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  1. Looks like you are in a perspective mode. In this case the look of your view could be plausible that it sits correct in Z. But switch to an orthographic Side View, to be able to see if the top of floor is really at Z=0.00
  2. This Setting will move the User Origin automatically for you ! To a, what I think, relatively arbitrary position, just read from the DWG geometries bounding box center, which has no meaning. But at least this way the DWG will be centered on VW Origin for best precision and/but you will still work in "world" coordinates (Which I never want. I want 0/0/0 centered at my building grid !) But if VW has a problem with Rulers and switching Element positions .... I would say this is a bug.
  3. Now I remember I had similar too. But AFAIR it was creating Slabs from Polylines or even placing round Walls. They were totally off in XYZ when created in an isometric view but ok when created in Top Plan View. For me that looks like a bigger issue. I assume a VW 2022 regression caused by something like changes with deprecated Screen Plane (but not all cases found where Screen Plane still contaminates objects, tools or files)
  4. I also expect 24/ Pro 48/ Max 96 GB. But for the 192 GB option you will need the Ultra
  5. Ha, the problem is - if you want the 128 GB - you will need to go Ultra. If you like double CPU cores and Video Decoders or not.
  6. When using Cinerender, VW will use all CPU cores. But for loading files, importing/export, starting a 3D view, creating Sections, .... VW may only use 1-4 (or up to 8 ?) threads. I am sure that there may be still some potential to MT one or other task or use more threads. But CAD and Modeling is often not like Rendering or some Scientific Tasks that can make use of infinite threads.
  7. If possible I would go on using your M1 Max 64 GB. Basically that should work well. I would wait 6-12 (?) months until larger M2s settled. I also had large problems with SLVP Viewport rendering or editing. (But on Windows too. I think it is ok to say that is a VW 2022 regression) So far I tested only VP Rendering and Sections. Not Editing. Since SP4 that works much better for me on Mac. And as I see it needs only half the RAM on PC vs SP3.1. Overall SP4 seems to better swap memory to SSD or give it back after usage. Looks like even my M1 Mini is now capable of a bit larger files than before, but of course still too limited for what I really need. I also see lags in View Navigation, when I exceed my memory. (Yellow memory pressure in Activity Monitor) until everything lags and it looks like every work of VW is swapped to SSD and shifted back and forth. But meanwhile I think that would not happen that often if I had 64 instead of only 16 GB. Like I also use easily 32 GB for VW alone on my PC for larger projects. So i would first test again with SP4. (If you have the ITA VW version you may need to wait another 1-2 weeks for SP4 ?) If it runs better - great. If not, I would also wait 10 weeks and hope for VW 2023 improvements (?)
  8. In later x86 most cores were multithreaded (1 core = 2 Threads) Multithreading for consumers started around 2005 (?) The acceleration was about 40% vs single threaded. So far from 200%, but a nice boost that, at Intel iMac 27" times, was worth the Apple Upgrade Tax. But not all CPUs had multithreading. Like cheaper i3 and i5 usually had multithreading disabled. AFAIK also the newer efficiency cores are often only single threaded while only power cores are multithreaded. Multithreaded mainly meant dual-threaded. But could be much more on larger CISC dies. AFAIK it was long time speculated that AMD may switch to 4 threads for their Threadrippers and Server CPUs. But that did not happen so far. ARM CPUs are usually single threaded. AFAIK ARM could do MT too, if it would be worth in overall efficiency and energy consumption, for the typical devices that use ARM hardware. Maybe it is still better to just use 40% more but simpler ST cores. So for now the Studio Ultra has 20 cores / 20 Threads. But beside other cores, the 20 CPU cores of the Ultra scale well, similar to what we were used from our Intel Macs. That is true for AMD or Intel CPU too. Usually for ST tasks, they switch through all cores, to better distribute the heat over the whole die, or prefer one of the better cores, to reach highest ST Boost frequency. If you have MT and more and more cores in use at a time, the max Boost Frequency decreases again at certain steps for power and thermal reasons. The marketed standard CPU frequency is what the CPU should reach if all cores are in use, at least under propper cooling. No, VW offentimes can use only a single core, as there are threads in CAD that can't be separated into multiple threads as they need to be calculated linearly and everything else has to wait for that result. But you can use those other free CPU Cores/Threads for iTunes, Mail, Safari, .... during that time. All M1 cores/threads will be used when doing CPU Rendering like RW or Redshift CPU. An Ultra has 20 cores = 20 Threads, these will be used. Ultra is getting beaten because it is by far not yet the strongest CPU availabe. Also because AMD or Intel lets 12900K use much more power. (My Ryzen 3950X peaks at about 170 W. The Ultra is about same as fast but needs max 60(?) W)
  9. Yes. At least the M2 is 18% (?) faster. But Intel, good in single core in the past, nearly overtaken by AMD lately, good much better again too. M1 and better M2 are still on the OK side but far from leading, which M1 let us hope for, nearly 2 years ago. But if rumors turn out to be true and larger M2s (Pro/Max/Ultra/Extreme/Ludicrous/...) will already use 3 nm production, it could look a bit better. Nevertheless, my M1 Mini is already 6 moths over its expected life time, to bridge waiting for something (really) better. So I am curious how long I further have to wait ....
  10. Hmmh, I think rotated Plan View has to improve in general. It is not unlikely that a Building, or part of it, needs to be aligned to View Pane. And it should be easier to make all object creation and editing to align with that angle abberation. Maybe it would work if you activate a custom rotated UCS before you place your Spaces or Annotations (?)
  11. zoomer


