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  1. One terminology/process thing to clarify though I know it wasn't really the main point of your post: The Nemetschek Group does not dictate specific design choices for Vectorworks and we do not port features from one member application to the other. (As far as I know the code bases are completely incompatible.) To answer your more intended question: Yes, our developers have an eye towards the capabilities and benefits of BIMX and plan to offer strong competition.
  2. Get in touch with support directly in that case, they will likely remote in and try a few things. Reference this thread so they can see the previous steps please.
  3. Try this next, it's rare but can sometimes affect Project Sharing and some of the other more advance Vectorworks features: Under Programs and Features (you can get to this by right clicking on the Start button) scroll down and look for all the various "Microsoft Visual C++" items. Uninstall every single one. Reboot your machine. Download and install all of the items listed here for 64bit versions of Windows: Checking with the support team now to see if they've come across this yet, I can't find much evidence of it in the bug tracker.
  4. In that case, I suggest following first the backup instructions here, then resetting your preference folder only: DON'T restore the backup, then try opening the test proj file and then converting your own file into a project and let me know what happens.
  5. Attached, simple proj file made from one of the default Arch templates, I set it so that all new users get Admin access. (Something you would probably never want to do, for others who may read this later.) TestProjectSharingFile.vwxp
  6. Does this happen on both Mac and Windows for you? Unable to replicate on Win10 and macOS 10.12.3 here. I see two reports of similar crashing in the tracker, one from sp3 and one from sp2 (Both were on Mac), but neither one was replicable by engineering.
  7. Nothing jumps out specifically at me, and if we send the files to support we might not hear back in time. For the moment I suggest the following, these changes should just make Vectorworks as stable as possible and take as much work as we can off the GPU (which is what is implicated in the crash log) in the short term: Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > 3D > 3D Conversion Resolution - Medium Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > 3D > 3D Rotation - Slide all the way to Responsive Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > 3D > Retain Rendering Model - Slide all the way to Never Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Display > Navigation Graphics - Best Compatibility Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Session > Error Reporting - Send crash details and verbose usage patterns (To give us the most info possible when you get these crashes in the future) Under Apple > System Preferences > Power Saver - Uncheck Automatic Graphics Switching to make sure Vectorworks is always using your dedicated GPU. This shouldn't be needed but I've had to manually change this on occasion. If any of the above are already set to what I suggested, that's fine, leave them there. After setting these options open and then close Vectorworks normally to lock in the changes. Launch Vectorworks again and work with it for awhile and see if stability improves or not. If not, we may try a new user account on your machine since wiping preferences (and having to reset everything) when on a deadline can be annoying.
  8. Install 2016 SP6 on one of these machines, and tell me if you are able to replicate the issue in a new blank file. http://www.vectorworks.net/support/downloads/product-updates?version=2016
  9. Reply back with the following from that machine and I can take a closer look: That crash log indicates graphics, but that can mean many things. Another thing to check, the files you are working with have been opened and saved as of 2017 SP3? Or were they made in SP2 and not saved since then? (Normally this shouldn't matter but I've seen it help things before when problems arose.)
  10. Make sure you've upvoted it at the top left of the original post: (If you already did, then please ignore, just making sure everyone knows about it.)
  11. That machine should do just fine, even if it was intended as your primary machine. The 10 series Nvidia cards are excellent.
  12. If it is not what has been suggested above, I've seen a few instances recently of these types of lines appearing on viewports if Indirect Lighting is enabled in the viewport's lighting options. This is uninstentional but worth checking by doing a test render with Indirect Lighting set to None. Also, which version of Vectorworks, what service pack, and what operating system are you using?
  13. ^ This. If you create a Symbol from the group you will get direct control over Z. It has been requested that Group objects have a Z parameter as well, but for the time being they will not.
  14. Yep, as of 2017 you can directly work with and control Alpha channels in images. I think it was possible in some cases in 2016 and prior but it wasn't officially supported. When you import the image, pmake sure to select PNG and have Import Alpha Channel checked: Then the image will have a fill of None and function like the example on the left, or you can set the fill to solid and give it a color like the example on the right Fairly confident it will work with PDFs that have an alpha channel as well, but worse case you can convert the PDF to an image and then import.