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  1. And VW 2021 SP5 will still be supported for current Monterey. (For following macOS, around September, you may need at least VW 2022)
  2. You can try to start the Updater App directly. You can find it somewhere inside the VW 2022 App Folder. (Inside on macOS, inside a Subfolder Windows) Usually the Updater will Update itself first and find new Updates after its restart.
  3. Yes, from the different user problems I read, I also think it is likely that there is a general issue. My assumption, Unified View, before VW 2022 had several options, like "ignore Layers of with different scales" that are no more available in VW 2022, even in 2D legacy mode. (But maybe still existing somehow in parts of VW) In the past, such options could have caused similar problems like yours, even when Unified View was on. So for fun, you could check if all your Layers have the same Scale applied and give feedback if that changes anything. (I always had my Layers at the same Scale - the Scale that that most important Viewports uses)
  4. Unfortunately, if your File already contains "2D legacy" contaminated objects, like Saved Views, Screen Plane Objects, Unified View OFF settings, maybe even only coming from Imports or Referenced Files, your File will have "2D Legacy" ON in document settings, you will not get rid of. But at least in that case, "2D Legacy" ON, you can activate the Unified View Icon in Top Bar and switch it back on.
  5. Yes, I did that in the past too. First export a C4D in the Project Folder hierarchy and run real Exchange (Send to C4D) afterwards. But if you directly use C4D Exchange everything gets saved in any arbitrary Temp Folder. Which you can only find via C4D Save As. Like when you miss a image texture, which is not in your Project Texture Folder. (Basically only needed because VW still renames my applied Image Textures .... ) But for Datasmith, basically the same problem. When you "export" as Datasmith, you can choose a Folder to save in. I am not sure but so far I thought the same happens when using Exchange. Maybe I am wrong or did not really use Exchange but Export. Nevertheless a Workaround may be, to "export" Datasmith at a location of choice and choose to append this file into Twinmotion. You have to export again datasmith from VW for all future changes, but for me Twinmotion automatically updated from the updated Datasmith. I am not sure if there is any difference in "Exchange" quality or reliability that way versus using real Exchange.
  6. Have noticed that too. I think it is still in the works. I also had great problems with transparent Materials or Stencil Maps. Or with imported C4D Materials in VW in general since a few VW releases. And for me it looks like it works/look different with each single VW Sp or Twinmotion release .....
  7. It is not really like a shared GPU like it was on Intel Macs. It is much faster for M1 Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and Mac Mini than it was with the previous Intel versions in general. But you never would have considered a low spec device like Macbook Air for a CAD workstation. So far only the Mobile Macs are completely replaced by M chips. For now there are still Intel Versions for all desktops beside the low spec M1 machines. Like the space gray Mac Mini Intel with all ports vs the M1 Mini, the 27" Intel iMac vs the 24" M1 iMac. These will all be replaced with M1 versions at least as powerful as the Intel predecessors, during 2022 (?) Maybe a bit delayed because of chip shortage.
  8. Apple Silicon are ARM based System on Chip (SoC). The whole memory is shared between GPU and CPU. And since VW 2022 being native Apple ARM App, VW runs great on Apple M machines. So for real projects you don't want the limitation of 16 GB of the low spec M1 machines. The new Macbook Pro machines with up to 64 GB shared memory and M1 Pro or M1 Max chips are much more suitable for CAD and 3D Work. But so far we have only "mobile" Pro machines from Apple. For Desktops we still expect the large 27" iMac being replaced by an M version, maybe also the current gray Intel Mac Mini and of course the Mac Pro and maybe even a Mac Midi like M machine in between. Should all being released during the coming 12 months. I can do most of my VW projects on my M1 Mini 16 GB. But I don't really want a mobile computer - so I wait for Apple's (semi) professional M desktops instead.
  9. That would be great. Similar to VW C4D Exchange, which saves the C4D File and Textures in a deep system Temp Folder, very hard to find. Why not just offer an option to choose a path to a Folder in our individual project folders or maybe a local Temp Folder in VW backup file save path or similar. As today I still do not now if these C4D Exchange files in a system Temp Folder will get ever deleted or just fill my system after time.
  10. zoomer

    Legacy 2D features

    To be clear, I don't disagree that some projects still work better in 2D only. What I do not get is : - why to use different Layer scales in a drawing window. (It is always drawn in real world units anyway. Layer Scale is just WYSIWYG to estimate your annotation and text sizes while drawing) - why to show different Layer Scales at a time in drawing view - why using screen plane - for me 2D is just always seen as in XY plane only But just that I don't get it - doesn't mean it may not make sense. And I just don't have the experience, especially for the telecommunication site, if overall, a 3D BIM Approach could be still worth though or not at all. Because of BIM being less error prone to follow with all plans for changes. Getting Calculations and the Plan, Elevation and Section plans part mostly generated after each change cycle.
  11. zoomer

