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  1. Generally VW imports all resources and safes them in its *.vwx file format to make data exchange between users more comfortable. Image files will be converted while import to standard PNG or optionally JPEG in later VW Versions. PNG is compressed but lossless, JPEG is a lossy compression but smaller in file size. AFAIK when importing image files you can reference these instead. May work for underlays, not sure if applicable for image textures in RW materials. But that will not help for images already integrated into your file. I am not sure if there is any reasonable workaround to get these images out of VW again with Alpha Channel, maybe by trying any copy and paste into other Apps. Or at least re-rasterizing by exporting and recreating alpha in PS. If you really want to work with the images, I think it is best to ask the author to send you the images originals separately. For Image Textures in RW Materials a possible workaround would be to export the scene to Cinema4D, which creates a "tex" resource Folder containing all Texture files. The PNGs should keep their Alphas.
  2. Interesting ! In my tests I have only seen NO transparency so far. While in Enscape their transparency works out of the box. So I thought Twinmotion would use other black/while mode than Vectorworks. Similar has been the case for C4D standard vs VRAY4C4D standard.
  3. I also sorted the whole Context Menu from scratch for my special needs. Same for Menus and Palettes.
  4. I haven't seen any problems in FBX translations. But I think C4D is even more advanced. Also you can improve your file and materials already in Cinema4D. Well, as long as there is no real Exchange to Twinmotion, I see it more like an Export at a certain VW file state and going on working in Twinmotion. Like changing material assignments, moving parts and such. "Collapsed by Material" will left you with a single large mesh object per material. Maybe there are workarounds but looks more complicated. Like I use C4D Exchange all the time and I do a lot of changes beside material replacements there.
  5. I think I have to play a little more with "refreshing" FBX. Basically, as long as C4D/FBX exports have proper hierarchies, like those from VW, I usually keep these object hierarchies when importing. As that has advantages if you need to modify things later in Twinmotion and as Twinmotion is able to deal with such complex hierarchies. (Much better than Modo !) So normally an Import "Collapsed by Material" for me is a Workaround where absolutely necessary. But if that's more reliable I have to rethink.
  6. From Tests the Vega48 option is much faster in 3D Views or GPU Renderings. If you are interested in RW Rendering with C4D Engine, a better GPU will not help, C4D Renderer works by using CPU only. So the more cores and faster GHz the faster. Faster GPU will help in VW OpenGL Views and the faster HBM2 memory should accelerate initial model loading into VRAM. As GPUs aren't upgradeable I would go with the best GPU option for Macbook/iMac/iMac Pro
  7. For C4D or FBX from VW I use always export "keeping VW hierarchy". Usually I do also import VW exports by keeping VW hierarchy into Twinmotion. Just Bricscad's FBX export, while geometry wise very good, doesn't even translate Layer hierarchy nor naming (beside for Blocks). So just a mess of separate objects when importing. Therefore there isn't much other chance than sorting by Materials while Twinmotion import. Maybe that import with sorting by materials in Twinmotion is error prone (?) Maybe more likely Bricscad tends to change object's numbers or IDs with every export which confuses Twinmotion's Material Assignments.
  8. Yes, opposed to older OpenGL Versions, Vulkan and Metal are low level graphic APIs that allow more direct access to a GPU's hardware. So faster but in case of Vulkan much more complicated to work with. So lower level in this case means better.
  9. As long as there is no real Exchange, has anybody experience with "refreshing" VW Models in Twinmotion ? Like by C4D or FBX export. So far I tested mostly with FBX from Bricscad. I have most Materials overwritten in Twinmotion. After I added new Geometry and refreshed in Twinmotion, some of my Glass Panels in Curtain Walls randomly got a Wood Material from my Furniture and such things.
  10. I am no native speaker so I didn't really get that part. VW 2021 will be the first version "supporting" Metal (in some way ?) but VGM will keep working with OpenGL ? (not Vulkan). So MoltenGL ? Or something other from in-house or 3rd party ? Nevertheless that should accelerate VW graphics. And the target is to make VGM totally independent from OS's graphic APIs, but that may take (lot ?) more time ...
  11. Exactly. RW Render uses the same CineEngine like C4D from Maxon for Rendering. And Cinebench from Maxon is the 1:1 Benchmark for CPU Rendering with CineEngine. So if you compare two machines Cinebench resultes and one has double the points, your RW Render will be double as fast than the slower machine. But for your GPU, I think C4D/Maxon bought Redshift or something which may be a GPU Renderer. At least VW CEO said something in the keynote video about such thing finding its way into VW at some point. So it may be a good idea to have a powerful GPU for the future anyway.
  12. The VW-like Orbit in Twinmotion for me is SHIFT+MMB. (I think you should hover a Face to define the rotation center, otherwise it is not fun. Or was that in Enscape or Bricscad ?)
