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  1. @Victoria Casey Fierro I would think you would need 3 licenses if 3 people were going to access the file. Not sure if that is the issue - but jumped out.
  2. The other thing is that it is not local. Other people in the office have experienced it too. Those things help for a little while.
  3. There seems to be glitch that randomly kicks in that cuts the model in the weirdest way - as you rotate around - it is like there is some invisible cut plane that is preventing the half of the model that is closest to the screen from showing up. Restart solves it - but then it reappears. More common with heavy models. Screen-Recording-7-29-2020-4-50.mp4
  4. ..... Seems like it was a local issue... Working here now too. The ghosts of problems past. Apologies.
  5. Its that time a year again - in the market for a new laptop. 17" is preferable. I am moving away from the need for it to be super thin or portable - but need something more portable than a desktop to move between work, home, and to bring on working holidays. AMD seems to have made a splash, but not seeing too many units with that available yet. I am continually interested in how much power I really need. I have been really interested in lower purchase prices with more frequent upgrades (against the green initiative of the firm), but I find that these laptops have a hard time making it to the 3 to 4 years. If I can keep the purchase to under 2K we can replace every 2 years rather than 2600 that we need to keep for a 3. Anyway - any (PC / WINDOWS) recommendations wooed be amazing.
  6. This has been a long standing issue - but Eve cuts do not work. Its either vertical or horizontal. Square and double do not generate.
  7. The in-list editing for sheet layers sometimes does not work. It has something to do with active layers - but super frustrating.
  8. I am working some interior elevations. I was choosing which interior elevations to include. Checking and un-checking WEST for example comes with a 4 second delay and VW thinks about something. Can whatever processes its doing just wait until I press OK? Its really frustrating to have these freeze-ups when you are in a dialog box changing settings.
  9. Just got through weeding out unwanted classes from my document. Reminded me that there is something to look forward to!
  10. Ideally, I think it would be good if database information - such as Project Data would not require the checking out of the instances of the objects that access and use that information. The user can "check out" the database, but the objects will not be required to be. Scenario: If I am updating a door / or space object info - do I need to also have the viewport where tag is located checked out as well?
  11. No - I am not expecting miracles. No need for me to commit changes when I am offline. I just need to be able to pre-check out what I am going to work on - be able able to have access to those files while offline - and then commit those changes back when I have connection again without breaking anything. The biggest issue is simply having access to the file itself while offline, but I guess the working files should be locally stored anyway - so the use case of simply needing to look at a file while onsite is not really an issue. Correct? Thanks Tolu!
  12. @Jacob@tangably.com That would be really great. I have sent feedback to Google asking for Delta Sync. Microsoft recently announce that they added it to One Drive, so hopefully that is a feature coming soon. Then it might make more sense for VW to support it.
  13. @Tolu FileStream (and I am sure Dropbox is similar) allows you to choose what is locally synced and what is kept fully on the cloud. So 75% of our server is totally cloud based, but everybody has local syncs of the important project files. That 75% you do not have access to without internet, but the 25% of important stuff you always have access to - internet or not - and it just syncs the next time you connect. So I do not really agree that cloud solutions still presume interent access. I think most now have fairly solid previsions for offline workflows and modes. For us it is things like: We have projects in upstate New York where there is very poor internet connections. There are times when I need to go up there for site meetings and stay 2-4 days and need to work basically offline when I am there. We also have people who are from Italy, and have similar unreliable internet when they work from "home". There are also times, even in the city, when we are onsite, and need to open a VW file to discuss an issue during construction and will not have access to internet. Travel in general. For me, I travel for committee meetings a few times a year (or did) and would use offline modes when working at airports, on planes, trains, or in Hotels where internet was spotty, or not easily available.
  14. @Tolu We had an issue where layers were locked and marked as checked out by users even though they were not. The force release also was not available. I called VW support and they said that this is a common issue and I simply needed to 'save as' a regular vectorworks file, erase the project file, have everybody erase their working files, and then recreate the project file. Not a huge deal, but annoying. The issue happened twice in the first week, before we started to ask ourselves if it was worth it. Is there anyway to work offline? To check out layers ahead of time - work off line for a while - then resync?
