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  1. Please email me at tom@kda.nyc with details. Thanks, Tom
  2. I am experiencing a VERY frustrating and odd issue that all pages added to a publish appear in the opposite order to the expected and desired. I either have to add all pages one by one in reverse order, or reorder the pages after export. Do I have a strange setting on? I still do not know why the pages are not published via stack order, but now they are going in reverse numerical order by sheet number. Is anybody else seeing this?
  3. Yeah - I am late to the game. Though - actually do not want to revert to old - I want new - but better new.
  4. I have been reserving too much judgement until I gave myself ample time to get used to the UI updates in 2020 - and now after 3 solid months of usage, I am not convinced. These new icons are harder to distinguish and seem very rushed. I still hold out hope that there is a more fundamental UI revamp coming and that this is just a placeholder needed to make dark themes work.
  5. KDA is looking to hire a part-time /freelance designers/ and interns to join our Brooklyn based firm. We are a boutique design outfit specializing in bespoke high-end residential design. We are looking to find a talented and motivated entry-level designer to contribute to all phases of design. Responsibilities would include design, drafting, detailing, site visits, and construction administration. Ideal candidates would also be interested in helping the firm in its rebranding project and be excited to work on graphics, social media, standardization, renderings, competitions, and another firm critical clerical work. We offer great flexibility and work/life harmony balance. This is opportunity is best suited for somebody looking to gain a significant amount of experience and responsibility quickly. Possibility for this position to transition to full time if desired. Please send resumes, cover letters, and portfolios (NTE 10MB) along with availability and compensation expectations to jobs@kda.nyc We look forward to meeting you!
  6. This feels like a gimme - but why why why is the Transom checkbox and half of the transom settings in the "General" section and not in "Transom" section?
  7. I have no idea where all these constraints are coming from, but we are getting bombarded with Constraint Not Valid alerts. The biggest problem is that if we group something - which somehow makes a bunch of constraints not valid - you are given an alert to each one. There is no other answer than OK - you can not even cancel the command - so you are invaliding these suckers no matter what. And since each warning does nothing to tell you what constraint is invalid - there is NO point in telling me this 13 times in a row. Just do the opperation and have one warning that X number of constraints are not valid....
  8. Backup and Sync is no longer available for GSuite - and is not supported by Vectorworks. At this point Dropbox seems like the only supported "cloud" service. So frustrated that such a core functionality has been forgotten.
  9. Right Now - the Rotate command is located on the midpoint of the map, making it hard to drag on the center point. The rotate handle should be move off so that you can grab the mid snap point.
  10. There was no mention of any project sharing updates, upgrades, or stability improvements in 2020. We abandoned it last year because it did not work with Google Drive - File Stream - which is the only Dive Sync available for G-Suite. We need a solution. We would love to know any other setups we can consider that do not require an in house server.
  11. Late-ish night - lowering my standards because I do not have time to fix it...
  12. I think this was a clever way of announcing a delay in the release of the next gen.
  13. It would be great if the capacity of Custom Cabinets could grow to include countertops, backsplash, and sink modules. Even better, if you could insert sinks into cabinets like you can insert doors in walls.
  14. Ultimately - and I could be alone - I prefer to simply place my elevation tag / Section Tag - and link it to a viewport rather than having the exact 1 to 1 relationship - again because sometimes - graphically, we need to adjust that tag - and currently we can not. I am sooo into this new data tag system where the tags are reading information but still are their own objects. I really think that is the best direction to go as far as all annotations.
  15. I am all for consistency! Yes for sure. That would be OK. The only practical difference is that section lines and elevations typically happen on the outside of the meat of the drawing. The interior elevation tag is large and can easily cover other information - so not having the ability to adjust its relative location is currently an issue. It is one of the issues with the current section and elevation tags too - there are some plans where I would I like to adjust the location of the tag - but I can't - since they are all linked. For example, we will have a larger ground floor - and the section line will be spaced for that larger floor -but then when we go to the upper floor - we can not adjust the tag to the size of the drawing - which can be a frustration.


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