  13. Strange. I thought about that. But these Shadows don't look that "soft". Like starting sharp from the beginning and getting more blurred away from it. They look just ... shorter (?) So I am not sure if that is really ok from RW side (?) I do. Because I like PBR (physical based Rendering) and old school Ambient Light is fake. But I don't want to be a fundamental moralist if someone adds a bit of Ambient Light in interior scenes to get faster results by undersampling or wants the Render to look like he wants it to look. Basically Ambient Occlusion is just a similar fake Effect and totally forbidden in VRAY circles, I use it though. 🙂
  14. Wow, I like that design ! I have never seen that before. Looks like you would use different Heliodons or time settings (month) in each Render Mode. For the shadow brightness in RW Mode, do you use any (too much) Ambient Light ? I don't use any Ambient Light when using Global Illumination. (You have to keep Ambient Light activated for Ambient Occlusion effect, but I set it to 0.0)
  15. Would have been an easy answer 🙂 There were rare posts on this Forum about the ALT key being ignored for whatever reasons in the past. I assume you tried restarting VW and OS already. For the Layer maybe like Boolean operations it needs to have all Objects on the same active Layer ?
  16. Yes, the fix is your Timing when using the ALT key to subtract. Can't describe it exactly when. I try each time from scratch when I need it. But you could also just use standard Add/Subtract Solids. It is basically the same.
  17. Try Enscape Beta. It works pretty ok with VW RW setups and is basically a one button solution. EDIT Yes, beside Twinmotion, most Real Time solutions are Windows only. I like Twinmotion very much though.
  18. RW is basically C4D. You can get about 90% of C4D Quality in VW RW. The rest is mostly just more comfort in organizing, setting up and rendering. But if you have C4D you can add VRAY for C4D, which will deliver the highest quality in (ArchViz) Rendering if you need. Or Corona and what not .... And very interesting are the current Real Time Renderers with decent quality vs full CPU Rendering. Which you can use also directly from VW by Plugins. Like Lumion, Enscape (Beta) and Twinmotion (Plugin soon ?)
  19. Instead of deleting you can just un-check "Crossed Planes" in OIP for Image Props. Thanks for the Video. That is exactly what I tried yesterday. Yesterday that Replace entry was missing in my Context Menu. Today it's there. 🙂
  20. Great ! Yes, Image Props can have 2 Planes. I also saw them exported as a Group with 2 separate Meshes. But AFAIK these crossed planes are just an option, similar to the "look at camera feature, at least when creating these. But maybe you can simply deactivate the second plane from the OIP ? It doesn't work for me as it seems that I can not edit nor explode these VW Plant Objects BTW, I was not able to find the Replace Tool or any way to replace Geometry in Twinmotion. (I just replaced Materials so far) How does it work ?
  21. Sorry, I have no Landscape. Just Architecture. I am not sure if your "Plant Objects" come over correctly for me. And Export Option is called "Export Symbols as Render Instances". I tried to export with keep hierarchy. And in C4D there is the typical hidden Symbols Folder. But for me it contains empty "Locators" only. But as the Plants, for me, come over as separate "Image Props", there is also a Folder for "Auto-rotating image props" When I select Plants in View, it will select directly the Image Props. Unfortunately they all have the default standard naming. So impossible to search or select the correct Plants. What I don't get, the C4D file looks ok in C4D. But I have in "Geometry" Folder lots of Render Instances as expected. Those all are named to a proper Plant Name. Unfortunately they are not linked to any Original Symbol Object !? So useless.
  22. By switching OFF "Design Layer-01 ?
  23. Oh, I haven't tried the replace option so far. Did you export C4D with "keep Symbols" on ? So with "keep Hierarchy" on, C4D should have a hidden Group, containing the Symbols/Instances, at the bottom of its Object list. So you should replace the Plant in the Symbol Originals, not for the Instances. Theoretically. As I never tried if Symbol Instances come into Twinmotion or if Twinmotion has a Symbol/Instance Feature at all ..... In the bad case, if not, You could switch "keep Symbols option OFF. Will give a huge export file but maybe Twinmotion could deal better with that. In the worst case, create a VW transfer file and "ungroup" Plant Symbols or convert to groups (?). Try to give them a name and keep hierarchy to be able to better find and select them in Twinmotion.
  24. I think each user prefers his own unique aproach of many available. It also depends on the project and how complex your Class (ACAD=Layer) Setup is. I personally would prefer to use VW Layers (ACAD=n/a) I would create 3 Layers for each Story, 1 for each. Because for me it is easier to switch between states. That could interfere wich Wall Connections or Slab Auto Binding when being separated on different Layers though. Also you won't save much if you want different Appearance and PIO-Styles per state anyway. In case those 3 states will not need to many extra Classes, Classes might be the better way. Beside you can toggle Classes and/or Layers on and off in DesignLayers (ACAD=Model Space) as well as in Viewports on Sheet Layers (ACAD=Paper Space) as much as you want. Filters and Saved Views may help for Visibility Management. And basically I don't see any difference for that kind of Separation of states between 2D or 3D. I think there have already been some discussions about renovations here on the Forum. Might be worth to do a search.


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