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  1. @Phil21 only guessing but what OS version are you using? VW 2016 is only supported by the following: https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq?version=2016
  2. I can't address the apparent Autosave problem but noticed your signature says you are using VW 2015 on OS10.11.2. Per the following link VW2105 tops out with OS10.10. Not sure if it is related to your problem but perhaps worth while looking onto? https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq?version=2015
  3. I could be wrong but I shouldn't there would be a similar function in the Windows Vectorworks drop down menu?
  4. Yes @P Retondo it appears tp be a "Macthang" (to quote my Windows loving brother-in -law). 😏
  5. I also use "Use Application Window" as a matter of course. A related strategy that I employ when moving tp other applications is: Vectorworks > Hide Current (command-H) to dismiss the active Vectorworks window without closing the program (or drawing tabs for that matter). I've assigned it to a key on my trackball and use it all the time.
  6. @cberg thanks for the suggestion . I frankly have only infrequently used split screen but will definitely give it a try.
  7. Easiest when the spam is still in the can.
  8. My bad. As rule I place annotations only on the viewport annotations layer. Brain was not talking to fingers. The gist of my earlier post: Say I am in viewport annotations mode editing a dimension and I notice an object on the design layer that needs adjustment. I now have to return to the viewport, right click and and select the design layer, then return to the viewport and then reactivate the viewport annotations mode to pick cup where I left off. It would be nice if there were a floating bar (or similar function) that followed my travels such that I could directly jump back to viewport annotations from the design layer, or to crop mode, etc.
  9. The functionality that appeals the most to me is to be able to move directly from viewport > annotations layer > design layer > viewport (or in another sequence). Having to round trip to the viewport each time becomes a slog when working on a drawing with many viewports. Perhaps a (floating?) bar that stays with you as you navigate so that one mouse click moves you from say annotations to design or vice versa.
  10. Agreed! Apologies for going a bit off topic but the way the Attribute Panel previews line types in its drop-down menu falls into the "totally useless" category as well.
  11. A testament to the adage of learning something new each day! I found that both zoom commands can be used in conjunction with each other (OptCmd+ to zoom in as many steps as needed and then OptCmd 8 to return to full screen in one click. Good stuff guys.
  12. Do you have Autosave turned on? You can verify by going to VW Preferences > Autosave. The default setting has Autosave "on" and saves a backup every 15 minutes to a folder named "VW Backup" in the same location as your work file. If there is no such folder then try a search for "VW Backup". If you work with the your files from your desktop then the back-up will also be on your desktop. Hope this helps.
  13. ... or perhaps the new objects are in a class set to gray, and therefore cannot be selected?
  14. The following has been a source of personal irritation for many years... - Use the detail tool set to place say a wide flange shape. As expected the size is readily found by scrolling the list presented when placing the shape in the drawing. - Make your selection and the shape is placed in the drawing. - Now, say you then want to either change the shape size using the OIP. - The displayed list in the OIP defaults to the top of a very long list, NOT the size of the selected shape. When working with many different shapes on a given project they tend to be within a fairly narrow range of sizes yet you are repeatedly forced to navigate the long list with each change.


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