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  1. When was the "New Stair Tool" introduced? I still go in a 'reactivate' what is now called the "Custom Stair" just because it is easier to manipulate.
  2. At least they finally fixed the issue where it would not even let you finish typing the number before it shouted at you. This is not the right approach for a stair tool. Though I have not worked with them - from the videos of Cheif Architect and ArchiCad - the graphical approach seems significantly better.
  3. VW will not let me use 0 lines - so I have to put .01.
  4. In any one instance you are faster with your method, but in the long run, I would bet you are losing tons of time. If every change basically requires you to start from scratch - then I would highly suggest that you look into relying more on the model. It will take some practice, take time investment up front to build more complete models, and will probably take a compromise or two on the output, but in the long run, you can end up saving yourself significant amounts of time. I am still in the process of moving over to full BIM workflow - and for sure my elevations are not as pretty as they used to be - but when we weighed that against both the time saved and the speed at which we could make changes, I think it will be a clear win. This first project has been tough, because there is a learning curve, but in the end - even on this first project - I think we are seeing an increase in capacity.
  5. I still want. I know you can overlay hidden line on artistic - but straight up hidden with shadows would still be useful.
  6. I just discovered this and thought I was a genius. Line and shadow background with the hidden line above works pretty well to give classic shadowed elevation look. I still have not had the gall to go with a full colored or rendered elevations...
  7. The resource browser categories are listed alphabetically - but 3 categories have the pre-word "Renderworks" - why? Its been years and it still takes me 4 extra seconds to find what I am looking for. It should just be "Textures," "Backgrounds," "Render Styles" Since it is included in the base package - no need to promote Renderworks as a sperate thing.
  8. So often I create a polygon - have it classed correctly - then extrude it only to have the extrude change the class of the object. Extrudes should just inherit the class of the object the operation is being performed on.
  9. Walls, in general, need to be smarter. They need to be generated by the new modeling kernel - they are so buggy and finicky - the should be as moldable and pliable as a sub-div object.
  10. Again - this is a symptom of the Top/Plan View workaround. Down with Top/Plan - bing on true plan cuts.
  11. Playing around with Data Visualizations today and re-frustrated by lack of features/options. Really need auto-coloring / Auto-Gradient with options to use either auto-detected mean or medium methods for determining midpoints. I was hoping to use this to create a block plan that colored the heights of the buildings - but it is actually almost twice as much work. I need to first go and assign all the buildings a record and then input the height of the building - then go to the viewport and manually assign each height a color along a gradient that I need to manually calculate - might as well just change the fill attribute the first time. Obviously - it will make control easier in the long run - but we are on the cusp of such a useful feature. Please make this more robust!
  12. I guess to the layman - it is hard to understand. It seems you went to all this trouble to develop this a new render mode that everybody loves - but then felt like it was too much work to make it globally available. I am sure there are technical hurdles - but if I can double-click on a section - and envoke that rendering mode - really how can it possibly be all that much more work to make it available from the drop-down menu? If you are asking me which I would have preferred - definitely the version where you spent the time - did the extra work - and made the mode available from everywhere. I would have been fine with an open GL version of the section edit tool for this release - and would have been doubly happy with a cool new useable and globally available render mode for next release. Especially if it meant you could use the time spent on releasing this nice but inaccessible render mode that is only available for editing toward polishing some of the other rough spots. Really it is the never-ending inconsistencies that are driving me mad.
  13. You are not alone. Every time a half-baked new feature gets released it erodes confidence in the software. I use to be a VW hype man - but for years now - features I would be excited about would turn out to be shipped broken. The last straw was when I spent 100 bucks on a new C4D texture library because I was told VW could use C4D textures - still broken to this day. Even good ideas get implemented inconsistently across the program. For example, if you look at how Styles work - good concept - but there must be at least 3 "versions" of how a style works. Even the best versions of Styles do not seem particularly well thought through. The title block, rebuild, for example, is a well-intentioned disaster. They have taken all the fields from the OIP and buried them in that tri-pane dialog. Lag times improved in SP2 - but still - a step backward in every quantifiable way. There is clear lack of overall vision and control - development seems to be farmed out to small isolated teams that create new tools - each with their own inconsistencies. How many times have we heard that a bug, not a bug - because technically - the tool met the developmental specifications? This points to a fundamental organizational issue with VW. The industry experts, software designers, and the software developers do not seem to be on the same team - and this is a problem that we can all feel everytime we open the software. What VW needs to do is hire an in-house dev team - put them all in the same room with the industry experts and software designers. Hell, make them share computers if you have to. Tie their legs together and make them walk three-legged all day - whatever you have to do to get everybody working together. Lastly - move away from yearly releases. Go full subscription - there will be grumbling - people will get over it. Do a canary, beta, and stable variant. Push new versions, patches, tools and workflows out as they are ready. Let Canary and beta report usability and concept issues with new tools and workflows - and nothing gets pushed to stable until it is tip-top. To end on a better note - I am holding out hope that they get their legs under them. The very fact that this forum exists is encouraging - and I do believe that our complaints are heard. I just hope that the fixes are made before we are forced to jump ship.
  14. It really is a nice looking style. I would probably work in that rendering mode over OpenGL if the performance was the same. If we get some shadows on that - I do not know any architect who would not drool over that.