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  1. JimW

    Texture Beds (2d Fill)

    To get the 2D look quickly, you could convert a copy to lines, either of the object itself or do that to a viewport of it, then you should easily be able to color things in, or use the Boundary mode of the polygon tool to fill in the empty space and color it the way you like.
  2. JimW

    shrinking file size

    Not that I have found. Normally I take symbols either one at a time or in chunks and import them to a new blank file, then save that file and check it's size when im hunting for unnecessarily dense/large/complex symbols.
  3. JimW

    View Bar Settings

    First, close Vectorworks. Navigate to: HD > Users > (User's Home Folder) > Library > Application Support > Vectorworks > 20XX folder. (On macOS 10.13 the Library folder for your User account is hidden. The easiest way to display it is to open Finder, then hold down the alt/option key on your keyboard while clicking "Go" from the menu bar, then selecting "Library" ) Right click on the version folder, then choose Get Info and then click the padlock near the bottom of the dialog that appears and enter your system password, then change all the listed users there including "everyone" to Read and Write. Click the little gear icon, then choose "Apply to Enclosed" and let it finish. Reboot the machine, the relaunch Vectorworks, make your custom settings and then close/reopen and see if they stuck. If they don't, get in touch with tech@vectorworks.net and have them take a closer look.
  4. JimW

    View Bar Settings

    Usually thats a permissions issue in the user account, simply stopping Vectorworks from storing custom settings. What operating system is on your desktop?
  5. JimW

    Quicktime Screen Recordings

    I've had that once or twice, sometimes i simply had to compress the video again and it was fine, but others I had to uncheck "Align A/V start" on the bottom left of the Summary tab (little counterintuitive?) as well as enable Web Optimized.
  6. Found a few bugs related to this and they are scheduled to be fixed, however I do not know when the fix will come.
  7. I have seen Outlook and other Office suite products cause this with the space bar specifically, normally an update from them corrected the issue within a few days. In very rare cases, resetting PRAM on Macs corr cted it as well, but I haven't needed to walk anyone through that in a very long time.
  8. This was resubmitted as a wishlist item, but no change so far.
  9. You can check this under Vectorworks > About Vectorworks, "Licensed Products" will list what you have there. If it JUST lists Fundamentals, then that license can't import PDFs natively. If it lists anything else at all, like Architect, Landmark, Spotlight or Designer, then you should be able to import PDFs and it may just be a workspace issue that I can walk you through correcting.
  10. What modules do you have? Fundamentals 2016 on it's own would not have Import PDF. If you save the PDF as an image file (PNG, JPEG etc) in Preview or from Acrobat you should be able to import it as an image.
  11. I do not believe this is possible.
  12. JimW

    Perspective/Orthogonal view issue

    Apologies, meant to include this explanation link:
  13. JimW

    Object Info Palette not visible

    Close Vectorworks down entirely, then backup and reset your preferences as described here: After doing this, BEFORE you relaunch Vectorworks, restart your machine entirely and then launch. Let me know the results.
  14. JimW

    Perspective/Orthogonal view issue

    Distance from origin CAN cause this, however I have noticed a handful of cases recently where it was an issue with the document, and transferring the geometry to a new blank file with Layer Import did the trick.
  15. JimW

    Object Info Palette not visible

    If you go to Tools > Workspaces and pick another workspace, do you see the OIP in that one? If you undock all palettes in your workspace, do you see it appear?