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  1. I believe there's a Marionette floating about to automatically generate 3d map from a 2d image.
  2. You could simply place a 2" grid over it and mark the suitable intersections. Or redraw as arcs using the polyline tool
  3. Model>Create Image Prop You could probably loop it in Marionette.
  4. Alignment isn't a tool - it refers to the type of Slab the Hardscape is using. If you create a Hardscape and set the 3d Slab to one of the Aligned modes then, if you have geometry in your model that in Top/Plan is colinear or cocurvular (I know it's not a real word- help me out with the correct one please) with an edge of the slab the slab/hardscape will facet or buckle to align to it.
  5. ps - I wouldn't want to be cleaning leaves from that pool
  6. My 2c - if you're on Windows Lumion knocks it out of the park for ease & speed, and it comes with a huge collection of entourage and materials that's pre-optimized. (<- is that even a word?) I just rendered these a minute ago to show you. They are from a couple of the built-in example files. Rendered 1080p in 40s 31s 30s (s=Seconds!!!) respectively and I kid you not!! And animations, are on a par with this. Think rain, fog, puddles, ocean, car paths, walking figures, moving clouds, leaves water etc. .... it's mind boggling when you see it.
  7. I would try this: Fashion your nurbs surface to suit In Top/Plan draw your grid of circles>Convert to Nurbs Curves Select both>Project & Trim Apply a glow texture as above and see what you have
  8. A clunky workaround would be to create a placeholder wall style with only 1 component but the same width as your mulit-component wall. Replace the wall with this single component wall Flip it Replace it with the original wall style
  9. You can generate a 3d while in the 2d edit. You may have to recreate 2d to represent your Symbol in Top/Plan and You may have to edit the 3d component to rotate it in 3d space.
  10. This would be a good candidate for a voter survey once you have all the ideas in. (I'll not be double voting ūüėČ ) I'm in for 1st prize.
  11. Yes you got me thinking - I must pay more attention to those buttons. The one I use the most is Previous View/Next View other useful ones are: Undo Selection Tool Activate Class Show Other Objects in Edit Modes <- I don't think this is mappable as it's a preference Flyover (ctrl + mmb is less handy for me than shift c) ...
  12. The simplest way, if your walls are closed is to use to Polygon too - inner boundary (bucket fill) mode to create a Polygon on the floor Use this as the path for an EAP. Edit the EAP and move the corner of the profile to 0,0 Easy miters and you can either split the Path or Subtract Solids at doorways
  13. Cool competition. How many entries each? I can think of a bunch off the top.
  14. I was clarifying because some use Revit & BIM interchangeably with the assumption that only Revit produces BIM models, good to see that your not. My approach to your question would be to create a referenced DLVP of your BIM house and turn off all the classes & layers that you don't need to see. This can be duplicated, rotated and elevated to suit across your site.
  15. I'm not sure what you mean by a BIM house.
  16. Doesn't look like it's been designed for that, (yet?). from the blurb: "The custom-designed LiDAR Scanner uses direct time of flight to measure reflected light from up to five meters away, both indoors and out."
  17. aagh -take that ladder down, quick!
  18. What I meant is, not matter the size or pixel count of the source image you just tell VW in the Edit Texture window that the image should be displayed as eg. 1m wide. VW isll scale it up for you so that when you apply it to an object you don't need to adjust the scale in the OIP But I think your source image might be surrounded by a field of white.
  19. I like the challenge. It looks like you might need to crop the source image to the door before importing it during texture creation. Also if you don't want to have to scale it change the 'size' value on the bottom left to the actual width this image texture should be in the real world. And you probably don't need a Transparency mask.
  20. I misunderstood - I thought it was purely demonstrative
  21. You could turn off the dim value and enter it manually as a Trailer on a dimension line.
  22. I would consider a much larger diameter & height cylinder maybe 5x or try mapping to a large sphere
  23. bcd


    VW Landmark ships with templates. Have you looked at File>New>Use document TemplateLandmark (Imperial).sta?


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