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  1. She's doing just fine providing USA architects with a well rounded source for accessibility design and compliance. https://steppingthruaccessibility.com 👍
  2. Unfortunately same "Illegal copy of VW" result here.
  3. Similar results here using an array of lines in @Todd Muspratt's example . Even when using the connect/combine tool in the admittedly more laborious single object connect mode the resulting connected lines were not be properly connected. For instance after using the compose command I found that the resulting polygon was not closed at one corner. 😕
  4. Is snap to grid in the snapping preference perhaps on?
  5. You learn something every day... if you're paying attention. 😉 I just learned to first stretch the undocked Snapping pallet horizontally so it is a single row. Otherwise you'll end up with an extra blank space across the entire drawing width.
  6. Here you go... 180130_12EmersonLn_v2019-dwg.zip
  7. Glad you found the solution. Though I must say that the outline numerical fonts for the fractional display options have got to go!
  8. Haven't gotten into the 2021 Benchmark tool yet so this is only a guess: File > Document Settings > Units and make the appropriate selection. HTH.
  9. I might as well throw in my solution...
  10. First am I assume that the drawing on which you are working does not contain any imported .dwg CAD objects or files. (This can result in all sorts of arrow weirdness). So the following is my solution to the most simple possibility... - With nothing selected (click in a blank area of the drawing to be certain) check the Attributes pallet and make sure neither of the two arrow markers are selected. If one was selected then deselect it and drawing from that point on any new lines or arcs will be without arrows. - If you have a large number of existing lines or arcs with arrows to deal with I suggest using the select similar tool (looks like a magic wand) and in the tool's preferences deselect all the boxes excepting the 2 Line End Marker options . Now click on one line or arc with the Select Similar tool which should then select all lines or arcs that have arrows. With all of the objects still selected, deselect the arrow in the Attributes pallet and your done. Hope this helps.
  11. I also print exclusively (well almost) via the publish>pdf route and find it meets my needs with clients, contractors, printing services and now, as a new requirement, for building permit filings.
  12. @Phil21 only guessing but what OS version are you using? VW 2016 is only supported by the following: https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq?version=2016
  13. I can't address the apparent Autosave problem but noticed your signature says you are using VW 2015 on OS10.11.2. Per the following link VW2105 tops out with OS10.10. Not sure if it is related to your problem but perhaps worth while looking onto? https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq?version=2015


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