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  1. Tom Klaber

    to renew or not to renew (that is the question)

    @zoomer I think you bring up a good point. It is not just about money or bug fixes and the up and downsides of upgrading, you also have to consider the up downsides of not upgrading. The "upgrade pain" of you do it every year is realitvely small. Most projects can be upgrade a single version with only small inconveniences. If you wait 3+ years between upgrading, bow the upgrade pain is LARGE, so large that existing projects are not upgraded and age out in third existing version. This means that you are bow running at least 2 versions simulataeously witch is a pain and is a recipe for mistakes. I think you are are also less likely to try out and incorperate new workflows if you have 3+ years of new stuff to test, learn, and incorperate. Every year there are 5 newish things that might help us. We test those features and try them out on it projects and decide to incorporate or not. If we had 15-20 new workflows to evaluate, it would be too much at one time and we would miss out on some improvements. Like dirty dishes, better to do them every night then to let them stack up. Then the job is huge, and the spaghetti sauce is glued on.
  2. Tom Klaber

    to renew or not to renew (that is the question)

    @Kevin McAllister I totally agree. The new title block perfectly represents what seems to be amiss in the development process. Set and Issue management is one of the big shortfalls of the program. It at first was heartening to see that VW agreed enough to try and address the issue -but then so utterly disappointing with the solution they came up with - which simply made what worked about the old system harder to use without any tangible upside. This was an issue that needed to be reconceptualized from the ground up, but what we got was a title block that was simply wrapped in the same style system used to control doors and windows and the result is as one would expect.
  3. Tom Klaber

    to renew or not to renew (that is the question)

    I came to peace with thins by looking inward and changing my own mindset. VW is a complicated piece of software that is serving multiple masters and is ever-changing. The subscription buys me the continued improvement and additional bug fixes. At this point, we would be fools to expect a flawless piece of software. So I pay the yearly fee so that I can benefit from the continued refinement and improvement. Once a year - the icon color changes and some new features (that will likely not be functional for a few years) are introduced - but all in all, it is just a continuation. I guess I am in the minority in liking the subscription.
  4. Tom Klaber

    Architectural Elevations

    @lupin You can control the section cut plan separately from the rest of the section without having to overlay Viewports. If you are just tweaking the section cut line thickness that can be class controlled in the viewport options.
  5. Still waiting on this. It would obviously be called Viewport Styles. It would use the same By Style / By Instance control that has made VW styles famous. This would allow certain stials just to control rendering settings across multiple Viewports, or as originally conceptualized, would allow class visibility, class overrides, layer (on layer by layer basis).
  6. Tom Klaber

    External GPUs

    Has VW been tested with external GPUs? I know it can not take advantage of dual GPU, so I am wondering how it would Handel a system with a built in 1060max a that is then connected with an 1080ti external? Does the laptop just know to turn off the internal when there is an external connected? Thinking about that new cheaper razor core.
  7. Tom Klaber

    Add Parking Spaces

    It should come with a worksheet like seat layouts do.
  8. Tom Klaber

    Change font in entire file

    Yes! As long as we can exclude titleblocks....
  9. Tom Klaber

    Windows not showing transparent

    That is good to know - never knew how to handle those fireflies. Thank Jim!
  10. Tom Klaber

    Windows not showing transparent

    If it's anything - it's super subtle. Final Quality 4 Bounces Single Light HDMI Day Ambient On Inclusion On
  11. Tom Klaber

    Windows not showing transparent

    Yeah - It appears that it is default off for all glass textures - so I am not sure I have ever seen the effects. I will have to run some tests.
  12. Tom Klaber

    Windows not showing transparent

    This is new to me. Do not know how I missed this one. Thanks for the tip.
  13. Tom Klaber

    Vectorworks Development - Open and then Closed Again

    I know! I was invited to be a Beta Tester - right before they said they were going to do a public beta - which I do not think ever happened...unless you count 1.0 as the beta release - which unfortunately most firms I work with do - opting not to upgrade until SP1 or SP2.
  14. Tom Klaber

    Windows not showing transparent

    Yeah - easy fix. You just need to set the texture for Class 'Glazing-Clear' to the glass texture of your choice.