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  1. Was it only Bump Mapping ? Looks more like Displacement Mapping. Otherwise the edges would still be straight ...
  2. I experienced that yesteray by accident when I opened an old project for testing. At first, when I saw GI calculation going on and on I was shocked that my M1 Mac Mini is terribly slow for RW Rendering. It was an easy scene and I thought it had been much faster even on the old Trash Can Mac Pro. So I canceled and went to Windows Ryzen 3950X and it was similar slow. So I let it alone for Rendering and after 12 minutes I realized that activated Grass Shader Rendering. But it was only a small area around the House. Tried a bit more to optimize it for render time with decreasing density. But everything below what I already had didn't look like Grass anymore. So I deactivated Grass rendering and had my usual RW responsiveness. Sub 1 minute for a screen rendering in the Ryzen case. Went back to M1 Mini and tried again without Grass Rendering. And it was about 1:30 Minutes on my M1 Mini. So about 66% of astonishing render power of a 16 core 32 thread Ryzen ! Surprise, now I am even more happy about my M1 Mini for VW RW Rendering. And will avoid Grass Shader in VW or C4D. AFAIK GrassShaders works much better with Modo or Vray.
  3. I think we can't expect anything. Maybe a SP3 or not even in march. Version Releases are in mid September.
  4. I tried with a small basic file. I don't see any lags and no difference if something selected or not. I tried a complex file, see some lags. Not really in zoom scale but similar to missing frames in between. And also I can't notice any difference between single or multiple element selection or non though. But I am on latest VW 2021, on M1 Mini with Big Sur 11.3
  5. I think the problem is that the top polygons of a VW DTM are flipped. So the grass grows downwards into the terrain ..... so you just can't see. I thought that was fixed in any way some time ago ? At least that was a thing on the german forum. Yes, we could argue to which degree VW grass shader is realistic 😉
  6. Had the largest on a 2 m table. Loved it. Tried a drafting machine from my father too but preferred my Mayline.
  7. zoomer

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    I think there are lots of good video tutorials for VW. E.g. on their YouTube channel. Especially starter tutorials, which got much better since I started VW with these. It is good to even just watch VW tutorial videos for entertainment, to get a feel for VW and its possibilities. As, I have now real clue about how Revit works, but I expect that it works totally different than VW. And at the beginning you may just more miss all Revit comforts, which may not be in VW, before getting aware about VW Pros until you get more familiar with these.
  8. That's good to read .... Maybe I need that myself one time ....
  9. Got it. I think it is not OK and a case for VW Support. Or if the Walls where already fit to existing Roof before, a AEC : "delete Wall Peaks", before re-fitting may help ?
  10. I think the problem is that that Wall will extend to or touch the existing and kept, larger part of Roof, and the new Roof (?) (Or are these both on Layer new Roof, and I am misinterpreting the object color ?) Looks like a quite difficult situation where I would not blame VW tools for failing and think it would be valid to model and BIM tag the demolition objects manually. Or create a temporary helper Layer with a unique Roof to just fit the Walls, or better keep existing Walls to existing Roof and add upgrades for new Wall extensions if applicable ?
  11. Just want to point out that I don't really like the artificial difference and need of double tagging between IFC2x3 vs 4.0.
  12. There is a Setting in VW Settings, or in Quick Settings Bar (top right directly above drawing) which you can pull out from the little arrow. It switches visible environment elements, when in an Edit Mode, on or off. If this does not help, it would be the same problem as for Slab's Edit Mode, which isn't able to do so, unfortunately.
  13. Bricscad does this too. Kind of Boolean geometry for Wall Openings, usually in Bricscad reside in a hidden Class, ahm, Layer in autocadish, called BC_SUBTRACT. But if I am not wrong, Vectorworks IFC exports create those too ? Or was it even Revit ? I just thought this is also needed for IFC to define Openings (?) And I think Revit hasn't really something like Layers, but I expect it to have some way to globally hide such geometry (?) Or to select and delete, if that will not lead to close the Openings in Walls ...
