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    Point Cloud Referencing

    I am not against direct referencing of Point Clouds of course. Just did a few tests so far. I thought there would be some preparing, cropping, relocating and such work to do, where not all could be accessible from a Reference ?
  2. zoomer

    Point Cloud Referencing

    On the other hand, what are problems when just referencing a VW File with the Point Cloud Import ?
  3. zoomer

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    AMD 5500/5700 (without XT) ?
  4. zoomer

    Space Mouse Enterprise on Windows

    Everything was fine - at least for VW 2019 - with 10.6.0 driver. It broke down with 10.6.2. They took it down and said there would be problems WHEN you use it with more than 1 Device. (Enterprise + CADMouse here) Unfortunately completely uninstalling 10.6.2 and reverting to 10.6.0 did not help for me, I did not have access to any App settings anymore. So I went back to 10.6.2. Everything else worked fine again, just VW lost Icons. (Commands, can't remeber ?) Beside that opening Blender crashed 3DCon Driver. I thought, here and on the German Forum, there are a handful users of CADMice and Enterprises. Maybe not at the same time ? At least no one beside me complained so far. Now came 10.6.3 and I hoped it would fix everything. VW still had no Icons on Display and switched to default 1-12 commands, which did strange things. (At least the driver does no more crash with Blender) But with adding the modified VW 2020 XML it works for now though. (VW 2019 too)
  5. I don't get my 3DConnexion Enterprise working on Windows. I think it was ok at the beginning, but corrupted with the release of the buggy 10.6.2 Driver. It was taken back soon from Downloads and replaced with the former 10.6.0 Driver for some time. Now 10.6.3 Driver was released and I hoped that it will work again. But it doesn't. I remember similar Problems when VW 2019 was released. I was able to repair these problems (only about 12 Commands without Names and Icons available under Vectorworks App Driver Settings Folder) At that time I was able to repair it by duplicating the VW 2018 XML in 3DConnection Folder in App/Roaming/ and replacing everything 2018 with 2019. But that doesn't work anymore for me, neither for VW 2019 nor 2020. As long as I use my old corrupt 2019 XML, when accessing Driver Settings, they will switch from VW APP to a "3DxSmartUI.exe" (which I think is the Driver Settings App itself) Deleting all VW XML entries will keep VW App active in Settings while editing but no Vectorworks App Commands Folder available, to assign buttons from. Or if it is there, it has these 12 number entries without Icons only. If it works for you, could someone please attach his Vectorworks.xml from C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\3Dconnexion\3DxWare\Cfg that I can take a look at it.
  6. zoomer

    Space Mouse Enterprise on Windows

    Hello Chih-Pin, I realized that is exactly the same XML as I had modified for me from that VW 2018 template. It will create a new XML in User/Roaming/.. as long as there is no other existing. It will work and bring back all the commands provided by VW. Just the Icons are missing. I see in my Bricscad.xml a lot of links to where to find the Icon images, (I think a mix of a few images copied to 3DCon Setting Folders, the rest somehow taken from Bricscad App) but I think VW never had such image links. No clue where VW stores these, to offer for Enterprise's Display.
  7. zoomer

    Space Mouse Enterprise on Windows

    Thanks a lot Chih-Pin !!! I did a lot of CFG deleting, restarts and un-/installs. All existing XMLs in C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\3Dconnexion\3DxWare\Cfg did not work. I got rid of all. I also found the 3DCon Folder C:\Program Files\3Dconnexion\3DxWare\3DxWinCore64\Cfg and the few VW configs included, VW 2018 latest. (a driver un-/install will recreate these, so they should be compatible ?) VW 2020-sized a copy of VW 2018 XML, this will create a working VW 2020 XML for me in my User Settings, after I opened VW 2020. It works and I got the (about 55 or so) VW commands now, as included in XML. Worked ok so far, just no Icons. I see your 2020 XML looks a bit more advanced than my 2018 duplicate. Will try as soon as I am back on Windows.
  8. zoomer

    Lag with a fully maxed out 2019 MBP... in 2d...

    Was it no problem with your previous Macbook Pro (in Signature), which only had a Intel Iris Graphic solution, which is below recommended VW min Specs ? I assume with your new maxed out Macbook, you will have a discrete GPU from AMD and it should be overall very suitable for VW demands. Which VW and macOS version are you currently running ?
  9. zoomer

