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  1. VW should start playing nice with Twinmotion. Archicad and Revit have a nice model sync and seemingly more intelligent object control in Twinmotion - VW should work with them to get one too. This would open up all sorts of possibilities. If that is too much - maybe an optimized Twinmotion OBJ export - as the one right now has some serious flaws. This is what I want! UNREAL FOR LIFE
  2. Tom Klaber

    GRAPHICS Show down...

    I have been a Nivida guy my whole life...and I have no idea why - at all. I guess I understand their lineup better. So as I am looking for a new computer, I thought I would reach out to see what the community feels about this. So for you Windows folk - what is your preference??
  3. I am the worst kind of computer buyer - a specs snob without enough techincal knowledge to justify it. Is a 2080 worth the 200 dollar upcharge from a 2070? A recent computer death has me looking at the bigger picture. I am not sure if it makes more sense to buy cheaper machines and update every 30-36 months, or spend more money for a better machine and stretch the life to 44-50 months. Does the cheaper and replace more often leave me and my staff consitantly underpowered? Or does the more expensive longer life plan give me 1 year of good preformance that is counter acted by 1 year of crappy preformance on the back end when all the components are half a decade old? What do people recomend? Any good insites on good laptops + desktops to consider for my replacement machine?
  4. Tom Klaber

    Computers + Managing the Fleet

    @Paulo Ferrari Thank you!! Sounds top of the line and likely too rich for our blood - but if you have any good suppliers that sell machines with those specs - I would love to take a look!
  5. Tom Klaber

    Computers + Managing the Fleet

    @zoomer I did not know that. I certianly do not want dual since VW can't use 2. Thanks!
  6. Tom Klaber

    advice on graphics cards

    @ASagatovVW Thanks. I will take a look.
  7. Tom Klaber

    advice on graphics cards

    Soooo... my computer died yesterday, and want to see if there is any option on a good windows desktops and what graphics cards are out there. AMD vs Nivida? Is the 20 series worth it over the 10 series?
  8. Changing a misspelled word from the spell check - causes the program to go non-responsive. Sometimes it comes back - but after5 min or so I usually give up. Something is VERY labour intensive about the spell check now.
  9. Tom Klaber

    Until Next Time

    @MullinRJ Ha - Raymond has alerted me that my intended tone was not apparent - so I guess I should clarify - Jim - you are awesome. Thank you for your work. Do not worry - I am not really leaving for Cheif architect because of your departure. I hope you find what you are looking for... Rest of VW... You have big shoes to fill.
  10. Editing the Interior Elevation Tag graphics takes forever! Changing the tag class, color, or tag style creates a huge lag. The graphics of the tag need to be separated from the complex inner workings of the tool itself.
  11. Tom Klaber

    Until Next Time

    I get busy for a few months -and when I come back - all has gone to hell.... You were the only thing keeping me here - I am moving the firm over to Chief.
  12. Tom Klaber


    I am encountering a series of FRUSTRATING behaviors from the structural member tool. If I change the 3D class settings for my beam (which is the only way to actually change the class of the object) - it changes the height settings of the attached columns. Officially giving up on this tool and going back to extrudes. These things are soooo glitchy and just spontaneously brake themselves. Not ready for primetime - feels like still early alfa.
  13. I am resubmitting this. Now that we have wall styles and door and window styles - we need Viewport Styles. The would work in the same way - where certain attributes are controlled by style and others by instance. Really I want to set up Plan Style, an RCP Style, a Furniture Plan style, etc. Then later when we realize we need to turn on the sprinkler riser class on the plan - we do not have to go to all 30 plans to make that change - we can make the change to the style and all viewports would update automatically. Or if we need to make a class override on all plans to show...something - do that globally to the style.
  14. We gave the project sharing its first test yesterday - and it was a disaster. Some but not all information would be seen after a commit and refresh. It would not allow editing of certain objects and layers because it claimed for each of us that the other had permission. Then it would not let us commit because it said the other had taken our permissions away. Then the really strange things started to happen - all of our general notes disappeared. All of our title blocks were converted from title block boards to "Parametric Objects" that were no longer editable. This was a small basic model of a kitchen renovation. Thank goodness we did not try this on a project of any real size. I have met with friends at offices who have given it good long test runs - and report that it is a constant stream of errors, crashes, and bugs like the ones here. Is anybody using this in the real world with success?? If so - if anybody has any ideas about what would be causing our issues - it would be much appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  15. It would be amazing to be able to combine 2 files. Where layers/sheets/ viewports all would be pulled over. I know there would be lots of conflicts with resources, but you could have a "Dominate" file where all conflicts are removed by using that file's version - or you could go conflict by conflict. If the files are from the same project - there should be very little issue.
  16. Why would anybody ever want an uncapped wall? At very least I would think it would be a minority situation. Why can't walls come capped on both ends - and then simply lose their cap if they are joined?
  17. How do I update all notes with new wording from the database? I figured that if I use the database, then it would coordinate the notes - so if a specification or phrasing needed to change - I could make the change once - then all affected notes would be updated. But it seems I still need to go around to each not individually and update it - which is hardly better than copying and pasting. Am I missing something?
  18. Tom Klaber

    Sheet Border Borders

    I am investigating using sheet borders and the issue manager for the frist time. I am building a custom title block. The issue I am having is that the sheet border object comes with its own page border, and I can not seem to find a way to turn this off. I do not want to have a box around my box around my drawing. Does anybody know how I can modify this? Thanks, Tom
  19. Tom Klaber

    BUG -Auto-Pan No Longer Working

    Selecting objects and then moving the objects and mouse to the edge of the screen used to result in auto panning the drawing in that direction - allowing you to drag objects to other parts of the drawing. This does not seem to be working in 2019
  20. I love the concept of the wall framer - but in practicality - because it does not distinguish between wall types - it is hard to find a use for it. This could be HUGELY helpful if VW could spit out framing plans that related to wall types. Right now - VW lays down an 2x4 or 2x6 regardless of the wall. Rather it would be great if the wall components could have a frame settings that tell VW if that component should be framed - and what to frame it with (metal stud, wood stud, hat channel, or generic to match thickness of component. This would also help because there are many times where the finish assemblies are not the same and so the stud centerline is not the same as the centerline of the entire wall assembly. This would allow VW to spit out construction ready framing plans that if trusted and linked to the model - would save a ton of time on site.
  21. This seems to be a lingering problem where if the data of a data tag is changed, specifically for space, the program crashes. If you change the data on the space itself, the tag updates as expected, but you can not do it from the tag.
  22. Goooood Question. This drives me nuts. All of my brick elevations look terrible because the hatches do not align from floor to floor.
  23. Tom Klaber

    References Disappear on Zoom

    We have a reference that disappears when you zoom a little too close. We are not zooming crazy far in - just normal levels that you would need to snap to wall corners. Any ideas?
  24. Tom Klaber

    2019 Space Labels Unclassable

    How this was not a top priority fo SP1 is confounding.
  25. Tom Klaber

    2019 Space Labels Unclassable

    It seems that the spaces labels in my spaces in my file when converted to 2019 have lost their class. I have it set up so I have 2 labels - one for plans, and 1 for RCPs, both are not visible and neither can be turned off by the class that is set in the setting.


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