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  1. If its a custom symbol and not a Window in Wall, then you can edit the 3D component of the symbol, enter Top/Plan view, and then move the symbol so that it rests at the depth in the wall you like. This depth will be relative to the Symbols 0,0,0 origin, not the walls thickness. For regular Window in Wall objects, there is a "Plan Wall Offset" field that lets you to it automatically by entering a positive or negative offset value depending which direction you want to offset the window in relation to the wall.
  2. In that case, get in touch with tech support at tech@vectorworks.net and they can walk you through it. (Otherwise, a complete reinstall will do it but that's probably not necessary for this.)
  3. Pen currently would just function similarly to a mouse in Vectorworks at the moment, Freehand tool would let you directly draw but the rest of the tools would still be click-drag or click-click based interactions. For the dial, we would have to explicitly add commands for Vectorworks through whatever API Microsoft releases for the dial hardware. They have a Microsoft Surface with pen and dial in R&D right now, but it's in the very early stages of research here.
  4. Just delete the plist files you can see, its fine if you don't see them all. We shouldn't need to touch the user folder to reset just the serial number, once you delete the plist files, empty your trash and then reboot your machine. Once its booted back up, launch Vectorworks and see if it prompts you to enter your serial number.
  5. Don't follow ALL of these steps, but close Vectorworks and then follow just the steps that have you remove the plist keys: Removing those will reset Vectorworks' serial number and prompt you to enter your Fundamentals license the next time you launch it.
  6. Your distributor would be in control of whether or not you could still obtain 2015 from them. We do have network multi-user licenses but they're more designed for classrooms or very large firms with multiple drafting labs, it wouldn't be beneficial for just two users and even then; it would have to be two licenses of 2017, not 2015.
  7. There may not be a way around that in 2016 in that case. In Vectorworks 2017 we added a Rasterize option to PDF export that resolves issues like this (it effective exports an image embedded into a PDF to bypass any printer compatibility issues similar to what you are seeing) but other than manually exporting to an image in 2016, I do not know of a way around it in that version. Does the PDF print incorrectly from any viewer application? Are you printing the PDF from Adobe Reader, Acrobat, Preview, or another application?
  8. When you export the PDF that looks correct, then attempt to print from the PDF, the same issue occurs? If you export as an Image (PNG format at 300DPI should be fine for testing) does that look correct before/after printing?
  9. This is nearly always caused by having geometry too far from the documents 0,0,0 origin. This can often happen when importing geometry or when altering the documents default origin.
  10. I have learned new things! The reasoning behind its current behavior is technologically sound (it avoids incredibly bad performance problems) but not something we want to continue. The end development goal is for all highlighting to be along the geometry and do away with the highlighted bounding boxes in 3D.
  11. The application Little Snitch for macOS is incompatible with Vectorworks' BIMobject plugin. In order to use the plugin properly, Little Snitch must be disabled or uninstalled: https://www.obdev.at/support/index.html?product=LS&topic=faq
  12. This depends, which background type are you referring to? Image and Panoramic Image work very differently and have different uses, and the Physical Sky options work in conjunction with certain tools and render modes. I almost always control my backgrounds via Renderworks Styles, but that's just because most of my recent work is all Renderworks. OpenGL uses the various background types differently and since it can't have a Style (which I think it should be allowed to have actually), needs it background to come from the design layer.
  13. Merged threads as they are the same issue, we have an internal case being tracked now on this even without replicate-able steps because of the number of users (myself included) that are encountering this. I do not know this for a fact; but it does seem to have become more prevalent since sp2/sp3.
  14. The clarification here is that there are many users who want Vectorworks, it just seems you are not one of them according to the set of needs you have. Just because we don't have a pricing model that fits your needs might mean you need to seek a product with a different one. Vectorworks is not for everyone certainly, and we absolutely cater to professional and students seeking to become professionals above all market segments, I won't dispute that at all. As suggested above, there are numerous other packages that cater towards a more infrequent or enthusiast level of interest and need at much lower price points. The market is huge, Vectorworks has its niche, it simply may not align with yours. If you wish to wishlist a stripped down light version of Vectorworks, which I think is a much more sensible course of action, please feel free to do so, however you may just want to add your vote to an existing one, I combined a few older threads from before the voting mechanic existed here:
  15. When you restart Vectorworks after changing that setting, has it remained changed to "Never" in the preferences window? Or does it revert back to another state?