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  1. Merged info from a few other cases into one bug: VB-146631
  2. We're trying to make it so that more delicate surgery can be performed to fix issues. Previously there was one big hammer (The Preference Reset) to fix even smaller problems but you had to decide whether to live with the problem or rebuild all your settings and workspaces from scratch.
  3. If you're referring Pipe and Drape from the Soft Goods tool, try the following: 1) Close Vectorworks.2) In your Vectorworks user folder: HD/Users/YOURUSERNAME/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/2018/Plug-ins throw away the entire RuntimeCache folder.3) Empty the trash.4) Reboot your mac.5) Relaunch Vectorworks.
  4. Yep, click my username and then click "Message" near the top.
  5. If you click Title Block Border Settings from the title block border object's object info palette and then edit the Project and Sheet values from there (NOT using Title Block Manager) does the same issue recur? If so, please post a file where it does so here, the newly created test one is fine.
  6. Can you post the resulting animation that was exported? I can take a look and get an idea what happened.
  7. Select the Text in Title Block object, then near the bottom of its Object Info palette, check "Link Value" and then you can pick from the list. This series covers the other basics of the new Title Block Border: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/articles.html/articles/how-to/title-block-borders-vectorworks-2018-and-later-r746/
  8. Yes, but I found it hard to do with the default mode. I suggest creating a 2D polygon on the ground in the shape you want the rounded wall to be (so i just used an arc and then offset it closing open ends to get my thicker arc) then use AEC > Create Objects from Shapes > Foliage, it then creates the hedge with the proper thickness and length, then i edit the height of the two automatically generated crossing planes to give it the height I want: Careful when examining my example below, I made the wall a bit big so I had to include 7k symbols, so it takes a bit to regenerate: Foilage_Round_Wall_Test.vwx
  9. Edit the texture in the resource manager, then edit the Image shader near the top left, you should see two checkboxes for tiling Horizontally and Vertically, uncheck both of those and click OK and OK. It should then only have one instance of the image and you can use Attribute Mapping to make it fit your 3D polygon.
  10. If anyone is experiencing this issue on Mac and you have NOT already wiped your preferences back to default, please try the following and tell me if it resolves the issue: 1) Close Vectorworks. 2) In your Vectorworks user folder: HD/Users/YOURUSERNAME/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/2018/Plug-ins throw away the entire RuntimeCache folder. 3) Empty the trash. 4) Reboot your mac. 5) Relaunch Vectorworks. Thank you!
  11. Make sure to create a 3D polygon, then create a texture from your image and apply that texture to the 3D face. 2D images work in renderings SOMETIMES but theyre unreliable enough in some of the rendering modes that I generally don't bother trying. You could also create an Image prop from the 2d image, which can be done like so: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBEVolcSveY
  12. Well in my highly technical opinion thats because CHROME RULES EVERYONE ELSE DROOLS. I'll file a bug on it, Safari may have some types of content blocked by default now for security reasons. I don't THINK the Help uses any sort of Flash but it might use something else with similar stigma.
  13. If anyone experiencing this issue could please send me this from their machine: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/articles.html/articles/directx-diagnostics-and-system-profiler-r202/ in a direct message, I'll file a bug and start adding info to it. Thank you!
  14. I saw this issue during development, but it is currently marked as having been fixed in 2018 SP0. What is the full path name to your Vectorworks installation folder? The original report was that any unicode characters in the path would cause the error.