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  1. We need the ability to move the drawing label independently from the viewport. So annoying that if you shift the viewport - you have to go into the annotations and shift the drawing label. Seems like a small thing - but when you are cleaning a large set - it can take a bunch of time.
  2. @GioPet Will Smart Paste work with 2022?
  3. Thank you. I thought I had to export the datasmith file then put in the path. Thank you.
  4. The direct link button in Twinmotion does not work on Windows- anybody else having this. Looking to test - but can not even get past the first step.
  5. Yeah - I am hoping this new buddy buddy relationship with Twinmotion is not going to impact the support for Lumion.
  6. Do we get a copy per license we own? How do we get the additional codes for the other people in our office?
  7. Thanks. Seems to be broken in 2022. Nothing in the advanced settings affects the display in the OIP.
  8. Currently there are so few settings available from the OIP for spaces. At very least I would love to be able to change the name of a space via the OIP instead of having to go into SETTINGS. Is there a way to make more of these settings available?
  9. Does this De-wall the wall? Does it change it to a series of generic solids? I saw those great furring channels in the wall assembly. Was that just modeled or was that a component in the wall. If the latter -how do we do that?
  10. I think this might belong in the grand BIM debate rather than the 2022 - but personally I believe that type of detail should not be modeled. That is a great 2D detail and any tool that contains enough settings to achieve that will be too cumbersome to use. I am now (after I understand the tool a little better) excited that assemblies and there for renderings will be more accurate - but also still diagrammatic. Let details be details.
  11. This is exactly what I wanted. I see now that with some setting work - I can likely get close to what I would want. Thanks Matt!
  12. Here - even on the simplest possible settings - the feature does not understand where the window is and seems to be guessing about where to stop the wrapping.
  13. Fair to say: Not a wall configuration I would use - but it happened to be the first I tested... I could see how on a normal simple wrap this could be helpful, but as @Matt Panzeradmitted this is not a finished feature...
  14. Standing by this entire list. #8 can be considered done. New stair tool is just the old stair tool with some control handles - seems to be better for sure -but still having to choose what stair I want before hand negates it. I love the error "Stairs can only turn in the same direction, please make sure all stair turns are either all left or all right." Paraphrase - but not the design freedom I was hoping for. Viewport styles for the love of god. Just does not seem to be complicated to me. Just a global control over layer and class settings that can be applied. We can do it with the eyedropper - just give us a setting that does the same thing and auto updates.
  15. I was excited to try out the the wall component enhancements. I could get neither the new wrapping functions to work - and when I tried to push pull components as shown in the video - the wall converted to a generic solid - same behavior as today. Does this only work with special walls? Is there a tutorial?
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