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  1. Not attached Hans. Can you post please?
  2. Hi @ensta (just checking) I assume you realise that your imported dxf will have been given a design layer of its own (ok - doubt it's that, but had to ask) and, unless you've checked import options to suit your expectations, you might have imported a model that has 'disappeared' by being too small or now way off centre with the 'world' you are working with. Also, check the usual - visibilities of classes and layers etc. Its always more complicated though....... Worst case - send the dxf and someone will import it for you and provide the VW file. Your system details and version would be good to help this.
  3. This link doesn't work for me. Is it blocked now? edit... Thought I should explain. The link opens the webpage, but the video doesn't start. edit.. OK - works if I use the Mac rather than the iPad
  4. I thought it might be helpful to conclude this thread by confirming this (excellent!) tutorial is now published.
  5. Hard to understand this approach Jab. Texture creation is a reasonably swift excercise and, although I'm no programmer, I can't see a programming approach would deal very well with the myriad of options VW offers to 'finish' the texture correctly for individual use. Just taking the scenario of a carpet. You have a png of the carpet you want to use, you 'automate' the creation of the texture and you're happy. Next, you want a png of a particularly attractive piece of ceramic tile - your program can't deal with the need for subtle reflection etc.. or at least not without giving you pop-up choices along the way. You've just reinvented the (VW) wheel, as all the options for convincing textures is within the software you have. If, on the other hand, if you'd like help in creating a particular set of textures for a project, then I'm sure there are forum members happy to help - me included.
  6. Awesome if this could be a parametric solution Alan. (I should live that long!!) I'm reasonably happy with the framer and just re-do framing areas when theres been a change. I even use the framer to provide my external battens for the required ventilation spacers behind render/boarding etc. and because it sets out from the same origin the battens look good in construction details accurately spaced for fixing through to the 'parent' stud work. The framing details we produce are only ever 'design intent' and most always will be followed by a more rigorously designed set of specific drawings from the chosen subcontractor. Realistically, to have options on the type of 'stud' the framer uses (SFS etc) would be a more likely 'gift' from VW. Hopefully this will be just around the corner.
  7. Maybe different on your setup. For me - beach ball...............................force quit. ⛑
  8. I think I would agree. I obviously don't know the detail of your work and hence the workflow you've adopted, but it seems to me that you've chosen to move away from one of the fastest ways to drop doors and windows into a layout. Try using the door tool which will allow the 'flip' as a second action - This linked action is so much faster than the drag of clicking in the OIP (which was obviously the reason for your OP) Skipping between door types certainly lengthens the process - this may have been the reason you felt the tool was a slow option and you developed the 'duplicate and paste' method. I suggest that you choose doors one at a time and then move around the layout to populate all instances. (There will always be some missed, but to get the bulk onto the layout really helps). All the best.
  9. On opening, this file is reported as corrupt by VW and I had to force quit. - Thanks for that. BIN IT
  10. Doh - Just re-read your IP and you said that from the off. Sorry. Hope they sort you soon then.
  11. HTH @Orme- but I can see its a PITA that Epson are so slow on this issue. I'm not fully clued up on any work around for this (by now you're probably well read on the subject so you'll know more than me!), but would printing to a 'generic' printer as a pdf give you the ability to then print to the Epson? Or, at least, be able to print from another PC/Mac without the issue
  12. I think there was a thread about High Sierra and Epson Printers needing new drivers to solve issues as you describe. Don't know whether this is relevant to your problem.
  13. Thought that was more familiar (OK - says a lot about me - and possibly Alan)
  14. Ahh... Gotya Sorry - I misunderstood your problem - I see what you mean. I can't find any adjustments that change the outcome either. Def isn't as intended. Looks like a bug