    2020 Crashing and Rendering Issues

    Might not help but I really like the look of your Elevations 🙂
  10. I had indeed more control points when painting something NURBSy onto my Roof 🙂 But I wasn't aware that your Bridge bases have a slope. Thought they had just different heights. I think in that case, with that Tool usage, you would need to adapt your Path in Z. So I would do it with as few control points as possible. Or in case it does not matter when the Wall extends into the terrain, just start at the lowest level and add it to the Walls end height. I have already thrown the test file away but AFAIK the top slope looked pretty linear for me.
  11. I think the Lines (everything) need to be converted to NURBS first ? Yes, works for me. - Created 2 Vertical Lines - Modify > convert to Nurbs - Created a horizontal Nurbs Curve - Loft Object Select 1. Line 1 2. Line 2 3. Curve 4. (I activated Solid Mode) 5. Accept - Shell Object
  12. http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2019/eng/index.htm#t=VW2019_Guide%2FShapes2%2FCreating_a_Loft_Surface.htm%23XREF_15316_Creating_a_Loft Bi-Rail Sweep. Where 2 Lines at both ends define Wall heights and the Nurbs Curve is used as „Profile“. And finally thicken that Surface, to get a 3D Wall.
  13. Doesn’t it work with Profiles + Rail mode ?
  14. zoomer

    Dark Mode

    Or for me the other way round. Blurry Apple Dark Mode OFF but VW Dark Mode ON.
  15. zoomer

    Strange Behavior From Loft Surface tool

    So I think more and more that this is just a Bug in VW (?)
  16. zoomer

    Strange Behavior From Loft Surface tool

    Is there a way to revert the "Direction" of a NURBS Profile Curves ? Beside that all start points should align properly to not twist the Loft result, normally in other Apps there is also a proper direction needed, similar to drawing Polylines, CW vs CCW. That is why, when I do rarely Loft Objects, I draw the first Profile only and do copies only for the following Profiles which I will manipulate. To ensure same direction, same start point location and same number of points.
  17. zoomer

    v.2020 now available

    Another thing for PDF underlays is that they don't get cached in GPU. So when zooming they have to be redrawn/recalculated every time. In such cases I create an image File (PNG) at a reasonable resolution from my PDF. You can't snap of course (mostly not that accurate with PDF anyway), but Viewport Navigation is usually much better with an image file, although large pixel resolutions.
  18. Most times I have to render 3 Versions of the Design (to force the building owner to make decisions) As long as it is just about geometry differences of a single Story, it is quite easy to separate the changes by a few Layers, V1, V2 and V3. If it is about multiple Stories and different Materials, I may need also additional Classes, which makes it very tedious and requires a lot of concentration to separate Versions. Especially if decisions were made and you have to integrate the final Version back into standard Class/Layer System. (And not delete the wrong things)
  19. Yes, then it gets complicated and uncomfortable. It is like my usual versioning. Should work in C4D with Render Takes too. As long as it works with just Layers, it is quite comfortable. If I need additional separation by classes, it gets tedious. So such an automated separation, similar to Level of Detail, would be welcome. As I would like to go back to Modo - there is no Exchange like for C4D or easy Render Takes for visibility changes, I thought about referencing. Or using Bricscad instead of VW, without an option to export Names or Layer/Class Hierarchies by FBX. So for Versions with Referencing only, it would need to save out each version state as a separate file duplicate, which I could then switch by visibilities. Not really sure if it would help in your case, to put buildings in extra Files like "1967from1910" (To sort them by name) and make it easier to switch Visibilities for Viewports.
  20. If I got that right, a) Data Visualization has not changed, it is just possible to use it on Design Layers too now. b) Data Visualization is not really the solution to your Problem. c) I think working with Classes (and or Layers) isn't that bad ? Less about year xxx-xxx building Layers but just the Layer States you want to show OK, needs some concentration and copying between Layers ....
  21. zoomer

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    If C4D Renderer is good (?) VW RW can't be that bad. For me, since VW (because of the Exchange to C4D) mostly switched to rendering in C4D, (ignoring VRAY4C4D for my special purposes) it was always great to be able to produce familiar similar looking Screenshots and more often Elevation Viewports, while in design phase before the next deadline for C4D renders. But don't want hold anyone from developing a direct Lumion Exchange, or for any other Renderer, of course. (FBX to Modo works OK, but real Exchange would be better 🙂 )
  22. zoomer

    Push/pull tool:sub face mode

    I thought I have seen it lately again. Maybe it is better now with recent versions. Maybe not in this case, but often keeping 2D also helps to keep things more parametric. Like when re-entering Extrude and "exploding" the Face with those holes, you could re-access circles to change their radii and such things.
  23. zoomer

    Push/pull tool:sub face mode

    There is the "Fillet" Tool in 3D Tool Box. Be aware that this Tool always prevented access from former parametrics. (CTRL+U = ungroup, to get access to your initial 3D Geometry back, but then the Fillets are lost) VW 2020 finally changed this with real history based modeling. In Fillet Tool, take a look at Options and Settings. I think there was an option to select all Edges at a time. Would be faster to just deselect the few edges you don't want, before activating the Tool..
  24. zoomer

    My render works style will not render realistic.

    The Red dashed border means the Viewport is no more up to date and needs to refresh. That happens every time you do changes in your file which are related to the VP content.
  25. zoomer

    My render works style will not render realistic.

    This is independent from your GPU. Renderworks will use the CPU only. It has more to do with your Render Settings. Try a custom Render Style and make sure that the last (?) Tab has Artistic/Cartoon Style disabled.


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