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  1. Tom Klaber

    2D Components Not Showing Consistently Opaque

    Ha. Always worth double-checking - but yes - they are filled. I have checked position issues. Class Issues Can not figure it out.
  2. I am really giving this interior elevation and 2D components in Symbols thing a go. The biggest issue I am now facing is that the 2D components do not show consistently as solid - often showing the wall hatch behind them. The frustrating thing is that while it is stable (it always shows as just linework - or with fill) what objects or even parts of a single object is seemingly random. Here you can see a faucet, mirror, and shelf, all with 2D components. The shelf and mirror are 1 symbol, and the faucet is one. The shelf and faucet controls are showing correctly while the mirror and the faucet itself are not solid. I can not figure out what is going on. I have looked at the position of the 2D and 3d objects in relation to the
  3. Tom Klaber

    Changing Drawing Numbers Takes too long!

    I really do like the interior elevation tool - but everything associated with that object takes forever.
  4. Our Gen Notes pages are the bane (bain?) of my existence. We need a General Notes Object that has smart text wrap, column, section, and page component. I want to: 1) Have 1 centralized editor where I can see ALL my general notes. 2) This editor should be able to set up sections and have smart numbering options for these sections. 3) Have height, width, and # of columns control - with rollover and wrapping functionality. The dumbest version of this tool would create an "object" where I can set the height, width, and # of columns, and then it would simply fill and wrap as required. It would also need to be able to "rollover" to a second object to be put on the next sheet if required. I currently spend a crazy amount of time reorganizing my note pages - like a puzzle - moving note sections around - trying to get them to fit. The smarter version would not create an object but rather create a sheet with your title block - but for now, an object would do. I am thinking of moving our general notes to Indesign - and then exporting PDFs back into VW because I can not take this anymore. I have one section of notes that too long for the page - literally no fix expect to break it up.
  5. Tom Klaber

    Changing Drawing Numbers Takes too long!

    Well, its a drawing lable in the viewport annotations for a viewport that is being generated by the interior elevation tool. I use the OIP to change the number.
  6. Tom Klaber

    Changing Drawing Numbers Takes too long!

    @fabrica Is this connected on an interior elevation tag?
  7. When I need to change an interior elevation drawing number - especially if it is a number that is already assigned it takes FOREVER... well not forever - on average 32 seconds - which might as well be forever if I need to renumber al drawings on a page. The auto coordination feature is amazing - but it loses most of the utility if takes me a full quarter-hour just to renumber the Viewports on a single page. Look into this. Maybe there is a way - kind of like worksheets - where these changes are cached - and then pushed around at a more convenient/efficient time? Or just look into why changing a 8 to a 1 would require that much thinking time.
  8. Have there been any updates to Project Sharing to allow for Google File Stream? Google no longer allows the old google drive sync for business accounts. About a year ago we were told that Project Sharing does not work with File Stream - but I was hoping there might be more news on this front.
  9. Since Google Drive sunsetted its old sharing protocol for businesses, we really need project sharing support for the new Google File Stream.
  10. Currently, the Symbol Options is only available if you select the symbol from the Resource Browser. This option should also be available (as all other symbol options currently are) from the object's right-click menu.
  11. Please contact me at tom@kda.nyc if you have a licence for sale. Thanks! Tom
  12. It docks on the top or bottom - but not in line with the other pallets - it take up its own row at the top - shrinking the screen - and has a completely unique docking behaviour. It's like they forgot to upgrade the docking pallet with the others.
  13. Why can I not dock the snapping pallet like other pallets? What it the purpose of treating this one pallet differently?
  14. Tom Klaber

    Why Does VW have so much trouble with Spaces?

    I am working on an office layout - and that 3-5 seconds I mentioned is a gross underestimation. I am seeing 10-20 second delays. The only saving grace is we use the data tool for room tags, so we no longer have to edit the space to edit the space name, or change the tag style.
  15. Tom Klaber

    Why Does VW have so much trouble with Spaces?

    There are a few times where we want to use it because it helps with scheduling, space names, and room size charts - but it is sooo laggy it makes me nuts. Compared to a door or window that has 100s of options, built in 3D components and standard textures and nested classes - it seems like it should be a pretty simple object. I think it is somehow just coded really inefficiently - it also is an object that leads to crashes.


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