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  1. No such problems with 2019 SP5.2 here on my Mac. It would be good to know your operating system/computer combination.
  2. Were any of the Autocad items in groups or symbols? I've had similar visibility issues in the past that were resolved by digging into the problematic design layer objects and arbitrarily assigned them to a new class then making sure the viewport had the new class active. Another strategy would be to turn on all the viewport's classes and check if the missing elements are now visible. If they are, select small groups of classes and turn them off until you have identified the culprit class. Not terribly efficient but has worked for me.
  3. RGyori

    Dual Dimension Scale bar?

    @Jim Smith Much appreciated. Might have stumbled across the solution in a month or two 🤔😱🤔. Sometimes inelegant is all you've got.
  4. Can one have a scale bar, or a second one for that matter, that shows metric in the same document that uses feet/inches as the document standard (or vise versa for that matter)? I have a project for which I am using dual dimensions but cannot seem to find a similar function for the scale bar. It appears that the scale bar is designed to reflect the dimension standard that is tied to Document settings > Units that in turn is limited to one standard at a time, which for me is usually feet/inches. Happy to know if I am missing something.
  5. RGyori

    False colours, pixellated and flickering drawing area

    The first place I always go with any graphic display problems is VW Preferences > Display > Graphic Preferences and select either "Good Performance and Compatibility" or "Best Compatibility". Beyond that one would need more information such as VW version, computer model, operating system, other open applications, etc.
  6. Docking the snapping pallet on my Mac has occasionally been a challenge for me as well. Play around with the size/proportion of the undocked pallet, then try docking, seemed to help. Hardly scientific but who's got the time? 🤔
  7. RGyori

    3D Wheelchair

    Thanks @JustinVH . I downloaded it and will no doubt find it quite useful; however, note that the 5'-0" turning circle diameter measured at 4'-8 1/4" (??). I edited the 2D portion of the symbol and changed it to 60". 😉
  8. RGyori

    Callouts with Multiple Leader Lines - Line Thickness Issue

    Hmmm... might it be related to the old go-to: VW Preferences > Display > Navigation Graphics setting?
  9. RGyori

    Callouts with Multiple Leader Lines - Line Thickness Issue

    Hi @loretta.at.large. I tested it with both VW Architect 2019 and 2018 on my Mac running OS 10.12.6 and am unable to reproduce your problem. Could you add your VW version, operating system and computer specs to your signature?
  10. My first thought is to go to the Resource Manager > Hatches and right click on the applied hatch and select Edit. At the bottom of the Edit menu click on Scale and change the numerical multiplier to s suitable value. Note that this will change the appearance of all instances of the hatch so if it has been used in places where you don not want the change to show: Duplicate the hatch in the source Manager, give it a unique name and then change the scale. Apply the hatch as desired. HTH.
  11. RGyori

    Objects without faces!?

    And I of all people who has frequently railed to friends against the alphabetization of the English language! 😱 OIP = Object Information Palette. Click on the polygon and check and see if the small box next to "Closed" is check for not. If it isn't you can simply check the box manually and it will close the polygon for you.
  12. RGyori

    Objects without faces!?

    Another possibility... and not uncommon (for me!) was to draw the initial polygon and extrude without checking the OIP to verify if it is "closed". I now always double check.
  13. @CollaborativeMT thanks for the reference! I will look into Snagit and give it try.
  14. Alas Screenshot Plus is not available in the US App Store. Go figure. 😢


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