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  1. I am having trouble doing this. I have created my own standard, and set the standard in the Standard Naming - but my file still has a none class and it still will not let me delete it in favor of 0_None as i have set up in the Standard Naming.... Any ideas on whats going on?
  2. If you are looking for a edge over just VW users - you are thinking too small :). But I agree. The battle is fierce - and if VW is going to remain relevant, it is going to take all of working together to keep each other and the program competitive.
  3. When you edit a sheet name or number directly in navigation pallet by clicking on it, it does not allow you to change capitalization. It seems not to recognize the change, and simple revert. So if I need to change 6b to 6B - I have to edit from the sheet layer settings.
  4. Oh thank the good Vectorworks lord. This is driving me insane.
  5. I thought I was going crazy. I can get VW to acknowledge this. I just downloaded the new SP - I will check tomorrow to see it is fixed there.
  6. This seems like one of those less sexy but key weapons in the BIM wars. I actually think it would make a great showcase in a feature video to show how VW helps you collaborate with others by being able to map their class structure to yours - keep your file clean and speeding up importing information. No brainier.
  7. It was amazing. It is soooo hard and painful to keep files clean. We are having a terrible time trying to modify our standards because old standards follow us around. The first day I installed this it was annoying, but then it learned the mapping - and it was amazing - then it became a tool I relied on to keep drawings clean. It saved sooo much time - as I did not have to manually re-class things before bringing thing over. I could be cavalier - copying and pasting with wild abandon - knowing that the current project standards were safe. I am so curious as to why VW would pass up on incorporating this into the software. @vectorworksCan we get this on the wish list?
  8. We keep opening projects to find an auto generated layer call Animation. Where is this coming from and how do we make it stop??
  9. I think that is exactly right ant VWs biggest issue is the "good enough" mentality. There is a "technically not a bug because it works as designed and to the general specification of the task as written" attitude to the UX. I was playing around with styles and realized again - there are at least 2 maybe 3 completely different way that styles are implemented. Different solutions to the same problem - clearly because these features were designed and implemented by different teams - and each was good enough. Which would be fine if there was follow up and there was a red team that went back over and fixed these issues over the next few updates / releases - but it seems that once a feature is done - it is seldom revisited.
  10. Yeah - no reason for such a great feature to be soooooo clunky. It confuses the heck out of people I try and teach it to. This whole default verses new verses all the duplicated named levels and layers. The functionality is basically OK - just somebody needs to spend 2 days to clean the UX up.
  11. When you are in the story dialog - and you want to edit - say - the height of the ceiling level - you go to EDIT - then change the height - but instead of just editing the level - it creates a whole new level - and default it to not selected. Creates lots of confusion and mistakes.
  12. @KrisM ...I do not think it is good news. Vectorworks needs to step up and integrate this into the core program.


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