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  1. Gadzooks

    Create independent object with symbol insertion

    Thanks @livespace josha Gotcha - Understand a lot more! You'll see from the jist of my last post that I was looking at your request for an 'architectural' solution, but looks like you're in events/theatre. (Great to see the varied uses VW is put to) Your first image I'd call schematic. The second I'd probably describe as diagrammatic (overlaid onto plans/layouts). I usually have a DL with my design intent power/lights etc (to be refined by specialist subby), but looks like you provide more info on your designs. Now thats a ✅. Couldn't agree more. Still scratching the surface on this atm, but... Yes - Have you looked into data visualisation to create your required output? Here's a start, which might suggest how you could work at modifying your workflow and use VW Data Vis to produce the layouts/diagrams you're looking for. https://youtu.be/xwZ2E2NZ_XM Someone may kick in with marionette solutions for this so I'd be interested to see how it ends up. All the best.
  2. Gadzooks

    Create independent object with symbol insertion

    Josh, (Not a solution, but just to get an understanding of the question). Do you mean '(actual) circuit' or 'diagrammatic layout'? Sparky won't love you for anything other than a diagram. If that's what you need, are you proposing the lighting (including multi -way switching etc.) also be automatically created? (Doubt it, but interested to understand the level of detail you require) The above to include TV, CAT5/6, Intruder/Fire alarm, Door Interlocks, CCTV etc? (you get the general idea) And the system you create will apply the correct cable length/amperage to calculate cable sizes? (Once again, doubt it) Not something I'd want to put my PI on risk to, but I'd be interested to see the outcome of this. Leave it to them - you're already being super helpful to them by identifying and counting the boxes via linked worksheets. 🙂 Or do I completely misunderstand?
  3. Gadzooks

    Sheet layer navigation drop down alphabetical

    Or see if one of the Forum's scripting wizards can tackle this? Can this action be scripted?
  4. Gadzooks

    Gambrel Roof question

    You've travelled to the Dark Side. Why are roofs/roof faces so buggy and disconserting to use? Are you using the join tool in the correct mode? (stupid question) But just in case.. Once you've attempted to join (and they refuse to hold hands with their partners) I find changing the (individual) eaves condition will sometimes throw the two together. Don't know why - I assume theres a geometric reason, but I haven't got that many years left on the planet to be bothered to find out. Its all rather hit and miss, but theres nothing special about this technique (all roof actions seem to have an element of "Oh - it worked, better move on quickly") Once you realise that the boffins coded a link to your web-cam that determines the way you are holding your face as you try to join the surfaces you'll be a master. I find one eyebrow up (Roger Moore style) and tongue pushed tightly against right cheek is they way to go. No - the inside of your cheek!!! Sorted? Seriously - come back if I'm totally useless. Part of the day I'm clueless - its just no-one knows which part its going to be (might be the port we talked about)
  5. Gadzooks

    Plants lose line weight when massed

    VW Help may help you? http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2018/eng/index.htm#t=VW2018_Guide%2FPlants%2FSpecifying_Plant_Definition_Parameters.htm&rhsearch=massing plants&rhhlterm=massing plants&rhsyns= This what you need? (extract from Help Pages)
  6. Gadzooks

    Spotlight Tool sets

    Are the tools you require unchecked - so won't show - as below? (haven't got Spotlight - but you can get the idea)
  7. Gadzooks


    Yes, that's hit the money @Kevin McAllister Ill go and cut wood for the fire.
  8. Gadzooks

    Surface-Sliding Door

    Nicely executed. Good share. Thankyou
  9. Gadzooks

    Colour disappeared from Plants

    Unless your post was offensive (or other contravention) the forum admin will leave in place. Waft it away, but it will always be there!! The upside is that others can still learn from your post - so thank you. 😉
  10. Gadzooks


    Is this for internal visuals? I think if you were to show us a photo.. ..we'd be able to offer more help on the detail you require.
  11. Gadzooks


    (unless I've speed read this and missed - sorry if I have) the quickest solution is to draw a rectangle (size you require @VinceK) and use AEC > Create Roof I believe you have this (your signature says Spotlight) under the Architectural menu Keep the thickness appropriate - Ive use 10mm only A reasonable 'tent' roof is provided straight away. I assume you will have already drawn the walls/openings/window panels etc. (Just an observation guys - no criticism😍) I have to say most tents described so far don't do it for me. I generally would want a more convincing drape to the appearance of the canvas to 'hit the money'. For that level of modelling there are two really good in-depth vids on the VW site that take you through this. Go to http://www.vectorworks.net/training/2017/getting-started-guides/freeform-modeling/subdivsion-tool-primitive-types-and-tent-roofs and you will see there's a 'part 2' to this. Having said that - I appreciate many of the modern system built structures are more 'shed' like and flat surfaces probably are suitable. More of a Boy Scout myself🤠 Hope this helps
  12. Gadzooks

    Concrete surfaces question

    I see you have added solids - not sure that has any bearing but this is my version of the same area (in your first file) and the section is complete Maybe all areas were not correct before you added solids? ___________ Just tried adding solids and it messes things up - I suggest you live with it as the geometry is not to VW's liking I find I can add these... and these... but if I then add the two parts together it falls over. I'm sure theres a reason, but I'd stick with what you've got 😎
  13. Gadzooks

    Concrete surfaces question

    You've missed a section! Something is not shelled and its on the line of your section This bit maybe? I think just go over the model and inspect all areas are as you need - you'll find it!
  14. Gadzooks

    Concrete surfaces question

    Like a lot of operations, there's probably a few ways to do this. I think the roadway tools would probably do the job better (someone may jump in and advise), but you can do this with surfaces then shell Taking your file.. 3D poly by 3D poly, highlight and choose Model>3D Power Pack>Create Surface from Curves with your concrete class set, you then get.. Note the red 'normal' arrow as this influences the shell command Then choose the shell command tool with the appropriate settings - you wanted 0.2m The slab is formed This has formed in the correct direction. If the slab is shelled upward, either reverse the 'normal' arrow, or change the shelling criteria (inside vs outside) Then try again. You'll find the larger sections of your roadway are more complex and VW divides it into many more triangulation parts. Its just a matter of highlighting the various pieces and applying shell separately. Someone may jump in and point out a way to shell all at the same time. Section-wise, you'll see the slabs are individual and don't merge at he 'touch' positions as they ought to. You could rectify this with a a bit of 3D tweaking, but I assume you don't need that level refinement. Hope this helps.
  15. My sentiments (perhaps put rather more eloquently 😅) Thanks @line-weight