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  1. In what may very well be a record in bug report response speed, this issue is slated to be fixed. Most likely in SP2 but i'll see about getting it moved to SP. (In all honestly however, I think engineering may decide to focus on a number of issues related to the Title Block first which I would completely understand.)
  2. That menu is set to edit the Design Layer (Direct Section editing is new in 2018) not to edit the crop, the same options do appear above. That however seems separate from the issue itself.
  3. This looks like a customized workspace, as those items are normally in View > Standard Views. I recommend removing the items or item set via the workspace editor and then re-adding them.
  4. I was able to confirm this during the Summit on 2018 SP0 running on Windows 10, along with some other Floating Data Bar issues. Someone (possibly Patrick) beat me to filing them.
  5. For Design Layer Viewports, it works, showing the rest of the model in grayed wireframe when editing the crop object, with darker wireframe within the crop. However, on a sheet layer, the "Other Objects" being shown when i toggle the setting seem to be the other viewports on the sheet layer but not the rest of the model contained in the viewport im actively editing. I just tried the same test in 2017 and got the same result. This seems unfamiliar but I'll confer with the techs and see what's going on or if I simply never noticed the change before.
  6. Just tested here on a fleshed out file and no, it is not working as expected. It isn't completely nonfunctional but it's behaving differently than I remember. Checking now.
  7. Should be controlled under Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Display > Show Other Objects while in editing modes.
  8. I'm PRETTY confident in calling this a bug, I was able to replicate immediately. Same behavior with a 3D poly, the other other 3D objects I know of that an both be affected by the Offset tool as well as have a texture. 2D objects always keep their fill and pen attributes when being offset, so I would expect 3D offsets to do the same with textures. Submitting as a bug now. VB-145794
  9. Just had the chance to formally file this. VE-98254 Going to catch up on many others in the coming weeks as well.
  10. Would you mind sending me that file? The Site Model on it's own in a test file would be perfectly fine. Feel free to direct message it to me if you do not want to post it publicly.
  11. E series licensing (The standard pro type) is the same for both Mac and Windows. I am fairly confident this is now globally how it is handled, but if you are located in the UK then yes the license should work for either, you'd just need different installers. I would say from personal experience, Windows tends to have more, but smaller and easily fixed problems, whereas some Mac problems are fewer but can be unfixable because of OS updates. However, this trend seems to be changing and genuine bugs (ie not a problem that turned out to be operator error) tend to more and more often be cross platform. (I do want to take a look at the analytics to see if my personal impressions match the concrete data, but I have a few items to tend to from the last week that I need to clear up first.)
  12. If you're using more than one 1080p display or a single 4K or other high res display, I suspect you will see a significant improvement. The 600 series was powerful at the time but its lower VRAM allotment really hinders it today. If you like, send me the file and I can show you how it will perform on more recent hardware in a video before you make your decision.
  13. Instantaneous replication of the issue in the file, submitting this as a bug now. There are a few already submitted semi-related to this but not with such clear cut examples, thank you! VB-145786
  14. File > Print > Print PDF is doing this? Does the regular File > Export PDF do this as well? When you're doing the actual physical print, what application are you opening the PDF in? Acrobat, Adobe Reader, Preview?