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  1. No - have not solved it. Been on deadline - and so have not had the headspace to do all the recommended fixes - so just living with the frustration...
  2. I would love better graphics for windows - including single, double, and triple glazed options. It would be good to show the glazing panes.
  3. I think we have all taken turns asking for this... Its another one of those super frustrating ones - because the technical challenge is not obvious. You tell me you need a few years to develop a new stair tool to work with the new modeling engine blah blah... I understand - that sounds more difficult. Instituting a folder system for classes, layers, and sheets - its just a organizational overlay.... Should not take 20 years to get that working.
  4. Thanks. I will give that a try.
  5. This might seem small - but VW24 does not seem to save the tool pallet sizes between opens. I am forced to resize all my pallets at the start of every session. There is got to be a way for them to have a save state. This is such a clunky and disheartening way to start my Vectorworks day.
  6. Yes! @vectorworksSee previously requested: Need need need.
  7. The replace data box is what I am missing. Thank you! I guess ultimately - if I could dream - I would love for wall styles to work the way other styles work where I can select attributes to be BY STYLE or BY INSTANCE so that I can have easier global control over this.
  8. We have our smart wall tags reading the "Wall Mark" data for the wall. We have this set in the wall style - but changing the wall style does not update this field - and I see nowhere to mark this as a "BY STYLE" attribute. So when you first draw a wall it is correct as it fills it in using the style parameters, but if you change the wall type mark does not update. What am I doing wrong?
  9. We use Control Point - and have taken to adding a tick at the 0'0 so that we can adjust the control points of all benchmarks at the same time. This behavior is only related to the control point method. It's frustratingly funny that this is the exact behavior that I actually want and have been asking for when it comes to the drawing labels. I want them to maintain their association with the viewport but NOT move when tweaking the position of the viewport. But here, it is truly catastrophic. This will lead to a lawsuit somewhere for sure.
  10. All fine and good if you have a 3D model. After some painful years - we have gone back to drawing our elevations and sections in 2D. I loved the fact that VW had a tool to help coordinate the 2D process - but this bug has me completely petrified that we are going to send out a set and not notice that all the benchmarks are incorrect because somebody tweaked the sheet layout. Suddenly this is a HUGE liability.
  11. Just noticed 2 more pages affected by this. Its really consequential. @Vectorworks - can you confirm this is acting as designed?
  12. If you setup Benchmark Elevation markers in the annotation of a viewport - and set them to Control Point with a Y-Axis (2D MODE) - the reference point seems to be referenced to the position on the page rather than relative to the annotations. This means if you move your viewport - as one often does when setting up sheets - all the elevation benchmarks become incorrect as the the control point does not move with the viewport. The control point should bn "In" the annotations - and move along with the viewport. This is close to a bug in my opinion - as there is not a single use case I can think of that would benefit from this behavior.
  13. We are looking at moving more schedules to online shared resources. This collaboration with contractors, clients etc. is super helpful. Right now we have to have all of our automated schedules as stand-a-lone Vectorworks worksheets, and shared schedules like finish schedules as google. It would be great if we could export and import google sheets to directly sync and overwrite the shared files.
  14. Is the simplest would be to retire the rectangle object entirely. The rectangle tool should remain - but simply draw a 4 sided polygon.
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