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  1. Well, I'm glad I was never the first way to go when the lights went Green!
  2. Well IDK for 2022 but the last time I looked - for 2018, I couldn't see: Automate heights/labels/dimensions along a vertical curve, which is a basic need in CAD. A working live link between access/Excel and other database systems - ACAD had excel linking in 2004. I spent literal days trying to link Excel to VW from when it was supposedly enabled - but it seems to have have misdirection at best. A commandline to enable on-the-fly scripting and simple commands e.g. autolisp (it's very nice to use) A real calculator (squares, roots and more) that outputs to to the object being drawn e.g length of line, radius etc. Topological editing for esp. the Property Line tool. Changing one polygon should result in all surrounding polygons updating 12D - for instance has this. Many of my jobs are multi-title and large areas with lot of terrain. I'm very build/planting focused and my clients don't want fancy renderings (I view fancy renderings as fundamentally dishonest for a whole range of reasons esp that they get clients to day yes too soon, and that they are unrealisable. Plus they are costly to produce). I like VW for what it is, an internal spreadsheet IS very useful (no other CAD I know has the facility) but if I could EASILY setup a link with Excel, R, (and live link with prose text files) it would be so much better.
  3. If all else fails I use http://www.pdf995.com/ - and have used it occasionally with VW since 2005. Don't waste ya $ on Adobe when you just need simple tool. Also bear in mind what I said ^ about raster data outside the viewport.
  4. unearthed


    You need a more meaningful subject so people will click thru!
  5. Have you got a mix up going on with the Screen Plane / Layer Plane? That causes all kinds of weirdness.
  6. Oh well, I'll almost certainly stay with 2012, especially after reading the hardware reqs, unless I can find a 2018 license. Still too many bells and whistles and no evidence of many of the norms in the CAD world.
  7. HI all So I have a sparse worksheet (most cells are empty), and all I want to do is count the filled cells in the columns i.e. I just want a cell at each column base that says 7, 9, 3, 15 etc. As in the mockup image encl. I'm on Windows 2012 if it matters. Active cell contents are calculations from other cells, and sometimes manually entered numbers, and in case it matters the function in a cell looks like this. But Ideally I'd also like to be able to count plain text-filled cells later on. =(INT((K$7*$D$5*$A$30)/5)*5)+5
  8. I also find I get odd issues/effects if I'm in a rotate view or have ended up with mix of object in screen and layer plane like here
  9. Thanks Tom W we had forgotten about the replace with symbol workflow, we're building a surface at the moment, thanks for getting us over the hump.
  10. Are you on a network? or just a desktop machine? Are you importing the file or referencing the file? For either of above could be some weird network prob. If you're just manually tracing items in the pdf, you might be better off converting/saving pdf to a jpg and importing that.
  11. I've received a dataset comprising 1799 stake objects (area is 3.75km² so they're reasonably sparse) and want to build a surface from them, when I try this in VW it says pick a valid object, it won't read the stake objects. I made a copy of the base dwg and exploded the blocks give me three objects - in bricscad: MTEXT Ellipse Hatch each object has the same height, all good so far https://imgur.com/uXVYpyp. After importing the above to VW I'm left with 3D Polygon - a line 24mm long with an accurate height x1091, one end of line is at ctr of Nurbs Curve object Text - with no height x1799 Nurbs curve - with same height as the 3D poly x1799 So the Nurbs looks like the best bet for an accurate representation, But I don't see any way of using it. Even a semi-accurate 3D poly based surface would do at a push tho', I see I can add 3D loci to the #D poly's but that doesn't help me much. I generally avoid making 3D surfaces in VW as have found process and product fruitless in the past but this time it looks like the only way forward. Has anyone else done this> Any tips welcome.
  12. I'm on vw2012 (but this activity was there in 2004 - Nemetschek is resistant to meaningful change - they have embraced Baroque instead) so much older version but with rotated plans a number of operations fail, for me this includes most/all booleans - I do a saved view of my rotate, goto unrotated view and move on. All the same VW is the best of the worst.