    Legacy 2D features

    I am generally not the right person to judge this or help as I don't need much and am not experienced in 2D for my work. I can understand the lag for generating VP though. (In 3D .... but isn't 2D Plan View real time anyway ? For Sections I would assume thatSections/Elevations, generated from a 3D Model, would be overall worth the time to wait for plan generation/calculation) My problem is that I never worked that way, (Screen Plane, Different Layer Scales + Unified View OFF) and so just can't even imagine that process at all or where there could be the advantages for pure 2D - but that doesn't mean there may be some. But at least these legacy features are still available, - as an optional switch in document settings - activated by default for any File that already contains such legacy features (-> Template Files !)
  12. Reminds me of my IFC Exports where parts of the Windows (Sashes?) came out rotated 90° in 3D Geometry. (I thought I read it was fixed with VW 2022 SP 2.1 - but did not test so far) I assumed that this happened because of deprecation of screen plane with VW 2022 - but not all hidden screen plane legacies found in PIOs etc. converted correctly already. But that is just my assumption.
  13. Yes, Big Sur Beta driver needed a Firmware Update for my original CADMouse starting from a certain Beta release (?) So I think this is also true for official 10.7 driver too. At that time there was only a flash tool for Windows available, which I did on my PC. AFAIK there is now also a Mac Tool available. Looks like they took down the former FAQ page with the link to the Firmware : https://forum.3dconnexion.com/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=39825 So you should file a support request.
  14. My original CADMouse USB runs fine. Have you accepted and signed all (about 5 times) questions for Apple Privacy rights while installing and rebooted afterwards ? Had this too in the past and it worked after uninstalling, reboot, installing, reboot.
  15. I'm not sure if I already lost overview. But I was one of the first who (* also) invented the Material System and voted for it in VW in the past. (* found it a few months later perfectly implemented in Bricscad) Because I was tired of manually creating the ever same concrete Components for Wall, Slab and other Styles again each time. It was just that I did not try so far, because : - so far I could just directly reuse all my previous Styles for new projects - I was a bit irritated by Composition Materials, organization and editing - afraid because of VW Materials default RW Textures, as I was used my own C4D Materails imports but mainly - because 2D experienced users warned that using VW Materials will lead to loss of being able to overwrite Classes in Viewports. (Although basically not that important for my work) Hmmh, So far I would still apply all my Styles by Components and keep the Components assigned to "Material Classes" as before. I have (mostly) everything assigned by Class and a RW Texture assigned to my Material Classes. If I use VW Materials, I would expect Materials to control my PIOs instead. I would just make sure to use my own Custom Materials, with my custom RW Textures and - Material Naming !
  16. With the option to overwrite/change/simplify in Viewports
  17. I have seen this a lot too. (Since VW 2021 ?) For Generic Solids. Although all on the same class/layer with same attributes.
  18. It has been some time but I had similar and was able to get what I want with T-Join and a bit of Component Join at that time ... (Not that many components though) Maybe you can post the Walls in a File to make us try.
  19. T-joint and manual Component joint afterwards ?
  20. As @Pat Stanford said. No way. Local distributors of VW do offer their localizations and extra features at a higher price than VW US to get their development costs back in. There are many Window and Door localized Tools outside that may be interesting because being much superior in features vs the standard US tools. But mainly they were mainly developed as a whole package to better meet local building standards. Similar like extra group adds lots of specialized features for the interior design market with their VW Interior Version.
  21. You can download it as a "Plugin" Menu > Help > 3rd party products > WinDoor (But AFAIK the future of WinDoor Plugin is to deprecate it once all of its features went into the standard VW Window and Door Tools, for technical reasons)
  22. If you ungrouped Walls before you only had a bunch of loose Faces. Same for Exports like DWG. No you have true (Parasolid Modeling Core) (Generic) Solids. Before Walls just faked a 3D edibility for things like cutting out Windows or Doors. Touching Slab Components (arbitrarily) added extra unnecessary tesselation in Wall Faces - or not. Now Solids may open up future options for calculating real (correct) volumes or areas.
  23. Yes, mainly the rest of VW Landmark comfort. (And maybe vice versa, although, also not many landscape architects will ever use all BIM Tools) While I would like to be able add some Spotlight Objects for decoration or visualization properties from time to time, I am not really interested into those entertainment features. And to be honest, I would rather prioritize to have some HVAC or building engineer BIM Tools available for design testing or visualization purposes, than waiting for the IFC imports. But I am an Apple Fan. Apple prevented my from to many decision making stress. (At least from 2007-2012) MacBook or MacBook Pro, iMac or Mac Pro, OSX or iOS. iPhoto or Aperture, iMovie or Final Cut Pro, .... So I also vote : a) for VW (2D) vs VW Pro b) freedom of choice of which localized Standards and Tools to use or to hide
  24. Well, for me it was mainly : Plus I now have access to Australian WinDoor Tool. Or Twinmotion Exchange. Or Materials by Face. Would have to read the Release Notes again to remember all what I like in special.
  25. Here too, like just to switch from Modeling to IFC vs C4D/FBX/Datasmith Export. Or a few saved views for building parts visibility settings. It is a love and hate. I like saved views because I can control all I need, but I do not like save views as they are so quickly outdated when working with the File and need constant maintenance/updates for things like visibilities.
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