. Ah here it is - https://magic.defra.gov.uk/MagicMap.aspx - not too shabby, but hard to see how to download other than their print fcn. But better than other offerings and relatively useful without paying. There may be some free data here - https://osdatahub.os.uk/plans, but no aerials, lidar though bylook of it, which I find > useful than aerials a lot of the time. Yeah, .jpw/.tfw is well-supported by VW.


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