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  1. Lineweight in viewports

    With the viewport selected > OIP > Advanced Properties (at the very bottom) > Line Weight Scale (at the very top). Default is "1" so to reduce the line weight in the Viewport change it, say 0.5 for 1/2 the line weight and so on... Bob
  2. Selecting wall

    Have you checked that the class assigned to these walls is set to full visibility, not gray?
  3. Which begs the questions why such a simple but useful tool is a "legacy tool".
  4. Centre/center points

    Happy to help. Avatar photo was taken during a visit to Amsterdam.
  5. Centre/center points

    Try this... double click on any of the icons in the Snapping palette to bring up the Smart Cursor menu. Click on Object and make sure Master Snap Points is NOT checked. HTH. Bob
  6. On perhaps a related note and if on a Mac: I have upon occasion inadvertently typed "option-command 8" which zooms the screen whereby whereby you lose sight of screen edges and any perimeter pallets. Repeated hits of "Command-option -" will return you to normal screen coverage. This is covered in the System preferences under the Accessibility pane. HTH.
  7. How to Dock Palettes

    OK, have you selected "Use Application Window" in the Window drop-down menu?
  8. Delete added Leader Line... how?

    Right. I just did some experiments and determined that it takes greater precision in mousing than I expected. The delete action seems to work regularly only after using the Z key to zoom in on the leader line end point. I use a Kensington Expert Mouse track ball and perhaps it doesn't precision needed? I do not experience other precision problems. Thanks for compelling me to try again!
  9. How to Dock Palettes

    Just to be sure, go to VW Preferences > Sessions > Palette Margins and make sure NONE is not selected. I prefer BOTH. With that said manually moving the palettes and invoking the blue highlight as Chad described is at times tricky and requires patience. HTH.
  10. Delete added Leader Line... how?

    Hello Igoodkind, A quick question: Have you tried to delete a second or third leader line after adding them via the control-click-context menu method? To my experience after adding new leader lines to an existing call-out (via the control-click menu) deleting one is next to impossible. Sometimes it worked but it took several attempts and I have never been able to find a repeatable action that works. I had filed a bug report on this last year while using VW2017 but see no improvement in VW2018 except for the addition of the pointing hand with the red X.
  11. User Manuals

    I would add that the general concept of who designs the user manual be carefully reconsidered. I whole heartedly support the concept put forward over the past few years that the user manual should be structured on an example based model. Want to do a dormer? It should be as easy as finding it in the roof section with a step by step example. Winding stair, stepped foundation? , real world examples of the curtain wall tool? ... and so on. Trying to connect isolated functions and tools to produce desired results can be, and is, frustrating. In many cases I have to resort to internet searches to find out how to do things. I would be happy with a pdf based manual that integrates tool/feature descriptions (as it is now) with "how to" instructions and movies. Now what was it I was working on...?
  12. Tables and Chairs

    David, I whole heartedly agree. I am tired of having to ungroup table/chair objects in order to get the needed graphic result.
  13. OK, when in doubt always do the obvious. I clicked to pause the download followed by a click to resume. The download then finished properly. Never had to do this before but what the hey, if it works who's to complain?


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