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  1. If the machine will no longer be used, there is no need to uninstall. Unless you get an activation error on the NEW machine, (and if you do; contact tech@vectorworks.net and they can get you sorted out) there is no reason to worry about the old machines installation.
  2. What do you folks THINK we're going to reveal on Tuesday(s) between now and release?
  3. Correct! I love it almost as much as when I'm planning on doing something anyway and then a user asks for it after the fact A huge amount of the time, I get to see users ask for something that I'm already halfway done the project plan for. I take this as a sign that I'm going the right direction.
  4. Juan is also very smart and handsome and a great all around guy. So he tells me.
  5. Why I think that's the best idea I've heard all day.
  6. It does not. Keep an eye out.
  7. That shouldn't be the case, Fundamentals is allowed to do docking. However, which service pack of Vectorworks 2016 do you have? There were workspace bugs related to that in the initial release that i'm fairly certain were fixed by the time SP3 came around. If you're already on the latest service pack, this can be corrected by removing the command from the menu via the workspace editor and then adding it back.
  8. Go to Window > Palette Options and disable "Palettes can dock with document window"
  9. Coming Soon to a Forum extremely nearby: Teaser Tuesdays
  10. Get that OBJ file to tech@vectorworks.net (if you can't host it for download on cloud storage, let them know and they can send you an upload link) and they can take a look to see what's going on.
  11. I have been told by the Sales folk that they're running a Buy One Get One offer for 24 hours for the Design Summit, use this link to get it: https://events.vectorworks.net/events/2017-vectorworks-design-summit/registration-3ce5afe760874c8d9e2ca8e076071cc9.aspx?fqp=true
  12. Well the size of the STL file doesn't have much bearing on how long the print takes, you would normally increase layer height, extrusion width, or print head speed to decrease overall print time. The only way to make it smaller directly via the STL is to scale the object down or hollow out large portions of it.
  13. For rendering, it would be all about your CPU, but if your issue is lag in modeling views or Top/Plan, thats all your graphics card these days. Unfortunately, since that's a notebook you most likely wont be able to upgrade the GPU as they're often soldered to the motherboard in laptops. For purchasing new hardware however, these are the graphics cards you want to look to for good graphics performance: Nvidia: GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GeForce GTX 1080 GeForce GTX 1070 GeForce GTX 1060 GeForce GTX Titan X GeForce GTX 980 Ti GeForce GTX 980 GeForce GTX 970 GeForce GTX Titan Black GeForce GTX Titan Z GeForce GTX Titan AMD: RX 580 RX 570 RX 560 RX 550 RX 540 R9 480 R9 470 R9 390 R9 380 R9 370 R9 295X2 R9 295X R9 290X R9 290
  14. You should contact your sales rep directly, I do know they are running all kinds of promotions but I do not have a list in front of me. If you don't have a specific rep, sales@vectorworks.net is the fastest route to one.