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    Fairly certain it can be done, but has to be done on the Windows end: 1) Open the Control Panel. 2) In the Control Panel, click or Hardware and Sound. Click Sound. In the Sound window click the Sounds tab. 3) In the Program Events section, find the sound you want to disable or change. Then, in the drop-down list in the Sounds section, select (None) if you want to disable the sound or select a different sound file if you want to change the sound. 4) Click OK and Save or Yes if prompted or to save the settings for the currently selected Sound Scheme. I'm pretty sure the item you're looking for is "Exclamation" or "System Notification" which is what Vectorworks keeps triggering.
  2. Tools > Workspaces > Edit the Current workspace Under the Menus tab, on the right, scroll down to "Object Context" (Thats the right click menu stuff) and then drag "Convert to Group" from the left to the context menu list on the right. You can add a separator from the top of the left list to the right if you like to keep things neat:
  3. Big undo issue.

    Engineering reached out to me and has ask if you could please send in your user logs: You can message them to me directly as attachments.
  4. Big undo issue.

    There is a major Undo-reverting-to-saved issue that is expected to be fixed in sp3, which should go public very soon.
  5. Almost none of the graphics card requirements are for rendering in Renderworks. The graphics card/GPU handles top/plan, zoomin and panning, wireframe 3d and openGL at the moment and more and more things will continue to be moved on to it as versions progress (like sheet layers, SL viewports, selection highlighting) so the GPU will only become more important as time passes especially for non-rendering tasks. For rendering, the CPU is what is most important.
  6. Camera Match

    Before a reinstall, I suggest using the Workspace Editor to remove the tool, then save the workspace, then edit the workspace again and add the tool back. Sometimes the link between the workspace shortcut and the tool can break.
  7. axis bend deform

    You can draw what I like to call "jig" geometry to snap the Deform tool widget to for this. As a quick example, draw two simple extrudes, select the Deform tool, click on the extrude you want to deform, then you'll see the UI widget is willing to snap to surfaces and edges of the other object, letting you get deformation you couldn't get by snapping only to points on the object being deformed.
  8. Forum Theme Upgrade - March 14th 2018

    It's just showing you the various criteria that were met or failed all at once, however I can clean it up so it doesn't announce the image size at all.
  9. SketchUp import splits up textures

    Apparently it has to do with if the creator had remapped the faces in sketchup a certain way, but I do not know what way that would be. The only way I've been able to clean it up was to import SKPs into a new blank file that created textures for all materials, and run a Purge of textures. Often this deletes all but one or just a few, then the remainder can be deleted and remapped to a single remaining instance of the texture.
  10. Forum Theme Upgrade - March 14th 2018

    Thank you for letting me know! Fixing it now. There were so many articles I couldn't hit them all and many were made on the old knowledgebase before I used proper formatting. If you or anyone else reading this sees any, simply call my attention to it as you did and I will correct it asap.
  11. License Expired

    It should now work as expected and you can expect an automated email. Please let me know if it gives you any trouble.
  12. 2017 Texture Loss

    Have them post an example file here and we can take a look. However the first things I would check would be the Renderworks style, as some of them remove the color from textures by default.
  13. Forum Theme Upgrade - March 14th 2018

    Don't worry, no staff capable of working on the Vectorworks application itself spent any time working on the forum update. Web and forum related things aren't even on Engineering's radar most of the time other than for beta feedback, they focus purely on the application.
  14. Documents updated from 2017 render black

    This scene renders as expected here on my end. Are you using Vectorworks 2018 SP2, or an earlier service pack? In any case, please reply back with the following and I can take a closer look:
  15. Documents updated from 2017 render black

    Moving this thread since the symptoms were similar but this is a different issue I suspect. Taking a look now.


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