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  1. This is going to sound so novice - but when I look at hidden line - it really seems that VW builds it backward - starting with items farthest way and rendering toward the camera to get the final result. It would seem for hidden line that going the other way would make more sense - start with the items closest to the viewer and move backward - only then rendering the items that are not hidden. So if I have a camera facing a wall - and render it in hidden line - it should not matter what is behind the wall - 100mm small interwoven mesh globs - or nothing - should not matter - once VW renders the wall - it need not look behind as no matter what - it will not be seen. I know its complicated - but VW has to be spending time calculating things it does not need - there is got to be a way for VW to better understand what is going to be in the shot and what is not.
  2. I am on windows and just use the _/- key next to the zero key. What one is that - I think its the hyphen and the minus key '-' is on the number pad. Anycase - VW should see my next to zero key dash - it does other places - only in the viewport class visibility dialog am I getting the weird sorting. Can we BUG this? Should be an easy fix.
  3. What is the difference between and en and em dash?
  4. I now realize I am only seeing it when I go to the Veiwport Class Visibility Settings. Make a viewport and check the class list there.
  5. This keynote thing is a ball of user unfriendliness. You open it up - and every note has the same title - why would you ever want that? Why does it not default to first 42 characters? Then why can I not change in bulk the setting for 1st 42 characters? I have to go to each one and select the box. Needs also to display the note number - I am looking at a sheet to correct- I know it is note 36 or 71 - but there are no numbers in the editor - so I have to count - so frustrating.
  6. I thought the spell check did check note legends....apparently not. How was this missed???
  7. I thought the spell check did check note legends....apparently not. How was this missed???
  8. To me this is a bug. But the class list does not recognize a "-" as a character - which messes up the list something fierce. For example, I have these classes: E-Circuits E-Lighting Fixtures E-Outlets E-Switches This is how I would expect them to be listed. BUT Here is how they are actually listed: E-Circuits E-Lighting Fixtures EL-1_.05-FAR EL-2_.13-LIGHT EL-3_.18_NEAR EL-4_.25_STRONG EL-5_.35_CUT EL-6-.7_GRADE CUT E-Outlets E-Switches So VW is clearly ignoring dashes when it creates this list - no good.
  9. Yeah - if you have already developed the magic - spread the love!
  10. Yes for sure as that could provide a verity of benefits. Just confused since clearly VW has already developed the rendering style we want - but has locked it inside the live section edit. In the meantime, can whatever settings are being used to generate the live section just be made a new "Fast Hidden Line" render mode?
  11. This is not quite right @JimW- when you enter from a section - you get all of the hatches like you do in hidden line. This method does not give you surface hatches.
  12. I was looking at that. Can that be used as a primary display? The surface is so great because you can use it as a traditional all-in-one for doing my VW modeling -but then it slips down into drawing board mode when I need it. Every time I have ever seen the canvas it is always shown as this secondary input device in front of a primary display. Do you know if it can do double duty as the primary display and also input - essentially rig it as a DYI surface? If so - that is the answer.
  13. Similar - I have the HP Spectre x2. I do not use it for VW. Strictly for markup, review, and travel companion. My laptop only has about 90 min battery life and is too big to use on planes - so I use the tablet to try and get some work done when I am traveling - but also find I do most of my redlining on it too. Powerful enough for Photoshop and some of my other production - but did not even attempt VW.
  14. ooh - they are nice... I now see why the Surface Studio is so expensive - the 27" touch screen is where a bulk of the cost is.
  15. The intriguing thing about the Surface is not that its pretty - but it has the ability to fold down into a drawing board. So there is no doubt that there is more value in the upcoming iMac Pro -and no doubt there is more value in a dell xps tower than an iMac Pro - the missing thing - the transformative thing - is that screen. Really what I want is a Surface Studio Windows Ink compatible monitor that I can hook up to whatever computer I want.