  13. But rendering delays should not lead to crashes - I've had 2-4 hour render/surface forming operations in Sketchup, Autocad and Kerkythea that did not lead to crashes. Nemet needs to be a bit more open about what's under the hood. I'm still running VW2012 as there's been no upgrade that would benefit me since then. the risk of Quicktime updates is a major crash threat on 2012 and prior versions, IDK about subsequent but there's been discussion on here suggesting it's ongoing. I have warnings on my system not to update beyond and have a backup of the driver. VW is the It's the only system user of Quicktime afaik, I no long have VW's help system as it depended on Adobe Air and that was causing system problems so I deleted it.
  14. I've used wintopo in the past US$283 but if your hours are valuable it's amazingly useful. VW's implementation of this is nffp. Depending on what your raster looks like it can be worthwhile pre-processing it in PS/Gimp whatever to get a better output from Wintopo. This can also be done via zonal_statistics in QGIS and also GDAL but both are a learning curve. In the past I've managed to e.g select all trees (in PS) for a 100km² city raster map and get polygons for all using Wintopo.
  15. What are you wanting to do @Benny AU? Is it contact / mood sheets / grids of images?
  16. About once a week - I set autosave to 1 minute. When I started I logged all crashes for a year but there was no pattern to them, except maybe that they were often during minor edits of simple polygons, text object editing, viewport annotations. I know of no other soft that crashes as much, or hangs as much. I don't want bells, whistles and BIM, for GIS I've got QGIS GDAL and R, wish Nemets would stick to their knitting and just run a good CAD. I have such a long list of things VW needs, but every year they add more things I have less need for, and never add the thing I (and I imagine most landscape people want and need).
  17. Yeah, I use if very often, what would be really useful would be VW adding some functionality to enable basic splitting into classes, e.g. there's usually polygons, lines, big pieces small pieces... Great for remaking graphics out of reports too.
  18. I normally do any trimming work in QGIS [contours, images, polygons, point clouds, shp files...] - altho' QGIS is a whole new learning curve all on its own and before you know it you're trying to learn some very basic Perl. But it gets the job done, almost instantly and you can move on.
  19. If i'm not able to edit the contours I sometimes resort to: Exploding the contours Select what I do want Invert selection and delete Hope VW will join things back again!
  20. Just an aside but in my opinion Vectorworks / Nemetschek should not be seeking to "continually influence the next generation of design". VW is just a framework to take concepts to a design, presentation and details stages.
  21. @tomtomtom LA's have been hoping for something like this for a decade or more, lot of basic functionally lacking in vw, but unfortunately for LA's it's still the best of the worst. Just not enough LA's in the world to justify writing good software for us.
  22. Don't see why I should change to another mode to read, was perfect before, if VW have twiddling thumb's there are lots of things to do with the core software - could start with ODBC, then sort vertical curves, then consider topological editing. And pale turquoise is a terrible colour on a screen, esp. in tiny little blocks. Also text seems more spread out, didn't need that
  23. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov Would that older process also work in VW 2012?
  24. Ways not to break VW: Are the twist and arch constant? i.e. are you able to make say a a full turn turn of the twist, and when you bend it just make x number of degrees of bend and do them both as symbols. I've had such shapes cause Autocad and sketchup stutter to a halt.
  25. Anything you bring in needs checking before you import it (or run a sep file for cleaning). I recently got a surveyors file that was overly large altho' it only had a 2Ha TIN in it. They'd built it on a default template that had 900 layers in, mostly empty but they sure added up. NEVER draw at a finer detail than you expect to show. That goes for mesh sizes as well as Jesse explains ^ IDK about later versions but earlier vw puts image data that is outside the VP into the file = HUGE pdf's, I put each image in it's own class and life's much happier. Sometimes I degrade aerials using an oil or watercolour filter (use PS, Gimp, Imagemagick etc) to simplify them and get the size down. Hyper-real doesn't always aid understanding and it certainly doesn't make for < files! and yep as Jesse says above, symbols; if you have >1 instance of something make it a symbol (including labels).
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