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  1. Sure enough! When I am in the design layer - and a component is turned off - I simply do not see it - I mistakenly thought that is the way it worked in VPs too. This is a fine workaround for now. Thank you for your help!!!
  2. Thanks, Matt, I can not turn them off or hide them as then I will not see the wall at all. We need the wall to be colored or hatched per our key to distinguish rated walls, new walls, and existing walls. Unfortunately, the components of these walls are shared, meaning I can not override the as there is no way to do that so they show up white in existing, gray in a new interior, and hatched in rated. We are in a real pickle. I think the only option is to set our symbols so that the low detail is actually high detail and just take the hit in the 1/4" plans.
  3. There used to be a checkbox to hide details and wall components in viewports. This is now gone in favor of the detail level check box. Disaster. We use components in all types as a check on our own design, but do not ever want them going out in our drawings because they are not clean enough. We are though, using the new detail level for our Symbols, and enjoying that very much - but for our plan blow ups - we are forced into showing wall components if we want to see the high-level detail version of our symbols. I want the separate checkbox to hide wall components back.
  4. No. My understanding is that the database and the notes are not linked. Once a note is placed - it is its own entity. So you can create a database of standard notes - but changing the phrasing or specification of a note will not affect previously placed notes. unfortunately.
  5. Tom Klaber

    Severe Lag In Moving VPs

    Sure. Thanks.
  6. Tom Klaber

    Severe Lag In Moving VPs

    I am experiencing excruciating lag when I move Viewports and drawing labels in viewport annotations. Everything seems fine - the pickup and drag all are fine - but then when I release for the drop - it is a 10-15 second delay where VW seizes up and I have to wait for it to think - then the object moves and everything is fine. This is terrible. I am setting up my interior elevations and I am losing half my day. The viewports are all rendered - it does not appear to be a redraw thing.
  7. This tool does not seem exactly right. When you justify to the opposite side of the leader - the text does not justify to the outermost control point - making is nearly impossible to line up the text.
  8. Tom Klaber

    Worksheets open up off screen bug.

    I guess I should specify - as my issue is slightly different. The location of the worksheet - when it is placed - is fairly stable - but when I double click - the editing window opens up off screen.
  9. Tom Klaber

    Worksheets open up off screen bug.

    I am not sure what is happening - maybe because I move from 2 different screen setups - but worksheets frequently open up off the screen and are uneditable. The only way to fix this is to change the display settings from "Extend These Displays" to something else - accept the changes which pop the worksheet dialog back into place, and then revert to the Extend These Display settings. I am currently having to do this for EVERY worksheet I am trying to edit. Why can't worksheets open up in the center of the workspace?
  10. Tom Klaber

    BUG - Control points do not show up on some items.

    They are not in containers - but the plane thing has to be the issue. I will check that.
  11. Tom Klaber

    BUG - Control points do not show up on some items.

    No. It seems to be a steady state related to the particular object. They tend to objects that have been around for a while. Newly created objects do not suffer from this. It is like the object gets old and then loses its control handles. I DO see the control handles when I have reshaped tool selected but not when I have the Selection tool. Here are 2 images - one that shows the old object (no handles), and a new object created from a Create Similar command.
  12. There are certain objects (lines, polygons) where I am not presented with control points. I have to recreate the object in order to then be able to resize it.
  13. OK - I think we are talking about 2 different things. The issue I am trying to solve is to select all tags of a type if they are not on the correct class. There is no way to auto class the tags, and use the new Data Tag tool and drop 30 tags at once - there is now no way to select JUST those tags because there is no distinguishing characteristic as VW does not allow a group selection by Data Tag definition. So if you dropped 2 sets of tags - you are screwed and will have to do a manual selection of each one.
  14. Tom Klaber

    Callout / leader text alignment

    @Blars This is a huge frustration for us. I feel like the control point should shift with the text alignment. We basically have to abandon our preferred notation style because the callout tool is so counter-intuitive and under-designed.
  15. Tom Klaber

    Phantom Elements in My Sections

    I simply removed all my 3D furniture from the model because I could not keep those items from showing up in the sections. I have not had the time to add it back in to see if SP1 fixed the issue.... Based on this - I will wait until SP2...


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