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  1. Thank you. Still a little foggy - so this would be a cloud storage replacement for dropbox / google drive that is designed specifically for project sharing - which is great. I went to try this out - but the cloud dropdown says "VCS Login not in Plugin Folder" - and nothing works. Any idea on how to fix that?
  2. Would VW be able to release a quick video tutorial / showcase to demonstrate how this is used in conjunction with project sharing and what workflow it replaces? It sounds super intriguing, but not fully understanding.
  3. Having this problem with the M510
  4. The custom cabinet tool needs style control. I we need to add handles to 3 kitchen options, and it requires us to now individual edit 70 or so cabinet objects. It is going to take 30+ minutes. We should be able to control this by style or at very least be able to edit multiple cabinet objects at the same time.
  5. There was this beautiful workaround about how to copy viewports from one file to another. If you grouped them - you could copy the viewport to a new file - ungroup - and relink the layer settings. That does not seem to work in 2021. We need to figure out a way to be able to combine files, and move design layers and sheets to from file to file.
  6. Thanks, Pat. I guess anything that is described as a workaround also deserves to be on the wish list. Appreciate your help!
  7. Autohybrid objects 2D attributes can not be controlled by class overrides in viewports. This needs to be fixed.
  8. Maybe I am alone - but we are not super disciplined about naming Viewports. Even when we do - when you list the 100s of viewports in a list aphetically - it is still incredibly hard to find what you are looking for. I love the new tags and how VW is becoming better about what I call "dumb-smart coordination." It really is great - but we need a better way for us to link viewports to tags. The list should be organized by the SheetNumber that the viewport is currently on, followed by the Drawing Number currently assigned, followed by the name. Also - the name of the viewport should be able to be set as the Drawing Title - so when you change the title. Viewports seem to be currently named by the number and sheet where they are first created - so after things have moved around a bit - it becomes impossible to find it from the list. So much back and forth to see the name of the viewport, back to the detail tag, ect.
  9. I just noticed that all my interior elevation viewports were broken in the conversion to 2021 - all turned to section viewports and the tags are blank. Anyway to relink? Really can not regenerate all of these - it would be a nightmare.
  10. We are giving project sharing another try. So far - so OK. One issue is that we have room tags using the new data tag tool that are connected to spaces. Even simply moving the tag in a viewport seems to require that you have the space checked out. Why? It is problematic if you have somebody working on notations while somebody else is tweaking the model. It seems that the location of the tag in the viewport should not require the checkout of the root object. Really all data should not require checkout. If I needed to change a tag - I should be able to do that without checking out the object.
  11. We are suffering from an issue that we need to force a redraw by zooming or panning in order to see any change or new object. Draw a circle? Need to pan for it to show up. Move something or change a note - same thing. This is happening on multiple computers. Any idea what is going on? Its a 2 story house - so not that big or complicated of a file.
  12. Yeah - this is a problem. I prematurely erased all my material classes and replaced them with Materials in our new template. I am sure it is not quite an all or nothing thing, but instead of simplifying things - now the work seems doubled as I have to maintain the class and the material resource and apply the class in the cases where the material is not available.
  13. I am making a window style. I went to the glazing section of the class settings and was hoping to make the window glazing a material to control the glazing texture - but that does not seem possible. So I will need to make a MATERIAL class to control this. Is this correct? If so - materials should be able to be assigned to plug-in components.


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