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  1. Gadzooks

    Batch change of wall components?

    One for the marionette guys? Maybe ask the same question on the sub forum?
  2. Gadzooks

    Feature Matrix

    Mmmm - if only you could see some sort of pattern imerging in the links. Beats me 🤣 (Yes, I realise you're misbehaving @Andy Broomell)
  3. Of course - understood. Screen shots?
  4. Posting the file (or stripped down version with the problem) might help.
  5. Gadzooks

    Arrow Issues in 2018 SP3

    And for 2018 SP?
  6. Gadzooks

    Texture Fills (version 2017)

    Yes, sometimes VW OIP's do seem short on expectation when choosing options. HTH
  7. Gadzooks

    Texture Fills (version 2017)

    @HEengineering Similar was posted recently (quick start) This is the excellent video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_VJkYTVf00 Come back if this doesn't help.
  8. Gadzooks

    Doors with side lights

    I may be duplicating earlier posts on this issue, but just to round this thread off - try flipping the door/sidelight combo This can't be WAD. Can it? 😖
  9. Gadzooks

    Floating walls window floors etc..

    @roza Hi - I'm guessing there are no responses on this as its a bit difficult to ascertain what you are referring to. (Just guessing atm) It maybe your objects are above the Z plan you thought you placed them at, or you've placed objects with screen plane active rather than your layer plane?? I think screen shot(s) would help a lot - together with the VW version you are running - and you'll no doubt have much better help/suggestions offered.
  10. Gadzooks

    Doors with side lights

    Haha. You'd have thought wouldn't you! Don't rely on it. HTH
  11. Gadzooks

    Doors with side lights

    I believe I have a fix. I'll plod through my thoughts so it might be helpful for the boffins... The door suddenly looses its correct wall hole cut when wrapped components are added - I can't fix that, but you can see the hole cut is just for the door Looking at the right hand side in wireframe you can see the limits of the wall opening are for door only... (I've left your doors below Z as you had set) So you're going to have to force the wall opening.. Create a simple extrude the same height and width of the opening needed.. Here highlighted as a 'feature in wall'.. (I moved your doors up to Z - was looking odd 😉) Once the hole is created its happy to co-exist with the door and side panel combo and also your wrapped components. This is the extent of the 'feature in wall'.. And your doors retained details.. OK - bit of a pain if you move the doors and you'll need to move the 'feature', but least it gets your problem solved for the moment. Ive attached the file. Let me know if I've missed something. Door with side light test GADZOOKS.vwx --------------------------------------- Pity I won't be able to help out like this for much longer - I'm not renewing my VSS and therefore won't have the latest version to look at newer problems. Its been fun guys.
  12. Gadzooks

    Doors with side lights

    Wow Kevin - amazed to see this was 5 years ago - and still nothing in place from VW. At the time it seemed like there was positive response.
  13. Gadzooks

    Doors with side lights

    Me too - and my forecast for you, unfortunately, is no teeshirt and future bugs. I think the the main problem for you seems you've got a number of these sidelight units and how you change the drawing to overcome the bug. Are you splitting the doors from the sidelights?
  14. Gadzooks

    Autocad import query

    Sorry not on pc atm so I can't screen shot, but check your import criteria/setup - there's a variety of ways vw offers help with the way it looks at the dwg/dxf to present it the way you need it. Seems like you've chosen symbols as your requirement Lame response, but hope that helps.
  15. Gadzooks

    Doors with side lights

    The link still requires loads of info. What a pain. Fair enough if it's a bug out of the blue that is hard to explain/reproduce, but I thought there was going to be a 'one stop' link introduced where you could just reference the forum posting. By the time several members have established a fault and have the experience to describe it as a bug, complete with backround explaination and discussion, I'm not wanting to explain again and include operating systems and licence info. Is 'one stop' on its way? I think it would be appropriate and helpful.