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  1. Someone will do it for sure, just load it up here and wait.
  2. Well that exploded fine on my PC, Ctrl u, delete white box, select all, change to class of choice. 'tis a pity we can't extract layers. Still a weird file tho' as it has the vectors, AND a jpg version of the vectors.
  3. I use Sketchup, BricsCAD (better than Acad and a lot less $), QGIS and Rebelle - I tend to make content, and analyse in other packages and use VW to collate info (and count / sum areas and objects) and make pages.
  4. We've been building a mine surface model about 1 kilometre across and been finding ways to work (we're both on VW 2018 and finding a few things don't transfer between platforms). Our aim is a simultaneous earthworks cut minimisation, and a visual profile for planning consent. We did spend a lot of time cleaning / simplifying our data before bringing into VW to get the size down (we're at 400Mb and about to have a major clean - our project area in VW is about 250 square km, although that's mostly cadastral with a site model here and there). We set our Minor contour interval at 5m, and Major at 0, which seemed to help. We've had some artifacts with contours that are deeply concave in plan view. We have got to the point where we trust the calculated volumes, and very happy each time we reduce them by 50000 cubes or so. In edit mode we've opted for the tedious method of converting 3D poly's to 2D (as there's more edit options), doing the edits and converting back, entirely unautomated, but it works - only worthwhile as this is a high-value job. I've always avoided VW 3D but with 2018 it's a lot easier and it's an essential with this particular contract.
  5. I belong to a group blog (30000 members) and they have a meta-page to raise issues, suggestions and problems about the forum. Might something like that be helpful here? I see this forum as critical to being able to operate with VW, I'm surprised VW does not involve themselves more in it. Rhino's forum is slightly better, Sketchucation is probably the best working forum. This forum definitively needs to enforce a users VW platform (win/mac) and version - that wastes a lot of time, and if I don't see (or already know) that info I wont go and look at topic. (a good forum is almost as important as the software IMO as there's plenty of good CADs that are basically useless without a user-group working out how to operate.)
  6. IDK what your version (nor do I know if your file has image dats) is but for many versions VW has exported image/raster info outside the viewport frame, when I worked this out I have split large images and put the parts on separate classes, that makes for much smaller export .pdfs. I have noticed my file sizes are much smaller since changing to 2018.
  7. That would be amazing Pat, I'm sure a a lot of people would find it very useful, I have a current jobs where huge numbers of classes are needing to be changed as new data comes to light. It's basically impossible currently as too time consuming. The worksheet idea is very good too as it would enable keeping earlier versions of class names.
  8. I've also found the need to keep a copy of the QuickTime version for your particular VW version - for 2021 I locked QuickTime behind a firewall to stop it updating, along with a text reminder for myself of what my version was - QuickTime. For VW_v IDK if it's a thing with 2018, so it may have gone away, one less problem,
  9. Agree, seems like a basic fairness issue to be able to open/save back to zero (accepting progressive loss), this is normal for .dwg tools, .sketchup and a number of other CADs. Like you I have a back catalogue of hundreds of jobs and occasionally need to go into older files for reference and bring and item fwd, also the re-awakening of old jobs, same site new owner etc.
  10. Can't exactly help but recently found a way to navigate the box using keyboard only - I still want a shortcut to get into the box! Results in a bit less peering.
  11. Hi Tamsin, Did you ever get to the bottom of this bug? Some of us 2018 users are looking at this issue. No news from users of subsequent versions. It would be highly useful if this tool worked. It's graphical and 3D output is reliable, the reporting side not fit for purpose. Are you able to tell us of any progress?
  12. Have looked all over for this to no avail. How do I add manually text to a cell which has data from a function call? So I have a cell B65 that has text in it In cell B91 I have =B$65, which gives me my text: Planting poly How_do_I_add_text_to_the_cell_? update - I've just found that =concat(B$65, ref_to_text_in_Another_Cell) works, but if that cell has nothing in it function returns 0, and adds that to the result Planting poly0 - oh and you've got to put a leading space in your other cell or it joins the result! So does one avoid that 0? Haven't found any manual entry solutions though...
  13. Wow Benson you're drilled deeply. I haven't found a meaningful definition of Projected or Surface Area for the Slope Grid tool. Pat Stanford had a kludge working in 2016 (which I'll try later in week), but it's one-way as seems to break link with model: I think Petri Saakinen had the last work in 2002: " "I am still awaiting for the 9.5.1 LandMark/Architect upgrade so need to ask: Has the DTM slope analysis part been fixed?" (Months later) "I take that the deafening silence means 'no.' Ah well..." I mean it is useful (and slopes conform to the data), just does not perform as advertised/ in the help.