  15. So... We had a big meeting on Friday. And based on the comments here - we are biting the bullet and the hit to the wallet - and diving head first into Dropbox. We had some issues with Project Files breaking - and having to be remade. I am assuming this is just part of life - but if anybody has any tips on the best way to configure Dropbox or the PS files - we would be very greatful.
  16. @Tolu @tsw You are right - back up and sync is available - but again really only usable for personal accounts. I think technically there is a way to use the client for business accounts, but not shared drives, and with no ability to control what folders are synced - so not a viable option for a company. Since most common use case for using project sharing is when you have a team, and the most common use case of using google drive when you have a team is you are using the Google's G-Suite - which essentially mandates that you use File Stream. So the equivalent would be supporting Dropbox but not Dropbox for Teams or Dropbox Business - whatever they call it. I am sure there are technical reasons why backup and sync is simpler - but if you were going to support one of GDrives protocols, File Stream would be the one with actual real world value.
  17. Sure - but Backup and Sync has been sunsetted for Gsuite - it is not available - so to say Google Drive is supported is somewhat disingenuous... It sounds like I have to go hound Google to get me some Delta Sync. Unfortunately they are not as accessible as you.
  18. @Tolu But when working remotely, I am not sure how a LAN sync helps us. I figured the benefit of a cloud solution was so that we could fileshare without having to be on the same network. The working file is local, and so after the initial sync, a person could work freely on their portion of the project - and then sync it back at the end of the day. We are less concerned with people working on overlapping scopes that require 4 times an hour syncing than we are about having to divide up the file and reference stuff in - which is not ideal with a BIM model. I guess one of the sources of the major frustration is that it is advertised as working with Google Drive and it does not. And even though - I guess it works with Dropbox - it only really works if you are on the same LAN. So cloud syncing across multiple locations is - if not impossible - not recommended or truly supported.
  19. @Jacob@tangably.com We are reverting back to old school referencing because the Project Sharing just does not work. We even did a Dropbox experiment, and were being forced 3 times a week to create new project files and working files because of errors and corruptions. Certainly was not worth it for us to run 2 operate cloud storage to try and use a feature that was only partially functional. Still would love to see a File Stream solution - we would be more willing to try and sort out the issues if it did not require us to abandon our current cloud solution.
  20. @Jim S. Not that I know of. When the link is broken - it is not fixable. Unlike associated VPs that are just a location link - the actual generated drawings can not be relinked - again - as far as I know.
  21. The filtering and tagging helps, but it would still be great if we could insert a section dividing line in the list. Just graphical. We sometimes make dummy layers named "__________" To help organize our sheets - but would be great if there was just a horizontal line that you could add and then drag in the stack to create sections. Even better if you could NAME that section - with a some bold centered text or something. No real need for it to be collapsible, but I am sure some would enjoy that too.
  22. I wanted to capatalize all my sheet layer names, and was happy to remember the Batch Rename tool - that would save me a bunch of time. But when I went to use it, it seems the only thing I can do with sheet layers is batch rename the sheet layer Numbers. While this could be useful for adding prefixes, it would be great if we could also batch rename sheet layer titles as well.
  23. Currently if you rename or renumber a sheet layer from the Navigation menu, the list then jumps down to have the selected layer be at the bottom of the list. This need not happen, the navigation list should not move after rename. It is very disorienting and causes lots of extra scrolling if you are renaming many layers.
  24. There is this batch rename command - it would be very useful to have a batch renumber. When we are setting up sheets for a presentation - we might have 20-60 sheets - if we could select those sheets, or a subset of those sheets, and assign a starting point, and have VW renumber them in order of their stacking order - it would be amazing. It would have to figure out a way to resolve conflicts. (Why cant we have sheets with the same number?) - but should not be too hard to throw a prefix on the offending conflict to clear it. Would save lots of time.


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