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  1. And I think, from a user perspective this is deeply wrong. E.g., just create an Icon for Save or Save As Command and put it in Top Bar or in a Panel and - tada - it is a Tool. Like it is for Microstation or Cinema4D. Also Edit and Modify "Commands" are just Tools. It is so arbitrary in VW. For me as a user - everything ist just a Tool. I would rather separate between "Tools that create something" vs "Tools that modify something already existing" And I do not understand why there are modifying Tools like Select/Drag Tool and Move-by-Points, but there is another Move/3D "Command" Or why Scale is no Tool or not capable like any other CAD's Scale Tool. (From Object/WCS/Any Center, From Snap Base to Snap Reference, by Number, Evenly vs XYZ separatelly, ...)
  2. Yes, if you render in 3D, 2D drawing order does not work. In 3D, things have to be 3D. Meaning that you have to stack Objects in Z height. Any overlapping objects at same height will most times cause render issues (Z-fighting) I would extrude the Rectangles too. Use slightly different heights, largest height for the most top object. Doesn't need much extrude distance. Depending on scale, some cm or even mm extrusion may be enough.
  3. I use about 6 digits in VW Settings with hide trailing zeros option. (0.000000 or more) So normally you will see e.g. a short number input of 4.32 If something went wrong, you would see e.g. 4.319999999 or 4.320000100 Which makes it pretty obvious to recognize in OIP number fields.
  4. Ahm, .... no. (two different pair of shoes) OpenGL View Style is realtime and using GPU. RW Render is CPU only and takes much longer to calculate but has more features (Global Illumination calculation, (blurry) Reflections, ... and is more accurate. In OpenGL render mode you can activate a less accurate kind of Hidden Line overlay and Ambient Occlusion too. In RW Rendering you can also mimik a kind of OpenGL look, but not vice versa.
  5. Had that too. Took a lot of time until I solved it. Unfortunately I forgot how. (Applying a custom line style or such ....)
  6. I am not sure if that was the case here in any way .... But it could still be that you have "Show / Snap / Modify Others" activated for Classes - but different setting for Layers - and the elements are not on active Layer - that it would make sense that you can't edit such objects. Still after lots of VW years, when anything is not selectable or editable in VW, I learned that 90% of times it is just a wrong Visibility/Edibility Setting in Layers+Classes. I still make such mistakes with wrong Class/Layer settings, every now and then. So maybe worth to double check. That does only mean that I carefully check each time my Class/Layer Settings first. This does not mean that the other 10% would not give enough other reasons for such issues to happen. As I also experience some strangeness in Selections or Snapping in latest VW 2021. If Click Select will not work, Marquee Selection mostly does better. Snapping from within Extrude Edit Mode was always an adventure.
  7. Maybe a problem with the new "level of detail" setting. Which can show Windows, Symbol geometry, .... in 3 different levels, reduced, medium and fully detailed. You can also link these levels to automatically switch according to layer scale. Your Windows appearance looks like the reduced, lowest LOD.
  8. OK, experience it myself. Going into extrude Edit Mode may show my 2D elements - or not. In this case also the environment is invisible. Just my Heliodon and any random element I don't know is visible .... Getting down with OpenGl Performance Settings does not help. Seems it is related to when Clip Cube is on. If I deactivate Clip Cube I can see my geometry inside my Extrude again. (Just that without clip cube I can't recognize to what lines I should snap to) BTW I'm on M1 Mac.
  9. That is what I meant by : But this alone will prevent from distorted vertical lines only, but you may not get your desired "section of picture" Therefore the second step : Means you keep your camera strictly horizontal (your image will show only half of the desired building and another half of unwanted ground) Instead of tilting the camera upwards, to get your"section of picture", which would distort vertical lines, you have to move the cameras lens vertically. This is basically the same result as you would get in Modo or Cinema4d when shifting the image sensor by a Y shift value. (Or a real old Foto Camera with large film size and Bellow) or in Twinmotion or Enscape, automatically by just activating things like an "architectural camera" Option or similar. The problem in VW is just that this fragil setup easily destroys itself .... :
  10. Yes, TM has "screen space" Reflections and GI (or rasterization) What is not visible in the View or behind the Camera, can't appear in Reflections. Unreal is full of such fake helpers, like reflection planes which can reflect the whole scene, that you put into your scene for important things like mirrors or your glass table. But Realtime will still mean some limitations or faking for the next years. Also in Enscape, it has RT Reflections and can see the whole scene, but AFAIK it is limited to a single ray. If you have 2 mirrors that reflect each other, that will not work too. We are used to Raytracing since decades - with CPU non-realtime renderers. Even there we prefer biased renderers, which cut off further rays or limit the amount reflecting rays for ore realistic render time.
  11. I just read about some cases on the german forum. AFAIK so far Support not able to replicate and no solution. If I miss things on screen I would first try to lower the OpenGL quality settings in VW settings.
  12. Crash Dump Files and crash txt are Windows things. (Sometimes they appear directly in your Windows User Folder, (crash txt which gets overwritten by the next crash - or not) sometimes in your Project Folder beside your File. AFAIK there should be also a special Folder which I didn't had. And often there aren't any of such files created) Usually on Mac you found your Crashlogs in Console.app in Programme>Dienstprogramme. But since Big Sur it is no more that easy to find them. There are no Crashlogs and Hanglogs. Search for your specific App name if applicable. When participating Apples Open Beta it is mandatory to activate "send data to Apple" but macOS asks anyway if you want to send the crashlog after an App crash. I think there is a new extra Setting since Big Sur, that Apple is allowed to submit such logs to App Developers - which I activated also (As I always thought Apple would directly bomb the App Developers with my Crashlogs already. Would be a waste if Developers could not see them)
  13. The best Final Cut station only - at its time. I had no real App that ever used both of my D700 GPUs. And if I had it may have overheated like for those using real GPU rendering. 2x 6Core Xeon would have been much more affordable and even faster than a single 12 core Xeon, therefore I had the 6 core only. And the reality at that time would have been CPU rendering for me. And I never got used to the round form. It visually never worked anywhere between or beside something else, only when free standing and therefore wasted my desk real estate. Also my first Mac Pro that needed Dongles and USB Hubs, TB, for storage and input devices. Also TB2/Mini DP unplugs so easily. Yes, it was very silent, when hidden, pretty inconspicuous but far from faster or from what I ever wanted to buy. I think most MP 2012 owners where much happier with their long lasting Mac and Nvidia GPUs over that period.