  14. Sorry, by calculation I meant the table. I wonder if there have been complaints or simply giving up and walking away from parts of VW. I thought there'd be lots of chatter about it but almost nothing, and nothing useful. I found almost nothing on the settings either (and Help is not), just this, which was hardly definitive and looks like VW put it the too-hard-basket:
  15. What 'flavour' of VW? Landscape, Architecture, Spotlight...?
  16. Thanks Benson, I only have VW2018 but the preview image looks great. How did you do the calculation?
  17. Thanks for having a go Benson!. I get the same; a vast Projected Area, zero Surface Area - my actual area is 27 Hectares. I have 5 slope categories. Also it's showing projected area as 54.0791 Ha - I've stripped drawing right back and purged, but still has 54 Ha, not quite double the actual area. Also projected area appears to be square milimetres !
  18. Hi all I've just started with the Slope Analysis tool Gridded view, reasonably happy with graphics, but how do I (is it even possible) get the areas of each slope category? I know the info is there as I can explode the model and use the wand to get the areas (by fill colour). Has anyone done this / is there a automatic workflow? VW2018
  19. I've just upgraded to 2018 and interested in making 2D Voronoi patterns in Marionette. I want to create a random point pattern (with linking lines) across an area of hillside, and Voronoi diagrams are the best approach to this for my context. Each area is enclosed by a polygon, and some areas have 'islands' / areas I can't plant into that I would want the algorithm to avoid. Nodes that site on the polygon edge are acceptable. Is this realistically possible with Marionette? If it is I want to deploy this on hundreds of hectares, tweaking the script/process for different effects. If possible what is the scope for tweaking the script for different effects - especially stretching / squashing resulting Voronoi polygons? Encl. file one class: 3 earth_CN_VRN_Core Area is 11.7Ha, and my hoped-for point pattern would have random point spacing varying from 45 to 80 lineal metres. 221_extent_VRN.vwx
  20. How would your drawing work published on the worst imaginable medium? I once had to urgently fax my lovely set of drawings (20 sheets A3 colour) to a pub in the middle of nowhere, I had 2 hours to make it readable A4 BW and poor reproduction. An 'interesting' exercise, this is always part of my thinking even now as I learned a lot about less that morning.
  21. Do you know that they are circles? Did you draw them, or import them? Coz that's very weird otherwise.
  22. Who is viewing / using your drawings (and who else may just pop in to the room) - that's all vital IME. Choose a single font that's in common use - nothing worse than a fancy font coming though as gibberish. I use Arial Narrow almost everywhere, and a modern Courier for some things. Be consistent with text alignment - I know it's a problem in VW! How are items aligned on your pages? It's more comfortable if the eye can move logically across the page, especially with text boxes. Some sort of underlying or implicit grid order is very helpful - it will help you draw faster too. Test: work on brevity and clarity - I find twitter has helped me be less verbose and have more content. I have a copy of Thomson 2007 European Landscape Architecture best practice in detailing. It has some sound sensible advice, I would expect there's something similar for UX / AV. Also look out for detail sheets from the early and radical practitioners - so often we think we've invented a style/idea and waste time down a rabbit hole when it's already a well-known workflow.
  23. Jessica, Do you still have this for sale? And is it a Windows version?
  24. Well, I'm glad I was never the first way to go when the lights went Green!
  25. Well IDK for 2022 but the last time I looked - for 2018, I couldn't see: Automate heights/labels/dimensions along a vertical curve, which is a basic need in CAD. A working live link between access/Excel and other database systems - ACAD had excel linking in 2004. I spent literal days trying to link Excel to VW from when it was supposedly enabled - but it seems to have have misdirection at best. A commandline to enable on-the-fly scripting and simple commands e.g. autolisp (it's very nice to use) A real calculator (squares, roots and more) that outputs to to the object being drawn e.g length of line, radius etc. Topological editing for esp. the Property Line tool. Changing one polygon should result in all surrounding polygons updating 12D - for instance has this. Many of my jobs are multi-title and large areas with lot of terrain. I'm very build/planting focused and my clients don't want fancy renderings (I view fancy renderings as fundamentally dishonest for a whole range of reasons esp that they get clients to day yes too soon, and that they are unrealisable. Plus they are costly to produce). I like VW for what it is, an internal spreadsheet IS very useful (no other CAD I know has the facility) but if I could EASILY setup a link with Excel, R, (and live link with prose text files) it would be so much better.
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