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  1. @ericjhberg I agree, particularly in regards to the Attribute Mapping Tool. Perhaps a variation to a auto align feature would be to allow the entry of a horizontal and vertical (or angled) non-printing control lines relative to which the pattern generates. Not unlike how such a layout might be done by workmen in the field.
  2. RGyori

    Delete added Leader Line... how?

    In a similar vein to @markdd's reply, check your smart cursor settings. I have... I've had the most consistent success after zooming in, and with the pointing hand hover over the leader line end point until the red square appears. Then click, and Bob's yer uncle, the leader line disappears. HTH.
  3. RGyori

    ID Tags for Door Tool

    Absolutely needed. Hard to grasp how a CAD program relied upon by so many architects wouldn't have such a tool.
  4. No doubt you are right that there isn't likely to be a true retirement... perhaps more of a phased one?! I figure even without VSS, VW 2020 should carry me through a few years onward. I went as far as CS5 with Adobe then worked principally in Aperture (until Apple orphaned it) in conjunction with the NIK suite (until Google orphaned it)... hmm, is there a pattern here? I too looked at Affinity's software but ended up with Capture One Pro for it's RAW conversion and that it can relatively easily import Aperture's libraries. The NIK suite has since been resurrected by DxO but I am treading lightly on this until I learn more. Then there's the equipment... retirement ain't cheap. Maybe I can do an occasional architectural job.
  5. RGyori

    CallOut Tool

    I've learned to prioritize my frustrations all too well. I also think that the callout tool text/numeral graphic enclosure should be defined by size!
  6. @NeilB your comment helps add clarity to my situation. I too like using the VSS model (in a professional services context) but plan to end it when I retire in about 2 years... which will then bring me fully into the world of photography software. The appropriately described Adobe rental model is anathema to many in the photography community and continues to be the subject of much discussion. Many Adobe competitors have successfully taken advantage of the anti-rental sentiment as a marketing strategy aimed at those (me!) who still want to own their software. I suspect that since CAD software serves a largely professional community while photo software serves a more mixed professional/amateur community the rental model is and will continue to be a harder sell.
  7. Hello @dF_STL . I'm on a Mac using Trackball Works 1.03 and see the same grayed out button. I think it is working as designed. For instance if you were to selected "click" for the right hand lower button the left side button now becomes active and editable. This may be the means by which a left-handed person is able to change the basic click function, overriding the right-hand bias the programmers used. Then again, I could be completely wrong 🤔.
  8. RGyori

    Struktural member tool

    Brilliant! 😉
  9. RGyori

    Snap to midpoint question

    @TKA hmm, not sure I completely understand your issue but the text hints (SmartCursor Cues) can be toggled off and on with the "Y" key (some times inadvertantly!) or can also be selected from the same menu in my earlier post but under "General". Otherwise I am unable to experience the problem you described. I see you use VW 2014 but do not recall if there was some issue with it that was resolved on later versions.
  10. RGyori

    Struktural member tool

    @jb.trystram I too am frustrated by the long drop down list not remembering your last selection. When I work on a floor plan beam layout the structural members usually fall into a relatively narrow range of sizes so it would be nice if the drop down list remembered your last selection so you wouldn't have to scroll from the start again and again.
  11. RGyori

    Font Preview

    I'm fully on board with Art V on this. VW's text handling needs upgrading. Presenting text based information clearly and neatly is still (or should be!) an important part of what we do each and every day.
  12. RGyori

    Snap to midpoint question

    Perhaps not unrelated... I used to experience difficulty finding center points as well until I went into the smart cursor settings and unselected Master Snap Points. No problems since then.
  13. RGyori

    Font Preview

    Indeed and the drop down menu may take significantly longer to generate the list, as in Word, thus adding to my list of daily frustrations. 😏
  14. RGyori

    Rotate Hatch

    Woof, woof! Thanks Alan.