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  1. EAPs have no fill in Top/Plan view As @Tom W.suggests you can select the object and AEC>Create Auto Hybrid to automatically create an object that has your 3d component and an automatically generated 2d component that can obsucre what's below. Or you can create a 2d/3d Hybrid Symbol from the 3d EAP
  2. It depends on where you are in the world and which source coordinate transformation system is being used for the source data. It basically defines a bending transformation to the horizontal plane to improve agreement between local Shapefiles, longer distance surveys and the VW model. https://epsg.io/?q=United Kingdom (UK) kind%3APROJCRS
  3. by golly you're right! Alt-J is my most used one so I hadn't noticed the chime using the other keyboard shortcuts. This is a bigger issue than I'd expected! a systemic issue that should be addressed imo
  4. Actually it's really cool. Exploring the latest version with fresh eyes can often lead to unexpected discoveries of old features. If there isn't a term for this we should invent one... here's an earlier post about exactly that. Thanks for sharing @Kaare Baekgaard.
  5. bcd

    Any help...

    Move the top of the profile to (0,0,0) and adjust the size of the path to describe the top of the pool.
  6. bcd

    lost work

    Sorry to hear that. On a positive note - redoing work in a case like this usually takes much less time than originally as you have made all the decisions already & you will get into a flow where the next steps are almost automatic. Good luck with it!
  7. bcd

    lost work

    I'm sure you've tried cmd/ctrl Z to undo as many times as possible? It will keep multiple backups only if you set it to do that in the Tools>Options>Vectorwroks Preferences You can see the location there also.
  8. bcd

    lost work

    The location, number and frequency of backup files are controlled in the VW Preferences>Autosave
  9. bcd

    lost work

    Try turning on all Classes and see what you get. Or do a Select All on the Sheet Layer and move whatever's selected a tad
  10. bcd

    Merry Christmas!

    Echt ausgezeichnet!! 🌞
  11. An alternative - that's useful for non-planar objects is to set up a view you like Align Working Plane with Current View Modify>Convert Copy to Polygons (Hidden Line Rendering) Modify>Ungroup Add Surfaces
  12. The wall join error bing is driving me crazy. Alt-J on windows consistently gives BING! - Luckily muting the computer eliminates it, but there must be a more elegant fix?
  13. Drawing Labels are based on 1:1 Page Scale Symbols. You can edit Drawing Label Layout and manually draw a scale bar to match the scale of the VP. You could create a series of these for each VP scale or control the visibility of several scale bars by Class.
  14. @Gilbert OsmondHow did you decide between the 14" and 16"?
  15. Offset Duplications is controtrolled in the VW Preferences. You can turn it on/off
  16. I'm all for cad standards. I'm all for standing upwind too.
  17. One of the compelling features of VW is how widely it can be and is used; from single seat practices up to the giant projects you describe.
  18. Ouch, Yes, Layer referencing is still valid, if you are working hermetically, have a sophisticated class & layer mapping system in place for each external collaboration and/or have time to trace over external files. I think the future of Layer referncing will be project sharing and the future of DLVPs will be DLVPs.
  19. This is the VW solution to ACAD xref, Revit linking, If it's not rock solid for everyone it needs to be. I use use and demonstrate them as a convienent and modern way to compartmentalize geometry, classing & data and don't encounter critical errors.
  20. That's .... intriguing. Why forego the power of DLVP's in a scenario like this? They keep the master file simpler and give you discrete control of the information being shown from each of the source files etc. etc.
  21. For non-planar surfaces of a 3d object you can't, just like you cant lay a piece of paper on a sphere. Where a 3d shape is planar you can do what you expect using the methods above. For simply curved (developable) shapes you can't do it directly
  22. Are you working with a custom workspace from VW2021? That command isn't available in VW2022 because it's on by default. Turn on Legacy features>Turn Unified View off if you need to control it.
  23. My mistake, of course Tom's right. I completely misunderstood the question. I was thinking of this (by Fábio Fernandes). Although even here you coud create a really steep DTM and plant a bunch of plants on it, select them all and Send to Surface.
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