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  1. @drelARCH I thought it would be easy - but it appears you are limited to the built in drawing label fields. Maybe there is a way to edit that record. But I am not sure how.
  2. This could even be a little SP surprise.... No need to wait until 2022. I
  3. Was hoping this would be cleaned up in 2021... it is not. So again - please put the transom settings all in one place. You have a whole category "Transom" already - no need for the rise and spring settings to be in "General"
  4. Ahhh - Thank you. New WISHLIST ITEM: These setting should also be available in the main style editor.
  5. I see this in the task list for 2021 - but I am trying to find it as it sounds like a useful feature. I am trying with doors but can not seem to find how to do this. Thanks!
  6. @GioPet Can you speak to what BIM + UNICLASS COMPLIANCE means in practice?
  7. Yes! Would love to install this before we roll out the new version. Then maybe maybe we can try an enforce the new class system.....
  8. @Art V I think it works if you have a 12"x12"x12" mass of of the material - 1 cubic foot - the material take off would be just the percentage times that cube. So if you have 100% rebar and 100% concrete - then the material take off will be one cubic foot of concrete and one cubic foot of steel. So it is just a spread sheet and you get to set your own values. I rather like this compared to VW throwing up error and demanding 100%. I picture the stair tool that is so worried about code that it will not let me design a stair.
  9. @Art V @Tom W. If we look at wall sections, there is no material in our office that we show as different hatches in different cuts. We have made them the same. In my option a wall section is a diagram and the hatches have a KEY that tells you what the material is. We seldom would want to try and get a hatch to accurately display geometry. For repeated elements like studs that would show up in a plan cut but not a section cut, we draw those separately. So the ability to separate plan cuts from section cut fills is not high on my list personally.
  10. Yes. There is the best of both worlds here. You can set the material to default to class attributes, or define overriding ones. To each their own! Currently you can not control pen attributes - which is fine by me.
  11. @_c_ I somewhat disagree. Having classes defining materials is what we have done up to know and it causes class conflict. When you use classes to define materials, you have many instances where an object wants to be in 2 places at once. Is it A-Millwork or A-MAT-ASH OAK? Is it A-Floor or A-MAT-WOOD FLOOR 1? With Materials - we solve that problem where the object can be in A_MILLWORK but then have the material be controlled by a separate centrally controlled resource. I see no reason why this resources could not control cut hatch, above + below, plan hatch, and render texture. I think this new resource is a great foundation but needs to be expanded. I am glad that it is making the classes needed smaller.
  12. Sure. These are the steps I used - there might be a more efficient way: 1) Find the icon on the start menu - right click - select "More" - and select "Open File Location" 2) In the explorer window that opens - right click on the Vectorworks shortcut file - and select "Properties" 3) At the bottom of that screen you should see "Change Icon" 4) Navigate to the .ico file you want to use. (lots of free .ico converters online). DONE


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