  14. And I think it is a bit fiddly until you get the Texture Beds to actually show the "Texture". For me it always took some time again to get the correct Assignment of RW Texture ... by checking and assigning to Class/Material and such things until it appeared .... But I do roads and walkways on DTM also by Texture Beds.
  15. I haven't seen that so far. In the past there was a heavy lag when trying to zoom while your cursor hovered over crowded geometry, as it did not stop calculating snapping points while zooming. That got better over the years. But I think there was a little regression with latest VW 2021 graphics updates. But AFAIK, no matter if anything already selected or not (?)
  16. In the past I never noticed any differences between Mouse or 3D Navigator's View Navigation. But in the last 2 years, so long before Big Sur or Apple Silicon, I sometimes saw in very crowded files, that one or the other input method lagged while the other works smooth. I think ist started with mouse input lagging while 3D navigator was still smooth. Lately I saw it the opposite way, mouse no issue, 3D Navigator nearly unusable. I just can't remember when and where, if VW, Bricscad or Modo, Windows, Big Sur or M1, ....
  17. Something kills the Fill of the Object (or Class ? if Attributes by Class) as you can see in Attributes Palette. No Fill applied, no 3D Appearance. I don't know why this happens and if this is a works as designed. You could try to Reference your Import file instead of importing the IFC into your drawing file .... Or you could check if something was lost in imported Class Settings Or try to explode/ungroup all IFC Elements and assign all Attributes by Class. If integrety isn't that important. But caution ! AFAIK at least the IFC Tags are assigned to the IFC Container (only?) and may get lost when exploding. If you will receive regular updates from architects, I think it is a very good Idea to import the IFC into a Container file and reference that file into your Site Design file.
  18. For me it is very satisfying to draw a VW Rectangle .... with a Pen, while seeing your hand, directly on my Cintiq Display. Or PushPull, dragging Objects or panning the View. I think we're back to Coriander .... some love drawing on Screen, while others really hate when their hand occludes parts of their Drawing .... (What did all these people before PCs when drawing on paper 🧐 )
  19. Me too. I bought that expensive Mouse with a separate MMB. So I disabled MMB click for Scroll Wheel in Settings. Meanwhile I switched it back on again. As I am used to click on it from time to time anyway, when coming back from PC with Mad Catz mouse. Basically I really like the "Smart Scrolling" option for 3DConnexions scroll wheel, like for web browsing or in Finder. But I usually, selectively deactivate it for some CAD/3D Apps. But I like it for scrolling through Classes in VW's Navi Palette. And over-zooming in CAD isn't such an issue : - short backwards to stop zooming - fast backwards zooming, for a shorter amount of time - oposite direction to stop zooming you may get used to the timing to zoom very fast to the Scale you desire, by muscle memory.
  20. I have to, as there isn't anything else. But for fast controlled CAD/3D Zooming (about Cursor, again !) for me that is even 3 times worse than zooming with a my old Magic Mouse. I usually prefer to workaround with the old Space Navigator, which fits on the Cintiq's large Bezel. I would imagine that something like a Surface Dial could work for me as a Scroll Wheel replacement, together with the Pen.
  21. What about Apple's Touch Pad 2 ? Does it work for VW ?
  22. Basically it works great. The only thing is with "Zoom around Cursor" in CAD, that is so heavily dependent on a Scroll Wheel, which Pens don't offer. Nevertheless this isn't any issue in any of my 3D Apps. Like Zooming Modo Wheel OR! ALT+CTRL+LMB, in C4D ALT+RMB(?), .... each App offers full View Navigation without the need of a Mouse Scroll Wheel, by Modifier Key + standard Mouse Buttons. VW doesn't even offer a Tool (+Icon) to do a Zoom about(!) Cursor.


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