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  1. This seems to be a lingering problem where if the data of a data tag is changed, specifically for space, the program crashes. If you change the data on the space itself, the tag updates as expected, but you can not do it from the tag.
  2. Goooood Question. This drives me nuts. All of my brick elevations look terrible because the hatches do not align from floor to floor.
  3. Tom Klaber

    2019 Space Labels Unclassable

    How this was not a top priority fo SP1 is confounding.
  4. Tom Klaber

    2019 Space Labels Unclassable

    This issue is still persistent and still causing big headaches.
  5. Tom Klaber

    Vectorworks 2019

    @line-weight You could argue that VW is doing that for the BIM world. Revit costs 2200/year.
  6. Tom Klaber

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    Have you tried Twinmotion yet? It is a very strange UI too - also very video game like.
  7. Tom Klaber

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    I just looked at Lumion more closely. The quality of the renderings seems to be nicer than Twinmotion. What is the learning curve on it? Is the expanded library pack worth it? We are strapped for time - so I am always hesitant to implement some new isolated workflow - but if it was anything like Twinmotion - the learning curve is so flat that we would gladly pay the steep price.
  8. Tom Klaber

    Crash When "Display Objects Before Cut Plane" Selected

    Yes on Windows - yes still seeing the crash n SP1
  9. Tom Klaber

    Crash When "Display Objects Before Cut Plane" Selected

    Yup. I lost a morning freaking out last week - forgetting that section was still on - unable to send out my elevation. Then I remembered - turned it off - and I was able to get it out.
  10. Tom Klaber

    Quiet Crashes

    It seems that when Vectorworks crashes I no longer get a Crash dialog or a Vectorworks is not responding - Vectorworks simply and quietly vanishes. I turn my head to look at my second screen and come back and its gone..... I am not even sure it is registering as a crash. Is this typical?
  11. It is kind of crazy that the publish command does not respect the sheet page order. It is somewhat time-consuming to have to reorder the PDF pages everytime we want to export the sheets - especially since they are ordered correctly by Sheet Order. That sheet order should be available to sort by in the Publish Command (if not the default).
  12. Sure enough! When I am in the design layer - and a component is turned off - I simply do not see it - I mistakenly thought that is the way it worked in VPs too. This is a fine workaround for now. Thank you for your help!!!
  13. Thanks, Matt, I can not turn them off or hide them as then I will not see the wall at all. We need the wall to be colored or hatched per our key to distinguish rated walls, new walls, and existing walls. Unfortunately, the components of these walls are shared, meaning I can not override the as there is no way to do that so they show up white in existing, gray in a new interior, and hatched in rated. We are in a real pickle. I think the only option is to set our symbols so that the low detail is actually high detail and just take the hit in the 1/4" plans.
  14. There used to be a checkbox to hide details and wall components in viewports. This is now gone in favor of the detail level check box. Disaster. We use components in all types as a check on our own design, but do not ever want them going out in our drawings because they are not clean enough. We are though, using the new detail level for our Symbols, and enjoying that very much - but for our plan blow ups - we are forced into showing wall components if we want to see the high-level detail version of our symbols. I want the separate checkbox to hide wall components back.
  15. No. My understanding is that the database and the notes are not linked. Once a note is placed - it is its own entity. So you can create a database of standard notes - but changing the phrasing or specification of a note will not affect previously placed notes. unfortunately.


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