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  1. Unless I misunderstand what you're looking for, you can control the class visibilities of the viewports separately via the Object Info palette as nrkhul describes. You do not need to use the global visibility settings for everything. Elevation viewports and plan viewports very commonly have completely different visibility settings.
  2. Currently the tech to simply switch languages in the same install of Vectorworks is not complete. You will need to contact your distributor and see if they can offer you the english installer for your localization.
  3. Gah, what he said ^
  4. Post a file with your texture in it as you have it now and I can take a look. There are many places where Reflectivity can be added as parts of other shaders.
  5. Apparently if/when we add that to STL, then 3DS, OBJ and a few others would be able to inherit the capability directly.
  6. Im not actually sure if its listed as a hatch resource on its own or not, it's included in a number of the Wall Styles however and when you insert one of the wall styles, it becomes a hatch resource in that document: Sample Insulation Hatches.vwx
  7. That usually means Vectorworks can't figure out a smooth path between the two, so it will often spin the camera or flip the viewer upside down during this transition. Normally this is most easily fixed by adding another saved view in between that forces the path you want the animation to take.
  8. Number 5 was done quietly in the background over the last few versions, I almost never need to repair my models any longer. 1-4 are in as wishes but I dont suspect they will come soon. I recommend against the Makerbot line, they stopped properly upgrading their hardware awhile ago when they started ramping down their consumer division and closing all their stores. Generally Lulzbot, Ultimaker and FormLabs are the three best manufacturers for a user that just wants a ready-to-roll machine from the start. I use a Wanhao Duplicator i3 but it is very much a machine designed to be tinkered with and modified.
  9. This is correct^ There are features in the pipe already to address this annoyance.
  10. You've already gotten in touch with tech@vectorworks.net?
  11. Nothing exists like that at the moment, but I recommend upvoting the wish for it:
  12. If its happening right now or you can replicate it reliably, tech@vectorworks.net is your best bet, they will likely ask for the file as well as the below from your machine:
  13. Something is definitely up as of 2017 SP3, there are a few suspected causes being tracked and corrected.
  14. Working alright here on Windows. Close Vectorworks and do the following to reset your preferences: Then, reboot and retry renderings, if they still fail, get in touch with tech@vectorworks.net directly and they can get you squared away.
  15. We agree! This is planned.