    ^ I have similar experience so far. SP4 is better for me. Maybe still not all fixed but definitely better. OK, could be related latest macOS public Beta improvements too.
  12. Ah, got it. Yes, it was mainly on the German forum. On the other hand .... If I can open a US student File and accidentally copy something (a stylized Wall) from that file and paste it into one of my files - I would contaminate my commercial file with watermarks ?
  13. zoomer


    Hmmh, meanwhile I tried SP4 on Windows. I have 4 RW Render Elevations on A0 plan. First I tried still with SP3.1 Overall RAM usage was 59 GB (of total 64 GB) Then I closed VW 2022, started the Updater, opened VW SP4. Now the overall RAM is max 34 GB ! That is nearly only half as much RAM usage for VW.
  14. zoomer


    It looks like for me it made SL Viewport Rendering better on my M1. Memory pressure gets brown but it seems to get green and free memory after each finished viewport before it gets brownish again. I am not totally sure but it looks like there is better swapping for "too" large files too. It gets brown and slow when it does a task that needs more than available RAM. But once finished M1 went back to green and navigation is fluid. VW 2022 SP4 still does not give all memory free. (VW started, sub 1 GB - VW working, then closing all files, VW 4GB) And just with my ugly RVT import projects, 250 MB file size is ok. but with 360 MB it would need more RAM just for showing the Model on screen, then switching between Palettes, Selection and view Navigation does lag. But when you wait until Mac and VW switched and shifted memory to the current task, it works relatively fluidly. Not much fun to work but at least possible. (But just early tests on M1 and I want to see in Windows with AMD too)
  15. I think for VW to Blender, FBX is currently the best Export. But FBX is a proprietary Autodesk file format and it doesn't work lossless for me in any App. C4D is quite good but there is even better C4D Exchange with VW. FBX to Modo needs large rework of Materials, Cameras are off by some digits. VW has no FBX import and so on. FBX is usually still better than outdated 3DS or other formats. But mainly FBX will bring in good geometry. I hope for larger adaption of Pixar's USD format which is very hyped as a exchange format in 3D Apps. I see all 3D Apps (Blender, Modo, C4D, ...) working on it. Maybe USD will one day get for 3D what ODA does with IFC for AEC CAD.
  16. BTW, would there be an option to make student version files for pro versions just : - watermarked - non-savable - non-printable - non-editable but being able to open and examine from a pro version ? On the forum we do not see if it is a student or commercial customer. And when trying to help with other user's problems on the forum, we all have so often downloaded somany student files to look at - just to realize we can't open them and have to say that we can't help.
  17. I agree. I can import RVT or IFC much faster in my other CAD. FBX export from VW was usually OK for me, beside that if the file is too large, VW will save an empty FBX file.
  18. - Resolves memory errors that occurred during viewport rendering This looks much better for me
  19. I tested a bit today with SP4. For me Viewport Rendering on my M1 Mini 16 GB looks ok now. Memory Pressure gets brown of course but after each viewport it gives some memory back and it gets green for a moment. Also when I activate Viewport caching and file size rises. VW seems to be able to swap less important things so that memory pressure stays green and I can view navigate. Tested some bad RVT Imports too. 250 MB file size is quite OK. With 360 MB I start to get lags but I could basically work.
  20. There came a VW 2022 SP4. That seems to address some memory problems, like for Viewport updates. Will test tomorrow.
  21. I have still no clue if more memory would really eliminate my largest and worst Projects lacking on my M1 Mini 16 GB, as soon as memory pressure goes yellow. Do you have to also deal with non optimized drawings by Revit or IFC imports ? Does your memory pressure always stays green with your largest projects ?
  22. How many RAM do they use so far, maxed out to 128 GB RAM ? (or are these later Mac Minis ?) Nevertheless, the M1 GPU performance is much much better than the onboard Intel graphics in Intel Minis. If they are really still ok with 2014 Minis, I see no problem with the Studios and M1 Max. But if they will run these again another 8 years, it might be worth to add some more memory ....
  23. Apple ARM has shared Memory. This uses fast RAM modules, not as fast as typical VRAM, but on the other side there is no need the CPU calculate in RAM and send the result back to VRAM for the GPU via PCI, which is faster. Also theoretically M Macs can use nearly the whole shared memory for the GPU, if needed. (Where do you find a PC GPU with about 96 GB of VRAM !)
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