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  1. seemed like a good idea - but no luck - lines still appear.
  2. Does anybody know how to get rid of the wall likes between windows?
  3. Its funny - this has been fixed for us - but I can see the macro running. It happens fast - but it moves over in reverse order then a second command runs and puts them back in the correct order. Maybe just a band-aid, but maybe for whatever reason something is preventing that corrective command.
  4. Yeah - I was excited about Materials - too excited. Jumped on that bandwagon - removed all of our material classes - spent a couple hours creating materials and assigning them to all of our walls...mistake - the limitations of materials meant I had to reinstate the class system - and then painfully remove the materials from the wall assemblies. There could be a scenario where Materials have an optional thickness attribute so if used in walls - it would be a default component, since all other attributes - Rvalue, appearance + textures are in Materials. 2 birds?
  5. Components as a resource! Basically you could create a database, centralized project, or firm component libraries. Could be very helpful.
  6. All text controls need to use modern standards. Instead of drop downs for everything can we please have alignment buttons? Text size should be a drop down box that can ALSO accept a typed number. No more having to select custom then manual entry. Both in one box.
  7. There are a few times where we need to have duplicate sheet numbers for different pages. Depending on the location of the project - the filing set may need to be drawn differently than our standard construction set. It is more convenient if those two sets can live in the same document - but we need to have a A-100 for the construction and a A-100 for the filing. Our workaround is to name the filing AA-100 - and then put a white square over the first A on the titleblock... Does not feel great. I love the idea of these sets. So many uses - Divide by series for big files (100s, 200s, ect) - by type (Filing, Presentation, Construction)....
  8. A little thing - but the wall join logic needs a tweak. From what I can tell if you pull a wall to another wall within some distance from the end of the wall, you get a corner join rather than a T join. This should be tweaked. If the wall is already joined to another wall - it should bias the T join. While we are at it, in this scenario it would also be nice if the corner join turned into a T join automatically by the D10 door. In general the wall joins seem stiff. The fact we have to heal walls still bugs me. Small things in comparison - but something that would make the day to day smoother.
  9. Thank you. Still a little foggy - so this would be a cloud storage replacement for dropbox / google drive that is designed specifically for project sharing - which is great. I went to try this out - but the cloud dropdown says "VCS Login not in Plugin Folder" - and nothing works. Any idea on how to fix that?
  10. Would VW be able to release a quick video tutorial / showcase to demonstrate how this is used in conjunction with project sharing and what workflow it replaces? It sounds super intriguing, but not fully understanding.
  11. Having this problem with the M510
  12. The custom cabinet tool needs style control. I we need to add handles to 3 kitchen options, and it requires us to now individual edit 70 or so cabinet objects. It is going to take 30+ minutes. We should be able to control this by style or at very least be able to edit multiple cabinet objects at the same time.
  13. There was this beautiful workaround about how to copy viewports from one file to another. If you grouped them - you could copy the viewport to a new file - ungroup - and relink the layer settings. That does not seem to work in 2021. We need to figure out a way to be able to combine files, and move design layers and sheets to from file to file.
  14. Thanks, Pat. I guess anything that is described as a workaround also deserves to be on the wish list. Appreciate your help!
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