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  1. bcd

    deactivate license on a computer

    There is an uninstall app in your Vectorworks 2018 folder - I believe this also deactivates the license.
  2. bcd

    Purge Script

    Would this be something different from the Purge unused Resources/Classes/Layers & Objects currently available in Tools>Purge?
  3. I think there is a problem with IES files - I too am seeing VW ignore Custom Lights with IES distribution files.
  4. I like Dimension auto-classing. However I find it restrictive. I would like the option to have a multiple Dimension Classes that are per-configured and linked to Dimension Styles and which would populate the drawing with their associated Class whenever they are used. Eg None Dimension Becomes: None Dimension Dimension-Layout Dimension-Survey whenever the Layout and Survey Dimension Styles are used in a drawing. (sorry Dimension Std. - for consistency maybe they should be called Dimension Styles)
  5. Looks like a good wish to me. It can be done - in a way - by saving views in your Template File - then new files cloned form this will have those Saved View intact. I came across this thread while searching for assigning Keyboard Shortcuts to Saved Views - eg ctrl 1 (on the numerical keypad) for SV-1 ctrl 2 ( " ) for SV-2 etc. maybe this is a separate wish.
  6. I'm not seeing the video - but the automatic flipping of a LX device after it has been mirrored is a feature - like a self-righting boat (not a bug). It allows you to mirror a single instrument or an entire half of a symmetrical lighting plot about its line of symmetry while keeping the individual devices & their associated Label Legends orientated correctly per @klinzey
  7. Thought for the day: It was surprising to have lost the often used shortcut (M) for the Unconstrained Dimension Tool to the Multiple View Panes. One I would use hundreds of times a day - the other perhaps 10 at most. I remapped M back where it was and the Multiple View Panes to opt+M. Merging the 2 dimension Tools would also be a good idea.
  8. bcd

    Display Flashing and Changing Colours

    Check the cable to the computer /monitor. Sometimes just re-plugging it helps to stabilize things.
  9. Going old school via the Organization window will be faster than editing each Title Block individually Of course via the Title Block Manager would be better.
  10. Be sure this wee button is ticked.
  11. bcd

    Editing or adding to a saved template

    You have it right. Simply overwrite the original. By their nature Template files cannot by themselves be edited as VW drawings. One significant advantage in this workflow is that you do not have an out of date template file lurking about unless you choose to rename the new one.
  12. A good feature request for cases like this would be Roof Face by 3 points
  13. bcd


    Hi Miguel, Yes, welcome aboard. By drawing you are probably referring to Drawing Sheet - which in Vectoworks are equivalent to Sheet Layers. Your Vectorworks drawing can have any multitude of such Sheet Layers You create a Veiwport - a virtual window if you will - of your Design and place it on one of theses Sheet Layers. In this Sheet Layer Viewport you can control the visibility of the Design Layers and various objects of your model. You can even set custom coloring - via the use of Viewport Class & Layer overrides. Doing a help search for Overrides may be another good place to start. At a broader level - you can set the color of everyting on a single layer to display with the preset Layer Color. again - a search fora Layer Color will help here.
  14. I would like the Landscape Area to show 2d plants. I would consider this the expected behavior - and the behavior suggested by the thumbnails of Object Styles' default content.
  15. This is a good wish - a Target Point in the Model for the Center of a Viewport. 'till then this may be helpful: Use the Move command rather than click drag etc. eg. The floor lowers by 200 mm Edit the Annotations>Select All - Move -200mm in the y direction Edit the Crop Move -200mm in the y direction Say the VP is 1:10 Move the VP +20mm in the y
  16. bcd

    Solar Access

    You can demonstrate it by running a Solar Animation from the Helidon object. Place the Heidon with the correct geographical location & rotation with respect to the model. Be sure you've modeled all the obstructions. View>Rendering>Open GL Options>Use Shadows View your model in 3d so you can see the relevant elevation of the apartment Select the Helidon, in the OIP run Solar Animation You can outupt a movie file and take clips from this to demonstrate
  17. bcd

    Until Next Time

    Shocker! Wow Jim - you've brought a wonderful blend of knowledge and curiosity, intelligence and wit to the boards. Heck you even engineered the remaking of the board itself. I'm sure your impact will continue as @JuanP and the team find inspiration in your frankness responsiveness and dedication to making all our experiences in Vectorworks ever more productive, rewarding and fun. May your photons continue bouncing Brian
  18. bcd

    Bot Z of symbol?

    Yes, I see a Symbol as simply a container and the objects within it can be anywhere in 3d space relative to the origin of the container. This is different to a Group - which constrains its extents to the extents of the objects within.
  19. Bizzare one - it appears that the create Floor menu command retains the original 2d object in addition to embedding it in the Floor object. So the Floor is actually a Floor and a Circle combined. Convert to Group>Ungroup and you can delete the unnecessary circle. The remaining slimline Floor will display as expected in elevation.
  20. bcd

    Ubstracting solid shapes from site models?

    Is the drain in a different class to the terrain/Site Model?
  21. bcd

    Ubstracting solid shapes from site models?

    One way is to lay your pipe and ignore the dig: Extrude a ring and white circle to represent the pipe wall & pipe cavity. In cross-section select Use Attributes of Original Objects to show them appropriately.
  22. Orthogonal Views and the 3rd Mode of the Split (Slice) tool will be your friend here. Add Solids then: View in Front View - Slice away the excess from the right side View in Right View - Slice away the excess from the front Shift 1 - Set up a Working Plane on the Ceiling View In Working Plane Front - Slice away the excess from the walls/ceiling plane.
  23. bcd

    Drawing spiral chair in elevation

    For a rendering you can always just use a masked photo as an Image Prop.
  24. bcd

    Drawing spiral chair in elevation

    Is that a scale model? How closely do you need to match it? Have you considered placing a grid of tape over it and running the 'photos to 3D model' function on the cloud services website? This may be your fastest/best bet - as it appears as if it not only has a variable and rolling crossection it also has a variable diameter & pitch. Remember you can always model it in the traditional way using Nurbs & lofts etc, and then Convert to Subdivsion for more plastic control
  25. bcd

    Substracting solids from walls

    In Top/Plan view draw a rectangle Select the Wall & Rectangle Right Click (contextual menu)>Clip Surface Adjust the Height and Offset from top of wall to fine tune the vertical position and height of your subtraction.


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