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  1. I don't personally export to DWG very often other than in troubleshooting cases, most of my Vectorworks work is 3D modeling and renders, exporting to images or video afterwards, so someone with DWG in their workflow would be better able to advise you here. However these are the defaults we usually recommend to architects we train in house to keep things simple: With the Class/Layer mapping and the "Export as Flattened 2D Objects" being probably the most commonly altered settings, other than exporting classes as layers.
  2. 15MB isn't that large really, but there are a few things to consider and check: 1) Tools > Purge. Check this dialog to see if it offers to remove a bunch of unused textures, which are kept in your file if you EVER applied them to objects in the file, even if you didnt end up keeping them, they're one of the largest users of space as far as Vectorworks elements go. 2) If you use image based textures, then they can easily balloon a file size. If the original images were 5MB each and you used 3 of them for instance, there's your 15MB file size right there. In that case, the file size change is unavoidable. 3) VWX files don't include any default compression like some other file formats do. This trick wont work if the files are large because of image based textures (images are often already compressed to start) but if you have a lot of geometry, compressing a VWX file into a ZIP can often save you a bit of space.
  3. It looks like this machine is using its integrated Intel GPU rather than the dedicated Nvidia one it should be using. Normally this can be corrected by closing Vectorworks and following these steps: The intel graphics driver is a bit outdated as well, but Im fairly certain once you specify the dedicated GPU for Vectorworks that the driver version of the Intel card wont matter.
  4. You likely don't need to mess with Attribute Mapping for this (especially since it limits your mapping options), you can simply edit the textures rotation by 90deg in the Render tab of the object info palette with this object selected.
  5. Agreed. Tweaking and making it a bit clearer: I've been feeling similarly, I may still tune the font color.
  6. In that case, get the dxdiag report (the saved report from the steps, not just the screenshot of the dialog) to tech@vectorworks.net and have them take a closer look.
  7. Here's how the Light one is shaping up, to clarify:
  8. Yeah... I did say exactly that didn't I? Lotta discussions internally on fonts and colors and buttons recently, my brain is in need of... defragmentation.
  9. It absolutely will! Most likely (read: 99.999% positive) the only differences between the dark and light themes will be color changes.
  10. Old one didn't get EVERYTHING wrong, just enough things to drive us bonkers
  11. If you unplug two of the three monitors from your machine, restart entirely and then try launch Vectorworks on the single screen, does it behave the same way?
  12. Fortunately, this is planned for the default light theme upgrade as well. I like it too, I think it makes things more readable in longer threads.
  13. How long did it remain "Not Responding" before you closed it? When you say freezes, do you mean it locks up and never recovers, or does it freeze and unfreeze randomly while using it? Also, please include the following attached from either or both machines:
  14. Sure thing, post here or send it to me in a message.
  15. I think the Edit Image field is expecting a texture. If you create a texture from that imported image, it should show up as a choice. This video is on a few more advanced topics as well, but at the 5:00m mark it walks through creating an image based texture pretty cleanly. You'll be able to use the "Reuse" option when picking the image rather than needing to import it again: