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    Buggy window deletion on VW2019

    I'm only guessing but it appears your machine specs might be marginal for VW 2019. Perhaps setting your graphic performance to "Good performance and Compatibility" or even "Best Compatibility"... Vectorworks Preferences > Display > Navigation Graphics.
  2. RGyori

    "Dirty rendering"

    @Hans-Olav Glad it worked out for you... and nicely done!
  3. RGyori

    "Dirty rendering"

    You might check out this earlier discussion... HTH
  4. RGyori

    Mac OS trick for removing alias arrows

    Hmm... this begs the question why it would be necessary to do this. Personally I find the alias arrow essential to the way I organize my desktop. Otherwise I have no idea why the ability to remove the arrow has been eliminated.🤔
  5. RGyori

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Of course! OK, back to work...
  6. RGyori

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    @Jim Smith , at last someone who apparently watched as much TV in their misspent youth as I! Though Maverick, while a good try, refers to Mavericks Beach south of San Francisco, a renowned spot for big wave surfing. Macverick point
  7. RGyori

    Fixing errors in Vectorworks

    Being a Service Select member I've had 2019 since its release and have yet to use it on a billable project. For that I use 2018. Too much uncertainty swirling around 2019 for me to jump in.. just dipping my toes for now.
  8. RGyori

    Snap to Intersection

    Forgive me if you have already already done this... but from my own experience, verify is that grid snap is unselected and then go to Smart Edge > Settings > Object and make sure Master Snap Points is unselected. This liberated in many cases the selection of points for me.
  9. RGyori

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Over the years Death Valley has been one of my favorite places to visit; however, given Mojave's on-going saga, I think any name with "death" in it may be ill advised.😱
  10. At the risk of putting too fine a point on it... I publish my plans with the intent of having having existing partitions print in gray (color medium blue with blue line hatch fills) and new partitions black (color black with black line hatch fills). The result with a grayscale option in published would then maintain the intended strong differentiation between the two partition types.
  11. Surprising that VW had not thought of this. I too draw in color and have reverted to printing "as-is" since the B&W option is simply unusable. Grayscale YES!
  12. RGyori

    Callout tool: text margin bug?

    To add from my experience... As a rule I've only used the callout tool in the annotation layer of viewports. This has been consistent over all VW versions since the introduction of the callout tool. However, when opening a previous VW version file from the latest version I find my callout bubbles wildly out of scale along with the text margin value. This is fixed by manually editing the text margin of one callout which then returns all the other callouts to their proper (original) size. I don't use styles, just the out of the box settings, same bubble style, and always with the same font also used throughout the document. I usually just sigh and move on.😒
  13. RGyori

    BUG -Auto-Pan No Longer Working

    Perhaps not only toggle but to allow adjustment in preferences of the time delay that initiates the auto scroll. This should help account for differences in mouse/trackball, etc. sensitivity settings.
  14. An inadvertent key stroke has sent me to top view at times so I have learned to notice the light green background after which the ctrl-5 sends me back. Part of my work flow 😉.
  15. RGyori

    Viewport / sheet layers content missing

    Hello @Aurore B , Thanks for the follow-up. My first thought was to check the viewport's layer and/or class visibility settings in the Object Info pallet. These settings have changed on their own in the past... at least for me.
  16. RGyori

    Snap / constrain function not working

    The most likely culprit is that I believe only VW2018 and VW2019 are compatible with Mojave... and even those users are having significant compatibility issues that are documented at length in the NEWS YOU NEED section of the forum. Do read through the many posts regarding Mojave compatibility. From what I have read VW2017 will not be updated to work as you have become accustomed with Mojave. 😢
  17. RGyori

    Callout tool, no arrows

    Hello@Ride I am unable to reproduce the noted behavior trying 2 approaches: 1. Using the initial settings dialog located in the upper left of the menu bar I selected an arrow style other than the default. The arrow appeared as intended after placing he note. 2. After installation of the note I changed the arrow style via the OIP "marker attributes". It changed as intended. I was able to sort of reproduce the described behavior by first installing the note with the marker box unchecked. After placement the note would then not accept any arrow or other marker using the OIP "marker attributes". screen shot.pdf
  18. RGyori

    2019 Undo Bug - VB-154417

    @Taproot I have been unable to duplicate this behavior, though there are many possible settings, etc. that you used of which I am unaware. Could you post the file?
  19. RGyori

    Transparent walls on "Hidden line" elevation render

    Hello BenjaminD and welcome to the world of Vectorworks. The first thing I suggest is to inspect the transparent walls, in top/plan view might be best, and verify that they have a solid fill. HTH.
  20. RGyori

    Teaser Tuesday - Image Effects - Vectorworks 2019

    Sounds analogous to how RAW photo post-processing works in programs such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One, DxO Lab, etc. True real time non-destructive edits that leave the source image unchanged. And that is very good thing. 😀
  21. RGyori

    Vanishing Elevation Viewports

    Not sure what the issue may be but when confronted with viewport related anomalies my first action is to check class visibilities at both the document and viewport levels.
  22. RGyori

    Wall Component Problem

    @ccw, glad it worked. I do agree with you that using the Remove wall Breaks tool is a hack. It really shouldn't require the extra steps.
  23. RGyori

    Wall Component Problem

    Just a wild stab... after adding the wall component did you apply the Remove Wall Breaks Tool to to the corner and then rejoined?
  24. I know it must be me, but... Since upgrading VW2018 to SP4 I can't seem to be able to access my resource browser content. The menu lists the items I am looking for but the pane that normally displays the content is empty. This is the same for all the folders with only a few, and unfortunately, irrelevant items. I've refreshed the libraries, restarted VW and the computer, all to no avail. Come to think of it I did not get the usual "download updated libraries" request after I restarted after installing SP4. Comments will be accepted.😀
  25. RGyori

    Missing Resource Browser Content?

    Thanks Andy, worked as you described. To quote the great American Homer, "Doh!"


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