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  1. One of the issues here is that the Sub-Class - the Class distinction is not really real. It is just a display trick to give the illusion of sub-classes - but really VW does not treat them as such.
  2. This would make symbols more useful if some of the attributes could be class controlled and instance based.
  3. If a drawing label is in a VP annotations, you can renumber it - and if there is a conflict - VW will give you a prompt with the option to renumber. If the drawing label is not in a VP - and you try to renumber - and there is a conflict - it will just not work - and will revert back to the original number. This seems like a bug - you should be able to renumber drawing labels.
  4. The text in the section marker tool and the mark itself are right now treated as two sperate movable entities which drive me nuts. To adjust the marker - you have to move the text first (because it is on top) - then select the line - select the control point and then snap that to the moved text. Essentially increasing the amount of work by 100% to modify section marker. Whoever wants the text not in the marker? I tried to think of a time or instance where I would want the 3/A-201 text in some other place other than inside the mark. The only thing I could think of if it was too big to fit. So - if this is really a feature that people need - maybe have a "Fixed Text" check both that will make the text and the mark move together.
  5. This seems like a good time to upgrade - lots of fun stuff about to on the market. I am getting a new machine for the office - so I have been researching. The two I am trying to decide between are the: Gigabyte AERO 15x MSI GS65 Thin Others to consider: Dell XPS 15 (Underpowered) ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX501 (2018) ASUS Zenbook Pro (Underpowered) HP Pavillion G (Will be released at the end of the month) Those are all thin machines - which is my preference. They are using the newest Intel 6 core i Series. I never found value on the Xeon side. 500GB is really pushing it. You will end up using 150GB of that just for programs, libraries, and OS. I moved the whole server to the cloud and I am using file sync for most of it - but still need local copies of all active projects. I tried to be ruthless - and I still have 650GB of local storage filled. You could get a fast external to compliment, but a certain point there is little money savings in doing so - and inevitably once a week the data paths will break - which is not a big deal - but annoying. I would invest in 1GB - or if offered a 500SD OS drive and 1 or 2TB secondary data drive.
  6. I guess that is the fundamental mechanic at work - the new sheet just gets lowest available staking number - which throws it on the bottom. Really what needs to happen is that its staking number needs to be original layer+1 and all other layers need to be pushed down.
  7. I am bumping this out of frustration. Today's task is to clean up the set in preparation for release. We made a change to our drawing labels, now each one needs to be realigned. It would painful enough - even if I had direct edit access to them, but it is compounded 3 fold by the fact that I have to enter the annotations of each viewport to move the label to the correct location.
  8. Title block question

    My guess is not.
  9. Monitor recommendation

    I do residential/domestic too. The benefits of more screen real estate are building type agnostic. That said - I also am forced to use my 17" laptop for days on end when I travel, my 27" when I work from home, and my 40" when I am at the office. The work always gets done - you adjust. The real reason I jumped to 40" was that it was $150 cheaper than the 27" monoprice 4k. Good luck!
  10. Ha - yeah. I thought this one would have more traction.
  11. Monitor recommendation

    So typically - the more pixels - the more things you can fit on your screen. So in rough terms - a 4K screen has 4 times the screen real-estate compared to an HD screen - so it could potentially show 4 times the amount of stuff. The other side of that though, is that (assuming the two screens are the same size) everything is 4 times smaller on the 4k screen - which at 17", 21", 23", or even 27" is functionally too small. To counter this - in the screen settings (In windows) - there is a scaling factor that scales the UI - so I run my 27" screen at 125% and my 17" 4k screen at 150%. This scaling does cause some issues - especially if you are moving from one scaling set-up to another. In the end - if you scale up - all you have done is provide yourself a sharper image - so the only time you should upgrade to a smaller 4K screen is if you feel the screen you have now is fuzzy - or not sharp enough. A 40" 4k screen, on the other hand, is big enough, where you do not have to scale up. It is also sharp enough to sit close to - which in the end really does give you the opportunity to utilize 4 times the screen real estate compared to an HD screen. It is big. Deeper desks will work better for a 40" screen - as you do want to be a little further away than typical. You will feel silly for about an hour - then wonder why this is not standard - especially considering that they tend to be significantly less expensive than other purpose-built monitors. If I had my druthers - I would want a 38" 4K screen - but alas - they do not exist. Samsung makes a 40" - but most are going to be 43". Things to note: These are TVs - so they refresh rate is likely not going to be good enough for high frame rate gaming. Plenty fine for moving a mouse in VW. The color accuracy is also not going to be as precise as a purpose-built pro-monitor. So if you are a pro-photographer - this would not work for you. But neither of these are issues when it comes to everyday drafting, model building, or rendering.
  12. Monitor recommendation

    The only quibble I have with this is that smaller 4K screens have scaling issues. Even on my 27" home 4K - I have to scale the UI up in order to see anything at all. At the office, I have a 40" 4K screen which is my favorite. No scaling - and still VERY sharp -- even compared to my 1080HD smaller side monitor.
  13. Why are there no texturing options for slabs? I need to rotate the texture - but for some reason, you are not allowed to do that with slabs. Even the attributes mapping tool does not work. What up with that? So now I need to have a new version of the texture for every orientation. Grrr.
  14. Hardware Upgrade Information

    I am not sure this is the case anymore. @JimW has to lead us to believe that most of the processing is being done by the GPU. Renderworks is still CPU - but I think almost everything else - openGL and top/plan is GPU.
  15. I know VW cannot take advantage of dual graphics cards - but would they still help in multip 4K setups? Could one card be driving the monitors while the other calculates for VW? Or is that not how it works?


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