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  1. I have the issue that basically I can not have more than 1 file open - if I open a second file to move information from one project to the other - I get the freezing - where it will not change the active drawing - and I have to close all to get it working again.
  2. Filtering seems like way too much set up and too many clicks. Why filter if you can just scroll down? I almost never wan to be in a situation where some layers are not visible.
  3. I would love to know how many people resort their layers on purpose. My bet is that most people put the layers in the order they want, and don't flip between stack order and alphabetical sorts. For sorting by visibility, the dividers could simply disappear. Colors are also great idea. Folders would be amazing. None of these are mutually exclusive.
  4. Since it does not seem we will ever get folders for design layers or sheet layers (Side notes - can we please just rename these Layers and Sheets?) - can we at least simply get a horizontal line divider - similar to what we have in the drop down menus to help organize? We make layers and name them "------" but having this formalized would help my OCD and help keep files organized. Our workaround.
  5. So the new color picker is interesting and I like the idea of enlarging the color box to see more clearly what you are selecting, but the way it is implemented makes it hard to select as the enlargement covers the selection box: Its a little easy to lose track of where your mouse is. A better implementation would be a static preview box that live updates with the hover.
  6. I have found it is almost always memory consumption - but always due to Vectoroworks. We have isolated it to when interior elevations, elevations, or sections viewports get updated, the machine requires a tremendous amount of memory -and it does not give it back. So you can preform the operation once - and it goes ok - but then everything slows down after that requiring restart. Quitting chrome will not be enough to save you.... That seemed to be one of the new and touted "features" of 2023 - not completely seizing up after rendering hidden line section viewports. I have not tested yet.
  7. With the new subscription model - they might be moving away from yearly releases. Maybe it will be pushed out as part of 2023 SP.2.
  8. Also - it is absolutely insane that this has not been implemented. I requested this 8 - EIGHT - years ago! Its been requested many a time since. I would love a technical explanation on why this has been so difficult to implement. We have styles for the Chair and Table tool for goodness sake... @JuanP Is there any reason technical or political on why that this seemingly simple feature request has been sidelined for the better part of a decade? It will be one of those features that we maybe finally will get - but nobody will be excited because it will be soooooo long coming. Better late than never is still late.
  9. There is no sense of when the last time there has been an update. We need a change log on the site. I am very much hoping that it is woefully out of date.
  10. I hadn't - these problems do seem more pronounced - but we have been wrestling with similar things for so long - it actually did not occur to me that these issues were isolated to 2022... but maybe worth a try.
  11. @Jeremy Best Chrome is a hog for sure. But just so you know - that is not 50 tabs - as chrome now treats all processes as sperate tasks - so some of those are plugins ect - but yes - running at about double what the normal is, but as @line-weight says - it does not matter - VW just gobbles whatever is available and never seems to give it back. There are certain 2 file combinations that we simply can not open together as the system instantly runs out of memory. These are not big projects or big files. I was so taken by the expected performance upgrades that we bought new computers for the office - but things are getting appreciably worse. I sometimes need to restart VW 6 times in a day - and that only after suffering 1 to 2 seconds response time for a good chunk of time. Whatever is going on - it does not feel like my 3080 is being used as it should. I have 32GB of RAM and another 8GBs on the GPU itself - it feels like that should be more than sufficient to do our little 2D interior elevations of our single family homes....
  12. I have this problem too. I am not a technical guy - but there seems to be a memory leak. I exported a set - things were tolerable, but I saw an error - fixed it and now have been waiting 1 hour and 40 minutes to export the set. Its not using any GPU - a moderate amount of CPU - but just gobbling memory. I even spent the last 2 weeks redrawing all the interior elevations from live BIM interiors to old school dead ones because it was too painful to maintain the BIM ones. No performance improvements. Its starting to get unusable.
  13. Actually - it is worse - using the the ROTATION field does NOT change what it considers to be be TAG NORTH. So TAG NORTH will always be page UP.
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