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  1. Actually - it is worse - using the the ROTATION field does NOT change what it considers to be be TAG NORTH. So TAG NORTH will always be page UP.
  2. The link to viewport is a fantastic option for the interior elevation tags - all tags for that matter. The issue I am having is that we have a project where north is not page north. The interior elevation tags assume page north is actual north. You CAN rotate the tag so that TAG North matches project north - BUT the numbers then are rotated incorrectly.
  3. No. I have actually noticed an increase in crashes.
  4. There are a bunch of small things that drive inconsistency and frustration that could be cleared up with a simple style guide. The one that is bothering me today is the Edit Surface Hatch dialog. A drop down menu is not the solution when there is only 2 options - On / Off (None / Hatch in this case. It is annoying way to handle that interaction. This pales in comparison to what happens next as a hatch that I have not selected is automatically chosen for me - then an error message appears telling me the hatch (that I did not choose is in Page Units.) This could so be cleaned up by skipping the first box all together and just having the hatch selector - defaulted to NONE - then when I click on it - allow me to select the hatch I want - all in a single step.
  5. This is still driving me nuts. I can not modify any of my worksheets. I am the only one experiencing this? Tried on multiple computers.
  6. When modifying worksheets - I run into an issue when trying to modify criteria - where the box becomes non-responsive and I am unable to modify the critera. Very frustrating. After wasting an hour trying to fix - I ended up building the spreadsheet with lines and text.
  7. So - its definitely a memory issue. I have isolated it to the fact that after I publish the set - the memory is shot - consumed to 96% and will not recover. I have 32 GB - but I need to quit VW / restart the machine to get any useability back. This is extra frustrating because if I need to make a small change to the export - I have to republish which will Cookie Monster my memory like a sheet of warm fresh baked Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies. I am not tech savvy enough to understand why this would be - but I have noticed that the more BIM hidden line renderings I have the worst it is.
  8. Even changing panels in the Navigation panel - not even switching layers - just switching between Sheet Layers and Design Layers in the Navigation pane - can seize VW up for minutes. What is going on??
  9. Vectorworks seems to be running slower and slower. It will just stop and think about nothing for MINUTES. A change in sheet layer will be met with 3 to 5 minutes sitting there. No operation done - just a change in view. The view is visible - but it will go into Not Responding for MINUTES. What is going on?? What is it thinking about?? Its just a sheet with 2 elevations. It is so frustrating.
  10. We really need an option to hide / show wall components in viewports. The LOD setting is too broad - we want to show high level of detail for everything else except wall assemblies. We know that if you turn off all the component classes you can achieve this - but it is fragile and leads to issues as assemblies may be changed and component classes added. A check box in advanced settings allowing us to turn off wall assemblies as an extra option would be extremely useful.
  11. We are using room tags that are linked to spaces. This is OK - except that we do not want to see the spaces in our plans - we just use them for their data - and then use a data tag for the plans. Problem being - in order to tag the spaces they need to be visible. So we need to turn on our NONPLOT class to tag - then turn it off after we are done tagging. Clunky. I was thinking that the data tag tool should come with an option to detect invisible or non displayed objects.
  12. We just have our stamp and signature embedded into the title block but on a special class that we can turn on when we are issuing a stamped set. I sometimes lament the loss of that rite of passage as an intern to spend your entire afternoon stamping and forging signatures - but adapt or die.
  13. It is somewhat annoying and unnecessary to have to click on the "EDIT DATA" button to get access to editable fields of a data tag. Can these fields be accessible and editable directly from the OIP?
  14. We are having an issue with 2022. Classes seem to have no NONE option for marker styles. So when we select an item and make all attributes by class - arrows are put all over our couches and toilets. We then have to manually remove the marker in the OIP. What am I missing? How can we set NONE to the marker style of a class?
  15. Good thought - but I am sure I have that font.
  16. I will have a detail all noted up - then save the file. Later when I reopen it - the notes have all inserted oddly placed returns: I then have to double click each note to have it snap the text back into to place. I do not have to enlarge or move any points - everything is sized correctly - but for some reason the notation tool inserts these wraps or character returns as if the text box has shrunk. AFTER DOUBLE CLICKING: This is frustrating because if can so easily go unnoticed if it is on some page that you thought was fine. Then you send a pdf that looks all sloppy.
  17. We need the ability to move the drawing label independently from the viewport. So annoying that if you shift the viewport - you have to go into the annotations and shift the drawing label. Seems like a small thing - but when you are cleaning a large set - it can take a bunch of time.
  18. @GioPet Will Smart Paste work with 2022?
  19. Thank you. I thought I had to export the datasmith file then put in the path. Thank you.
  20. The direct link button in Twinmotion does not work on Windows- anybody else having this. Looking to test - but can not even get past the first step.
  21. Yeah - I am hoping this new buddy buddy relationship with Twinmotion is not going to impact the support for Lumion.
  22. Do we get a copy per license we own? How do we get the additional codes for the other people in our office?
  23. Thanks. Seems to be broken in 2022. Nothing in the advanced settings affects the display in the OIP.
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