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  1. Backup and Sync is no longer available for GSuite - and is not supported by Vectorworks. At this point Dropbox seems like the only supported "cloud" service. So frustrated that such a core functionality has been forgotten.
  2. Right Now - the Rotate command is located on the midpoint of the map, making it hard to drag on the center point. The rotate handle should be move off so that you can grab the mid snap point.
  3. There was no mention of any project sharing updates, upgrades, or stability improvements in 2020. We abandoned it last year because it did not work with Google Drive - File Stream - which is the only Dive Sync available for G-Suite. We need a solution. We would love to know any other setups we can consider that do not require an in house server.
  4. Late-ish night - lowering my standards because I do not have time to fix it...
  5. I think this was a clever way of announcing a delay in the release of the next gen.
  6. It would be great if the capacity of Custom Cabinets could grow to include countertops, backsplash, and sink modules. Even better, if you could insert sinks into cabinets like you can insert doors in walls.
  7. Ultimately - and I could be alone - I prefer to simply place my elevation tag / Section Tag - and link it to a viewport rather than having the exact 1 to 1 relationship - again because sometimes - graphically, we need to adjust that tag - and currently we can not. I am sooo into this new data tag system where the tags are reading information but still are their own objects. I really think that is the best direction to go as far as all annotations.
  8. I am all for consistency! Yes for sure. That would be OK. The only practical difference is that section lines and elevations typically happen on the outside of the meat of the drawing. The interior elevation tag is large and can easily cover other information - so not having the ability to adjust its relative location is currently an issue. It is one of the issues with the current section and elevation tags too - there are some plans where I would I like to adjust the location of the tag - but I can't - since they are all linked. For example, we will have a larger ground floor - and the section line will be spaced for that larger floor -but then when we go to the upper floor - we can not adjust the tag to the size of the drawing - which can be a frustration.
  9. I have no issue with the creation from a viewport. I have big issues with the tag, but actual the location of creation is less important. Since they need to be tagged in several places (both in terms of multiple viewports and in relative plan location in those viewports), separating the tag from the act of creation seems critical. The resulting workflow that this would create || make enlarge cropped plan viewports - place them on a sheet - then use those viewports to create the interior elevations - retag the 1/4" plans with the interior elevation data-tag || while sounds long - makes sense to me. If I had to create the interior elevations in the plan and would have to simply tag the viewports - that would be a non-issue for me.
  10. I will try to reproduce. I guess I would prefer the tags to act more like Room Tags then the section/elevation tags. It could take hours if you have 5 floors / 10 rooms per floor/ 4 elevations per room / 2 locations per tag = 400 "on switches" that you would have to switch to get the visibility right - then you would have to go to each viewport and adjust the location of the tag anyway. So the same way that a room tag finds the space - the interior elevation tag could find its polygon.(Which could also be a space! - When you create a space - you then could select the edges of the space that you want to use to create the elevations.) - That way you simply place the tage where you want it.
  11. Currently, if you use the interior elevation tool - if you need to move the tag - it moves the section lines too, which is a real pain. The tag should somehow be divorced from the tool. Ideally, I would love to tag using the data-tag tool - only in the viewports I want - rather than having the tag. The interior elevation tool should be like the space tool - where I draw a polygon that defines the space - then I can select which edges of the polygon I need interior elevations of. Then the polygon can be tagged via the data tag tool in viewports.
  12. Sad Face. I somehow thought this would not be that hard to do; I thought it would be an easy win. Glad to know it is still in the consciousness and is maybe on the horizon to be considered for possible future pipeline insertion.
  13. Very true - the only things you can centrally control is the graphical attributes.
  14. You can do that now. If that component was set to a class style (Material-GWB) then you could change the style definitions centrally.
  15. Yeah - we felt the same way. We could not really put our finger on it - but Renderworks just was not cutting it for anything but internal conversations. We ultimately made the jump to Lumion when they got the Sync Plugin. Hard bill to sallow, but it immediately uped our game. More and more - I think that VW should concentrate more on these 3rd party solutions and less on Renderworks.


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