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  1. You could setup a Multiple Viewplanes with one in Top/Plan for the worksheet and another in a 3d view for your modelling.
  2. Unsurprisingly there is still lots to learn. In the thrill of interrogating the latest version of VW I'll sometimes discover an apparently new feature only to find it was available in earlier versions and I'd missed it. Attentive playing with the new version is well worth the time, especially when such +s are there to be discovered. Here's one such example, have others experienced this? Mirror across Working Plane: - I'd never seen this till VW2022 (I wonder when it first appeared)
  3. bcd

    VW 2022

    Push a 1mm rectangular gap into the solid to separate the 2 faces.
  4. I was about to write that dimensioning elevations just got a lot more interesting - BUT I see some nice attention has been paid to exactly this - now in VW2022 front elevation dimensions all lie on the xz plane no matter what the y coordinate of the click point is.
  5. A good workaround is to simply export a COLLADA (DAE) from VW and import the model to Lumion. Sync newer version of the VW model by re-exporting and using the re-import button in Lumion.
  6. bcd

    VW 2022

    Ah , I get it now - Polygon Inner Boundary Fill doesn't work like you describe but simply draw a line across the face of a solid object, from edge to edge and you can pull / push either side of that line without needing to Fill. Much like Sketchup I'd say without the dots. Interestingly it only seems to be possible immediately after the line is drawn, you can't come back to it later and pick up one side of the face.
  7. bcd

    VW 2022

    Wow I had thought not, but doing some more testing I see indeed it is possible. Maybe I was running the test in VW2021 by mistake!
  8. Good to know Dave, thanks. Funny it didn't happen in the VW2021 file.
  9. There doesn't appear to be a link on the forum to the Vectorworks main page, Vectorworks.net The top left logo links back to the forum.
  10. Here's a test file with one wall Test File.vwx
  11. Yes, circular concentric was my first thought.
  12. First study the existing implementation in the firm and if you can augment that with your Revit wisdom or indeed your curiosity of the power of Vectorworks then go for it. You'll probably find that the existing users have considered and resolved many of the questions you have. That being said -having background in another software is very valuable in staying open and enthusiastic when learning something new.
  13. There are so many options for a redesign. It's a UI/UX designer's dream assignment.
  14. Ok - word from the street is that "normally when a new software version supported by LiveSync is launched it takes a few weeks until the plugin is fully tested and released" Hoping it will be a faster this go around.
  15. I think it has to do with the number of Interior and/or External Wall Detail Component wraps in the Window Settings itself. Although when I tried it filled the window in completly with blockwork. I'm sure we'll dial it in soon ... keep going at it!
  16. Yep, it's takes up a lotta lotta space, Couldn't the color field and the transparancy field be intergrated? There seems to be more room for refinement. There are so many horizontal dividers and spaces it's bigger than Basic or any of the other Tool Set Palettes
  17. Yes the issue is persistant in Perspective with Draw Edges turned on in a VW2021 file converted to VW2022, not otherwise.
  18. Lumion rocks (pun), but I'm sad so see that the latest Lumion LiveSync plugin that synchronizes the VW model to Lumion hasn't been updated. Is there any word on when that might be ready? It seems like TwinMotion got the love this time round.
  19. I see someting similar on Windows. By turning off Shader Options>Draw Edges the issue seems to resolve.
  20. Redshift has arrived in VW2022 = faster better renderings The coffee machine is going to be lonely. Not the full power of node based material (texture) creation and lighting control but even in this implementation if you have compatable hardware you'll enjoy a game chaging improvement in rendering power.
  21. Quick n Nasty (or elegant if you have the right camera angle): Image Prop
  22. A bit clumsy to set up but this would work: Make each line item a separate Database and in the Bought column enter the value - and subtract Qty-Bought to calculate Still Needed.
  23. Click on the 2 row on the left - Edit Criteria and select the relevant Criteria
  24. You just need to add another Criterion in your Database Critera Layer=Model (L="Model')
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