  14. Walls or other PIO that are Story/Level bound will not work from within Symbols as they can't recognize or react to what happens outside of the Symbol world. A bit better (but still not 100% reliable ?) is the use of 3D Design Layer Viewports. Not sure what is the best way for calculations and tables, because of object counting, Spaces, annotations, .... Beside it may be better if you just copy your (grouped ?) Walls including Doors and Windows traditionally and only put save objects (like Furniture, ...) into a Symbol. Or if you are lucky and all Apartments have same Story/Level heights, and you want to use especially a Symbol, switch the Wall top/bottom to absolute numbers or Layer and Layer Wall heights.
  15. I think you should buy an additional TB dock. 3 Monitors can be tedious but not completely impossible. Basically. But after all those Trash Can years you may want something notably faster than before, so I would wait a bit for something beefier than a M1 Mini. I think the next are faster MacBook Pros. Large iMac and or Mac Mini in "Pro" gray may take some more time but should at least arrive before 2022.
  16. I think it is exactly the same problem. Check/Edit your Glazing-clear Class if "Use at creation" is activated. (I see it is not always, when Glazing-clear gets generated automatically) If it is not activated, it can be that the object still uses another Material. You would need to explode/ungroup your Door PIO to check what Material is used in reality. AFAIK, if you activate that Setting for a Class afterwards, VW will ask if it should change already existing objects to the Class Settings. Accept that and your door panel glazing should get the Material of the Glazing-Clear Class.
  17. And yes, all M1 will only run on macOS 11.(3 now) and upwards. Only VW 2020 upwards has macOS 11 support. Maybe in late summer there will come more capable MacBook Pros. Larger iMac and maybe a beefier Mac Mini may take until the end of the year. But I expect them to not be that cheap. Therefore a M1 Mac may still be a good offer.
  18. You can keep your camera level and later move the crop of your viewport upwards until you get your desired image crop. (But that setup will get destroyed when you re-enter the Camera and do changes to the Camera, you have to readjust crop and viewport position afterwards again)
  19. I had similar in the very past. AFAIK it was that the Class, used for Glass Material assignment had "use Class properties" check box not enabled, so the glass geometry was still on a random Attributes or Materials setting.
  20. For me it looks like that weak M1 Mini can handle large projects (beside CPU Rendering), loading files, 3D Views and Editing, nearly equally to the Ryzen 3950X 64 GB RX6800 PC. And it is even faster for any larger single core calculations like imports or geometry cleanup/conversion. And this is still for non optimized 3D packages under Rosetta penalty.
  21. From older VW to C4D experience, it was always that after Exchange Update, newly created geometry would have brought in the old VW material again, So I had to overwrite just these few old incoming Materials, by ALT+drag the C4D Materials, and I was good again. But AFAIK, in latest Versions of C4D Exchange, even that was no more needed (?) I think these are things that @Dave Donleycould sort out. I still have no real overview how the the TM Mapping options work or are meant to use. But bad to read that it does not work reliably between VW and TM (by Datasmith export ?) Maybe again something for @Dave Donley Same for :
  22. I am not sure. There is the feature of spreading Entourage as easy as I always wished to have. Rendering quality so far is not as good as I wish to have (I would prefer Enscape) but I think totally OK for my projects. And how long it will take until all Unreal real time Raytracing will find its way into TM. I also do always geometry versions. It works great to separate Verisions in VW by Classes and Layers, saved Views, saving Viewports with Visibilities and Batch Render by Publish Sets. (Where I think the UI/UX is suboptimal like many other corners of VW) So for now I still use VW to C4D Exchange workflow. Class/Layer Hierarchy from VW and Render Takes for Version Control and Batch Rendering. For moving to TM that would also mean, Hierarchy from VW pus saving tons of duplicate camera perspectives which behave similar to VW's Saved Views. Batch Rendering not as comfortable as VW or C4D but doable. On the other hand fast complex interiors or even videos, which I so far I rejected with CPU rendering, are possible now too. I am pretty sure that there will come a Mac Version of Enscape in a reasonable time frame. but I think I would miss the animated cars and peoples or entourage spreading of TM. And, as Bricscad decided to optionally integrate parts of Enscape to Bricscad on their own, I would have to run 2 subscriptions, while all other compatible Software would work from a single Enscape License. On the other side, overall I am not used to or a fan of Unreal's Game Engine behavior with Game Launcher, strange installations, still old complex non PBR workflows and all that.
  23. Ahm, meanwhile we have 4 different M1 devices from Apple. MacBook Air 13" M1 MacBook Pro 13" M1 Mac Mini M1 and in a few days, iMac 24" M1
  24. Hey, maybe they use Bootcamp Windows. It is just the pretty Apple hardware everyone uses to advertise. (BTW, these Macs are all pre-2012)
  25. Great choice. I seems to not make much difference if you prefer to buy a MB Air, MBP, Mini or iMac M1 for VW. Whatever you prefer. With 16 GB you are on the save side for some years to come.


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